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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Burst into Song

Aug 23 2017 02:50 PM by slothgodfather

Yea, the other global (or remotely global) standing effects are the events Descendants of Kings, Grim Resolve, Hold Your Ground!, Lure of Moria, Strength of Arms, and The Free Peoples or the ally Eomund.   The only one you have to actually "work" for is The Free Peoples.   So this is just a lot of work for a little standing.  I'd also like it if they would un-errata Love of Tales.   


I also like how there is a horse in the art, because when I think of songs I think of Elfhelm and creating multi-sphere heroes with mounts on them for the various stat bonuses, but then you are looking for mount attachments AND songs.

Burst into Song

Aug 22 2017 10:10 PM by JonofPDX

This seems pretty steep for its effect.


Don't get me wrong. Readying heroes is this game's bread and butter. And this is a global effect, which is great. But it's also PAINFULLY conditional on players drawing into their songs and having the resources to play them before you drop this. 


Compared to other global readying effects like Lure of Moria or even Grim Resolve...I just don't think there's a lot of value here. 

Dwarven Shield

Aug 22 2017 09:59 AM by DarkPhoenix

Hmm...seems like a more natural fit for Core Gloin, for me. In-sphere and enhances the engine you're probably already running with him. 


Yeap, works awesome with Voltron Gloin, errand riders can barely keep up with distributing all the resources.


Aug 16 2017 02:43 PM by slothgodfather

I'm pretty sure the FAQ has distinguished between player effects and encounter effects being "lasting effects". Player affects will only effect the current board state, so the -1 defense will only apply to those engaged with you at the time the event is played.  Unlike an encounter card that says something like "all damaged characters are blank until the end of the phase".  The encounter card will affect characters damaged after that card is revealed.


However, the "draw 1 card" part is separate and will work regardless of if that enemy was engaged with you or even on the board at the time you played the event.


Entry 1.55 of the FAQ.


Aug 15 2017 10:19 PM by SynnerG

This ends up being a more general rules question, but after playing this card, does it only affect the currently engaged enemies or will it linger, and apply to any future enemies that become engaged with the player, say from Tactic Aragorn's ability?

Dwarven Shield

Aug 13 2017 09:17 PM by JonofPDX

Oh my, core Gimli has been waiting for this!


Hmm...seems like a more natural fit for Core Gloin, for me. In-sphere and enhances the engine you're probably already running with him. 


For me, at least, I rarely DEFEND with Core Gimli. More likely to use him to soak archery or undefended attacks and then have him hit back. Now Sands of Harad Gimli...that's a whole other matter. 

Brace of Coneys

Aug 09 2017 02:52 PM by slothgodfather

seems that way

Brace of Coneys

Aug 09 2017 01:19 PM by DocD

Anyone noticed, that it doesnt say remove it from the campaign log? So if you earned it, can you from then on, use in every quest?

Broken Lands

Jul 31 2017 04:09 PM by slothgodfather

It prevents anything that would put progress on any location in the staging area, correct.

Tireless Hunters

Jul 31 2017 04:08 PM by slothgodfather

Yea, it's great in a Mablung deck too if you didn't manage to already engage an enemy that phase.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 29 2017 10:12 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Does the setup text say to reveal that enemy? If yes, surge triggers. If not, surge doesn't trigger.


Jul 29 2017 07:59 AM by bspratt1611
At first I thought that the utility of his guy was sub-par, and though while he won't be the best out there, he certainly can combo rather well with the new Leadership Eomer (better yet with Firefoot or a couple signals).
Tireless Hunters

Jul 29 2017 04:59 AM by TwoHands
Very useful card for Tactics decks (like a voltron-Boromir deck) that want to fight all the big nasties. Has saved our mono-spirit deck from an enemy it doesn't want to deal with on a few occasions.
Broken Lands

Jul 27 2017 07:55 PM by OrionM42X

Having this in the staging area would prevent Warden of Anor from functioning, right?

Dunland Prowler

Jul 27 2017 07:48 PM by OrionM42X

I'm still not clear on this. The Fords of Isen setup says each player searches the deck for a different Dunlend enemy and "adds" it to the staging area. If the Prowler was one selected, would his surge trigger?

Dunland Prowler

Jul 24 2017 04:52 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Surge triggers at any time when a card is revealed from the encounter deck, as per FAQ 1.01. But it has to be an effect that specifically uses the word "reveal" - see FAQ 1.22 for that. If the effect doesn't include the word "reveal", you don't resolve surge, doomed or any when revealed effects on the card.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 24 2017 06:38 AM by bspratt1611

However, I believe that the rule book states that the surge keyword is an action triggered only during the quest phase. That being the case, we have interpreted that that card 's surge would not happen. Thoughts?

Dunland Prowler

Jul 19 2017 10:13 PM by OrionM42X

It says to search the encounter deck for a dunlending and add it to the staging area. So... I guess that means surge does not trigger?


EDIT: I think I'm reading too much into the way the surge keyword is written. After re-reading FAQ's and the core rules. Now I believe his surge would still trigger if he was added to the staging area during setup.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 19 2017 02:52 PM by slothgodfather

It depends on the wording in setup.  If it says to "reveal" those cards from the encounter deck - then you handle any "when reveal" and "surge" things as normal.  If it just says something like "put them into play" then no, Surge does not trigger.

Dunland Prowler

Jul 18 2017 02:55 PM by OrionM42X

If this card shows up during setup, will the surge trigger? The way it is written (embedded in text and unbolded), it doesn't appear as a keyword like it does on other cards.

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