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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Dunedain Wanderer

Jul 14 2018 11:21 PM by TwoHands
No, you're right. I've used decks that stay in secrecy the whole game pretty easily- e.g. a spirit Merry deck that often gets into single-digit threat- and never felt this card was worth using. Some cards are just not very good, and this is one of them.

Jul 14 2018 01:15 AM by RichardPlunkett

Traits are in Bold Italics, near the top of the text box. So Rossiel has the trait Silvan. As you suspected Emyn Muil is also a trait. It is a region of Middle earth (like Mirkwood or Ered Luin) and it is no real surprise if most of the locations in the Hilll of Emyn Muil pack have that trait.


One of Rossiel's strength is that with an adventure, traits are usually shared across many location and other traits across many enemies (eg the bad guys will mostly be Orcs, or mostly Hillman, or mostly Spiders, etc.). There is no list of traits for Rossiel, as every new pack can bring new traits into existence.

Favor of the Valar

Jul 14 2018 12:59 AM by RichardPlunkett

It's a solid threat reduction card that anyone can include. It has decent cost to threat effect, but doesn't really help to avoid engagements or keep you in secrecy the way most other threat reduction could, it just stops you losing.

This makes it almost exclusively a late game card, so having only 1 or 2 in your deck makes sense.

People who play Core Gandalf, but mostly use his threat reduction power could consider this as a viable alternative.


And whenever I play Gandalf Hero I bring along these and Keen as Lances for anyone with Core Gandalf to choose a hot-swap, as they seem to be the least destabilizing generic alternatives.

Favor of the Valar

Jul 11 2018 07:16 PM by Cryptid

This this looks like kinda a crazy card. A final resort. Cool.


Jul 11 2018 05:39 PM by Cryptid

This looks good.


Jul 10 2018 06:57 PM by carbondragon

But what constitutes a trait? I'm a new player looking at Emyn Muil. Is Emyn Muil a trait? It's on the card where traits usually go I think. Or is there a list somewhere so you know what traits are associated with this hero?

Dunedain Wanderer

Jul 10 2018 02:29 PM by carbondragon

Even hobbit decks have a hard time staying under 20 (though it is certainly possible from threat control). And even if they are, this is still a cost 2 ally. The Sentinel and ranged aspects of the card are nice, but it still seems pretty marginal. Is that just me being a new player and not seeing the possibilities?

Dunedain Hunter

Jul 10 2018 02:09 PM by carbondragon

So if you can play this ally either with the knowledge that you will get a fightable enemy that you can handle but which doesn't do anything too bad to you with it's when revealed effect, then you get a decent ally free. As others have stated above, this seems very situational requiring either a lot of luck or scrying ability. Maybe it becomes better if you have someone like Boromir (the one who readies for 1 threat) who can kill the new enemy? But then you're not paying resources for the ally but you're playing 1-2 threat. I'm just a new player, but his seems crazy.

The Dimrill Stair

Jul 10 2018 12:14 PM by Cryptid

D-d-d-does that say 11 whole threat? And discard all of the Freezing Colds? wow


Jul 10 2018 12:41 AM by Cryptid

Poor Willy

A Frightened Beast

Jul 09 2018 11:47 PM by Cryptid


Long Lake Trader

Jun 22 2018 02:45 AM by bspratt1611

Wonderful combo with Tactics Beregond! Play armor/weapons at a deep discount, then move it (even to another player)!

The End Comes

Jun 21 2018 02:18 PM by asgardianphil
Well... beat the scenario and got the combo set up quite quickly using Erebor Hammersmith and Born Aloft with The End Comes in my hand ready to use. However there was no need to use it as the scenario had many encounter cards and quest cards shuffling the discard pile back into the deck or just shuffling the encounter deck on its own. That said, it felt good being able to put the nasty encounter cards to the bottom of the encounter deck with Denethor knowing I could avoid them if I needed to with the end comes. Maybe on the next scenario I might get to really use the combo.. so on with the treachery of Rhaudar.
The End Comes

Jun 19 2018 05:05 PM by asgardianphil
I have a combo which might provide some utility for this card. Core set Denethor + spirit Bifur (or Dwarven Sellsword or any dwarf with sneak attack or any dwarf with tactics Prince Imrahil etc) + The End Comes Use Denethor to move encounter cards you don't want to face to the bottom of the encounter deck. Normally, you will still have to encounter those cards, and even worse one after the other unless you can shuffle the discard pile back into the encounter deck. There are of course some encounter cards or quests that shuffle the discard pile back into the encounter deck but The End Comes let's you do it when you want providing you can get a dwarf to leave play. So, the best dwarves leaving play are spirit Bifur, Blue Mountain Trader or Dwarven Sellsword, Other cards can help to make a dwarf leave play such as: Sneak attack Bulwark of the West To me on my kinsfolk! Born aloft I'm going to put a deck to do this together for my current quest... across the enttenmoors .
Tighten Our Belts

Apr 29 2018 10:21 AM by TwoHands
IMO, the best resource accelerator that isn't a hero or named Steward of Gondor. Start with one of these in hand and you can start round two with 9 resources. It's not a dead draw later in the game either; any time you have to save resources for a roubd this will give you a boost.

Apr 25 2018 01:20 AM by Tisroero

Just thinking about this card is weird. He's Lore.



Apr 21 2018 04:07 PM by TheNameWasTaken


Freezing Cold

Apr 21 2018 04:07 PM by TheNameWasTaken

No, Freezing Cold only prevents attached hero from committing in the future.


Apr 20 2018 03:26 PM by Tisroero

Wish he was a Scout. Or that there was a way to make him one.

Oh, wait! *blatant Fearless Scout promoting*


Apr 20 2018 02:28 PM by Tisroero

I don't see why not.

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