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Greyjoy / Tyrell Rush

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I run something similar to this. But my Tyrell Cards are 3 Marg, 2 Randyll, 2 KoF, 3 Courtesan of the Rose, Heartsbane and 2 Bear and the Maiden Fair. Euron loves Bear and the Maiden Fair, I also often times use it on myself to stack my deck for what I need, or if I have a solid board position I will use it to stack my opponents deck against them.

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Tried this build in two games tonight, pretty solid. Won both times.

I build an updated version of the deck, that focuses soley on grabbing power, its a big bully deck. 




I'll try it, tweaked slightly for personal taste.


- 1 Randyll for +1 Knight Of Flowers.

- 2 Seal of the Hand for +2 Throwing Axe. (I have three cores and my other are in a Targ/Lanni deck)

- 2 The Hand's Judgement for +2 Risen From the Sea.


Interesting, no Little Finger or Milk of the Poppy.


How do you find The Hand's Judgement?


I'll get a few games in over the next week and see how it plays.

The deck is totally based on Standing and multiple challenges. Getting to use someone like Balon multit times is key. Hands Judgement is there to protect and Tears and Dracarys and PTTS. Not running milk is basically because you are all balls against the wall Rush so there is not space for Milk in my mind.
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Oct 30 2015 07:01 PM

How are the set-ups for this deck? It seems very big character centered which can sometimes make it hard to get more than three cards out. 

I find getting more than 3 cards out is good but not viable for an avarage flop. But the deck gets a lot better with the next CP. The numbers might need tweaking but the idea is certainly viable.