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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Cerenerian Deep One

Today, 09:35 AM by Mulletcheese
Lots of factions have a few good dreamers but cthulhu is the only faction that has lots of non-unique dreamers and the only faction that can build a reliable dreamer deck. You would only play this character for the dreamer subtype and in that specific deck he isn't too bad.there is only one dreamlands support card that has dreamer synergy, moon-beast galley which stands all dreamers at the beginning of each turn, so don't rely too much on the cost reduction. The only other cards with dreamer synergy are dream dagger and dreamlands scholar, not a lot to work with. Dreamlands scholar + moon-beast galley + cthulhu dreamers = epic card advantage.
Arcane Translation

Today, 09:12 AM by Mulletcheese
I agree, this is very potent in the right deck. This should be used with infirmary to filter the discard pile. If you have any phase draw this can be used to duplicate an event, which can be very nasty. Not As powerful as it used to be due to all the discard hate introduced since y-train.
Randolph Carter

Yesterday, 10:46 PM by Mulletcheese
A poor man's Whitton green. Green is cheaper and can grab the additional success tokens without paying 3 and on both attack/defence.you could run both but personally I'd include an additional copy of green instead.
John Henry Price

Yesterday, 09:22 PM by Mulletcheese
A lot of players scorn the use of attachments because when you lose a character you lose 2 cards instead of 1. Agency are know as the faction for attachments because they offset this downside by having abilities that give card advantage for playing attachments. Cards like evidence locker, price manor, motor pool, JHP, Logan. In a faction with very little draw these cards are even better. What makes JHP stand out from these other cards is because he can double up on the card advantage.you gain a card by using motor pool / price manor when you put an attachment into your hand and you gain a 2nd card for the same attachment when you play it on JHP. You can even turn this into repeatable draw by using armoured car + dynamite as your attachments of choice. He's a solid character for an attachment heavy deck.
The Cavern of Flame

Yesterday, 06:56 PM by mnBroncos

the only time it maybe off is only against another hastur deck. 

Price Manor

Yesterday, 02:34 PM by Mulletcheese
Price manor and evidence locker are the two support cards needed to make agency attachment decks work. Evidence locker isn't limited to the top support and attaches it straight to a character, allowing you to dynamite every turn :) price manor may not have the surprise effect or let you choose the attachment to return but it does have its advantages. It's free, it's card advantage, any type of attachment can be returned. If you want to recur the new story attachments then price manor is the way to go.

Yesterday, 02:05 PM by Mulletcheese
The FAQ ruling was unfortunate, for this card, but it's still usable (and quite good). They have to "choose and exhaust" a character which prevents them from choosing an insane character, that gives hastur some control over the targeting. As long as you choose a character who has a unique skill value the card is unaffected by the FAQ, and hastur have playable skill manipulation to help with this. If you want to take out 2 characters you need to target the character that will get the wound, otherwise one of the characters will get both the exhaust and wound.
Victoria's Protege

Yesterday, 11:26 AM by Mulletcheese
This card + aspiring artist in your opening hand will net you 4 cards, sweet. Hastur have a few enter play effects that give insanity/discard/draw/extra characters. Copying any one of those effects is good. This will be a really good card once hastur get their deluxe box.
Zoog Burrow

Yesterday, 11:06 AM by Mulletcheese
What could be better than a card that gives both repeatable resource acceleration and card advantage? Any card without zoog in the name apparently. Combos well with the new agency conspiracy that requires both players do discard a card to resource and their other resource denial. Agency can also put zoogs from the discard on top of the deck to reliably trigger the burrow. There's also additional agency synergy between zoogs and attack dogs, but let's not go there.
The Night

Yesterday, 10:46 AM by Mulletcheese
Just like arkham asylum and the enchanted wood this is another great yellow card in disguise. This is an anti willpower card and nerfs several MU cards that mess with terror struggles, for those reasons alone it's great for hastur. It also prevents a lot of subtype synergy, like stopping deep ones from gaining terror icons. Being able to play him cheap is a bonus and he combos well with under the yellow sign where his 4 terror icons count against every struggle type. The downside is he prevents your non-unique lunatics from triggering every turn, unless you are using arkham asylum which will let you trigger them multiple times each turn.
The Cavern of Flame

Yesterday, 09:42 AM by Mulletcheese
It forces your opponent to commit 2 terror/willpower characters, otherwise you can walk all over them. An auto include in any hastur deck. Although dreamlands support cards are available again most are not very good so I'm not too worried about the drawback. In a small meta someone might try and make use of the drawback but if you are going to a tournament don't worry about it.
Ritual Initiation

Yesterday, 09:20 AM by Mulletcheese
The limitation of unique syndicate character is tough but the recursion is great. Playing this once gives your opponent the headache of worrying about +X skill and combat icons that can be spread accross stories. Temporary toughness has its uses if a suicide run will win you a story or you need an extra 3 uses out of a khopesh.
Petty Thief

Yesterday, 09:10 AM by Mulletcheese
Syndicate have a few cards that allow your opponent to draw, probably the worst kind of mill in the game, and this character is used to remove the disadvantage of those cards. Clover club deck is probably the best of those cards and when combined with 2x petty thief can prevent your opponent from ever having cards. This is a card that has to go into a specific type of deck but it does have its uses.
Night Raid!

Yesterday, 08:58 AM by Mulletcheese
Basilica and beneath the burning Sun are solid picks in any agency build, rendering you immune to terror making sure you win combat and standing your characters. Agency also have a lot of cards enabled by day that protect your characters. When agency go for a full day build it can be really powerful, the one weakness is if someone plays a night card (especially the plague stone). This card takes an already powerful build and adds consistency.
Night Class

Yesterday, 08:46 AM by Mulletcheese
Using this to get a 1st turn anthropology advisor could get MU off to a great start, it's also another way to Matthew Alexander into play if you wanted to ambush in 2 characters at once. MU have a lot of come into play abilities on arcane characters, a lot of them give card advantage which negates the disadvantage from playing this card. A good play would be board of directors to tutor a location into play.
Nathaniel Elton

Yesterday, 08:22 AM by Mulletcheese
30/35 ancient one characters are villainous, this card adds protection against the really nasty things that agency struggle with. Combined with basilica he can be a real pain for some decks. Stats are average but he has the investigator subtype, a bit bland in a matchup where you don't get to trigger him.
Midnight Rendezvous

Yesterday, 08:13 AM by Mulletcheese
Speed day is great, especially now that agency are popular where it could mean stripping combat icons and preventing willpower after characters have committed. Making a story safe from rush is really good when coming from a faction with so few investigation icons. I like this card.
Laboring Gug

Yesterday, 08:08 AM by Mulletcheese
There are lots of ways to wound your own characters but to get the most use out of toughness you want to wound as many characters as possible at the same time, like using catastrophic explosion to clear the board of anything that is not a gug. Strangely the best card that combos with gug's is Mu from the MU faction, currently the only repeatable wound removal card in the game.
Victoria's Protege

Mar 27 2015 09:02 PM by VonWibble
Very nice, getting back Victoria is the obvious use but you could also return a recently restored lunatic to hand to play it again, effectively paying a domain to ready a card. Cultist too, so some clear synergy for Cthulu decks.
The Vale of Pnath

Mar 27 2015 09:00 PM by VonWibble
Nice effect. Now to find other dreamlands supports that fit with Shub in order to get it to go off!

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