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Targaryen/Lannister Military (2x Core Set)


May 16 2016 06:28 PM

Solid deck. My advice would be to definitely drop the moneylenders and at least one fiefdom. 10 limiteds is usually about right in a banner deck. Switch one arakh for 1 or 2 widows's wails, add one Aggo (you have one summer plot, and he can hold the leftover arakh). Put in 2 viserys, he's great and you're a tad low on power icons. Run dracarys instead of dragon sight.


Hand's judgement, burned men, handmaiden and littlefinger are good cards. Sellsword is maybe a bit too expensive for not having the utility burned men do. You could cut the second tickler for another cheap tech character. A 1x Joffrey can maybe combo with a wildfire for a final push to win, that's a fun combo.


The plot deck looks sharp, very versatile.