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Support of the Eagles

Support of the Eagles
Type: Attachment Sphere: Tactics
Cost: 3
Attach to a [Tactics] hero.
Action: Exhaust Support of the Eagles to choose an Eagle ally. Until the end of the phase, attached hero adds that ally's [Attack] or [Defense] (choose 1) to its own.

"I would bear you, whither you will, even were you made of stone." - Gwaihir, The Return of the King
Set: RtM Number: 120
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Illich Henriquez


A good way to help keep some of your eagles alive, or having them pull double duty, but man, there are so many better cards, I don't know that I'd ever use this. Of course, that's because I rarely use tactics, as well :-\
Boromir (Dead Marshes) likes this with Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian. Double or triple up the Support on Boromir for added fun!
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3 copies of this in every eagle deck. I usually use this with ranged or sentinel heroes in muliplayer games and get rid of enemies.

It definitely gets better if more than one person is running eagles.

can you stack multiples of this on a single hero, and use them at the same time, for a multiplier of damage?


i.e. I have 1x Vassal of the Windlord (+3 atk), Legolas with +3 atk, and 2x SotE attached to him.


I declare an attack and exhaust both SotE, the first one i choose the Vassal, adding +3 atk. the second one choose the same Vassal, adding another +3 atk, for a grand total of +9 atk?

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can you stack multiples of this on a single hero, and use them at the same time, for a multiplier of damage?


In short - yes, you can.


Attachments that are not Unique and limited to 1 per character (like Boots from Erebor) can be put on the same character and triggered independantly. You can use them exactly the way you described, giving you 6 attack for 6 tactics resources.


The effect is good, but so is the price you have to pay, seeing that for the same amount you could have put Beorn into play. Tactics can easily reach absurd levels of attack power, but preparing the cards can be tricky.


EDIT: Just noticed that jc1138 mentioned the exact same interaction for an even more broken combination with Boromir, hitting multiple enemies for 9-12 each.

Amazing card.


Obviously Boromir has already been mentioned but any readying effect works amazing here--Rohan Warhorse, Steed of the Mark, UC, Eoemr, etc. 


And if you really want to maximize damage then pairing this on a hero with Firefoot (preferably Eomer, obviously) can be great when you are facing multiple smaller enemies. 


And although everybody focuses on the attacking aspect of this card (for good reason) I've used it on defenders to very good effect.


Erkenbrand's the dream but it can be hard to get on him unless you're running resource smoothing anyway. Beregond is amazing (though probably unnecessary since it's easy to buff him through his ability). Again, Boromir. Belted Dain is a great choice if the other side of the table is running Eagles.


Actually...I've never done it but in multiplayer with one side playing Eagles and the other rocking Dwarves then Dori may actually be a really good target for this. Presumably your Eagles would be handling primary attack duty so it would be one of the few times where there would be a really good reason to run Dori over Gimli. 

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