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I see a lot of resources here but not even a single cancel. Having Treachery at disposal it is a sin not to use it. 

Plus one placed GJ event and you might fall. 


On the other hand i have trouble seeing defence in this deck, so maybe it was intentional. Hit opponent fast and control situation.


I would recommend Wildfire assault, instead of March to the Wall. 

Plus i never know why people are using Noble Cause - this plots leaves no room for choosing FP. It does not give as much gold as it should.

Noble Cause is a 7 card plot, with 6 reserve. One of the better plots, imo. Especially when resources are so low.

I see a lot of resources here but not even a single cancel. Having Treachery at disposal it is a sin not to use it. 

Saying this deck has Treachery 'at its disposal' is a bit misleading- he has exactly 2 Jamies and 3 Tyrion to trigger it.  I agree with his decision to leave it on the sidelines.

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Singular "Take the Black"? I was listening last night when you were talking about not liking it.  Isn't 1 almost like not running any?

Also can you explain Varys a bit.  I am curious what your thoughts on including him.  Thanks

One Take the Black, just because it CAN be a game winner. Most often it is a garbage card. I kinda got talked into running it, but thinking about it, I don't think I want it in. I actually run Varys in a lot of my decks to soak up Milk of the Poppies. For some reason people just seem to love Milking him. I could have six characters to their four and they still Milk him. I don't get it. Plus, on the off chance I have a ton of dupes and they have none, I can get a single side board reset.

What would you change for the Take the Black?  Add another Longclaw?

How do you feel about these plots?  Something has to be better then Noble Cause.  Think you only have 8 targets.  It's hard not to play Calling the Banners when I am not running Wildfire.

Good point on the Varys + dupes. I wouldn't have though of that.

I would cut Longclaw for the second Widow's Wail.  You don't really need Renown in Night's Watch as you've got The Wall, and instant +2 STR trumps what Longclaw brings.

I'd be tempted to run 2x Take The Black and drop Yoren.

Random 1x Varys is random, like he's not really hurting anyone but if you think he's as useful as you say then why only 1x?  Also, given how many Limiteds you run I'm not sure about the Moneylenders, especially bringing all three to the table.

I think if your running JS, then Longclaw should be a 2x. it goes amazing on him and well on Bear. Jon can get many renown a turn esp. if your first which opp.s want so you have less defenders.


I still think Meager is a very underrated card and I'll give my reasoning if anyone wants

Yeah, as I was saying on stream last night, Meager is a lot better than I first thought. The two gold swing, as well as possibly screwing up someone's turn is pretty good.

IMO Meager C. is good when you catch someone with Naval and he has gold producing location. Otherwise it is much below decent.