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The Things I Do For Love - Episode 5

Sep 18 2017 05:00 AM | Kennon2nd in Articles

From The White Book comes a brand new short form Game of Thrones LCG Podcast. Lets play around with the format and see what we can do in 10 minutes.This week, Will chats with Seth L about Valar Morghulis and its impact on the 2ED metagame. Music: Thund...

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Legend of the Five Rings Review: Lion Clan

Sep 17 2017 12:00 AM | Kingsley in Articles

The review board convenes again, this time to explore the mighty Lion clan!

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l5r, review

Decklist & Chill Ep13 - Fartell Manboy

Sep 15 2017 08:05 AM | actionjohnny in Articles

Decklist and Chill are back, and this time just in time for UK nationals. With everyone wondering which faction will triumph in the currently turbulent and totally unsolved meta, we turn our attention to the boys and girls in orange, House Martell, a faction we actually enjoy dissecting. Featuring special guest host Alex O'Fee-worth from the London Cross Keys meta, we delve deep into not one, but two decklists. Also featuring David Bowie's ghost, and irregularities in the flow of time.

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game of thrones, Decklist, CHill and 1 more...

The Whisperer in Darkness - The Path to Carcosa...

Sep 15 2017 02:15 AM | Manfromleng in Articles

Manfromleng reviews the Guardian cards in The Path to Carcosa, the second deluxe expansion for the Arkham Horror LCG, a living card game by Fantasy Flight Games. Reviews of the Seeker, Rogue, Mystic and Survivor cards to follow!

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Arkham Horror LCG and 2 more...

LCGs: Re-imagining Draft

Sep 14 2017 02:40 PM | istaril in Articles

When LCGs started, it was accepted that losing the “sealed/draft” format was just part of the cost of moving to a fixed distribution. With time, FFG has experimented with bringing back draft for Netrunner & Thrones - but they haven’t been very successful. Let’s take a look at why.

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Banter Behind the Throne - Episode 72 - Rheecey...

Sep 13 2017 12:00 AM | MrDav in Articles

Rheece joins us to discuss who will win UK nationals.

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LCGs: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation (Netrunner)

Sep 12 2017 12:00 AM | istaril in Articles

Netrunner is entering exciting territory, and we (LCG players) should all be watching.

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