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Recent Card Discussion
Ravens of the Mountain

Jan 14 2018 06:52 PM by ObiLen

So, does that mean only the person playing the card looks at it? The errata makes sense to make this a playable card, especially with all the when revealed treachery cards. But since my group limits table talk in that we don't share information for things we only have access to look at, changing the word from reveal to look makes me wonder what they meant: the owner of the card or the whole table?

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 12 2018 08:52 PM by OrionM42X

True. I stand corrected on that. The new FAQ refers to Proud Hunters being one of the cards that allows him to get additional resources. The detachment of his resource pool from the card is a significant and welcome change, I think.

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 12 2018 08:48 PM by Palpa
Anyway. He is neither Noldor nor Aragorn and you cannot Elf-friend him. So you cannot give him Ressources
Arwen Undómiel

Jan 11 2018 11:10 PM by OrionM42X

Tactics Beorn is immune to player card effects. But, as per FAQ v1.9, "His resource pool is a separate game element from the card". Page 18, it specifically mentions this concept working.

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 11 2018 10:44 PM by slothgodfather

, it looks like she can now use her ability to add resources to tactics Beorn.


Arwen Undómiel

Jan 10 2018 06:16 PM by OrionM42X

The discard is negated by use of the Silver Harp. On a side note, as of FAQ 1.9, it looks like she can now use her ability to add resources to tactics Beorn.


Jan 05 2018 02:43 PM by ObiLen

Was there clarification for the 5 dwarf control language? It is a little weird to me when reading it because the card is not in play with a response while in your hand. So his text and response are not in effect yet. He gets the response once he is on the table. And at that point, you look at the table, and if you control 5 dwarves...he should be able to give the resources then. I just don't see how it is too late, since text wouldn't count from the time you place him on the table from your hand. Dwarves, for this effect, should only be counted once he is on the table. 


Jan 05 2018 02:30 PM by ObiLen

For Leadership monosphere, I can't see putting him in to replace Dain, Thorin, or Gloin. They all seem so much better at being a dwarf. If you're looking to have all three heroes as dwarves, I guess he would be an ok addition with Gloin and either Thorin/Dain (Dain is soooo good!). I only have cards up until the Hobbit Sagas, so maybe there is a future combo for him. Redrawing a shadow effect is nice, especially when there is a good chance you draw a card with no shadow text to replace it. It also can activate during any shadow card draw for any player, so it could be very helpful during multiplayer. I like the artwork, and I love the quote. 

Thror's Key

Jan 05 2018 06:41 AM by Palpa
Yes, it does. So you can then play another copy of it.
Thror's Key

Jan 04 2018 09:17 PM by OrionM42X

Dumb question... when it becomes attached to a location, then that location leaves play, does this leave play as well?

Fierce Defense

Jan 03 2018 09:26 PM by Palpa
Ya sure,for every card there might be situations where the card can shine. BUT, in most games this card would stack my hand. There are better options like feint, quick strike, or goblin-gleaver, to name but a few. And those are handy in every adventure. In my experience destroying enemys is much easier than defending them, and this card would only prevent attacks from health <4 enemies, which commonly or not that high strength. Maybe I don't like it because I never twich decks for single adventures but use my decks unaltered. If I would, there sure would be use for it, but as I dont, I will never find space for that (the valour action sure is nice, but having threat 40 I normally have a board where one enemey more or less is not deceisive), unless I am on loosing the game anyway ;))

Dec 29 2017 07:50 PM by ObiLen

I only have cards in my deck up to and including the first Hobbit Saga set. So there is your disclaimer for not having other combos. But you can fix this matching dilemma pretty easily by running Elrond and Ori. I have Bifur as my third hero. It seemed like it would be a neat dwarven engine to try, so I have one copy of Fili and one copy of Kili in my deck. Even if it takes a few turns of saving with Elrond, I could always bum some resources from my adventuring party via Bifur.

Folco Boffin

Dec 29 2017 12:34 PM by RichardPlunkett

This guy is basically an auto-include in most previously two-hero decks (except eg Loragorn ones). You can use him the first turn to pay for Strider (or any other Lore/Neutral card), then discard him, to be 1 resource and 1 threat better off than if you hadn't included him at all. And if you didn't draw any secrecy/two-hero cards in your opening hand then he can stick around for an extra turn or two as a much needed boost. Should make all such decks a little faster and a little more reliable.

It's a shame I am playing through the Saga's at the moment or I would be prepping one right now (he is clearly not a Saga hero, due to its must-live-to-reuse constraint).

Folco Boffin

Dec 29 2017 01:07 AM by JonofPDX

An interesting hero. Can easily be included in most secrecy or "two hero" decks. Start with three heros (Hobbits, most likely), until you pull Resourceful and/or Strider, take advantage of Folco's (third) resource(s), and then ditch him to gain A) gain a much lower threat (Lore, none the less!), B) open the way for the above cards, and C) ensure Secrecy for some time. Not much setup either to make it work, either!


It's a good card, but I'd like to see a few more secrecy cards for him. As-is he's interesting but I think there are usually better choices. But I guess if you're going Hobbit Secrecy he's better than Lore Pippin in most cases. 

Fierce Defense

Dec 26 2017 06:17 AM by Nerdmeister

Why would it be a missprint? The valour-action is quite good for that price but even so, a high-defense Mumakil or troll (or other for that matter) which can be damaged while ignoring its high shield-value is a good exchange; if you use this against a 0 shield Snake enemy then you´d only get 3 damage but using it against a 5 shield Nazgul will net what amounts to 8 damage. The right card for the right circumstances, my friend.

Folco Boffin

Dec 20 2017 11:14 PM by bspratt1611

An interesting hero. Can easily be included in most secrecy or "two hero" decks. Start with three heros (Hobbits, most likely), until you pull Resourceful and/or Strider, take advantage of Folco's (third) resource(s), and then ditch him to gain A) gain a much lower threat (Lore, none the less!), B) open the way for the above cards, and C) ensure Secrecy for some time. Not much setup either to make it work, either!

Fierce Defense

Dec 20 2017 08:30 PM by Palpa
3 cost? Really? Is that a design joke or a missprint?
Sneak Attack

Dec 14 2017 01:44 PM by RichardPlunkett

Sadly true. Ents will enter play exhausted, regardless of how they enter.

Sneak Attack

Dec 13 2017 12:51 PM by SeaLintact
I assume that this card does not work with ents that enter play exhausted?

My assumption is that booming ent for example, would enter play knelt if used in Conjunction with this card?

Nov 28 2017 04:04 PM by slothgodfather

very much so.  Burning brand is great, and he is a great target for it.

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