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Imperial Armada


Deck screams Might of the Empire. While I understand wanting the Executor for thematic purposes, it doesn't really provide anything useful for the deck. Cut at least 1, and maybe a Vader for 2x Might.

That's a great idea. I like that. I just realized Imperial Entanglements is the only pack that I actually don't have. I love the synergy between The Executor Arrives and Lord Vader's Command because of Executor and Probe Droid. I really want to cut Victory Or Death; I think the Victory-class Star Destroyers are trash. 

I suggest to familiarize with imperial entaglements expansion. You will find a lot of usefuls sets for this deck there.

Also, you can go and find top 16 decks from worlds 2015, there were few of navy fleet decks there, which I found very helpful when I was creating my deck.

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I just put Imperial Entanglements on order at my local store :)