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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

Sep 11 2018 02:35 PM by SynnerG

Say I am the engaged player of an enemy with this attachment and all of my characters are exhausted. Can I discard this attachment to declare an attack with none of my own characters, but the other players declare their ranged characters to attack it?

Advance Warning

Sep 03 2018 12:10 PM by M0ng0

Another case of bad wording - "Until the end of the phase" - Makes it Sounds like ,in the encounter phase you don't make checks at the beginning of the phase but do it right at the end of the phase - makes it sound like card is useless

Vigilant Guard

Aug 18 2018 11:51 PM by BurnsHood

Can the Response effect be used to protect Beorn? It seems to be targeting the damage instead of the character

Its effect seems very similar to Dori's. So my guess is yes it would work with Beorn.

Vigilant Guard

Aug 14 2018 09:37 PM by unluckyleprechaun
Can the Response effect be used to protect Beorn? It seems to be targeting the damage instead of the character
Fire Drake

Aug 05 2018 01:29 PM by Palpa
Was afraid so, but didnt finf it, thx
Fire Drake

Aug 05 2018 01:12 AM by RichardPlunkett

Yes. Multiple effects connected by 'and' require you to attempt to do both.

If the attacks were contingent on the return effect occurring, it would have used 'then'.

Fire Drake

Aug 03 2018 08:22 PM by Palpa
If he wasn't engaged and hwnce does not return to the staging area, does he make an attack after the active location is explored?
Wandering Took

Jul 30 2018 06:11 AM by RichardPlunkett

Sure, post nerfing he isn't going to get as much action.

Wandering Took

Jul 24 2018 03:02 PM by jc1138

One of the worst, IMO, allies in Spirit.  1/5

Steward of Gondor

Jul 24 2018 01:10 PM by jc1138

Steward of Gondor has become a short-hand for very powerful, almost silly powerful, in LotR LCG.  It's nice to have such a strong player card, but it certainly has warped the game and design, in that it remains the standard for resource generation.  A 5/5

Snowbourn Scout

Jul 24 2018 01:05 PM by jc1138

I like the card and really like the art--it has a movie-inspired vibe I appreciate.

Silverlode Archer

Jul 24 2018 01:02 PM by jc1138

Poor quality as an ally, 1/5.  I like the image however, it has a more stylized feel, and I like having a variety of art styles instead of the same-y-ness that can sometimes creep in.

Northern Tracker

Jul 24 2018 04:11 AM by jc1138

I still quite like this card, especially in certain quests when he can really save your bacon.  I also am pretty positive about the image, with the hazy, more impressionistic look and the limited color palette.  4/5

Lore of Imladris

Jul 24 2018 04:09 AM by jc1138

Just so many better healing options that what is offered in the Core.  And this... Elrond (?) has a distinctly devilish cast to his features. 1/5

Horseback Archer

Jul 24 2018 04:06 AM by jc1138

This has no place in a 1 player deck, I think.

Or even a multi-player deck, really.

Henamarth Riversong

Jul 24 2018 04:02 AM by jc1138

I really like him in solo, especially at 1 cost, even just for the stats.  I like this art style also.


Jul 24 2018 04:00 AM by jc1138

Maybe if the healing was free and once per round.  As it is 1/5


Jul 24 2018 03:58 AM by jc1138

To reverse my previous comment, he really is quite good, one of the go-to heroes for just straight up killing things.

Gandalf's Search

Jul 24 2018 03:57 AM by jc1138

Can't ever see a use for this, even in a deck with many restrictions.  And the picture is not a favorite either. 1/5

Beorn's Hospitality

Jul 24 2018 03:33 AM by jc1138

And I'm not crazy about the picture either, looks like it should be Beorn's Altar.

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Shadows of Mirkwood

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  5. The Dead Marshes
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The Massing at Osgiliath

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The Lost Realm

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Angmar Awakened Cycle

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The Sands of Harad

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The Wilds of Rhovanion

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Ered Mithrin Cycle

  1. The Withered Heath
  2. Roam Across Rhovanion
  3. Fire in the Night
25 Cards

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