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Rebel Alliance

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

We Are Family

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance and 1 more...
Jedi core with Leia and Mobilize the Squadrons for lots of combat tricks and resources. ----- Laxen

Full of shields

  Rebel Alliance
Nothing can pass the shields ****- veider222

Shielded Rebels

  Rebel Alliance
----- CarsonFlintlock

Jedi Fleet

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Aggro
I decided to try something newish. I've noticed most decks are either Smugglers and Spies plus rebels or straight up rebels. ----- Jesterlaughing13

Han loves Wedge

  Rebel Alliance and 3 more...
Something new and different I though I might try with the new protectors ----- bbobb

Rebel Smuggler's

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
This is a combo deck to attack hard when set up. But hard to beat when set up. ----- NioDarkwind

Rebel/Smuggler Control

  Rebel Alliance, Control
----- Sephibaby

Rebel Blue Man Group

  Rebel Alliance, Combo, Control and 2 more...
Basically my first concept of a three affiliation light side deck. Primarily focuses on abusing shields and beating your opponent down. ----- bmtrocks

A New Hope

  Rebel Alliance, Jedi
Leia "frees" the rest for many attacks in one round ----- veider222


  Rebel Alliance
Fun and casual ----- veider222

Rebel Trench Run Blaster Deck

  Rebel Alliance
Death Star destruction deck ----- Cosmid

Rebel Attack Force

  Rebel Alliance
A little rebel deck I play with. Good against Sith... lots of vehicles to thwart the Force Choke. Tons of cheap vehicles to fight Palp's focusing. ----- peilei

Rebel Vehicle

  Rebel Alliance, Experimental and 1 more...
Using the fleet of the Rebel Alliance. ----- Saej

Luke, Obi, Guardians, Emplacements, and Leia

  Rebel Alliance, Jedi
ZOMGOPBDIF ----- Doomscizor

Controlled Assault

  Rebel Alliance, Experimental and 1 more...
An attempt to play a midrange type of deck in the Star Wars: The Card Game. ----- Jarrett

Jedi with rebel alliance power

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance
Power of the force with assistance from the rebel fleet. ----- XWing23

Another Rebel Vehicles

  Rebel Alliance
Swarm the board, then surprise them ----- geki

Core Rebel Alliance Preconstructed Deck

  Rebel Alliance, Core Precon
This deck is the preconstructed starter deck from the core set rules. ----- Toqtamish


  Rebel Alliance
Rebels in Space. Done very well in the limited times I've been able to play. ****- MrCarbohydrate

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