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Recent Card Discussion
Harbor Master

Jan 24 2015 12:18 AM by Listrik
This is what the new faq states:
Adding a resource to a hero’s pool is the act of taking a resource from the token bank and placing it in that hero’s pool. Adding a resource always results in the total number of resources controlled by the players being increased.

Moving a resource is the act of taking a resource from one hero’s pool and placing it in another hero’s pool. This does not count as ‘adding’ a resource because it did not take a new resource from the token bank and the total number of resources controlled by the players did not increase.

So clearly errand rider doesnt work. About resourceful i have some doubt and if i have to choose for me it works cause it's a card effect and it takes resource from the bank which means adding.

Card effect is also an effect from the hero itself(such as theodred or bifur)?

Jan 23 2015 11:21 PM by Listrik
should be good way to have resource acceleration in tactics sphere.
Then if wanna put little bit of lore or spirit with cards like ithilien archer and a light in the dark could also make it repeteable
Harbor Master

Jan 23 2015 10:15 PM by mrcclassical

I would think Resourceful would work with this card, because resourceful is giving a hero an extra resource, but I don't ever see this card ever getting a decent amount of defense from it's ability to be useful. It has never hit the table in any of my games.


Jan 23 2015 12:26 AM by slothgodfather

Well the outriders are an "Any Phase" action, so you can really use them at any phase where u don't normally engage something.  And the Knight of Minas Tirith is a nice way of pulling an enemy over to you for a cost of 2.


Jan 22 2015 09:12 PM by crx3800

A few of those current cards are; Knight of Minas Tirith, Son of Arnor, The Hammer-Stroke and Westfold outrider. If you're using Sneak attack, the allies could be used outside of their normal window to engage enemies as well. If played in the right order, I can see you gaining from Mablung three times in a turn.


Jan 22 2015 03:51 PM by slothgodfather

When you engage an enemy, it is the same as "an enemy engaging you".  The same goes the other way, if the enemy has an effect that has them engage you, it is considered the same as if you engaged them.  Just remember that it is once per phase, so optionally engaging and having an enemy engage you due to threat is within the same phase.   However, there are plenty of effects (both player and encounter deck) that will have enemies engage you outside of that phase.


Jan 22 2015 06:20 AM by crx3800

Both. Even when you use a card with an engagement effect.


Jan 21 2015 09:56 PM by Listrik
After you engage an enemy means optionally engage or also during engagement checks?
Messsage from Elrond

Jan 21 2015 03:05 PM by jrogers625

Also, great way to sneak a Core Gandalf across the table so someone can lower their threat by five.


Edit: Might allow for even more Boromir action, for instance.

Messsage from Elrond

Jan 20 2015 07:23 PM by crx3800

Not once did I see this for that use, Nerdmeister. You now have me thinking of cards I could take that would help my fellow players. Or help myself, by giving them a card they need, like Parting Gifts, to give me money!

Quick Strike

Jan 20 2015 10:03 AM by ParrotheadApologist

Official Answer from Nate:
"The standard framework of the game provides players with the opportunity to declare 1 attack against each enemy each round. Effects that enable attacks are in addition to the effects enabled by the game framework, so a quick-strike attack does not "eliminate" the standard attack that the game is enabling that round."
So yes, it is legal.


I would like to discuss this further. Nate clarifies that a Quick Strike attack does not "eliminate" the standard attack. But what about the reverse? The text of Quick Strike specifies that the target must be "eligible." An enemy already attacked by a player is now ineligible as a target by that player. So if you do a standard attack, and then do a Quick Strike attack, the Quick Strike attack may only be directed against an eligible enemy, i.e. one who has not yet been attacked. Yes?


In other words, while this card effect does not inhibit the game framework, the game framework inhibits the card effect.

Messsage from Elrond

Jan 20 2015 08:10 AM by Nerdmeister

If you don´t play spirit but have a co-player who does and you are up against a nasty treachery/when-revealed encounter deck, where having access to that many more Test of Will can make all the difference in the world. Not that big a bother since lore is the go-to color for drawing loads of cards anyway. Have used it like this to great effect in a 3-player game; would go so far as to say that we wouldn´t have made it without that combo.

Messsage from Elrond

Jan 19 2015 05:42 PM by slothgodfather

The card draw event you are talking of is perfect for a hobbit deck since they have access to Fast Hitch.  

As for this card, since it will shuffle them back into the owner's deck at the end of the round, Gandalf or Saruman are the best options.  Anything else would just be extremely situational.   While this is an interesting effect, I can't see running it over any other event.

Strength of Arms

Jan 19 2015 09:19 AM by CoreSetHeroes

Fantastic, cheap global reading effect.

Advance Warning

Jan 19 2015 09:13 AM by CoreSetHeroes

Ideal for giving you a breather against Into Ithilien while Ithilien Road is the active location, keeping those nasty Southrons a bay, for a turn at least.

Against the Shadow

Jan 19 2015 09:11 AM by CoreSetHeroes

Quite a useful card, turn high willpower spirit characters into top notch siege questers.  Or turn Eowyn into a superb blocker, far from useless.

Messsage from Elrond

Jan 18 2015 03:53 AM by crx3800

As more neutral cards enter the game, I think this will get better. I can see being able to give a Treebeard, Gandalf or saruman to a player who has the resources to play it. For worst card? There is the one that makes you exhaust heroes after refresh to draw cards. That one is pretty bad.

Messsage from Elrond

Jan 18 2015 12:16 AM by Jedhead

I don't know.  It's definitely not the best card, but Hero Bilbo is always there to be the worst, so there is that. 

Messsage from Elrond

Jan 17 2015 09:13 PM by Thror

Worst card in the game...


The Power of Mordor

Jan 13 2015 10:35 PM by crx3800

You resolve all cards. The "...and add to staging area" implies that you aren't just looking at the top cards, but you are putting them in to play.

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