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[GoT Deck] Brotherhood and Beric

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Total Cards (60)

House (1)
Neutral Faction (IG) x1

Agenda (1)
The Brotherhood Without Banners (RoR) x1

Plot (7)
Building Season (Core) x1
Negotiations at the Great Sept (TPoL) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Retaliation! (ASoSilence) x1
Rule by Decree (Core) x1
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1
Take Them by Surprise (LoW) x1

Character (33)
Shae (Core) x1
Edric Dayne (IG) x2
Beric Dondarrion (IG) x2
Ghost of High Heart (WLL) x2
Robert's Loyalists (IG) x2
Gendry (FF) x1
Tom Sevenstrings (RoR) x2
The Mad Huntsman (ASoSilence) x2
Lem Lemoncloak (MotM) x2
Overzealous Scout (BoRF) x2
Lady Stoneheart (MotM) x2
Thoros of Myr (RoR) x2
Anguy the Archer (DB) x2
Jack-be-Lucky (OSaS) x1
Jack of all Trades (KotS) x2
Lady of the Leaves (FF) x1
Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS) x1
Benjen Stark (Core) x1
Disgruntled Mercenary (BoRF) x2
Harwin (FF) x1

Location (15)
Hollow Hill (ASoSilence) x2
Shivering Sea (KotS) x3
The Searoad (KotStorm) x3
The Roseroad (KotStorm) x3
Isle of Faces (APS) x1
Street of Steel (LoW) x1
River Row (QoD) x1
Shadowblack Lane (Core) x1

Attachment (5)
Flaming Sword (DB) x2
Bowl of Brown (LoW) x1
Rusted Sword (PotS) x1
Milk of the Poppy (Core) x1

Event (7)
Paper Shield (QoD) x2
Retreat (Core) x1
Nightmares (LoW) x2
Whispers from the Hill (ASoSilence) x2

Utilize Hollow Hill as out of house draw engine along with super fun Brotherhood characters.

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Just started messing around with the brotherhood idea myself. Im looking at your deck and wondering what the theme of it is? I see various stuff but no central idea. Blanking text maybe?

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