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Calculated Strike

Calculated Strike

Calculated Strike

Type: Event
Faction: Tau
Cost: 1
Shields: 1
Signature/Loyalty: ---
Traits: Tactic.

Action: Destroy a target Limited card.
When a planet refuses to join the Tau in the Greater Good, the Tau respond by crippling the planet’s major industries before giving them a chance to reconsider.

Set: Core Set Number: 163 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Mark Molnar
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Aug 14 2014 03:32 PM

Someone help me out. Is it me, or is this basically useless? To my understanding each race has one Limited, which is a support that reduces unit costs. There's our own extra limited which is the Recon drone, and the Prometheum mines. This makes a very small number of targets to use this one. I can see this getting more useful later but I don't see much of a reason right now. 

Aug 14 2014 04:19 PM

I think this may become more useful as time goes on as you said.

Aug 14 2014 04:28 PM

Then again, it can also disrupt your opponents deployment because he now does not have the reduction. You can blow up promotions to win command struggles that the Tau desperately need to keep their draw going. There is lots to be done with this card. I think it is at the very least a 2 of.

Aug 14 2014 04:35 PM

Granted, but you're talking about a 1 cost reduction, for which you pay 1 and have to have the card in your hand. As for the command struggle, I'd rather use a Recon Drone. It costs less and is more applicable. 

Aug 14 2014 05:56 PM

True but when you are fighting command struggles for resources, that -1 can mean the difference between deploying a key unit. 


I agree but I would run a Recon Drone as well. If you are mirroring a Tau player, you can blow theirs up. 

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I think long term this will be in virtually every deck. Resource destruction is a very powerful thing.
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Right now there is a lack of limited card, but as the game grows this card will become stronger

This seems like a solid though not amazing card. If the opponent plays a support fortress or Promethium Mine, you can blow it up with this. Ideally, you use this as a Deploy action right after they play their support, thereby not only countering their move but also forcing the opponent to deploy again before you.


Using it near the end of the phase to destroy Tau Recon Drones or Promotion attachments can also be a good way to win command struggles.


While the card doesn't do anything if your opponent doesn't have Limited cards out, having a shield in your hand is never really a bad thing. I wouldn't play three of these in a deck, but I might well play two.

Am I the only one that thinks the art on this card should have been used on an Astra Militia (Militarum whatever :P) card?


From my experience with this card in my Space Marines deck it has proven to be useful. The fact that it can really throw a wrench in your opponents plans (whether it be blowing up a key card to win a command struggle or a cost reduction support) is awesome. Timing can be key to get the best results with it of course and the fact that is can only destroy limited cards can be a curse at times.


Overall: It's a good card that will get better with time. Don't think I'll be taking my two copies out of my deck anytime soon. :)

Good Tau card that will become better but currently not needed or favoured because the Limited cards are more rare within the decks or meta. 3/5.

Jan 09 2015 06:48 PM

Until we see more useful limited card, this will be waiting in my binders. Sadly Tau has limited slot for events. Anyway it has a great potential. For now, discarding a reducer or a ProMine (fairly rarely played, actually) is not a great deal. Discarding a Promotion, however, cannot be understimated.


Does this card effect iron halo? Relics are limited to 1 per player. Would this count as a legal target for calculated strike? Iron Halo Card Text: Relic. Wargear. Limit 1 Relic per player. Attach to a unique unit. Interrupt: When attached unit is assigned damage by an attack, exhaust this attachment to prevent all of that damage.

No. "Limited" here means a card with the Limited keyword.

In the rule book relics are under a "limited" heading, so this doesn't count as that type of limited? Can you point me to a rule that's states the difference?

The card makes reference to the Limited keyword. You can find it printed in bold in the cards' text. The Relics you are referring don't have the "Limited" keyword printed, so the Calculated Strike cannot target them. You can find the description of "Limited" in the rulebook. As a general rule, cards that contain that keyword are usually economy generators.


What the text says about the relics is that you can only have a single copy of a card with the Relic keyword in game.


Limited and Relic are two separate keywords that have no link between them.

In the RRG, p. 10, there are three separate entries: "Limit 1 Relic per Player," "Limited," and "Limits and Maximums."


