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Marvel Champions LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Ant Man

Dec 06 2020 12:54 AM by xyceres

Image is of the alter ego scott lang not ant man tiny form

Get Over Here!

Mar 15 2020 03:14 AM by smccray
Scenario: if already exhausted, when my hero is now engaged with that enemy, can they attack, even though already exhausted? What all can my hero do with the text “engage that enemy”? What are the various implications?
Shield Toss

Feb 18 2020 10:55 AM by jouster



Apparently the game designer played it as 4 each. But yeah, wording could have been more clear.

Honorary Avenger

Feb 18 2020 10:49 AM by jouster

Can this card be attached to Captain America?

Looks like a free +1 HP to any ally/hero. (note that this should be valid since it changes the game state)

Should it be evaluated as: "attach to a friendly character without the Avenger trait" ?


Feb 17 2020 12:56 AM by Nerdmeister

But will he take the same amount of responsibility?

Shield Toss

Feb 17 2020 12:50 AM by Nerdmeister

So, I suspect this to mean "deal 4 damage to each of X enemies." though as I see it this can also be interpreted as "deal 4 damage divided to X enemies."

Anyone has some insight?

Corporate Acquisition (2A)

Jan 31 2020 05:55 AM by Casvian

It bothers me that theres no Image for this and some other cards yet... is it just me?

Gamma Slam

Dec 03 2019 06:35 AM by Casvian

Sustained Damage just means how much missing health you currently have or how much damage is currently on your Hero Character. For example: If she hulk has only 1 hp remaining, Gamma Slam will Deal 14 Damage. If she has 5 damage (10 HP remains) - then it deals 5 damage. If you have cards that increase your Maximum HP, then it could potentially deal even more damage.

Split Personality

Nov 24 2019 10:14 PM by ZineZizou

It does not count against the "change form" limit of 1 per round. Page 8 of Rules Reference: "If a card ability causes a player to change forms, it does not count against the one voluntary form change the player is permitted during their turn that round."

Gamma Slam

Nov 24 2019 10:10 PM by ZineZizou

What does "sustained damage" mean?


Oct 22 2019 06:38 PM by Darksbane

Clearly a great Hero.