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Recent Card Discussion
We Do Not Sleep

Dec 07 2016 05:45 PM by xchan



I was reading the steps on the quest phase part and there it says that players can use actions "at the end" of each step. The turn sequence though marks it in green, so like you say, there should be an action window for this to be played before commiting my characters.


I know I was missing something!

We Do Not Sleep

Dec 07 2016 05:21 PM by slothgodfather

In the core rules the "Players commit characters to quest" step is green, indicating that you can take actions as desired.  So just like using Sneak Attach to pop someone in before questing, you can use this card before committing to the quest.

We Do Not Sleep

Dec 07 2016 12:35 AM by xchan

It's until the end of the phase, so you use it in the window that comes first.


Well, the first action window is after I commit my characters to the quest, so they are already exhausted...

We Do Not Sleep

Dec 07 2016 12:20 AM by MightyToenail

It's until the end of the phase, so you use it in the window that comes first.

We Do Not Sleep

Dec 06 2016 11:42 PM by xchan

How does this card work? I thought that there were no action window prior to commit characters to the quest in the quest phase unless the card allowed you to (like Gildor's Counsel).

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 05 2016 08:32 PM by Palpa

Just wish he had the warrior trait!

As I said, then he would be just too good ;)
Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 05 2016 06:29 PM by slothgodfather

Just wish he had the warrior trait!

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 05 2016 05:54 PM by GKZhukov

There are plenty of quests where one small niggling enemy can get through and thus land damage + undefended shadow on a Hero. Sure, he isn't going to be stopping any hill trolls, but that's not what he's for. Being able to block that 2-3 attack swing from the naff enemy that would else go undefended, and then still hit back for 3 is plenty good.


Additionally, if you're running an Amarthiul/Halbarad/Heir strat, then you want 2+ little enemies to remain engaged with you (and Heir can make him cheap too). This guy can be earmarked to defend multiples weenies, without compromising your questing or attacking output. And finally, you can of course use other cards with him to impact the defence output, at which point he can start tanking multiple medium-sized enemies, which is worth that additional investment imho.


I think he's really solid in the right deck.


He's also an awesome target for Tale of Tinuviel. Send him questing or exhaust him via some other method. Tale of Tinuviel him to allow him to mega-defend everything engaged with you, then take a huge swing back at one of them.

Desperate Alliance

Dec 04 2016 06:48 PM by Valdemart

I have no rule or FAQ to quote right now and if this bothers you, skip the rest and ignore this post.


Per my understanding of the rules, an effect is a combinations of player/game actions like 'take a token here, move it there' that resolve one at a time. A specific combination of such steps is called 'Action' by the game and can only be performed as a whole, therefore is unique in its' existence. Each such effect is assigned to a single game unit, be it a token, a dial or a card (in other games a die, or you can assign the damage function/action to a die) so it can be used in the game. However, the above means that while each such effect is unique, there is no inherent difference between two effects that involve the same steps, no matter if they are on different physical cards. All copies of that card share the effect, so they are the same effect, but boosted.


Imagine a Treachery that says 'Northern Tracker can't trigger his Response this round'. Yes, it is really specific and full of card hate, but it is possible, and the way I see it, it refers to the specific Action of the Northern Tracker no matter on how many cards it is printed. It targets that unique combination of steps that we know as 'exhaust, place a progress token on a Location in the SA, repeat until there are no more locations'.


The above example targets a non-unique card so you can see how it would affect the game logic. My interpretation of the 'Desperate Alliance' limitation is that the same player can't execute the process of 'choose a hero, move that hero card to another player, take him back at the end of the phase' again this phase, even if by some effect another copy of this card loses its' title. It still carries the same effect, part of which is the limitation.


Interestingly enough, I couldn't find anything (that I thought of) in the FAQ that is against this idea. Even the self-referential text explicitly says that a card may refer to itself only by title and ONLY THEN it means this card and no other card, even if it has the same title. The effect however is a different feature and it is even more unique than the card title. Just see how many Aragorns are there but each of them has a vastly different text box.


So, TL;DR - the limitation is for the effect after it is listed. Once you play it, another copy of that effect is immediately a subject to that limitation. The card, cardboard, the title or whatever else elements there is on it is not affected by this limit.

Greenwood Archer

Dec 04 2016 03:34 PM by Gizlivadi

Yeah, I'm glad they've been giving some more support to the silvan deck. That archetype seriously needed some attack power, and it coming from Leadership is just perfect, since the only other 2 cost Leadership silvan ally is the Naith Guide, and I usually end up with Celeborn having a bunch of useless resources (I'm talking more in solo with Galadriel/Celeborn/Haldir). And he can even ready Galadriel so you can trigger Nenya. Not too big a fan of the art though (the Galadhon Archer has incredibly better art IMO) but nonetheless, pretty fantastic card. 

