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Borderlands Fortifications

Borderlands Fortifications

Borderlands Fortifications

Type: Holding
Strength: +2
Clan: Crab
Action: Choose a card in one of your provinces – switch this holding with that card.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 38
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...view-crab-r2098


Benjoewoo – 1/5
With the errata preventing this from swapping your SH for extra PS, this card is significantly less useful and is likely bumped out for Imperial Storehouse and Funeral Pyre in triplicate.

Kingsley - 3/5
This is a solid bit of extra defense and can also get a bit of utility by saving threatened cards from targeted breaks or swapping a card from a broken province that you want to keep for later. Handy, but a handy ability may not always be what you want in exchange for a precious dynasty draw.

nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
It’s a 2-skill bump to the province being attacked (except when the opponent declares on another province on his second conflict) at the cost of one dynasty slot. Not exciting, but it’s something. Crab’s effects requiring holdings in play don’t play too well well with the ones that require sacrificing, so this is worth considering. Probably a 1-of since multiple of these feels bad.

Grendel - 3/5
+2 is a good modifier to combat and being able to use it at any province is kind of nice. Having to trade a dynasty draw is kind of rough. Giving up an actual character is a tough pill to swallow but 0 for 2 is strong math.

I Fight Dragons – 2/5.
Borderlands Fortifications simply doesn’t do enough. It’s very cool and thematic, but only matters if the +2 strength prevents the province from breaking to begin with but doesn’t help you actually win the fight which is just better. So in the end, this feels like using a province slot for a worse version of a 2/2 character.

[double post]

"With the errata preventing this from swapping" - where can I find that errata? Can not see anything on official fantasy flight game page

"With the errata preventing this from swapping" - where can I find that errata? Can not see anything on official fantasy flight game page


They amended the Rules Reference to address it

Despite that, I still think this is a decent card and will generally run 1 copy out of Crab. 
2 extra needed to break is a big thing, and it's also a good option to soak up opposing Hida Kisada plays, or just to stall without passing for a round. Generally though, the flexibility means that I can only move it in when I want to turn a lose and break into just a lose. It might seem like a modest boost, but for a card that costs nothing but a dynasty slot, it's helped set game tempo a lot in my Crab games. 

Indeed. Preventing a single province break puts you ahead in the race and a lot of times the Fortification it with lure your opponent into wasting more 0 costed cards before you shut the attacking character down.

Nov 10 2017 08:07 PM

I like the card.  I still only run 1x because I don't want to see multiples flop.  When it comes out it greatly helps stall out the game, which can help me continue to build up incremental advantage.  Also the ability to swap it with a card in another province has the added utility of potentially saving a card in a province that's about to break or a card that's about to be discarded because it's on a broken province.  A corner case thing, but sometimes it comes up.


I think this clashes with Funeral Pyre though.  You don't want too many holding that want to stick around round to round.  You'll start choking your dynasty draw.  That said I think you can make an effective Crab deck without needed to auto include Funeral Pyre. 


I wonder as the card pool grows though if this province will continue to see play.

Nov 11 2017 02:11 PM

I run a 1X because i feel its very circumstantial. Being the slow crab, I like just counter punching my attacking opponent, I like to draw out as many cards as he is willing to play. Broken provinces aren't that big of a deal unless its your third. So if they are at the end of their wits about getting that break, I'll finally move in Borderlands Fortifications just to hold the province. The attacker has to overspend or spend banzi or something he hadn't planned on spending (and he wont be able to spend on you in another conflict). 


Also, I use it to protect characters. Attackers typically chose which province to attack based on discarding that flopped card. Just wait to near the end of the conflict, then swap that Hida Kisada with Borderlands Fortifications to protect your character. Its worth a one of just for that IMO.


Keep Crabbin'