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Targaryen Second Cycle Review (By Justin Sengstock)

Feb 23 2017 12:00 PM | JoeFromCincinnati in Articles

Justin Sengstock stops by for a quick take on Targaryen…I don’t know it is about Targaryen, but they apparently prompt huge articles to be written about them ;).

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Decklist & Chill Ep7 - Tracey Island Loyalist

Feb 19 2017 09:50 AM | actionjohnny in Articles

Your favourite podcast's favourite podcast returns! With the Store Championship season behind us we actually have some winning/high placing decks to share with you this time. This time round we wax lyrical about actually achieving something in our "competitively hollow" gaming scene, and special guest/all around jovial nice man Matt Such joins us to talk us through is Tyrell/Castamere which placed 3rd in the biggest Store Championship in the UK. We also discuss Dan's winning Night's Watch/Kraken deck and recall a time where all toys were just islands.

So come in, sit down by fire, take those muddy boots and relax - you've earned it buddy, it's been a hard week. It's time for Decklist and Chill.

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The Southron Bannermen - Episode 13

Feb 14 2017 12:00 AM | Vexien in Articles

In episode 13, Ryan, Joe & Ben discuss the end of second cycle and what they thought of it as a whole. Plus we try building a deck together and accidentally uncover an unsung hero of Westeros.

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Quill & Tankard Regulars - Volume 2, Issue 13

Feb 09 2017 12:00 AM | JCWamma in Articles

Nice suit, where’d you get it?
Ung’ wido Fernwillow. Unlucky lass, ‘ost ‘er ‘rd ‘usban.
Huh. The jacket one of theirs?
Aye! Fron’ tha ‘nd un. Strappin’ innit?
Huh… Awfully friendly of her?
Aye! Gav ‘e beer ‘un rost beef too!
Huh… Anything else?
Aye! ‘ed to call ‘er M’gg’e!
Huh. Wait. Her name’s Ester isn’t it… You sure she said Maggie? Not… err… Maegi for instance?
M’gg’e! M’gg’e! Ez wut ic sed!

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Banter Behind the Throne - Episode 61 "Back...

Feb 07 2017 12:00 AM | OldShrimpEyes in Articles

Having finally shaken off the 2016 hangover, the boys are back.

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Something Something Something Dark Side... A St...

Feb 03 2017 12:00 AM | Etaywah in Articles


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Star War Destiny, Strategy

The Southron Bannermen - Episode 11

Jan 12 2017 12:00 AM | Vexien in Articles

In the first episode of 2017, Ryan, Joe & Ben are once again joined by JCWamma to discuss how they found the first full year of thrones, and whether it is possible to trigger Highgarden on article 50.

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