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Banter Behind the Throne - Episode 63 - Triple Motherered

Mar 27 2017 12:00 AM | MrDav in Articles

Peel and I discuss spolers from the Watch box.

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Decklist and chill episode 8 - Lord of the five...

Mar 27 2017 12:00 AM | actionjohnny in Articles

Join the boys on their first ever live episode where they receive a call from a man who calls himself kidohearts and together they attempt to construct a deck request from a fan (with what some are charitably calling "limited success" ) and discuss the concept of a character less deck.

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Quill & Tankard Regulars - Volume 2, Issue 14

Mar 21 2017 05:25 PM | WWDrakey in Articles

Okay, so repeat again what happened here.
‘Tw’s un’ b’ld’e. E’ dunnit!
Indeed. So… what was this hair-challenged person after?
‘E w’nted soddin’ ‘ine! Bl’smephy!

This week on Q&TR we have a look at a new Song that's sure to catch people by surprise, making their heads ring in the process.

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War of the 5 Kings Cycle: Community Poll RESULTS

Mar 11 2017 12:00 AM | JCWamma in Articles

It's that time again to take a look back over the last Chapter Pack Cycle and look at what people liked, what people didn't like, and of course, what on Westeros they think the "Hot Pie Medal" is supposed to mean.

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Lannister Second Cycle Review (By Chris Thompson)

Mar 07 2017 12:00 PM | JoeFromCincinnati in Articles

Chris Thompson finishes it off with the longest article of the series (edged out Justin’s Targaryen by 19 words, granted I added a sign off on this one :P)

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Greyjoy Second Cycle Review (By Richard Walker)

Feb 28 2017 01:00 PM | JoeFromCincinnati in Articles

Richard Walker is here to tell you all how wrong you are about Greyjoy.

You won’t believe what he thinks on the topic of King Balon!

…Unless you’ve spoken to him even one time in the last 4 months.

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Targaryen Second Cycle Review (By Justin Sengst...

Feb 23 2017 12:00 PM | JoeFromCincinnati in Articles

Justin Sengstock stops by for a quick take on Targaryen…I don’t know it is about Targaryen, but they apparently prompt huge articles to be written about them ;).

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