Desperate Alliance

Dec 04 2016 11:35 AM by RichardPlunkett

FAQ 1.8: (Section 1.51) Limitations on card effects
When a card with a triggered effect has a limit on the number of times that effect can be triggered (i.e. “Once per round,” “Limit 3 times per phase,” etc.), the limit is specific to that card.


So how would a limit be relevant for an event (eg this event)?

It would seem that another copy of this event is a different card, so would be unaffected, making the limit kind of pointless?


(Also I know CoC differentiates between 'limit once per' and 'limit 1 times per', but I can't find a lotr rule mentioning this).

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 04 2016 10:19 AM by Palpa

Two defense and three hitpoints is not enough to do anything meaningful defense wise. This ally will fall in battle very quickly against 99% of the quests released to date. Without some sort of boost from say Arwen ally or another strategy such as the side quest Keep Watch to reduce all enemy's attack value by 1 this ally does not seem worth it at all to me. Would have preferred a different ability on a 4 cost tactics Dunedain to be honest. I feel like instead he should have been able to attack without exhausting so long as a side quest is in the victory display.


I'm confused. Of course he is not standalone, inherent as it's an conditional ability. Taking your example, so Keep Watch as the obvious one to trigger his ability, then he is just great. Pair him with Arwen, as you said, and he will deal with >90% of available enemies (as a sentinel!) without getting into trouble.

Greenwood Archer

Dec 04 2016 01:47 AM by mnBroncos

these guys are amazing!! take away the ability even, 2 cost for 2attack with range in leadership! this is amazing. 

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 04 2016 01:42 AM by Psychorocka

Two defense and three hitpoints is not enough to do anything meaningful defense wise. This ally will fall in battle very quickly against 99% of the quests released to date. Without some sort of boost from say Arwen ally or another strategy such as the side quest Keep Watch to reduce all enemy's attack value by 1 this ally does not seem worth it at all to me. Would have preferred a different ability on a 4 cost tactics Dunedain to be honest. I feel like instead he should have been able to attack without exhausting so long as a side quest is in the victory display.

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 03 2016 09:22 PM by Palpa
This guy rocks! Defend, defend, defend...and contribute a high attack value. I'm glad he is no warrior, with the Raiment of war he would be too insanely good

Dec 03 2016 12:33 PM by Valdemart

I also think that the new Legolas is a bit lacking. Not that he hasn't got the decks where he shines, but, well, his ability requires him to quest with his amazing 1 starting willpower, thus making you invest resources in boosting that. In the end if you use them together with Gimli (no attachments) you end up with 4 willpower, 4 attack and 2 defense for one defend and one attack, but you are paying a card and a resource for that. For the same 20 starting threat I can go with Cirdan and Sam for 7 willpower questing and 2 defense considering the enemy has a higher threat which is common enough. And those stats are for free. Add the card and resources you spent on using Gimli + Legolas and you can easily make Cirdan (or any third hero) hit like a truck.


What I wanted to say with the above example is that obviously when you are going for a built-in action advantage those guys can be amazing. You would definitely prefer them when playing solo. However in multiplayer I think the old Legolas would fare much better. The progress tokens beat readying in 3+ games all day long.


Dec 03 2016 09:50 AM by Palpa

Yes and no.

Both factions have acess to ready cards (Unexpected Courage and Armored Destrier above all), so it's not an ability that is unique.

It's rigth, Use Hasty Stroke, Hands Upon the Bow (or Hero Haldir) and ready via Gimli to strike again. Or ready another Defender to let him defend again. Very nice.


On the other hand Legolos to ready Pushed Eowyn (Herugrim or Golden Shield) is also strong. And what we should not forget is that Legolas is only the second spirit hero with ranged after Lanwyn, while Leadership has Aragorn and Erkenbrand as sentinels (and the signs to make others sentinel). And the Mirkwood knifes let Legolas be very interesting for spirit even without his response.

Unlikely Friendship

Dec 03 2016 01:14 AM by Psychorocka
Insanely good! Free resource? Yes please!!

Dec 03 2016 01:10 AM by Psychorocka
I find the new Gimli to be a fair bit better than the new Legolas. I find readying more useful during the combat phase than questing phase and he works better with tactis Legolas than Spirit Legolas does with Tactics Gimli. Also Spirit Legolas can only use his ability once per turn whereas Gimli can use his once per phase so facing extra enemy attacks before the combat phase can actually be flipped somewhat to your advantage allowing you to ready multiple heroes in one round with Gimli.

Dec 02 2016 03:14 AM by Gizlivadi


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