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Insolent Rival

Insolent Rival

Insolent Rival

Type: Character
Cost: 3
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 1
Glory: 2
Clan: Scorpion
Bushi. Duelist.
While the bid on your honor dial is higher than an opponent’s, this character gets +2[Military] and +2[Politics].
Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, choose a participating character controlled by an opponent – challenge that character to a [Military] duel. Dishonor the loser of the duel.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 6
Illustrator: Greg Lambrakis
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Oct 13 2018 03:59 AM

I think this duel is beginning to get interesting. Having things that turn off if you bid high or low then mean you have to weigh their benefit vs the benefit of the duel. Duels that impose negatives, vs duels that bring rewards, etc etc. The more dial shenanigans we get, the happier I'll be. I'd like to see some that trigger off your opponent being with 2 or 1 of your own dial!

I love the design of this card.  This might be the most consistently interesting duel in the game right now.  If you duel a character with equal or up to 2 higher Mil, then the ideal for you is to bid 1 higher than them.  So they want to at least tie your bid.  But if your opponent bids 5 and you bid 1 or 2, it might win you the game by dishonor.


In the case where you succeed and bid 1 higher than your opponent, it costs you a 2 honor swing to gain +2/+2 and dishonor their character (likely another 2 force swing).  AND you've turned on I Can Swim.