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Targ ban Bara

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since i last submitted

-1 summons +1 game of thrones

-1 painted table -1 unsullied -1 seen in flames

+1 bodyguard +1 braided warrior +1 fire and blood


I was getting beaten by stark kill a lot and realized that I was low on mill icons and claim soak

I'm thinking of swamping braided warrior for 3rd drogon


would appreciate any advice as I'm new to 2nd edition (never played 1.0)

I would change the following:

-1 Maester Cressen
-1 Waking the Dragon
-1 Iron Throne
-1 Magister Illyrio
-1 Game of Thrones

+1 Plaza of Punishment
+1 Selsye Barathion
+1 Khal Drogo
+1 Seal of the Hand
+1 Power behind the Throne let's you use Drogo or Danny twice.

This deck can be really powerful but it needs its pieces to fully function.

With these changes you have an extra Rhllor to trigger Mel and another unique for Seen in Flames.

The third Drogo is because you really need him to shine in order to be really effective, getting multiple challenges in is also quite strong.

The Seal is there to do double duty with either Drogo or Danny.

The Plaza just wins you games and is vital to destroy NW.

The game of thrones plot isn't really doing anything for you, the power behind the throne let's you use Drogo or Danny twice.

new version up

latest changes

-1 braided warrior +1 drogon

I think Illyrio is hard to get good use out of without the banner to lannister and ends up being a win-more card. I would probably drop an illyrio's estate for another plaza of punishment too. 2x Cressen is money, a question the lack of marched a little bit though ultimately that's in playing testing.

I both agree and strongly disagree about illyrio

yes he is hard to use and is usually not the card I want to see but there are some situations that I REALLY want to see him

against kneel he is the card I most want to see and when you have a big character or 2 out he has massive board presence just with the threat of his ability

he is also great at concealing your intentions when holding 2+ gold for the challenges phase

I am much more willing to commit to a coppers or winter turn if I already have iollyrio out as i can make good use of the limited gold


as for the reducer location I strongly advocate at least 9 limited in any deck until we get more cards as the core cost curve requires economy cards to work

I would actually take more reducers/roseroads if i could 

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