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Star Wars LCG Collection for sale

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My collection of Star Wars LCG is up for sale. It is pretty massive, and not really interested in tearing it apart right now.


The COMPLETE standard Star Wars LCG collection:
2x Base Game / Core
2x Edge of Darkness
Balance of the Force - including multi-player decks & modified dial
Between the Shadows
Imperial Entanglements
Galactic Ambitions
Complete Hoth Cycle (6 Force Packs)
Complete Echoes of the Force Cycle (6 Force Packs)
Complete Rogue Squadron Cycle (6 Force Packs)
Complete Endor Cycle (6 Force Packs)
Complete Opposition Cycle (6 Force Packs)
Complete Alliances Cycle (6 Force Packs)
= 2 Core, 6 expansion/deluxe, 36 Force Packs

Complete Official FFG Champion “Replacement” Cards play set (all 5 pairs)
Aurra Sing
Darth Vader
It’s Beautiful

64 Official FFG Alternate Artwork cards (play set unless noted otherwise)
* Denotes especially hard to find *
Aurebesh Jedi lightsaber
Aurebesh Red Five
1x C-3P0
Defense of Yavin 4
* Rebel Assault
Leia Organa
Admiral Ackbar
* Mobilize the Squadrons
Wedge Antilles
1x Rogue Three
Trust Me
* 1x Millennium Falcon
Over my Dead Body
Obi-wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker
Lando Calrissian
Lady Luck
Shield Generator Assault
1x Wicket W. Warrick
1x Kanan Jarrus

Aurebesh Darth Vader
Aurebesh Vader’s TIE Advanced
The Emperor’s Web
* 1x Emperor Palpatine
Emperor’s Royal Guard
Sith Library
Force Lightning
Admiral Motti
TIE Attack Squadron
1x The Endor Gambit
Jabba the Hutt
Boba Fett
Prince Xizor
1x Colonel Yularen
1x Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser
1x The Inquisitor

Player made alternate artwork
6 Affiliation cards
Force Rejuvenation
Mara jade
X-wing Assault Squadron

Custom made foils
Twist of Fate from Asteroid Sanctuary objective set
1x Orbital Bombardment
1x Twist of Fate from Counsel of the Sith objective set

4 Official FFG Playmats
2013 Season 3 Champion mat featuring the “Edge of Darkness box” artwork
2014 Winter Champion mat featuring artwork from “Hunt them Down”
2015 Winter Champion mat featuring artwork from “Attack Pattern Delta”
Polish Star Wars mat (without champion marker!) featuring artwork from “Aggressive Assault”

Various Official FFG tokens
Acrylic prize Death Star (DS) dial from 2015 National Championship
2013 Regional Champion die cast metal Balance of the Force token
Oversized custom die cast metal Balance of the Force token featuring Darth Vader and Yoda
10 Scum affiliation tokens from 2016 Summer game night kit
**10 frosted blue X-wing shield tokens** <— these are fairly rare/collectable
19 orange prize acrylic focus tokens from 2015 Regional championship
3 prize damage tokens from 2015 World championship
10 prize damage tokens from 2016 Regional championship
3 prize acrylic force commit tokens featuring Luke and Vader dueling

Official FFG Boxes and Sleeves
1 damaged oversized Star Wars LCG Darth Vader box from Season 1 game night kit
150 FFG Yoda sleeves
150 FFG X-wing Assault sleeves
50 Desert Fox sleeves
50 Bruce Lee sleeves

All cards and components except the sleeves, mats and multiplayer DS dial fit comfortably in the two Core boxes, separated with inserts from go7gaming.com.
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