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Standard Cato v1.1

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Welcome to Conquest! Always good to have new recruits to increase the numbers.


I like the deck, and particularly the write up that you did. It's all very helpful, particularly for people starting out with Cato. Just one thing: Although I very much appreciate your thoughts about 3 cost units, and their glut in the average Cato deck, there is one that I just think is great, and that is Veteran Brother Maxos. While focusing on cards in command, and cashing in on resources in the combat phase, the ability to deploy the units you get is a huge threat. Granted, a 3 health unit isn't that hard to kill, but then they aren't targeting other more combat able of your units, and with 2 command he is flexible. I'm sure we'd all love to hear your thoughts on this.


Also, I prefer a more aggro approach in SM decks, so I would always choose Crushing Blow over Iron Halo, even if it is just used as a 2 shield card. Even without these you (and I) still have eight 2 shielders in the deck. But this is very much a matter of preference, particularly in a Cato deck, where a 2 cost attachment is no real problem.

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I agree with you on the Ion Rifles: they're needed for Tau Warlords to cover combat deficiencies, and not bad at all for Baharroth (though the DE alliance is better). I agree though that they have no place with the Space Marine warlords.


One thing I would say, however, is that there are a bunch of different very solid Cato builds.  For example, I think there's a lot to be said for running 2x Maxos in there, and or using 3x Crushing Blow: it all depends where you want to make the cuts.

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I like Crushing Blow as a 3x in Ragnar a lot (due to synergy with his Warlord power) but I find that good players always play around Crushing Blow anyway, so playing 1x is about the same as playing 3x in a lot of situations as Cato. (just don't go around shouting you only play 1 before the tournament ;P) It's easily first on the chopping block as far as flex slots go. Notably, I don't care for crushing blow in the Kith Matchup, where you really want the extra percentage points in deckbuilding for the inevitable attrition war. 


I actually like Maxos a fair bit, and often consider -1 Blood Angels Vet +1 Maxos. I like what Maxos brings to combat a lot, but he has a weird thing going on where he is a predictable combat trick that offers redundancy of Ambushing in guys (along with eager and pod) where you often don't really need that as Marines. I started keeping track of times where Maxos' ability goes unused, or is used in irrelevant situations (games where its all locked up anyway, or where Maxos didn't effect combat at all, or where playing Droppod is better, etc.) and its a lot more often than one would think. Positive bias here - we all remember when Maxos was sick, but we easily forget when it was a mediocre 2/3 for 3. Shoutouts to Maxos on 1st Planet turn 1 though. Its pretty hype when you just get to watch your opponent squirm in that situation ;)


Lately I've been liking Cato more and more as the "brutal efficiency" warlord more than anything, and I think the list reflects that. 


Thanks for the comments! Looking forward to the next pack and to helping Conquest grow more- Ba'ar Zul Hype! 

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Very interesting thoughts! I am currently including our beloved neutral inquisitor in my cato decks instead of using the firedrake. In my experience, the inquisitor is another comeback option against command heavy decks like eldar or dark eldar. 

I don't think Ion is exactly a bad card for cato for one reason: Deploy stall. Cato is forced to carry 4 three cost units in the deck and sometimes stalling can give you the command boost. However, you are not running Marksman, so there's definitely more of a case to abandon the rifle at that end.

Crushing Blow is very effective with Sicarius' Chosen. I always pack 3 in my Cato deck. And I think Maxo is a must since he is basically a walking Drop Pod himself, albeit you have to pay for the unit.

This is actually the most consistent Cato list that i would use. I would even swap out just the Signature cards and swap out Ragnar.