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Victoria's Khopesh


May 11 2015 01:25 AM

Why no Victoria Glasser?  She seems like such a stock card in so many Hastur lists and such a strong effect, I wonder at her not being included here.  Is it that she doesn't have a repeatable effect?

In previous lunatic decks where I used her, I found once she had been played, she wasn't that impressive. Even worse was if my opponent had willpower/terror characters and playing her would force her to stay in my hand or make one of my own characters go insane.


If I had means to get her back, then maybe I'd use her, but then it would likely be the cards that return her are solely for her, reducing the effectiveness of the deck even more.

I've been playing a Cthulhu/Hastur deck since last fall.  Win or lose it's always fun, especially triggering multiple The Greatest Fear in a single turn.  Here are a few suggestions based off my experiences in tournament play:


1.  Khopesh is the right call for your restricted card.  Your characters are weak and there's a lot of terror/willpower out there.  You'll need a way to control the board and this fits the bill.  However, you may be able to get away with x2 copies if running x3 Flooded Vault.


2.  Go with a cultist sub-theme.  Bedlam Boys aren't as good as they seem on paper.  Trade them for Gustaf for your card draw.  You're already at 12 cultists so it should be easy to swap out a few characters and hit 18-22 total.


3.  You need more characters.  Your guys will likely die or go insane quickly, sometimes by your own hand with Khopesh.  I wouldn't go below 30.  Other than Gustaf, a few you might consider are Degenerate Serpent Cultist, Feathery Watchers, Fiona Day, Harbinger of Insanity and Stealthy Byahkee.  I would probably drop Innsmouth Troublemaker, Naaginn, Elise and Louis (the latter because they're too expensive for what you get).  Deranged Diva might be knocked down to x2.


4.  Victoria Glasser can be a great fit with this deck as she'll retain her terror even with Rays of Dawn in play.  In the rare case that she does have to drive one of your own characters insane, use her to trigger Hamu (though in all of my games, I've only been faced with this dilemma once).


5.  Cut Victoria's Loft.  It's too expensive, can't be fetched with Flooded Vault, and Arkham Asylum (which suffers from the same problems) won't be able to offset the Loft's negative impact on your own characters.


6.  In fact, cut out all of your location support cards and I would make the Khopesh your only 2-cost support.  Anything that's 2+ cost that's not a character in this deck should be vital to the deck's success.


7.  Use Flooded Vault to create a toolbox of answers, such as Sedated, Called by Azathoth, Sword of Y'ha-Tallo, and definitely Horrific Statuette.


8.  Carl Stanford is a good doorstop against tough characters when you're deck is stalling out, and he keeps his terror icon as well even if you have Rays on the table.  You can also sac your unique cultists (such as Victoria or Fiona Day) to him to get card draw and then replay/trigger them.


9.  I would trim down your support cards and take more events.  I don't think you need x3 Rays of Dawn.  This deck is made for Hali's Directive, and x2 Unspeakable Oath might also work well.  You might also run only x2 Hamu if you need the room.


Hopefully these suggestions help.

Always good to get advice from your Yipe, as I know how much experience you have with the factions.


However, I can't see me keeping the deck or attempting to improve on it in the future. But it may help inspire or warn others, depending on POV.


Naagin is made for Khopesh, so I'm amazed you would suggest dropping him. Sure he isn't a Cultist, but helps maintain my board presence.


The Loft only clashes with Asylum in the refresh phase. Outside of that, I can refresh via the Asylum and my opponent just keeps increasing the number of insane characters they have.

First off, I'd take my advice with a grain of salt!  I've built some decks that just don't function like I think they should and I've yet to win a regional...


With this deck type though, I've been playing it (more or less) for over a year so I have a good feel for how it flows.  My first incarnation was an MU/Hastur deck called Sleight of Hand that really emphasized hand discard (something players aren't really prepared for in Cthulhu).  I switched it over to Cthulhu/Hastur after The Sleeper Below because I needed more direct control over opposing characters.  Gustaf is great, the Statuette takes care of my investigation problem and Fiona can be a surprise closer.


I like Naaginn but deck space is tight and for my version of this deck I really hammered home the cultist synergy.  For example, I'd rather have Stealthy Byakhee over Naaginn, but I can see keeping him.


Also, Khopesh is just another tool in the box.  I didn't take any characters with toughness to maximize it, just a bunch of cheap cultists to play it on to keep up the pressure on my opponent then close out the game with Flooded Vault + Statuette or a 2-story sweep with Fiona Day.


I know what you're saying with Loft and the Asylum, I just think it hurts you as much or more than your opponent.  It locks down your lunatics and then forces you to pay 1 to bring them back.  With so much terror and willpower out there, I usually find there are only a few targets for my Dangerous Inmates/Divas anyway, so keeping those characters on insanity lockdown isn't hard.  In fact, with so few susceptible targets I actually cut Deranged Diva from my deck, relying on x3 Inmates, x2 Victoria and x3 Hali's Directive as my insanity suite.  It's enough to trigger Hamu and TGF - and Hali's Directive is just good all around even if you don't get the insanity bonus - but it's not so heavy that I'm crippled by a deck that's immune to my insanity tricks.


Plus the Loft and Asylum are spendy, so it's slow to get the ball rolling.