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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Zigil Miner

Today, 04:52 PM by Thror

My favourite card from Khazad Dum, then i got Imladris Stargazer...oh boy i have fallen love with him :P

To me this card would be 5/5 because resource generation is really important to me, but he only have 1hp what i don´t like. So 4/5.

Will of the West

Today, 04:48 PM by Thror

I think it cost should be 0 and even that wouldn´t make me to use this card in my deck.

1/5 i think.


Today, 04:44 PM by Thror

We all hate Wargs, but luckily we have Dunhere who can show them who´s the boss ;)

3/5 threat really annoying but not seriosly bad card.

Treacherous Fog

Today, 04:41 PM by Thror

I totally agree with you. 1/5 threat

The Galadhrim's Greeting

Today, 04:40 PM by Thror

This is almost auto include card in my spirit decks. Really great card 5/5

Sneak Attack

Today, 04:39 PM by Thror

Best event card from the core set. 5/5.

Power in the Earth

Today, 04:38 PM by Thror

1 star card, really useless.

Marsh Adder

Today, 04:34 PM by Thror

Excellent artwork and oh those victory points i just love them :P

Maybe 3/5 threat, but i am not shure of it tough because it could be too 4/5 threat.

Longbeard Orc Slayer

Today, 04:30 PM by Thror

It should have cost of 3 then i would use him more often than now.

Silverlode Archer

Today, 04:29 PM by Thror

Ok well i don´t have enough silvan cards to make good silvan deck, so to me it´s almost useless for now.


Today, 04:26 PM by Thror

That´s good metaphor slothgodfather, "mom" deck. Pretty clever ;)

Myself don´t have any ranger player cards so that´s maybe one reason why i haven´t played with her + i have only one unexcpected courage so chances aren´t very high to getting it to starting hand.


Today, 02:44 PM by slothgodfather

To me, having 2 for her stats, she is basically "above average" in any function (quest, attack, defense) and 4 HP is solid.  Put an unexpected courage on her and she can help dish cards out to other players while still performing some function.  Also, the ranger trait allows u to run some pretty good Lore events as well as the new Wingfoot attachment.   


To be honest though, Lore is my least favorite sphere, but she definitely has a place in the "mom" deck.   (full support build with healing and giving other players card draw)

Silverlode Archer

Today, 02:41 PM by slothgodfather

With Celeborn and the cards that bounce Silvan characters, he is a 2x or 3x in my current build, mainly because of the ranged.

Gladden Fields

Today, 11:26 AM by Thror

I think it´s only 3/5 threat because it has no shadow effects, normal quest points and effect that can be avoided with many cards like Legolas and Blade of Gondolin or Ride to Ruin. But what i like on this card is those victory points, more of them in one quest, more better it is (usually).

Silverlode Archer

Today, 11:21 AM by Thror

I haven´t used him since i bought my first AP. 2 star card to me.

Black Forest Bats

Today, 11:19 AM by Thror

Naw i think that these guys aren´t nothing to me because i usually lose only 1 or 2 willpower when i´m playing solo and it doesn´t even have anykind of shadow effect. I would say that this is free gift to Legolas. 2/5 threat i think.

Driven by Shadow

Today, 11:15 AM by Thror

Really cool art but i think too that this card´s threat is really low.

The Necromancer's Reach

Today, 11:13 AM by Thror

This card has ruined my game too many times...

I also agree with jc that threat of this card is 4/5, really nasty but not worst treachery in this game.

Steward of Gondor

Today, 06:57 AM by Thror

I don´t like these "must include in every deck" cards. It should have some kind of restriction example: "Play only if each hero you control has a printed leadership resource icon." Or it would have text like: Action: Exhaust Steward of Gondor to add 1 resource attached hero´s resource pool (2 resources instead if attached hero has a Steward trait). After that Steward of Gondor would still be really good card but not necessary card.


Today, 06:39 AM by Thror

You probably think i am wierd or something because i have been played this game almost a year and i have never used she before. Maybe i should play with him but something makes that hero little bit bad in my opinion, i just don´t know what.

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