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Tyrell Fealty #1


Hey man, Veteran AGOT 1.0 player here.. I can honestly say i think this deck is very well adjusted and i haven't played 2.0 yet just observed and looked the cards, synergies etc.. And honestly you have nailed what i was going for.. I can see myself buiding a deck very much like this.. Tyrell man they look strong.

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Aug 07 2015 07:03 PM

1: Why 3 of Left and Right, but not 3 of Courtesan?
2: Why Superior Claim over, say, Put to the Sword? I don't think gaining power will be difficult for you, and I feel clearing off notable threats (Flowers + Highgarden is good for this) might be more helpful.
3: do you feel running 2x Bear over a third copy of Growing and Olenna's cunning is a good decision? Why or why not?
4: what do you see as your usual plot progression? 

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Thanks for the responses gang!


1. 3 Left and Right because they are crucial in my eyes for an actual Tyrell Deck, but they provide me with an alternative defensive pairing so I can let Tarly and The Knight of Flowers go on the offensive. Ill always have them as blockers for D, and can use their duplicates as claim. Probably not the 'gamey' answer you desire, but I like their presence and capabilities. Courtesan is a good card yes, I will consider finding room for it.


2. Ya good point, idk just thought I should have them as I expect to win some Power Challenges.


3. TBH I don't have any experience with the deck just yet, but by adding those 2 events in place of The Bear and the Maiden I would be adding another 3 Gold in which I would need to pay for somehow. Everyone seems to be liking the Bear&Maiden, so I thought I should try it before judging.


4.I would like to get Taxation off by 1st/2nd turn, and after that I would need to see where my options lay. What would you suggest the possible 'order' be? Or would your plots for this deck be completely different? Interested in hearing your opinion!


Thanks again for replying, and just an FYI, I am also coming over from  AGoT 1.0 so perhaps my thinking is still a little behind in relation to deck building in 2.0. But that's why you're all here! lol :P