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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

May 21 2017 06:28 AM by RichardPlunkett

From FAQ 1.8:: Section 1.51:: Limitations on card effects:

When a card with a triggered effect has a limit on the number of times that effect can be triggered (i.e. “Once per round,” “Limit 3 times per phase,” etc.), the limit is specific to that card. However, if a card has a limit of “once per game,” that limitation is specific to the player who triggered it.


So, "once per game" means "once per game per player", they are the same thing, plain and simple.

Nothing on Landroval requires that you are saving your own hero, so the same hero could be saved more than once, as long as different players trigger the effect.

But you can only trigger effects on cards you control, so either both players would have to have Landorval in their deck or you would have to have some way for another player to take control of him (such as Stand and Fight or Defender of the West).


May 19 2017 12:46 AM by bspratt1611

I've wondered for a while, especially now with the introduced concept of "Once per game per player" - Landroval's text states "Limit once per game". Now how does that apply exactly? Does it mean that this ability, across the board, can only be done one time - or only one time for the player who owns this specific card (i.e. what if another player plays a different copy of Landroval later in the game)? Or perhaps limit once for the particularity revived hero? I can't seem to find an agreed-upon interpretation.

Dwarven Shield

May 18 2017 06:04 PM by ghanburighan

Oh my, core Gimli has been waiting for this!


May 15 2017 07:11 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Whichever you prefer. Since both effects have the same timing point, you can choose which one to resolve first; the other won't be able to resolve because, when you go to resolve it, Hama is no longer in play and neither effect explicitly says it could affect Hama if he's out of play.


May 15 2017 03:09 PM by Tobi

If a put Hama into play via sneak attack and use his ability: is he discarded or does he return to my hand?

Descendant of Thorondor

May 11 2017 09:17 PM by slothgodfather

It works well during the quest/staging phase as well if the 2 dmg upon him entering can kill off something to reduce the overall threat in the staging area.  

Umbar Assassin

May 11 2017 10:20 AM by Timster76

What a mean bastard...

Descendant of Thorondor

May 10 2017 11:55 PM by Meadbeard

This card is best used in conjunction with Sneak Attack, during the Travel Phase.

That's a solid 4 damage, into the Staging Area, that can even be spread among some of the annoying small enemies, right after the Quest has staged the baddies (for the cost of 1 resource). At the end of the phase, you either pull it back for a rinse-and-repeat, or you stick it under Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

I've killed trolls with it. It's excellent. 3x + 3x Sneak Attack.


May 06 2017 11:05 PM by Friman
I agree with you to a great extent, however the Destrier wasn't able for as long as the traditional spear, it doesn't share sphere with Beregond, is not an armor nor a weapon and as such doesn't benefit from the built-in discount from Beregond. Of course I also like better when direct damage kills the attacker (who wouldn't?), but in my experience every point of damage counts (the spear often finishes an already damaged attacker), and I often trust in Behind Strong Walls when action advantage is required, when leadership is not available. So I still miss the spear and I think I have a point despite the Destrier being awesome. :)

May 06 2017 03:06 AM by RichardPlunkett

I have never found Beregond to be a good target for Spear of the Citadel. I would rather use his two restricted slots for Gondorian Shield and Armored Destrier.

Also, since doing one isolated non-lethal point of damage to an enemy is only of modest aid I find the Spear works best when the blocking response can immediately kill the enemy. That gives it a mild anti-synergy with high defense characters since their defense doesn't get used.


May 04 2017 08:16 PM by Friman

I've been using Spirit Beregond lately and curiously found that his biggest drawback is that you cannot attack the ever useful Spear of the Citadel to him (unless via a song, Galadriel or whatever). Having in mind that the Tactics version has the Spear attached for free, that's a high con. Anyway, at the end of the day, my (quite obvious) verdict is that they're so different and meant for different purposes that they shouldn't compete for the hero slot, unlike Glorfindel.

The East Bank

Apr 21 2017 02:35 PM by slothgodfather

There are 2 ally versions of Gandalf and 1 hero version.  

The East Bank

Apr 20 2017 07:06 PM by ggscgdb
Gandalf is not an ally, is a heroe.

Apr 13 2017 12:53 PM by gorambrowncoat

You need Galadriel to make Mirror of Galadriel work. Mirror is one of the best cards in the game as far as I am concerned, so clearly Galadriel is a worthy hero to add to your deck in my estimation :) Galadriel + mirror is powerfull. Add Silver harp to make it completely broken.


I like to run her in a deck with TacEowyn, TacBoromir and mostly Tac allies (aside from Gandalf, who is Gandalf and therefore is included, because Gandalf). It is amazing how much this pacifist seeming hero adds even in this situation. Good defending and attacking potential in a deck that can still contribute very meaningfully to questing if need be and has splash access to the staple spirit cards if you need it (cancels, ready effects etc)

Children of the Sea

Apr 05 2017 07:23 PM by Palpa
It's ment for silvan "enter play" synergies. In such decks it can be powerful. In most other situations it is useless and not worth the slot, true.
Children of the Sea

Apr 05 2017 06:37 PM by EdTheMad

This card is garbage. It should have a bigger WP bonus or return to hand to make it playable.

Children of the Sea

Mar 31 2017 11:39 AM by DarkPhoenix

Returns leadership Galadriel into your deck instead of discarding her.

Steward of Orthanc

Mar 30 2017 08:24 AM by Nusse

3-cost neutral ally that can quest for 2 and gives you easy card draw : that's a violently overpowered card, especially if you play solo. Good thing i don't.

Frodo Baggins

Mar 25 2017 06:54 PM by kayla21

My opinion about frodo baggins is that frodo is the type of person that can reach his point to where hes going becuase in the movie of Lord of the Rings part 1-3.He said that he can destory the ring without the great eye knowing that he has the ring.

Soldier of Dol Amroth

Mar 15 2017 11:19 AM by Nusse

This card is Prince Imrahil's best friend ! Put him into play at the beginning of the combat phase, then play an event for 1 less. This card basically pays for itself.

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