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Vanguard Warrior

Vanguard Warrior

Vanguard Warrior

Type: Character
Cost: 2
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 1
Glory: 1
Clan: Crab
Action: Sacrifice this character. Choose a character – place 1 fate on that character.
“You will have the time you need. Use it wisely.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 30
Illustrator: Erich Schreiner
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...view-crab-r2098


Benjoewoo – 4/5
This character will often effectively cost 1, and is likely to edge out the relatively more niche characters.

Kingsley - 4/5
You should almost always be able to use this ability in a strong way, making this efficient if played normally and great if tricked into play via Charge or similar. Stats aren't great, but like Shrewd Yasuki the ability makes up for it.

nyxnyxnyx - 4/5
I like this guy, if only for his combo with Charge!. You essentially pay 1 fate for his 2/1 body, with the other 1 fate going on your choice of character. Note that post-hoc fate should be valued more highly than normal fate you dump at the point of purchasing the character from provinces, since it’s more controlled and can be done with the aforementioned Charge!. 

Grendel - 4/5
Effectively paying 1 for a 2/1/1 and putting a fate on your best character at the end of turn. Nice synergy with Charge for cheating a fatty in and getting an extra turn of value.

I Fight Dragons – 4/5
In a game all about characters naturally leaving play over time, any effect that breaks that rule is inherently powerful. Enter Vanguard Warrior, who gives you decent stats and when he’s about to leave, you get to choose a character and keep them around another turn that they otherwise wouldn’t. Very solid.