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HB Fast Advance

Haas-Bioroid Fast Advance
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    -Ice Centrals!!!.

    -Almost never have to play an agenda in a scoring server with a ton of you ice devoted to it due to abusing Biotic Labor via Archived Memories Recursion and a suite of low cost agendas.

    -Solid and consistent economy.

    -SanSan brings a little more tempo to the build but really isn't a focal point at all.

    -Due to ONLY ice wall being able to have tokens shifted away from it, Trick of Light was abandoned as a viable option.
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    Any and all coments and criticisms are welcome.
    Looks very similar to a deck I've been playing. Seems a little more code-gate heavy though. I try to pick one of enigma/viktor/viper, though I haven't yet decided which one I'm going to stick with. I also like to have agressive secretary keep my sansan company until I need it and am ready to play it :-).
    Not sure right now; but with your 21 agenda points it is 45 to 49 cards in a deck. you list 50 cards. you could solve this by removing on False Lead.
    May 16 2013 04:14 PM
    how does Mandatory Upgrades feel? Face value it seems like its not "Fast" enough. I currently run Private Security Force just for the 2 less advances needed.
    Mandatory upgrades, while slow in and of itself to advance speeds the rest of the deck up so much. It's biotic labor: the agenda on a mechanical level. When you start consistently taking as many actions as the runner you will see the real strength. How many situations do you end up in where you're thinking "damn if only I had that one more action". It's an impressive card and if timed right really re-adjusts the entire tempo of the game you're playing. I know 6 on the surface doesn't seem "fast" but 4 actions EVERY turn, including the one you score it in does. That's how it needs to be looked at. X3 as you want to get it out and get it scored ASAP.
    A scored Mandatory Upgrades usually means a win for the corp, but the damn thing itself is so hard to score!

    I'm not sure about the 9 econ resource in this deck. Adonis acts like a mini Melange, as it's probably best left protected in your fort until it's gone. The melanges could be cut for more cheap ICE or Green Levels Clearances, another good econ card that will also help you get through your deck.

    This was before Future Proof, but Eli's are too good to leave out now. Hourglass should probably go on the chopping block for Rototurrets and/or a couple of Tollbooths (you have the influence for them).

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