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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Dunedain Watcher

Nov 10 2017 06:39 PM by slothgodfather

Nope as Sneak Attack is an action, and there is no window for actions while revealing cards - only Responses to what is being revealed is allowed.

Dunedain Watcher

Nov 10 2017 08:38 AM by notabot1001

Can you Sneak Attack her into play once shadow card was revealed and use her ability to cancel the effect?

Winged Guardian

Nov 10 2017 08:37 AM by notabot1001

@Palpa or having a Dunedain Watcher in play if you're not running Lore.

Winged Guardian

Nov 07 2017 10:05 PM by Palpa
Yeah. When it comes to defense, nothing beats the Burning Brand.
Winged Guardian

Nov 07 2017 06:17 PM by slothgodfather

Until you get the shadow card that says the defending character doesn't count their defense.  Or the other that gives the enemy +X attack where X is some crazy value (locations in play, tokens on a card, etc).  I've had a 8 defense, 8 HP Beregond die in a single hit... 

Winged Guardian

Nov 03 2017 03:48 PM by notabot1001

Fantastic with Support of the Eagles: you can basically get a hero to be bullet proof with +4 defence


Nov 02 2017 09:52 PM by Palpa
Great. I'd say the same. Thx

Nov 02 2017 04:10 PM by slothgodfather

Herugrim is a response to attacking, so you have to trigger that response pretty much immediately after you trigger the response on Eomer himself.  There is no player action window during that time.  However, Nenya is a player action that takes place during the quest phase, and there is an opportunity to take actions BEFORE you commit anyone to the quest.  So just use her ring ability first, then commit (and attack) like you want.

Attercop, Attercop

Nov 02 2017 03:22 PM by notabot1001

Chomp-blocker + Sneak Attack + Beorn (with activated ability) + Hero = Attercorpse

Beorn can also defend if you have a means to then ready him for the attack but could be risky. He died on me once like this because of a +1 ATK shadow effect


Oct 31 2017 03:25 PM by Palpa
Not sure about the timing:can I declare him as attacker, give him willpower with Galadriel/Nenya and then attack power with Herugrim? In a normal attack I can of course modify his strength with actions, but the "(and resolve his attack)" makes me worry

EDIT: from the rules I'd say yes, but hey refer to normal attacks. Want to go 100% sure

Oct 27 2017 03:54 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Of course.


Oct 27 2017 12:26 PM by notabot1001

@4wallz: Gandalf's text says "enemy in play". Does this include enemies in the Staging Area?


Oct 27 2017 12:24 PM by notabot1001

Or kill a hero and bring them back either with "Fortune or Fate" (Core) or Landroval (A Journey to Rhosgobel)

Defender of Cair Andros

Oct 10 2017 12:31 AM by LibroRojoBolsonCerrado

I play him with Imrahil, so I do not take the cost, in this case. Of course, is nice to hace Deorwine, but the DCA, is pure power, I love that.

Defender of Cair Andros

Oct 07 2017 12:03 PM by RichardPlunkett

Yes, he is a sweet endgame defender. But, if you have leadership resources then Deorwine provides stiff competition. Also, they both suffer from costing too much.

If your decks need ally blockers to function, these guys are often too slow.

(which is why defender of ramas and derndingle warrior get so much play time).

Defender of Cair Andros

Oct 04 2017 04:20 AM by LibroRojoBolsonCerrado

I love this guy!!! My deck usually goes to Valour, so he will defend with 4! plus hit an enemy. In my deck I used Narya and Arwen, so most of the time the Defender of Cair Andros is defending with 5 or 6, twice and hit to enemies!!! That's gold for me.

Hasty Stroke

Sep 27 2017 04:34 PM by notabot1001

Autoinclude card but not sure about the art.

Brok Ironfist

Sep 27 2017 11:42 AM by notabot1001

Looking at the stats, Brok Ironfist seems like insurance for Gloin getting killed (most probably because you got too greedy with mining resourcing using him :) )

Rear Guard

Sep 26 2017 04:09 PM by notabot1001

Great card to get more out of cheap allies such as Snowbourn Scout

Herald of anórien

Sep 22 2017 11:20 PM by slothgodfather

I think they are really useful in a Gondor deck - or any deck that is trying to flood for A Very Good Tale.  

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Shadows of Mirkwood

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  5. The Dead Marshes
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The Massing at Osgiliath

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Haradrim Cycle

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  6. The Crossings of Poros
106 Cards

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