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Ku'gath plague and pestilence

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Currently has a great backbone but also includes some cards I don't see use for:


- Virtulent Plague Squad

- Smash n Bash


Which is why I won't rate it just yet.

Version 2 reply:


As mentioned in the topics much better, the real deal seems to be testing the consistancy of Smash n Bash over that over say Dire Mutation.


Like youve read in the topics, my personal preferance goes to the Dire Mutation. Nontheless this deck seems much more powerfull as it's previous build.



Version 3 reply:


Fantastic deck, can't say more. I am running almost the same deck (+1 Promotion/-1 Fortress of Madness) and it does not dissapoint.



As said I don't know if Ammo Depot will pan out for you if you decide to up the cost of many cards!

Good to see your new reflection again, Im really liking it once again :)

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Looks Great. You didn't like the doombolts then I take it?
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Nice approach, Kaic!


I have to say, for me the main reason to run Ork allies out of chaos is with the low cost curve and Ammo Depot. Without that combo, I don't think orks offer enough to be better than DEldar. For sure, Ork Kannon synergises well with Kugath, but I feel that a chaos deck that only uses three allied cards would almost certainly be stronger with 3 Archon's Terrors as those out-of-faction cards. Fine card though Depot is, I can see why it would work poorly for this deck, as the cost curve will make it hard to consistently get down to three cards on a turn 1 draw of Depot.


Doombolt, I agree, isn't a card for this deck. Its more of a play for the low curve / depot game, as its main benefit is stalling deploy for a turn while playing 1 for 1, but its drawback is its too conditional in its opportunity.


Because of the high cost of your events, I'd consider swinging the unit cost curve down a little, to give more room to play more cards. I suspect - but will leave to you to confirm - that you often find yourself with unplayed units by the end of the game. This isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, but it can indicate suboptimal efficiency.


On the version I see at present, I would suggest:


+1 Heretek

+2 Promotion


-1 Blight Grenade

-1 Blood Letter

-1 Plaguebeast


Instinct tells me this will make your deck more consistent, without sacrificing the core concept.

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Mar 13 2015 08:46 PM

This looks amazing.  I have a Zarathur deck I like but I might follow your lead here until we get a proper Khornate Warlord.

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@Dietzen Yeah, I removed Doombolt, wasn't a big fan of it.


@ Asklepios You changes look pretty solid, but I'm unsure about Heretek.  So far I just haven't been all that impressed with the card.  The stats are good, but it is never where I need it most.  I'm considering dropping it for shoota mob.  I may try running this with Dark Eldar, but I just don't know if I could really give up my Ork cannons at this point.  It also doesn't help that Dark Eldar is my main faction, so there might be some conflicts if I try and run them as allies.