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Urien 2nd Regional Paris, France 26 players

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Finished 4/1 during rounds, losing to Kith.


Top 8 was:

Kith x3, Cato x2, Mavros, Shadowsun, Urien.


First round won agst Kith, semi finals won agst Cato and lost agst Shadowsun during finals.

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Jul 01 2016 07:57 PM
Well done. What gave you the most trouble with this deck?

Well done mate, Urien can really shine in an Elite driven meta!!

hmmm...no backlash?

Grats on a fine performance Therion! Nice to hear Urien beat some tier 1 warlords in a big tournament :D


Your deck seems a little unconventional too.. I don't believe I've seen a Urien Elite setup before. Very nice indeed! 

Well done. What gave you the most trouble with this deck?

 It needs its command line, so when overrun on command it has some difficulties to be efficient.

The huge advantage I had is that most of the tier 1 decks I've encountered were classical (I mean no real surprise) so it was not that difficult to remove the right cards with "visions of agony".

On the other hand, with all the informations you can get through visions and oubliette, it takes some times to get tracks of all of that.


About unconventional deck Skynight, I think the meta is evolving to be more "elite friendly". Any faction and any warlord can now play with elites (that does not mean they are egals;P), the point will be to find the most efficient way to do so...and find combos with some Wl's stuff and some elites;)


Backlash or not backlash is a good question. Several reasons for no backlash:

1) lack of room.

2) costs 2

3) I'm DE, am I afraid of Klaivex from others? No, I'm the one playing them;P So shall I play 3, 2 costs backlash to counter 3 possible archons or suppressive, well I took the bet not to count on it, no false hopes;)

4) Most of my opponents (well some told me so, so I assume most of them did) were expecting Backlash, so the pressure was on their shoulders, not mine;), added to that, they knew I've seen their hand....It helps beeing ready for the battle.

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Have you ever felt like you needed more torture cards?