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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

HB Installathon

Play to HB's strengths and dump all the ice on the table, sometimes even for free. Runners won't know how to get through it all. ***** Manick74

Haas-Bioroid Starter

Haas-Bioroid starter deck ----- ceeKay

Flash Freeze

Precognition and Accelerated Beta Test for the win. ***** Azeltir

Cerebral Failure v1.0

Sentinel Defense Program is too awesome an Agenda not to try and exploit its ability. Let's see if Brain Damage flatlines become a thing... ***** Paddosan

Conpulsion 2013 1st place, Glasgow Regional 2013 2nd place corp

****- IainGalloway

Haas-Bioroid 16.7.14

----- MattiV

Development Hell 3.0

Make expensive and frustrating R&D runs while you score out of hand. ***** casek

brain damage

----- jeffreygene

Haas Bioroid Shell Game

----- Kohda

LauraG HB Fast Advance

My wife's fast advance deck. ----- sag0016

HB Fast Advance + Strong ICE

  Haas-Bioroid, Fast Advance
HB fast advance deck designed to abuse tempo cards like Biotic Labor and recur them with Archived Memories. ***** SwornOath

HB (core) - Philly 2013 Regionals

  Haas-Bioroid, Fast Advance and 1 more...
***** Trunks1022

Next Design ICE fortress

Lots of ICE to work with the Identity with economy to res the big stuff ----- Eviscerae

HB Fast Advance

  Haas-Bioroid, Fast Advance
****- OathSworn


Slow and steady wins the race ***** ExplodyCat

HB Click

----- TheSpaceCowboy

HB Next Design

----- Pestilents

Development Hell 2.0

Revamped version of "Development Hell" - better results! ***** casek


Slow and steady wins the race ****- ExplodyCat

HB Brain damage traps

----- Gammon86

Scrooge McDeck

  Haas-Bioroid, Big Money
Loads of money. Loads of ice. Loads of problems for the runner. ****- casek

Haas-Bioroid: Ice Tower v2

Corporation of Dreams: "If you build it... you will win." ***** jberman

Angel's big ice HB

This is the current iteration of my girlfriend's/roommate's monster of an HB deck. It isn't particularly flashy, it isn't tricky, it isn't gimmicky, but good lord is it scary to run against.
----- Hexsyn

Some Net-Guarding Deck

----- Serengaeth

HB Deck - Core only

----- slowestchipmunk

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