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2015 UK national winner

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Was there a reason for not playing a small price to pay? I love the card to take a character out and clear fated counters from BRB. Or double up with August and target two of your opponents.


How did the Thule Zealot work out for you? I loved it at first, but when playing with it a little more I'm always worried to give my opponent more options as well late game. Does it matter if they can't grow their domain late game? You probably want to play the combo early on, right?

Sep 07 2015 06:48 PM
Small price to pay was considered but didn't make the cut. I didn't need it for BRB as I was running him x3 and I had 6 cards that could return him to my hand. There were several cards in there that should have been cut, they had synergy with cards I removed at the last minute. I loved Thule zealot. I designed my resource curve with him in mind (losing my resources) and I was able to resource cards I knew I wanted late game instead of choosing cards I could never play. A turn 1 zealot is a great play as it doesn't matter what they choose and it really hampers multi faction decks. If my opponent was playing festival it would really hurt. I was able to steal a festival to get a tutor combo working. I could use torch the joint to destroy the resources I didn't want my opponent to get back.

Aren't both Master of the Myths and Initiate of Huang Hun restricted?

Sep 15 2015 02:30 PM

They are both currently listed as restricted in this database, but Initiate of Huang Hun was unrestricted as of the 4.1 FAQ.

Possibly a gift to ST, to compensate for Meiger being restricted?

There's a bunch of cards still showing an incorrect status.  CoC needs the love.

Sep 16 2015 09:30 PM
Initiate should never have been taken off the restricted list.
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