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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Eastern Crows

Mar 11 2018 08:15 AM by bspratt1611

Has this ever been errata'd or anyone know if this would not be the case? We went back to this old scenario with one player running Thalin. It eventually ended-up with one of these birds ruining the second-half of the game with such infinite loop (no engaged enemies and only the crows left in the encounter deck). Even with three players drawing two cards each for the last quest card (still during the quest phase), it appears that Thalin just ruins the fun! Please tell me I'm wrong here.

Straight Shot

Mar 06 2018 10:45 AM by TheNameWasTaken

Yes, that works.

Straight Shot

Mar 05 2018 07:12 PM by DarkPhoenix

Does this mean that if I have a card that reduces a monster's defense to zero that I can play this card and discard a non-unique monster, before he even attacks?

It doesn't say "printed" like some of the ranged specific cards out there. So I am leaning towards saying it would work.

Can anyone clarify?

Yes, this will work. People use it to deal with Mumak without him wailing at you for 4 turns. That if you can pull out the combo of def-reducing cards + Straight Shot.

Baleful Shade

Mar 05 2018 05:33 PM by BurnsHood

Shadow effects (or any effects that target the defending player) from an enemy target the original player that it engages, not the player who used their sentinel character to defend.



Straight Shot

Mar 02 2018 05:57 PM by ObiLen

Does this mean that if I have a card that reduces a monster's defense to zero that I can play this card and discard a non-unique monster, before he even attacks?

It doesn't say "printed" like some of the ranged specific cards out there. So I am leaning towards saying it would work.

Can anyone clarify?


Mar 02 2018 04:30 PM by ObiLen


Apologies; I forgot to mention I'm playing a four player adventure group, each monosphere. With those limitations, I don't see him beating out Gloin (who I can heal as Lore player), Thorin (who would be great except he can't go in the same group as...) Dain (the one dwarf hero my friend uses). And to be completely honest, I've had to fight to get my Leadership player to include Dain in his deck because of all the dwarves we have across the table.

So, I have to be more careful with detailing my set up and why I reached those conclusions. Thank you for reminding me.


You make excellent points, especially about threat level.


I'm actually considering replacing Elrond with Thorin in my deck to make a dual sphere.There is at least one surprise attack , a few Snowborn Scouts, and a few dwarf friendly events that could make it worthwhile to me. But I don't want to mess with another man's cards. 

Baleful Shade

Feb 27 2018 02:13 AM by bspratt1611

Shadows such as "Discard an attachment from the defending character" are pretty straight-forward. But for shadow cards like these that say something to the effect of: "Defending player must something something", or something more generic like this shadow effect, if a Sentinel character is defending for another player, who does it affect? The engaged player, or the player who is actually defending for the engaged player? (Similar question regarding Beregond).

Curious Brandybuck

Feb 15 2018 11:23 AM by RichardPlunkett

When using the Response or Action on a Ally card (or attachment), you don't have to pay any cost it does not explicitly mention.

The response on this card doesn't mention any costs, so it is free to use.


Feb 13 2018 10:02 PM by JonofPDX

For Leadership monosphere, I can't see putting him in to replace Dain, Thorin, or Gloin. They all seem so much better at being a dwarf. If you're looking to have all three heroes as dwarves, I guess he would be an ok addition with Gloin and either Thorin/Dain (Dain is soooo good!). I only have cards up until the Hobbit Sagas, so maybe there is a future combo for him. Redrawing a shadow effect is nice, especially when there is a good chance you draw a card with no shadow text to replace it. It also can activate during any shadow card draw for any player, so it could be very helpful during multiplayer. I like the artwork, and I love the quote. 


I'll have to agree to disagree there. 


If you're running Dwarf decks then you're running Dain. But I would put this guy in before either Thorin or Gloin. 


For one, I think Hero Gloin works better in a deck with some easy way to heal him. Or at least some ways to buff his hit points. Neither are native in Leadership if you're going mono as you stipulated (well, not on cards worth playing, anyway). Plus, Ally Gloin is pretty nice too and you're giving him up by running the Hero. 


As for Thorin...there's no way to say he's not a great card. And that early-game 3 or 4 willpower/attack can be clutch. But...he's also 12 threat. Meaning you're gonna be seeing the worst the encounter deck has to offer a few turns earlier. And while his resource generation is great, there's a bunch of great resource generation in Leadership. 


When I ran Dwarves 2-player we ran Leadership/Spirit (Dain/Nori/Balin) and Lore/Tactics (Bifur/Gimli/Ori) and those decks chewed through almost anything (except, for some reason, Into Ithilien, which we have still never beaten). 

Curious Brandybuck

Feb 13 2018 12:30 PM by Collux13

Is this ally's response for free or do you have to pay the 2 spirit resources to put him into play as well?

Ravens of the Mountain

Feb 13 2018 01:59 AM by JonofPDX


Prince Imrahil

Feb 12 2018 04:45 PM by BurnsHood

I ask Caleb this question and his response:



Allies do not have resource pools, so if Prince Imrahil reverts from a hero to an ally his resource pool would cease to exist and any resources that were in his pool would be returned to the token bank. Treebeard and Radagast work differently from Prince Imrahil because their abilities create resource pools for them.

Prince Imrahil

Feb 07 2018 08:59 PM by OrionM42X

If he goes back to being an ally, what happens to any resources he may have accumulated?


Jan 24 2018 09:52 PM by Helruyn

There was this message from Caleb:



Bifur and Gloin count towards the number of dwarf characters you control when triggering their Response abilities because they have to enter play before they can trigger. As soon as they enter play, you control them.




=> so yes, Gloin count as the fifth dwarf!

Bellach’s Scout

Jan 24 2018 01:12 AM by OrionM42X

Thanks. I'm actually the same person that asked on BGG. I was desperate for an answer an cross-posted. Again, thanks for replying...

Bellach’s Scout

Jan 23 2018 11:42 PM by cmabr002

If there is no active location, am I forced into the second choice?


The short answer is yes.  See here for more discussion on this card and the "either X or Y" construct.

Bellach’s Scout

Jan 23 2018 03:36 PM by Helruyn

Yes, this is correct.

Bellach’s Scout

Jan 19 2018 06:17 PM by OrionM42X

If there is no active location, am I forced into the second choice?

Ravens of the Mountain

Jan 17 2018 04:16 PM by slothgodfather

only the owner gets to look at it.

Ravens of the Mountain

Jan 14 2018 06:52 PM by ObiLen

So, does that mean only the person playing the card looks at it? The errata makes sense to make this a playable card, especially with all the when revealed treachery cards. But since my group limits table talk in that we don't share information for things we only have access to look at, changing the word from reveal to look makes me wonder what they meant: the owner of the card or the whole table?

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