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Lord of the Rings Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Solo escape from Dol Guldur

A deck to consistently beat the third quest with one player. (30-32 cards)
****- archangel

Thorin Company

Crazy powerful dwarfs allies deck. You play lot of allies and just massing with them. ----- Glaurung

[LotR article, Thursday] My Gloin Engine

For in-depth discussion about the underlying Combo and the card choices in this deck, view these two articles:


***** sirprim

Solo Deck of the Eagles (Tactic, Spirit, Leadership)

Solo Deck Tactic, Spirit, Leadership
****- Adelain

Elrond's Fellowship - mighty solo-deck

As soon as possible play Vilya (easy with Stargazer and Bilbo), then create the most powerful fellowship on the Middle-Earth! ***** rasmas

Master Frodo

This deck is about Frodo..... He take all damage and convert it to threat. In the deck a lot threat reduce cards and Aragorn also do it very effective. ***** Glaurung


1x Core thru Road to Rivendell. Has beaten Redhorn Gate and RtR. All heroes and allies (with 1 exception) are Noldor/Silvan. ****- Tubarush


----- bhedrick1

Good Solo with Dwarves

This deck easily wins with first two KD quests. ****- sorty

Journey Down the Anduin - SOLO (LS+S)

Deck for solo game.
Scenario: Journey Down the Anduin
----- pansatyros

Gandalf's Low Greetings - Solo Escape from Dol Guldur

This deck takes only one core set into consideration. In essence it is the same as Gandalf's High Greetings but Ancient Mathom and Valiant Sacrifice have been added. Guard of the citadel and For Gondor! have been taken out.
***** Adelain

Gandalf's High Greetings

A low threat level Deck based on Efficiency and Effectiveness
***** Adelain

A little help for the Dwarves

This deck beat all KD quests, with personal best scores on the 2nd and 3rd. (and only 1 round too long on the 1st.)
----- Tubarush

Solo Dwarf

***** stormrover

Lore / Tactics

Found at : http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/698876/two-decks-to-rule-them-all-but-only-one-core-set ***** Manji

The SUPER FAST Solo Deck v1.3

SUPER FAST Deck: a solo deck that easily wins all first cycle quests.
----- sorty

Brothers in Arms - Elrohir

The idea is to engage the enemies on Elrohir's side, and kill them with Elladan and Legolas. ----- HilariousPete

Lore (Songs - Leadership Spirit Splash)

Draw lots of cards and quest like crazy. Ready Heroes to use their abilities. ***** BeastRabban

[Solo] I can do everything

You can pass all quest easy exept Dol Guldur. Enjoy :) ----- Toldea

Down the Anduin (core) w/ Denethor, Eowyn, Gloin

This deck is similar to the first tri-color deck I built with the intention of running "Journey Down the Anduin" solo. ----- bibliogrump

The Dwarf Solo Deck

----- lpknight21

Rohan theme Deck

The point of this deck is to mantain a low level of threat so Dunhere could kill most of the biggest enemies in the prep area. ----- Aglarel


A richly themed, but powerful combination of tactics and spirit dwarves, that keeps your threat very low and allows you to quest successfully and tackle big enemies with relative ease. Successful in solo and co-op play. ***** Radagastthebrown

Aragorn/Frodo Secrecy Duo Part 1

****- narsil0420

3 Sphere, Solo Core Deck

Theodred and Eowyn quest. Celebrian's Stone, The Favor of the Lady and Steward of Gondor all go to Eowyn. Beravor gets Unexpected Courage and a Self Preservation. ----- Tehrawk