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Valiant Sacrifice

Valiant Sacrifice
Type: Event Sphere: Leadership
Cost: 1

Response: After an ally card leaves play, that card's controller draws 2 cards.

"He fell defending the hobbits, while I was away upon the hill." -Aragorn, The Two Towers
Set: Core Number: 24
Quantity: 2
Illustrator: David A. Nash


Card draw is so important in this game that any extra draw is a good one. Pair this with some of the low cost "chump" blockers in Leadership like Snowbourn Scout (Core), or when a character leaves play through an effect like in Sneak Attack (Core) or Born Aloft (CatC). Always run with three.
Sneak Attack (Core) is such a great combo with this card... here is one of the "card draw combos" I use in my Lore/Leadership deck.. and this isn't Magical Christmas Land either, this is a common combo for my deck....

Played at Event Speed - Sneak Attack (Core) + Gleowine (Core) (Tap - Draw 1 card) + Valiant Sacrifice (Core) (Draw 2 cards) = 3 Cards for 2r

Also you can plug another card in there is you have the chance, this happens less often but if you have been strong on your card draw it isn't that much of a long shot and I have pulled off this one more than once.

Played at Event Speed - Sneak Attack (Core) + Gleowine (Core) (Tap - Draw 1 card) + Ever Vigilant (Core) on -> Gleowine (Core) (Tap - Draw 1 card) -> Valiant Sacrifice (Core) (Draw 2 cards) = 4 Cards for 3r

This is pretty awesome combo imo, and it runs at event speed, so it is great for surprise shadow effects or encounters when teamed with Protector of Lorien (Core)
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Despite what others have said, I feel this is a weak card. It's net result is only getting you 1 card, and it's conditional on when you can play it. Perhaps it could have a home in a deck built around Allies leaving play, with stuff like Prince Imrahil and Horn of Gondor?
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Dec 15 2013 11:03 AM
Is there an opportunity to play this when something leaves play at the end of the phase? Say I played Sneak Attack and dropped Gandalf in, when he leaves play and returns to my hand, have I got the opportunity to play this card?
Yes, you can play this when Gandalf leaves play. You don't even need an action window, given that the card states "response" and not "action".

Quick rules question: Can I play it multiple times for the same trigger? For example could I play multiple copies of this in response to one character getting killed?

Dec 15 2016 07:17 AM

Yes, you can play multiple copies of an event card responding to the same trigger.

You just can't use the response off one specific card more than once per separate triggering cause - this is only really an issue for cards sitting in play, like characters and attachments.

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