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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

Jan 16 2019 03:26 AM by DwarvenResolve

One of the best cards in the game IMO. Definitely one of the best tactics cards. 

Useful for fighting hordes and brutes alike. 


Think about it - you don't have to declare a defender and you don't have to worry about the shadow card delt to that enemy. AND it's just 1 cost. 

Longbeard Map-Maker

Jan 09 2019 06:03 PM by Pankace04

Woah.  That would be useful to my dwarf deck!  I could afford it with Bifur/Steward of Gondor on Dain.  


Jan 08 2019 02:59 PM by DwarvenResolve
I have also found him incredibly useful for questing in battle quests (count attack instead of willpower).

Dec 28 2018 06:04 PM by Ogi
Since I have hero Arwen and silver harp Aragorn is back to my deck as 'must have'. You can quest with him and have him ready pretty much every turn
Longbeard Map-Maker

Dec 24 2018 09:54 AM by bspratt1611

No printed limitation or requirement to exhaust, so nope! If you have the resources, you can boost the stat.

Longbeard Map-Maker

Dec 13 2018 07:16 PM by DwarvenResolve
So there is no limit to how many resources you can spend to get +1 willpower?
Wolf of Isengard

Dec 04 2018 06:08 PM by HoodsBreath

You are correct in both cases. The Wargs from the core set had a similar forced effect. Nate's official ruling...




0 Links
Wolf of Isengard

Dec 02 2018 01:31 PM by gurru68


The Wolf of Isengard has a "Forced" "When" effect that in principle should trigger when the shadow card is dealt (i.e. before the defender is assigned) but I cannot check if its shadow card has the Wizardry effect at that point since nothing specifies that I can flip the shadow card to check its Wizardry effects.

Therefore I assume that I can discard the shadow card with the "Forewarned" boon (before flipping the shadow card). On the other hand I think I cannot cancel the Wizardry effect with "Hasty stroke" that triggers after the shadow triggers.

Do you agree with this interpretation?


Bye, gurru

Strength of Will

Nov 30 2018 08:44 AM by Kovko

In multiplayer game, can I exhaust a other player character? Or only character which I am controlling. Thanks.

Song of Earendil

Nov 10 2018 05:10 PM by BurnsHood

So if I attach three of these to a hero, and in response to another player raising its threat at the end of a round, can I trigger all three which first keeps them from gaining threat at all, but then you reduce that player's threat by two as well?

A quick google search brought up a few places this was talked about and the general consensus is yes it's legal.

Song of Earendil

Nov 08 2018 03:22 AM by SynnerG

So if I attach three of these to a hero, and in response to another player raising its threat at the end of a round, can I trigger all three which first keeps them from gaining threat at all, but then you reduce that player's threat by two as well?


Nov 02 2018 10:06 PM by Zukin

Thank you guys for clearing this up. It definitely is two different things after re-reading the update RRG. Appreciate it! My advice is not to use Send for Aid for Wiglaf! Although King of Dale should make sure you aren't struggling to pay his cost anyway.


Oct 29 2018 07:04 AM by RichardPlunkett

No, 'play' and 'putting into play' are definitely different things, and since Send for Aid uses 'putting into play' it does not trigger Wiglaf's response.


Oct 25 2018 04:58 PM by BurnsHood

My guess is yes, you could trigger his response with Send for Aid. If you couldn't his card would read something like "After you play Wiglaf from your hand..."


But I'm not 100% sure, though. I've heard people say that "Putting into play" and "Playing" are two different things.




Oct 25 2018 04:47 PM by BurnsHood

Yes. There's an action window before engaged enemies attack. Use that window to discard Ambush and use Ranged characters to attack. If you think about it it wouldn't really be that thematic if you weren't able to use Ranged characters with Ambush.


Oct 24 2018 12:03 PM by Zukin

Can you trigger his response if you get him into play with Send for Aid?

North Realm Lookout

Oct 11 2018 05:32 PM by OrionM42X

Great with Mariner's Compass.


Sep 11 2018 02:35 PM by SynnerG

Say I am the engaged player of an enemy with this attachment and all of my characters are exhausted. Can I discard this attachment to declare an attack with none of my own characters, but the other players declare their ranged characters to attack it?

Advance Warning

Sep 03 2018 12:10 PM by M0ng0

Another case of bad wording - "Until the end of the phase" - Makes it Sounds like ,in the encounter phase you don't make checks at the beginning of the phase but do it right at the end of the phase - makes it sound like card is useless

Vigilant Guard

Aug 18 2018 11:51 PM by BurnsHood

Can the Response effect be used to protect Beorn? It seems to be targeting the damage instead of the character

Its effect seems very similar to Dori's. So my guess is yes it would work with Beorn.

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