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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
A Burning Brand

Yesterday, 11:51 AM by Palpa

I think it's worth including Song of Wisdom to equip your non-lore hero. Did it in many decks and it payed off every time.

And remmber that it's also playable on lore-Allys

A Burning Brand

Yesterday, 06:47 AM by RichardPlunkett

But for it's requirement it must go on a lore character it would be the best shadow suppression in the game. I have seen many fine Elrond's using this but relatively few other heroes.

A Burning Brand

Jan 20 2017 08:53 PM by Palpa

There are terrible shadows effects on this game and "A Burning Brand" has saved me many times. I almost always add two o three copies of these on my Lore decks.

Yup, it's the strongest card besides the Steward of Gondor, maybe even stronger than unexpected courage
A Burning Brand

Jan 19 2017 04:49 PM by Etemenanki
There are terrible shadows effects on this game and "A Burning Brand" has saved me many times. I almost always add two o three copies of these on my Lore decks.
Ancient Mathom

Jan 15 2017 06:10 AM by Etemenanki
Fantastic card to give card draw to Spirit decks. I added three to my Spirit deck. Great card!
Anduin Passage

Jan 13 2017 09:48 PM by runequester

Vital that the decks include options to deal with locations or gain a lot of willpower, as it is very easy to get location locked in this part of the quest.


Northern trackers and Faramir are a must, and If you are making core-set decks only, I'd make sure to bring the Snowbourn scouts and Lorien guides as well.

Ambush on the Shore

Jan 13 2017 09:47 PM by runequester

This can be very "swingy". 


You may end up with a mob of big, mean monsters or you may luck out and get only a single band of goblins (or none at all).


Make sure to remember to skip staging.

A Test of Will

Jan 13 2017 09:46 PM by runequester

A card that is unlikely to be surpassed for quite a while.

Very cheap and with so many brutal Reveal effects in the game, it lets the heroes survive much longer.

A Light in the Dark

Jan 13 2017 09:45 PM by runequester

Not a great card once some expansions are added but while you are still in the first cycle of the game, having one or two around can help delay an unpleasant fight long enough to get a blocker into play.

Eagles of the Misty Mountains

Jan 11 2017 09:13 PM by Firebird

If you don't have Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian, I would not consider trying to run these or Support.  Are you playing solo or in a group?  If you can get some resource accelleration - like Steward of Gondor - then Gondorian Fire is really good.


I usually play solo, but run two decks: Spirit/Lore and Tactics/Leadership (only a little bit of Leadership). I also have a Leadership/Lore deck but don't normally run that one.


This is all I have for the time being:


2x Core Set
Khazad-Dum Expansion
The Road Darkens
Battle for Laketown
Conflict at the Carrock
Foundations of Stone
The Watcher in the Water
Celebrimbor's Secret
Return to Mirkwood
Shadow and Flame

Eagles of the Misty Mountains

Jan 11 2017 08:12 PM by slothgodfather

If you don't have Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian, I would not consider trying to run these or Support.  Are you playing solo or in a group?  If you can get some resource accelleration - like Steward of Gondor - then Gondorian Fire is really good.

Eagles of the Misty Mountains

Jan 10 2017 09:31 PM by Firebird

Is this thing worth running with Support of the Eagles in a fairly basic Tactics deck (not a dedicated Eagles one, since I don't have all the packs necessary)? Or should I replace this and Support with something else?

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 10 2017 05:28 PM by slothgodfather

On either site your deck likely won't draw attention on it's own.  So I'd suggest publishing the deck - on either/both - and then making a forum post linking to the deck and asking for suggestions.  The FFG forums are quite a bit more active than these are for Lord of the Rings topics.

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 09 2017 07:09 PM by Firebird

Thank you! How are the deck forums here? I want to post my deck lists and what sets I'm working with and see if I can get some suggestions. Unfortunately, after my Spirit/Lore deck and Leadership/Tactics (mostly Tactics) got schooled in Journey Down the Anduin, I think I can probably build them a lot better. But I'd really like to get Dread Realm and Arwen and use her in some way, even if it's in the discard shenanigans stuff. I just really love the Noldor and want to use them. :)

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 09 2017 06:11 PM by slothgodfather

Not at all.  Since it doesn't matter what card you discard, she works in whatever.  She is best if you include 3x of Elven Light since it gives you the opportunity to convert that gained resource into card-draw instead, depending upon your circumstances.




That site has a real easy way of searching deck lists that include particular cards you want to use.  And if it is by Seastan, it's likely to be a very good deck.  That guy is pretty brilliant when it comes to deck-building. 


Jan 09 2017 04:06 AM by Firebird

Hands Upon the Bow and Legolas can easily take care of this thing before it can hurt you.

Arwen Undómiel

Jan 09 2017 12:58 AM by Firebird

So, does she absolutely need the discard-style deck to function? Could I use her with Glorfindel and/or Galadriel? Can anyone tell me where I could find some good deck lists for a Spirit/Lore deck (particularly one that runs Ringmaker cycle, which I need to get more of)? I've tried putting together the best of what I can, but I have been waiting for an Arwen Hero and I really want to run her.

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 22 2016 07:43 AM by Palpa

What's so irrelevant about playing Narya on OH&UH Gandalf? He can stay in play for a while, potentially many turns if you have enough threat reduction.

Vilya and Nenya are truly irrelevant since after you play them on their respective Ally versions, they eventually leave play.

It's irrelevant in the discussed case: they add ressource icons, but not to the Vigilant Dunadan

Vigilant Dunadan

Dec 21 2016 11:07 PM by slothgodfather

Well Narya on Gandalf is irrelevant - in regards to giving a resource icon - since it can't be used unless you also add Sword-thain, so the same could be said for Nenya and Vilya.   I never play the ally versions of Galadriel or Elrond, so I completely forgot about their rings being able to go on them, otherwise I would have considered it. ;)


Dec 21 2016 04:36 PM by flightmaster101

It gets better than that: Hama can block twice with 5 defense


There is an action window after shadow cards are revealed but before combat resolves. 

1) exhaust Hama to block

2) reveal shadow card

3) Will Hama survive without using his action?

3a) yes; do not ready, keep Hama around for another day

3b) no; ready Hama, improve defense, he survives

4) block with Hama a second time before he leaves play at the end of the phase. 

People said you can block twice, and I didnt understand.  Thanks for listing the procedure out, because now that I see it put in steps my eyes popped out of my head!

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Shadows of Mirkwood

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  5. The Dead Marshes
  6. Return to Mirkwood
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The Massing at Osgiliath

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  5. Celebrimbor's Secret
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  2. Escape from Mount Gram
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