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Recent Card Discussion
A Journey to Dagobah

Nov 29 2018 10:14 PM by dbmeboy

That's fair and I can certainly see that perspective, but R2 can still attack for unopposed and can really help out in situations against cards like DLotS and Mouse Droid.

Of course.  He's also slightly more vulnerable to removal than most resources (back in the core set days I'd kill him with Vader's Reaction regularly).  I did concede barely counting as a unit. :-)

A Journey to Dagobah

Nov 29 2018 05:07 AM by jc1138

That's fair and I can certainly see that perspective, but R2 can still attack for unopposed and can really help out in situations against cards like DLotS and Mouse Droid.

A Journey to Dagobah

Nov 29 2018 03:14 AM by dbmeboy

R2-D2 only barely counts as a unit (yes, it is technically a unit, but if I were counting the card types in my deck, I'd count him with my resource enhancements rather than units).

Mandalorian Armor

Nov 28 2018 08:23 PM by jc1138

Such a cool card, too bad it is in such a terrible set.

Red Five

Nov 28 2018 08:18 PM by jc1138

Really love this image of Luke's X-Wing.

A Journey to Dagobah

Nov 28 2018 08:17 PM by jc1138

I think there is a lot to like in this set, and it is certainly one of the better Core/Hoth Jedi sets.  I love R2, and don't think he gets the respect he deserves.  The objective also can be clutch, it just suffers from the low health (all the cards here have low health).  The set has the oomph to close games, with Red 5's 3 black bombs, Double Strike, and ToO.  The twi-lek isn't terrible for a 1 cost card, and the set overall has 3 units (which is not common for Jedi).


The low edge of 6 certainly holds this set back quite a bit, however.

Talon Karrde

Nov 16 2018 06:40 PM by MarioFanaticXV
Such an awesome card, it's too bad the rest of the set really ranges from "meh" to "terrible".
Weapons Upgrade

Nov 16 2018 06:06 PM by MarioFanaticXV

Funniest art in the game

This comment has not aged well.
Lando Calrissian

Nov 13 2018 08:49 PM by RoyalAegis

His set does have a resource but both Trust Me and Questionable Contacts just couldn't keep up with the power curve. Both sets suffer from a poor pip count and the low health on all of the units across both sets is a major sticking point. Here's what I'd do to fix them:


Trust Me - Give Lando an additional pip, health and white bomb (1 resource on the unit optional). Saboteur would get another health as well. Then either the chud or event would get a pip to bring the total up to 8.


Questionable - I'd give the Smuggler an extra pip and health. I'd also give Crossfire another pip (I think Swindled is the better choice but Swindled is also in another pod). You can argue that Han is "balanced" around 2 health with his ability and black tactic but unfortunately if you don't win edge with him he's dead (and this is compounded with the pod itself being low edge) so he needs another health as well (at this point in the meta he's balanced by not being Elite). 

I Am a Jedi

Nov 13 2018 08:43 PM by RoyalAegis

The only bad apple in an otherwise very strong objective set.

I hate the objective.


That being said, if this card got replaced with a better resource then this set would be an automatic 2-of. Running it as a 2-of is difficult though; finding other pods with resources that can fill out your deck is tricky and as a personal rule I want to have four 1-cost enhancements that Luke can use to double strike. 


Here's a write-up to a deck that has all of that though:



Leia Organa

Nov 13 2018 05:32 PM by jc1138

I much prefer this Leia to the GA one.

Fleeing the Empire

Nov 13 2018 05:30 PM by jc1138

This objective set is for me a top 10 from the Rebels faction.  I've fit it in to many decks due to its 8 force pips, Twist, and blast (yeah it's only 2 white blast but that can be pretty impactful).

General Walex Blissex

Nov 13 2018 05:27 PM by jc1138

An awesome defensive ability, but there is so much I want/need him for already: attacking with his two blast, using his resource, and removing damage/placing shield.  Works good with focus removal effects, Core Leia, and Concentrated Firepower.  But exhausted units is the name of the game for this objective set.

Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter

Nov 13 2018 05:23 PM by jc1138

It would certainly be better if it could capture a 2-cost unit, but the set would still not likely see play.

Valley of the Jedi

Nov 13 2018 02:21 PM by MarioFanaticXV
I've never understood: Why is this not a unique card? There's only ONE Valley of the Jedi.
I Have You Now

Nov 11 2018 06:31 AM by jc1138

A very strong fate card.

Command and Control

Nov 11 2018 06:29 AM by jc1138

Actually quite a strong set.

Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter

Nov 10 2018 02:42 PM by RoyalAegis

The whole pod is pretty poor. Dengar was done better in Heartless Tactics.


This unit might be good if it could capture a 2-cost or lower unit, 

Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter

Nov 09 2018 10:05 PM by jc1138

Wouldn't really be very good even if it cost 2.

501st Trooper

Nov 09 2018 10:03 PM by jc1138

A poor chud, and (no offense to the artist) the picture looks like a hasty photoshop job.

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