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Lord of the Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

Feb 22 2017 09:37 PM by slothgodfather

Absolutely.  That card is bonkers on Treebeard or Derdingle Warrior


Feb 22 2017 09:36 PM by slothgodfather

Yep.  His resources can be used to pay for Ent cards, but you aren't paying anything for a zero cost card, so his text simply doesn't apply to when you try to play that card.


Feb 22 2017 09:34 PM by slothgodfather

I'd consider changing his ability to fit the new discard pile/Noldor theme.  Not sure what it would take to make him really playable, but the first thought that I came up with was to use the "top of discard pile" like the other new Nolder cards.  Reduce the cost by 1 if the top card is an ally.  Increase the heal amount by 1 if the top card is an event.   Something like that might make him interesting enough. 


Something to consider is that while there is plenty of other heals to utilize in your player deck, they are taking up deck space and you have to draw them.   He frees up deck-space so you don't have to include any.   


The real issue is the resource cost since it is coming out of Lore.   You may even just do "Discard a card or spend 1 resource to heal 1 dmg from 1 character."  maybe add "If the discarded card is an ally, heal 1 additional dmg."


Feb 22 2017 09:16 PM by natedog2017

Put ent draught on him and you can use his ability more times


Feb 22 2017 08:51 PM by Palpa

Sadly this heroe became useless after a few expansions appeared. I really would like to make this version usable again. What would you guys think about changing the "Limit once per round" restriction to "Limit once per phase", or even removing this restriction completely?

Even then, the ressourcepool offers better alternatives. Take Elrond and the warden of healing and you will have better healing abilities. Add his ring to get one of the most powerful heroes from all.

And besides, the artwork is awful, especially compared to his spirit version

Feb 22 2017 08:48 PM by Palpa

Which new tactics event?

Quite sure he was referring to "boomed and trumpeted"

Feb 22 2017 02:32 AM by RichardPlunkett

Treebeard's text lets you use his resource to pay for Ent cards. But it does not explicitly say it grants a resource match. We have seen this effect elsewhere with Elrond/Radagast/GoodHarvest and a non-zero cost card can be paid for entirely from these source without ever having a resource match.


But, zero-cost cards have the rules restriction that you need to be able to provide a resource match to play them.

So a deck with no Lore-resource heroes can't play an Entmoot, any more than it could play any other zero-cost Lore card, and the Treebeard power as written hasn't changed this, since it hasn't granted us a resource match.


Feb 20 2017 09:07 PM by Felagund

The new tactics event is extremely solid with his ability, allowing him to do some considerable dmg with repeated attacks.   But I agree.  I'm also torn on which to include.  Atm, I've built an ent deck using Treebeard, Tactigorn and Mablung.  As to be expected with ents, it is a little slow to start, but then gets to hit pretty heavy

Which new tactics event?


Feb 20 2017 08:58 PM by Felagund

No, it's the same with elrond and 0 cost allies. It has been answerd by Caleb before. It is a pitty nevertheless.

I don't get why slothgodfather's example doesn't work with Entmoot, since Entmoot actually has the Ent trait printed on it. Could you please explain yourself?


Feb 20 2017 05:08 PM by Felagund

Sadly this heroe became useless after a few expansions appeared. I really would like to make this version usable again. What would you guys think about changing the "Limit once per round" restriction to "Limit once per phase", or even removing this restriction completely?

Wait No Longer

Feb 14 2017 09:30 PM by RichardPlunkett

the rule for "then" are pretty clear. So, for this one, if you don't find an enemy, you don't get the benefit.

So while sometimes handy, occasionally you pay 2 and get nothing.

Wait No Longer

Feb 14 2017 03:50 PM by slothgodfather

I know LotR and GoT use different logic sometimes - but since they used the format "Do X, Then Do Y", if X doesn't resolve successfully, the Y part doesn't happen.   I'd say that if you don't find an enemy and put it into play engaged with you, the first part wasn't successful, so the rest of the "Then" sentence fails.   But that's just my interpretation. 

Wait No Longer

Feb 13 2017 08:25 PM by Friman
I assume you reveal one less encounter card even if you don't find any enemy at all when you look at the top 5 cards... Isn't it?
Peace, and Thought

Feb 13 2017 05:36 PM by slothgodfather

Correct.  The refresh phase begins, everything readies, and then you have an opportunity to use this card.  That's why it's only 1 cost, because you have to exhaust 2 heroes as the real cost.   This can still work well in Hobbit decks since they have Fast-Hitch and can ready anyways, or decks that use Unexpected Courage or Boromir (tactics).  

Peace, and Thought

Feb 12 2017 06:28 PM by Felagund
After reading the comments here, I realized that I've been playing this card wrongly. If the correct moment to play this card is after refreshing heroes, I think it isn't a very good deal /-:
Grim Resolve

Feb 11 2017 11:10 PM by Felagund

If I'm not happy to see a card in my opening hand then that's not a card I want in a deck.

Exactly. This is just one of many cards from the core set that have become useless due to the exponential growth of the card-pool (specially I'm talking about all 5-cost cards and Brok Ironfist, but I'm afraid there are more).

I strongly dislike to have dead cards in my pool, so I've thought about reducing the cost of all the 5-cost cards from the core set to 4. Will it make them more appealing? I don't know.
Black Rider

Feb 06 2017 06:23 PM by slothgodfather

np.  Good luck!  These guys can make this quest pretty challenging.  

Black Rider

Feb 03 2017 05:07 PM by a101franky

Thx for all...sloth & Pal....

Black Rider

Feb 03 2017 04:53 PM by Palpa
Characters and other cards only stand during the refresh phase, no matter why they were exhausted. Just like slothgodfather said, you have to stand them outside the refresh phase using card abilities. Besides, if it was different for hide tests, they wouldn't change the game
Black Rider

Feb 03 2017 04:35 PM by a101franky

...so..they do not automatically ready after the hide test is resolt?...I have to ready them with other cards (like an attachment or event)?....

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