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Lord of the Rings Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Gimli's citadel army

This deck is designed to pump gimli and veteran axehand with citadel plate and dwarven axe for the main punch in the gonads. ----- boardgamer4life

BETHEO Cycling Generator

Three Sphere with BEravor/THeodred/EOwyn. TH/EO for quest. Generates a faster resource pool. Pop out the easy allies. Lots of Draw Cards / Combos. ----- mrwatterson

Ara/Ele/Eow Love Triangle

this hero set is geared at managing threat and shadow effects while aggressively questing. ----- nephron86

Aragorn Glorfindel Beravor

----- tonywangtony


Create a good card/resource engine (Beravor + Steward of Gondor) controlling in the first phases the threat level and damages discarding cards with protector of lorien on Elanor. ----- romendil


hold threat level low, fight with Dunhere, quest with Aragorn, Eowyn, attachments and ally ----- micbo

Kill or be Killed

Use Dunhere + Legolas to kill enemies in the Staging area and finish off quests quickly. ----- AnimeLoftus

Leadership - Spirit

----- Woz


----- Picknickel

Tactics Leadership

Use Legolas and Swords of Gondolin to make progress on quests. Attach Celebrian's Stone for questing, ideally to Aragorn. ----- Cardboardoftherings

For Gondor!

Quest with Theodred and Aragorn.
Bash monsters and score succes tokens with Legolas and friends.
Defend as you can,monsters are supposed to die quickly.
----- Diabolo21


Strategy is to draw as many cards as u can =]
but for real, u heal ur heros and skip the damege to take as many progres tokens as u can thanks to eowyn special and protector of lorien

best combo is to put unexpected courage on beravor, maybe multipla times =]
----- Marchewa


Deck made from 2 Core Sets. Brother of Tactics/Lore deck. ----- Vasek


Made from 2 Core Sets. Brother of Leadership/Spirit deck. ----- Vasek

Defense Lore Spirit

This deck attempts to use Denethor as a defensive wall. He has the highest defense of all the heroes and the goal should be to get Protector of Lorien on him to make sure he rarely takes damage. Spirit cards give you nice control over the uncertainty of battle and Glorfindel is nice on both attack and questing. ----- Darksbane

The Three Hunters

This is a multi-player deck. It needs to be played with someone who has a Questing/Support style deck. The focus of this deck is to combat the enemy and also lend Questing support. ----- Hastur360

Pre-emptive Strike

Try to keep eliminate enemies and locations while they are in the staging area and avoid engagements. ----- psycorey

Resource Acceleration

This is my first stab at a deck. Basically you want to have Steward of Gondor and Celebrian's Stone on Aragorn ASAP. Use Sneak Attack with Gandalf and try to punch through the quests while keeping threat down. ----- Darksbane


----- bhedrick1

Example Deck

This is an example deck for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game. ----- Darksbane