The first thing to note is that since they are three separate entries, they are three separate concepts. They clearly do different things, based on these entries, and so cannot be considered the same thing. They are not equivalent, and one should not read "Limit 1 Relic per Player" and "Limits and Maximums" as being "under a 'limited' heading" just because the word "limit" appears in their RRG heading.


The next thing to notice is that Calculated Strike uses the word "Limited" with a capital "L." This very clearly matches its use of the term to the "Limited" entry on RRG, p. 10, not to a plain language usage of the word. As such, the word "Limited" (capital "L") refers to cards with the Limited keyword -- the only types of cards referenced in the "Limited" RRG entry -- not generally to cards with any sort of limit (lower case "l").


And as an aside, since the RRG entry on p. 10 states that it refers to "Limit 1 Relic per Player" as a single phrase, representing a game restriction on the number of cards of that type that a player can have in play at any one time, it doesn't function any differently than any other game restriction, particularly those on the number of cards of a particular type that a player can have in play at any one time. By that reasoning, since players "cannot have more than 10 token units of each given type (by title) in play at any given time," wouldn't that make all token units "limited," despite the fact that the word "limit" is not used when defining the game restriction? Said another way, if we are using the plain language meaning of the word "limited" (i.e., "a card with a limit") when determining what can be hit by Calculated Strike, doesn't that mean that any card with some sort of restriction on it would be considered "limited," whether the word "limited" is used or not? And if that's true, couldn't someone argue that the deck building restriction limiting you to 3 copies of a card by title makes any non-signature card vulnerable?


Obviously, this argument is absurd, but it does demonstrate why "Limited" (capital "L") is matched only to cards with the Limited keyword (as the RRG entry on the word "Limited" is) and not applied simply based on the presence of the word "limit" somewhere on the card.

Perfect explanation man! Thanks .
Feb 28 2016 01:24 AM

Does Troop Transport make this worth including in tournament decks?

You're still behind on the exchange.

Does Troop Transport make this worth including in tournament decks?


I was thinking the same thing, and I think the answer is "not quite."  If there are limited cards you want to kill where doing so puts you ahead on resources in the exchange, then Troop Transport existing makes playing Calculated Strike slightly better, in that it has more viable targets.  But including it in your deck specifically for Troop Transport (and Promotion, plus a few other incidentals), where most of the times you play it are at a loss of resource advantage, I don't think it quite works.  However, I think it's a good idea to note that even though Troop Transport costs 0, its value is more than that (both in terms of what it can do and in terms of what the value of your limited play for a turn is worth).  So it might not be entirely a bad idea.

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This is true. The value of a Troop Transport is certainly greater than 1 resource but you still have to contend with two issues:


1) The value of playing Calculated Strike is tempered by the probability of drawing it and having a worthwhile target available.


2) You still need to be playing your own broken cards as making bad trades is only a path to ruin.

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I am considering to put this card in Cato deck to deal with troop transport :(

Ultimate26, did you already check out Prower's 2nd place finisher Cato deck? He has this 3x.

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I think a lot of us may want to start considering this card in our Tau setups. The need for support removal is growing very fast indeed: Troop Transport is one thing, but with some of the cards introduced recently the balance of power might shift sooner than we think.

Just look at a card like the Bonesinger Choir. That's a great card for the merry elves; the new Wildrider Vyper, for instance, is a very powerful card; if it's deployed beside its sibling, the Wildrider Squadron, then you're facing both a 3/4 and a 5/4 heavy that can swoop in during a fight on an adjacent planet at action speed, possibly even sporting Starcannons.


Having both Wildriders lurking at the second planet is a huge threat to all the first three planets, which makes commitment exceedingly difficult and dangerous: Baharroth suddenly got a lot stronger, but this idea is viable in Eldorath as well.


Other targets than Troop Transport and the Choir for Calculated Strike includes Promotion, Recon Drone, Ripper Swarm and all the rest of the cost-reducers, perhaps especially Sae'lum Enclave and Digestion Pool.

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Mar 25 2016 06:04 PM

I agree with Skyknight. As the card pool adds cards that accelerate resources, having a counter to pluck those away will be powerful. Decks built on the premise that they have those limited cards in play will have to fear this one in Tau, Eldar, and SM.