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We Do Not Banner (War of the Five Kings runner-up)

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Thank you, Patrick, for sharing this so promptly!
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Why didn't you run 60 cards?

Tried it out and it was great. At least until I hit an intrigue-murder deck.  Solid stuff though.

Nov 09 2015 09:56 PM

Because I like to live dangerously. 

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Nov 09 2015 09:56 PM

But actually it was because I couldn't find a non-character card I wanted to cut and I didn't want to go below 30 characters.

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Did you have any trouble playing your 7-cost cards, since you're not running any money plot nor all the economy cards?

Nov 10 2015 03:14 PM

With Euron being loyal and Sneak attack having 5 gold I only need one economy card to play him so it was rarely an issue. Unfortunately in both the final and the semi-final I was a little economy starved. Worst case scenario Euron is not incredibly essential to the deck so if you can't play him its not the worst thing in the world. Seeing a few more econ locations in that final would have been nice though, I wouldn't have had to pitch him for reserve and could have potentially gotten some tears proof renown going. In my new version of the deck (no agenda) I cut down to one copy of him.


As for the intrigue murder deck, you basically have two options: get lucky and pull a little bird early, or just try to murder them before they murder you. Lanni-tyrell is a slightly bad match-up for the deck, watch out for the Game of Thrones, don't let them stick your sneak attack and you should be ok.

Did you ever miss Milk of the Poppy? In the past I've been running 3x Milk and disposing of the throwing axe which was always a difficult decision
Nov 10 2015 08:43 PM

I only missed it once in my top 8 game. Khal Drogo with his Arakh is really irritating. Otherwise I preferred to have PttS or Little Bird or Seal of the Hand.

It must be a good deck, as my first 3 games in this game were all wins thanks to it...

Nov 20 2015 01:23 AM

Just wanted to say a belated thank you for posting this. I've only recently got into Thrones and was looking for a deck that suited my personality and playstyle, and I'm having huge amounts of fun with this. Thank you very much!

How many core sets do you need for this deck? Thank You!

3 Core Sets mate.