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Bad Dreams


This is my first deck, so I would welcome any advice. Thank you

There is no Hastur in here, so you won't be able to play Somnambulant Dreamer, which is steadfast 1 Hastur. It might be worth trying to fit some Hastur in by cutting some of the worse cards. Cenerian is pretty bad, as are a lot of the neutrals.

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Wow, I totally didn't see the Hastur steadfast there. Other than Cenerian, do you have other suggestions for add/drop? I was going for the night/insane/revive insane/ thing with the Dreamlands. I'm only a casual player, but if this deck is stupidly unworkable I should know that.....

Your MU count is very low, and you don't really have a lot of options to play for turn 1. Consider dropping the neutral events (which won't be that helpful if you get your dreamlands running since they just ready characters) and adding in some 1-drop characters like Alternative Historian.

Well, I'm not sure what's your winning strategy behind this deck. E.g. Dreamlands Fanatic is awesome in a deck with plenty of character removal, but aside from Followers of R'lyeh you don't have anything to do that (considering you have to replace Somnambulant Dreamer). Just relying on winning combat struggles won't do the trick. I'd at least inlcude a few Cthulhu events in that vein, e.g. Deep One Assault.

And without character removal your deck is likely too slow to have an advantage at stories, especially early in the game.


As Danigral already mentioned you also have too few Miskatonic cards to be able to reliably play them. Ideally you should have about 16-17. My personal minimum is 13, unless I have ways to trick some of them into play.


You probably don't need that many Dreamlands support cards. They are rarely played these days, so even if you only have one in play, you're likely to have more than your opponent.

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Jhaelen, thanks for commenting. I recognize your name among the scholars of the game here and it's nice to get your opinions. I played Thrones for years and am heavily into Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but this game is new to me. I have the whole collection and very few clear ideas regarding deck building. That said, I am, in no way, a competitive player, nor do I want to be. I want to create interesting theme-y decks (This was my mantra in Thrones, too, and was saddened that building around theme meant getting your ass handed to you all the time), and I enjoy experimenting. I don't care about winning, but since I'm the guy with the cards I'd like to have balanced decks for all to use.


What I was doing here was looking at Traits and stuff and building with that synergy in mind, all the while accepting the fact that I didn't really know what I was doing. I have a general idea of each faction's strengths and such, but little else, and I haven't watched the game evolve nor have I read anything until recently. I'm like the nouveau riche--I come into all these cards and upset the balance of the universe because I don't know how to "spend" them.


In any case, thanks again. Your counsel is much appreciated.

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Ah, alright, that's fine. I spent well over a year just experimenting with the cards myself. In the beginning I particularly enjoyed using highlander decks, since they allow and sometimes force you to find unusual synergies and discover the merits of cards you wouldn't normally include.