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Superior Numbers


Mar 27 2017 01:48 PM

-1 Kuat and -1 Superior Numbers   +1 Cloud cover +1 Defense Protocol.  This is what i have been running for a few weeks now.

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Any superior numbers deck has my instant support. Although I'm not sure the capital ships pod does quite enough here.

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I play sth similiar.

-1 Capital support

-1 Superior numbers


+1 Kuat 

and +1 my secret tech, objective that most people forget that exists, *fanfares* Reconnaissance Mission. It is just so good in this deck...

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I like this deck a lot, but I think it suffers from the disease which plagues many DS fighter decks:  Low Force icons.  Without Precision Flying, you're not going to win many edge battles, much less win the Force Struggle.   This is the deck I plan to test:


Capital Support x2

Empire's Elite x2

Enforced Loyalty x2

Superior Number x2

Defense Protocol x1

Cloud Cover x1

Training Procedures x1


I'm going to start with 11 pods, and see if I can get it down to 10. 

I expect the LS to have the Force much more than me, so I'm putting in a pair of Enforced Loyalties.

The damage LS dishes out by winning the Force struggle I can move with Yularen and Fist.

I'm also putting in another Capitol Support because I like the fighter units.   They're like DS Y-Wings, which can pack a good punch.

I'll let you know how it tests.