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Recent Card Discussion

Today, 10:42 PM by Friman
Besides, she's a warrior, a trait that's receiving a lot of support lately... What's not to love?

Today, 10:35 PM by Friman
On top of that, her cost is 8 while her stats add 9, so great value again. I'm already dreaming of putting on her Steward of Gondor and Resourceful, plus all the stuff Leadership has to transfer resources, such as Errand rider, Denethor, Parting gifts, etc... I don't know, a couple of Armoured Destriers and maybe Elfhelm, and she could block anything in the world, then destroy a Balrog in a blink. Love her, such a pity the Horn of Gondor received the errata, it would be a plus, despite taking a restricted slot.
Dwarven Sellsword

Today, 08:35 PM by RichardPlunkett

I completely overlooked the dwarf-counting thing. If you're playing with a few 5-dwarf effects he could be even more useful early on. Especially with Thorin, where there may well be a slice of time when he basically pays for himself, by being the fifth dwarf. That plus Dain has him sounding quite playable.

Ithilien Pit

Today, 08:34 PM by Palpa
Not 100% sure: does this combo with Ambush? Player one is engaged with an enemy with Ambush and the pit. Player one discards Ambush. Can Player two attack the enemy? Can player two attack the enemy if none of player one's characters participates? My guess is player two can attack but one of player one's characters has to participate (otherwise no attack is declared at all)

Today, 08:17 PM by Palpa
Combos nicely with Dunedain Remedy

Today, 08:11 PM by Palpa
Wow. Perfect for my deck that utilizes a low amount of allies anyway
Dwarven Sellsword

Today, 07:06 PM by slothgodfather

I'd never say he's a dead card.  At 1 cost, he is amazing for his stat range.  At two cost, he's still good.   At 3 cost he's finally in the range where he competes (stat wise) with other character.  However, I do understand that he's always going to be costing more and more, so eventually you'll let him go.   I think 2 rounds is sufficient.  Early game he is good, especially in a dwarf deck, due to being cheap and good stats and counting as another dwarf.  Late game, he's still fine because you will only need him around for a few more turns anyways. 


Today, 04:54 PM by Friman
No "limit X times per phase"??? This could be bonkers, on a broken level, in the right deck. I don't think her con is too much of a big deal, either.

Today, 10:56 AM by RichardPlunkett

Good point, his will of 2 is a bit wasted, though I suspect I would like one less threat or one more hit point rather than an extra defense. And you are right about him wanting the Ranger trait.


I played a 3-player game with him present about a week ago, and I found that we left enemies in the middle, that we might normally have optionally engaged. There was a case of "if don't engage him, Argalad will kill him in 2-3 turns". He combined especially well with Haldir, who can attack into the staging area. Argalad would scratch them once or twice then Haldir would kill them, without them ever making an attack.


Not top-tier, but I think a credible second-tier hero.


Today, 09:37 AM by Palpa

I played him in my ranger-theme deck. His ability his really nice. If he had the ranger trait he would be really good (beeing able to trigger e.g. Quick ears, Ranger Bow, etc). Not sure if I will keep him in this ranger-style-deck. But his synergy with Ranger Bow is good.

Another aspect that would make him much better is (besides of course a higher attack, but iI guess this would make him too strong) is having stats 9/1/2/2/4 instead of 9/2/2/1/4

Dwarven Sellsword

Today, 09:28 AM by RichardPlunkett

I can't imagine wanting to spend the resources to keep him around, so he is likely to be a one-shot effect for 1 resource most of the time. He reminds me of Spirit Bofur, who gets played a bit as a re-occurring event, that adds 2 will power to the quest. But this guy isn't re-occurring in a good way, and you have ot play him in the planning phase.


It's possible, in a Dain Ironfoot environ it might be playable. Having this card in your deck might improve your first turn responsiveness, at the mild cost of usually being a dead card after the first round or three.

Guarded Ceaselessly

Today, 08:49 AM by Nerdmeister

Again in line with the scenario-specific builds it can be placed on one of the locations, you suspect will give you trouble multiple times in Temple of the Deceived.

Vigilant Guard

Today, 06:27 AM by Friman
Is it because I'm in love with Amarthiúl, or this really fixed his main problem (low hit points, while keeping the restricted slots open for offensive and defensive tools)?
Guarded Ceaselessly

Yesterday, 08:05 PM by slothgodfather

I disagree.  I will at least play Hithlain in a Silvan deck(s) but can't see this every being used.


Yesterday, 10:49 AM by Palpa

Hm. Maybe my disappointment is due to the fact that I/my group do not build scenario-specific decks. In this special case it might be ok (although I'd name Temple of the Deceived as a more easy one, no need to build specific decks at all).


In general Northern Tracker managed to shift hard adventures to easy adventures in, I'd guess, about 3 of 4 cases. Hithlain surely won't

Vigilant Guard

Yesterday, 09:38 AM by Palpa

Also nice on Beregond or any other sentinel because of the +2 hit points, as it is not restricted. Of course only in non-ressource intensive decks, as the three costs are normally only worthwile when you can benefit from the Response, too; as with e.g. Gimli, as RichardPlunkett said.


Another nice target is ally Boromir 


Yesterday, 09:32 AM by Nerdmeister

I will stick with the scenario-specific use I laid out before. If you have 12 locations in play, like Temple of the Deceived and you need to get to a specific location on the "eastern" side of that island, it can be gold to scout that out from the start so you can pinpoint where you need to go and not waste time; just getting 1 of these on one of those three locations can seriously save you some guessing. And I just so happen to think that Northern Tracker is not always worth those 4 resources and I would rather mix in an extra sphere to have access to a large and diverse selection of Silvans (who btw will contribute more raw questing power cost -> ally wise than NT)

Vigilant Guard

Yesterday, 06:56 AM by RichardPlunkett

Gives a relatively safe way to power up Core Gimli, it's a shame Gloin isn't a warrior.

The Necromancer's Tower

Sep 27 2016 08:51 PM by Palpa

PS: I think the above is because the game was still young and they were still writing a reminder or two about some of the rules on the cards. I remember seeing keyword clarifications like that in W40K Conquest for example - keyword defined in the rulebook, explained again on the card in parenthesis.

Yeah. But it is ambiguous.
Obviously FFG noticed that. In GOT 2nd edition they placed reminders in brackets and italic font, way better
The Necromancer's Tower

Sep 27 2016 08:18 PM by Palpa
Ah, now it's peace of cake. ;) really should read all that FAQ on old quests
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