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Black Magic, If You Please


Any reason you're playing Lodge Housekeeper instead of Constricting Elder Thing?

Why only one copy of Mind Swap? Carl gets it back, it's self replacing, and can wreck one of your opponent's characters (even an Ancient One) if you choose someone like Zanni or Peaselee.


Also, due to Carl, Black Dog and Master of Myths, did you ever think about Eldritch Nexus? Means you can have multiple domains to feed them, without getting in the way of your other good cards. Repeatedly getting it back with BRB means you should never be hurting to use your hand each turn.

Mar 24 2015 11:22 PM

The only good reason I'm not using Nexus or Constricting Elder Thing is that I don't own them.  I haven't bought a Core yet.  I've also taken out the Negotiums for +1 Mind Swap and +1 

Hanyatl's 1:9.