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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Dunland Prowler

Jul 24 2017 04:52 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Surge triggers at any time when a card is revealed from the encounter deck, as per FAQ 1.01. But it has to be an effect that specifically uses the word "reveal" - see FAQ 1.22 for that. If the effect doesn't include the word "reveal", you don't resolve surge, doomed or any when revealed effects on the card.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 24 2017 06:38 AM by bspratt1611

However, I believe that the rule book states that the surge keyword is an action triggered only during the quest phase. That being the case, we have interpreted that that card 's surge would not happen. Thoughts?

Dunland Prowler

Jul 19 2017 10:13 PM by OrionM42X

It says to search the encounter deck for a dunlending and add it to the staging area. So... I guess that means surge does not trigger?


EDIT: I think I'm reading too much into the way the surge keyword is written. After re-reading FAQ's and the core rules. Now I believe his surge would still trigger if he was added to the staging area during setup.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 19 2017 02:52 PM by slothgodfather

It depends on the wording in setup.  If it says to "reveal" those cards from the encounter deck - then you handle any "when reveal" and "surge" things as normal.  If it just says something like "put them into play" then no, Surge does not trigger.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 18 2017 02:55 PM by OrionM42X

If this card shows up during setup, will the surge trigger? The way it is written (embedded in text and unbolded), it doesn't appear as a keyword like it does on other cards.

Bilbo Baggins

Jul 09 2017 07:58 AM by TwoHands
Put it this way: of all the heroes in this game, there are less than ten with a threat cost greater than the sum of their stats. Of those, most have either an automatic stat boost which puts their stats higher than their cost (e.g. Elrohir and Elladan) or at least one stat that has a value of 4 (Beregond and Galadriel); and even then, there is only one hero who has a threat cost that is more than 1 point greater than the sum of their stats: Bilbo, and he's a whole 3 points higher. He's massively overcosted.

Jul 08 2017 09:32 PM by TwoHands

If Wargs are not dealt a shadow card at all (e.g. through another card effect), then they do not return to the staging area (officially ruled by Nate French):

I really wish I had known this in my early days of playing- I had a couple of early Journeys Down the Anduin where this was the last card in the encounter deck, and I just sat there for several turns while my threat ticked up, hoping for Gandalf (as my only way of damaging them in the staging area). They're nowhere near as bad as some of the crazy enemies we have now, but in the early days these guys were definitely a challenge.
Bilbo Baggins

Jul 08 2017 09:22 PM by TwoHands
I thought it was obvious I was joking about his threat cost being upside down, but perhaps not :) Yes, you are right that FFG designed him like that, presumably because they had no idea what his relative strength would be that early in the game's design. But based on the current cardpool, his threat should be 6. His ability is nice, yes, but his stats are so low he contributes basically nothing else. He isn't a good defender at only 2 defence and 2hp; chances are he'll just die against any except the weakest enemies. One point of attack and wp are pointless. All he contributes is a warm body to maybe stack some attachments on, and for the cost (or less) you can have much better ones.
Bilbo Baggins

Jul 08 2017 07:37 PM by TheNameWasTaken

I admit I haven't followed all of FFG's LCGs, but I don't remember ever seeing errata for card stats that aren't part of the text box, so that could be why Bilbo's threat hasn't been reduced.

Bilbo Baggins

Jul 07 2017 08:10 PM by mnBroncos

Umm it was clearly not a design mistake making him 9 threat. 1st There has been many errates to cards and this one hasn't gotten one. 2nd this came out in the first cycle of the whole game they didn't know the correct balance for heroes yet. 3rd in solo play bilbo is amazing even at his current stats. 

Caught in a Web

Jun 28 2017 03:35 PM by slothgodfather

Yep.  Technically first player determines tie breakers like this.

A Chosen Path: "Don't Leave the Path!"

Jun 28 2017 03:35 PM by slothgodfather

So the wording of the effect is important.  The quest card says to choose a card and "add" it to the staging area.  If it said "reveal and add" or just "reveal" then it would trigger the "When Revealed" effects.   So no, since this just says "add", it is not considered to be revealed.

Bilbo Baggins

Jun 27 2017 09:11 AM by bspratt1611

I completely agree with your estimation. While I personally am a pretty strict adherer to games' intended rules, I believe the exact same should be considered with this almost-hero... along with removing the "orc" keyword from Dwalin! 

Black Forest Bats

Jun 27 2017 08:17 AM by conao

My guess is that Thalin deals the damage anyway, as soon as the encounter card is revealed, just before it's removed from the quest by the encounter card effect and player decision. Is this right?


Sorry, just found the answer in the FAQ. Yes, Thalin gets to inflict the damage before any other "When Revealed" effect takes place.

Bilbo Baggins

Jun 26 2017 09:08 PM by OrionM42X

Interesting... is there no official errata on him?

A Chosen Path: "Don't Leave the Path!"

Jun 25 2017 01:49 PM by conao

If we're multiple players and some choose the King Spider, which has a "When Revealed" action, does that have to be executed too? Choosing a card and adding it to the staging area also works as a trigger for "When Revealed" or is it only when it's drawn from the Encounter deck?

Black Forest Bats

Jun 25 2017 10:40 AM by conao

If I have Thalin committed to the quest and choose him to be removed, does it still get to deal 1 damage to the Bats? In this situation we have two "When Revealed" effects where the order of resolution is important to the final result. In which order do I resolve them?


My guess is that Thalin deals the damage anyway, as soon as the encounter card is revealed, just before it's removed from the quest by the encounter card effect and player decision. Is this right?

Caught in a Web

Jun 25 2017 10:22 AM by conao

When two or more players have the same highest threat level, can we just choose who will take this card or does it have to follow the playing order?

Bilbo Baggins

Jun 22 2017 08:31 AM by TwoHands
One of the good things about playing a solo game is that you can, should you choose, play cards the way you think they should be played. With Bilbo his threat value was evidentally printed upside down, and I play him as such (tongue not entirely in cheek- after all, the other hobbits with equivalent stats have a threat of 6). It makes him at least playable, and I'm not entirely convinced that this isn't what his threat was intended to be.
A Burning Brand

Jun 13 2017 11:32 AM by Palpa

Something that most people miss: "Attach to a lore CHARACTER" not just hero.

That's why we were talking about the Song of Wisdom and Narvi's Belt


EDIT: Sorry, missread. Sure, you're right.

I like to combine it with the silvan tracker, easy defend math without any danger and then self-healing

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