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Lannister Tunnels {City Plots}

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Jul 03 2014 04:02 AM
Looks like a realy solid deck! I plan on doing a very similar build, does it play pretty well?
I haven't played it yet with the Warden attachment or the Westerlands, but I'm hoping to tonight! I'll let you know how it goes!
Jul 05 2014 01:03 AM
Perfect! I love those new location/warden, can't wait to get those new cards

Do you find yourself playing enough prized cards to make warden of the west worth it?

with 38 characters you can use harrenhal !


What about aftermath instead of valar ? : with pentoshi you can reduce FOR from 1 or 2 guys and you can kneel an other with guild when you come from shadow in challenge phase.

With init = 7 you have big opportunity to be first player so you can choose to play first or second

Took out Warden of the West.  Too situational and Prized 3 in a Tunnels build is too risky.  

Reduced the character count overall to 35, but still added Harrenhal and swapped Valar for the Aftermath.  Added 2x Enemy Informers for extra kneel if needed.  

Added Widow's Wail for extra draw/power boost to my chuds! :)


@knightswimmer14, I've only played this deck vs. PbTT Rush with new Dany (similar to build that won Canadian nationals).  I was 1-3, but was in all games, and avoided the early game rush via kneel.  It has all the elements needed to control the board as long as draw is going for you.  On the games I lost, it was due to terrible draw, as I wasn't able to dig into my key events and characters to mitigate his renown characters.


Personally, I think this "hyper-kneel" Tunnels build is better in the current meta than the "STR-buff" build that Tunnels traditionally works for.  At least I enjoy playing this one more.

Seems good, but only 1 Tunnels isn't too risky with the citys? If the opponent discards it, you lose all your agenda and part of your deck's strategy, I think.