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[NBN] World Domination v2

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    Build a remote with Melange and tons of ice, and build a big bank of credits (30+). Let the Runner steal an agenda, then hit him with Midseason Replacements for at least 15 tags. Put down a Beale and Psychographics for 13 advancements to score a seven-point Beale.

    Anyone not familiar with the card World Domination from old Netrunner:

    World Domination
    12 Difficulty
    3 Points
    Score 4 additional agenda points when you score World Domintion.
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    Jul 09 2013 03:53 PM
    Was there any thought put towards Net Police?
    Any significance to the agendas outside of Project Beale, or would any 5/3 agendas work for the build?
    Jul 11 2013 06:51 PM
    Executive Retreat will let me shuffle HQ away if it gets agenda flooded. Otherwise no, it's just 5/3s for deck construction.

    I don't like the idea of building a second remote server for Net Police.
    Love the idea of this deck and I'll give a try to something like that. Must really surprise the runner if they don't expect something like this :)
    What's missing to make this concept work, I think, is a A:NR version of Silver Lining Recovery Protocol.
    Oct 17 2013 07:21 PM
    Interesting, I thought I would try using the minimum deck limit via the following substitutions:
    Removed 1 pop-up window, replaced the remaining pop-ups with matrix analyzers allows for advancement
    Replaced Eli 1.0 with Bastion -> Mostly so I don't have to disassemble other decks.
    Removed Beanstalk Royalties -> there is enough money in this deck if it is small
    Replaced Green Level Clearance with Jackson Howard -> runners don't seem to like trashing this guy for some reason. Gives pulling power and mill protection.

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