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Recent Card Discussion

Today, 01:45 PM by Lecitadin

Thanks. I also think so because this ability doesn't make you "optionally" engage an enemy.




Quick Strike

Today, 01:29 PM by slothgodfather

Also, the "eligible" party means you can only attack things you normally would be able to during your attack activation.  So an enemy not engaged with you is only eligible to be the target of this event if your hero has ranged.


Today, 01:26 PM by slothgodfather

I'm pretty certain the answer is yes, you can.

Master of the Forge

Today, 12:44 PM by Lecitadin

If I may : use his ability before the refresh phase, he is also a good chump blocker!


Today, 10:07 AM by Lecitadin

Can his engement ability allow a solo player to engage an enemy like Bill Ferny (from Black Riders) that cannot be optionally engaged when in the staging area?

Master of the Forge

Today, 08:28 AM by Faelach

Using this fellow in a mono-Lore ranger/trap deck. Seems promising.

Haldir of Lórien

Yesterday, 11:28 PM by Psychorocka

does not count as the one attack per enemy as it is similar to quick strike, hands upon the bow etc

and yes you can choose an enemy that is immune to player card effects as it does not target an enemy per say but rather Haldir himself

see this thread: https://community.fa...here/?hl=haldir

Haldir of Lórien

Yesterday, 09:27 PM by crx3800

If it works like Quick Strike, It doesn't count as the normal attack you are allowed. You also won't worry about "immune to player effects" because he's just given the privilege to attack. Who he attacks is his business. :) 

Haldir of Lórien

Yesterday, 03:29 AM by rexleihk
can he choose an enemy that is immune to player card effects, also do this count as one attack per enemy per combat phase?
Meneldor's Flight

Yesterday, 02:27 AM by Cinkrement
Better use Born Aloft, which you can also use for Gandalf. The only advantage on Mendelors Flight is, that it is an event.
Sneak Attack

Yesterday, 02:25 AM by Cinkrement
Sneak Attack, Born Aloft + Gandalf in opening hand = 3 times use of gandalf.
Rain of Arrows

Yesterday, 02:21 AM by Cinkrement
Worth but too late if that player is engaged with a swarm of enemies. Too expensive, if he is only engaged by one.
Hail of Stones

Yesterday, 02:15 AM by Cinkrement
I dont think so. The card must have read "any player can..." to expand the effect on other players characters.
Expert Treasure-hunter

Jun 27 2015 03:22 PM by ShaolinCowboy

Lecitadin I don't think the errata rule you mention ruels out what TheNameWasTaken is saying. You could still potentially have this card attached to three different heroes who were all committed to a quest and all quested successfully. Then the response would trigger three times would it not?

Expert Treasure-hunter

Jun 27 2015 12:15 PM by Lecitadin

I think you must trigger the effect in a certain order, not all at the same time (it becomes amazing when playing with Gandalf hero).


And it was errated in the official FAQ :

Expert Treasure Hunter

Should read: “Attach to a hero. Limit 1 per hero.” 

Citadel Plate

Jun 27 2015 09:03 AM by ShaolinCowboy

I consider this card to be the equivalent of a tactics healing card. Lessens the need to add any lore healers to my solo deck.

Expert Treasure-hunter

Jun 27 2015 07:43 AM by ShaolinCowboy

The card does not have any text stating it is limited to once per round or anything so I don't see why you couldn't do this. If it was limited, I would expect to see text stating something like "Only one Expert Treasure-hunter can be played per round".

Expert Treasure-hunter

Jun 27 2015 06:07 AM by TheNameWasTaken

If you have multiple copies of this in play, can you trigger them all and potentially add two or even three cards to your hand?

Haldir of Lórien

Jun 27 2015 05:42 AM by Psychorocka

works like a charm in my decks

Westfold Outrider

Jun 26 2015 03:43 PM by ShaolinCowboy

Nice one tipbruley. I had not considered that move.

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