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Edge of World

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Edge of World

Edge of World

Type: Asset: Ambush
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 2
If Edge of World is installed and you pay 3 [Credits] when the Runner accesses it, do 1 brain damage for each piece of ice protecting this server.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 053 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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3 point agendas just got 100% more playable by putting them down with no advancements on the first turn. Also, I cannot wait to spring this on a runner from behind 3 ice, then kill them with a couple of Neural EMPs or something shortly after.
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Both rezzed and unrezzed ice count for this card, right?
Feb 15 2013 12:05 AM
This card is insanity. I love it. :)
I love this card. Makes running unadvanced cards in a remote server with more than a couple ice blind extremely risky against any corp.
Unrezzed ice does indeed count, see installing ice on page 13 of the rulebook.
Amazing, but not being able to advance it makes it really tricky to time right. What Runner in their right mind would run on this if it's been sitting behind 2 or 3 ICE for more than 1 turn without being advanced...
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That's exactly the point. This works great in NBN where any unadvanced card could be an agenda that could be scored next turn (especially with SanSan or an AstroScript counter available).
Will it not just result in Expose cards becoming more essential and prevalent? As a meta deterrent, it's cool, but the chances of this actually going off are slim! If you genuinely want it to hit, you're going to be putting it in a position the Runner could potentially exploit, which is suspicious in and of itself... I get that it's mere existence will sow seeds of doubt, but if you're actually running it, you want to use it, right?

I'm all for anything that enhances the mind-game aspect, don't get me wrong. I'll be trying it all over!
Expose its not that easy to get. Infiltration, satelite uplink, lemuria codecracker... and thats it.
Many decks don't have that much expose. If any of it gets cancelled with Zaibatsu Loyality its even worse.
Jinteki with trick of light can score most agendas from no advancement in one turn.
And if it does 2-3 BD runner is so vulnerable to dmg now.

Also mere existence of a card that hurts you really badly forces runner to be much more careful when running servers or risk losing the game instantly.

I'm currently trying to build cheap ice jinteki that focuses on scaring runner with this card and rearranging ice with sunset, i wonder how good will it be. {My ICE bites only a little, but does drain Runners economy, can be rezzed cheaply and is good for making long servers}

And new HB has ABT and Vitruvius, both 3 dificulty 2 pt agendas. Running unadvanced cards becomes quite important now, and when runner is afraid to run its much easier to score.

NBN can fast advance from hand, especialy with SanSan, this helps a bit but many times you dont even need a server protection to score as NBN. (but this one click can be quite important)

And Wayland loves its targets getting BD, much easier to fry them with Scorched earth when one is enough. (Carapace is a pain though)
I love this card. This and cerebral overwriter are amazing and no remote server is safe.

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