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Don't Need No Stinking Events


Political disaster makes put to the torch so much more devastating. This is like the 80th deck I've seen with 12 plus locations. C'mon are you playtesting. I meta tested with no peers!!!!!
I like the idea of this, any deck that creates dead draw (in Hand's Judgement in this case) seems decent enough, and if anyone can try to avoid losing by 5 to prevent triggers Night's Watch seems the best bet.

I disagree on Political Disaster having an effect on the meta for now - 12 locations in a deck (with 3 being discarded to use as reducers!) means you are unlikely to lose more than 1-2 to PD, less if you actually use dupes. Throw in the low reserve and mediocre stats and you have a plot that imo is not a constructive choice for decks.

That could easily change if decks do start going location heavy (eg Greyjoy warships).

Trading isn't listed in the plots but is referred to below?