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Test Run

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Test Run

Test Run

Type: Event
Cost: 3
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 3
Search your stack or heap for a program. Install that program, ignoring all costs. Shuffle your stack if you searched it. When this turn ends, add the program to the top of your stack if it is still installed.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 047 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Eko Puteh
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I think I prefer this to special order, but might run both. Shaper biggest challenge is getting out of the gates fast enough. With this you won't have problems finding the right programs. Should make shaper draw much more reliable, which in turn should make them stronger.
Love this card, as a simple ice-breaker search Special order is better, much cheaper and does what it says - searches for an icebreaker.

But this beauty does a few things more:
- installs the card, obvious combo with feme fatale, but works also for noise viruses and any other icebreaker you need now, but cant afford it in both credits and cash departament
- the card can be searched in heap, so it is also a better "de ja vu" for not only virus programs (and not bad for viruses as well...)
- it can search for non-icebreakers, cant find magnum opus? need that djini to get your virus engine running? heres your answer

While it might look like not that much, being two cost higher, and uninstalling the program to the top of the deck does make it more expensive than order, but with new workshop you can use the card when you need, and then put it into workshop and wait till it installs itself or pay the cost when you need it.

I really hope corps get some good stuff in next pack, Edge of the world is nice, but it might be not enough with all the toys runners got here.
The way that noise is going to be able to abuse viruses with this thing is far above "not bad." Being able to turn that returning to the top of the stack into an advantage is really potent, particularly with Imp.
Apr 10 2013 07:07 AM
I think the key to this card is the fact it's program not just icebreaker like special order and you can take stuff from your heap if that naughty corp trashed your workshop full of goodies it's a chance to get it back. The fact that you get to try before you buy with the program for a turn is just icing on the cake.

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