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The Watch Has Needs (NW/Lanni)

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Nice offensive NW deck, so different from my approach thus interesting for me to review :)


1. I would reconsider

It seems it is a deck with equal power cgharacters distribution. I do not see the need to summon anyone.

Same for reinforcments, maybe Support the faith is better? Will give you more gold and having tyrion you do not have to worry about gold for events.


2. Iron Throne is always x2 for me. When opoonent does not have it on board it is auto dominance win.


3. Meager Contribution is not as good card as it appears. I would run it x2. Again Old Forrest Hunter may discard that theory.


4. Having Ghost & Tyrion - Superior Claim might be a good idea.


5. I see Treachery there. Hand's Judgment is another card needed in order not to be suprised.


That is all from me.

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Aug 28 2015 06:20 AM

Seems a bit econ light. Here's what I'm thinking after playing against a friend with a very similar deck (this shouldn't really change your intent with the deck, in fact I built one with the same agenda but it's more focused around yoren and other silly watch shenanigans):


-2 burned man (only useful when they first come out, so gold cloaks are better)

-1 Ghost (best out of all current direwolves is a dubious distinction, still worth one though)

-1 Joffrey (very, very limited in NW, better with lord-rich houses)

-1 Waymar (you want him to die, so just run one)

-1 Tickler (playing defensively means you'll never get his ability)

-2 Yoren (i love him but you have to build around him)

+1 Ranging Party (so so so good. especially with benjen)

+3 Gold Cloaks (see burned men above) OR +2 cloaks and +1 Tyrion (or jamie, whoever matters more to you)

+2 Moneylender (economy starved watch could really use it, also you have quite a lot of 5+ characters)

+2 Lannisport Steward (to help with Jamie and Tyrion)


possibly swap a jamie for a third tyrion if you kept 3 cloaks. again it depends which one you consider more important for the deck

could also dump a benjen for an old bear. I think he is still worth at least a 1x, despite being one of the weaker 7 costs. But again, not important.


I'd also recommend dropping one of each attachment to put in 3 Western Fiefdoms (maybe keep 2 widow's wail, and only do 2 fiefdoms?)


I think I see why you like Reinforcements in there (honestly, it's perfect for tyrion and to a lesser extent benjen) but agree that Summons isn't necessary. Maybe double up on Accusations or (ugh) Spikes, or throw in Marched to the Wall?

Newest version of the deck is here:




For some reason when I tried to update it, it just posted a new deck all together...