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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Melisande LeBeau

Yesterday, 11:13 AM by TwoShedsJackson

I love the art and flavour text on this card.

Melisande LeBeau

Dec 18 2014 04:23 PM by Zephyr


it's forced response,

she's not the most cool-headed person in the world

Clover Club Ringer

Dec 18 2014 04:12 PM by Sohni

When my opponent wins CombatStruggle. Do I win Combat as well, so we both take wound? Or if he dies due to the struggle, does anything happen to me?

Melisande LeBeau

Dec 18 2014 04:01 PM by Sohni

If my opponent does not have any Support cards, do I have to destroy one of my Support Cards?

Professor William Webb

Dec 10 2014 06:26 PM by orso

...guess I know the next FAQ / restricted card....


This card is amazing powerfull! (should have a limitation or something).

Obsessive Zealot

Dec 10 2014 06:24 PM by orso

with Temple of R'lyeh it's a very nice combo! ;)

Pushed into the Beyond

Nov 30 2014 10:09 PM by jeermaster


Pushed into the Beyond

Nov 30 2014 08:31 PM by ibell

How apt.

Will of Azathoth

Nov 30 2014 08:01 PM by ibell

3xClover Club Bootlegger because it's intended as a beginner deck with high repeats of a few simple but potent cheap Criminals. Bootlegger is an always comittable Fast double-wounder Criminal. Arsene Renard provides support denial better than LeBeau and who can resist a Gentleman Thief thematically? Cascio Di Boerio helps with slogging through Negotiums. Now that I have Peter Clover, he's in too.

Professor Morgan

Nov 21 2014 09:07 PM by Kwakkie

It was designed in 20's (as early as 1924 I believe), but only used in military service in the 30s. The story itself is set in 1928. I don't see a big problem here. Fighting alien horrors, you want the best (even if it still is a little "experimental" and not mass-produced) weapon you can find.

Pushed into the Beyond

Nov 21 2014 04:13 AM by Farquhar

and now its showing "Surprising Find"

Professor Morgan

Nov 20 2014 10:59 AM by SammyBoyFTW

Being a know it all here, but I don't think the Patrick McEvoy knew that the Garand wasn't produced until 1936. Dunwich Horror is set in the 20's.


Still, who cares :D

The Claret Knight

Nov 20 2014 09:49 AM by konx

1) Pretty much correct. Notice that also sacrifice effects do not work on him, since they are triggered. This is a bit counter intuitive to me, but Damon confirmed, so that's it.

2) Normal combat struggle. The character itself is quite easy to beat, since it has 1 combat, which is what you can find on a lot of cost 1 characters. A simple Undercover Security is already a match and a Black Dog can already kill him, so he is not super impressive. Don't get me wrong, he is solid, but I would take Eibon over him all the time, unless there are specific reasons (like, playing him in a PS deck).


Nov 19 2014 11:58 PM by Kong

Key-seeker and Gatekeeper from the Secrets of Arkham expansion appear to pay homage to the original Ghostbusters film. In this artwork the Gatekeeper is wearing a red dress very similar to what Sigourney Weaver's character wore while under possession of the Gatekeeper, and the Key-seeker (Key Master) is examining a large dog statuette. 


Edit: I was able to reach out and speak with David Auden Nash, the artist for Key-seeker, about the possible Ghostbusters reference. David did not remember the particulars regarding the art directives he received from FF for this piece, but did acknowledge the art director(s) for the game may have intentionally included the reference.

The Claret Knight

Nov 19 2014 09:38 PM by HomerJ

Would someone clarify (in small, and easily understandable words):

1)  What IS a triggered effect.  I believe it's any effect preceded by Action, React, or Disrupt?

2)  So, how DO you kill the Claret Knight?


Nov 19 2014 09:57 AM by Kong

Gatekeeper and Key-seeker from the Curse of the Jade Emperor expansion appear to pay homage to the original Ghostbusters film. In this artwork the Gatekeeper is wearing a red dress very similar to what Sigourney Weaver's character wore while under possession of the Gatekeeper, and the Key-seeker (Key Master) is examining a large dog statuette. 

Campaign Chief

Nov 17 2014 12:13 PM by Makubex

The picture is wrong

Harlan Earnstone

Nov 13 2014 07:37 PM by NuFenix

You do responses after all the stories have been finished. So all struggles and resolution per story, and then the windows for responses opens, followed by player actions once all responses have been finished.

Note, Disrupts and Forced Responses occur when their appropriate triggers says so, which means they can occur during the struggles on a story.

This is shown on p13 of the rulebook, for future reference.

Harlan Earnstone

Nov 13 2014 05:13 PM by Sandman
How do responses to winning a struggle work? -Struggle/response/struggle effect: For exemple could I play Political demonstration (core) after winning the (T) struggle to destroy an attachment that gives Willpower and then make the bearer of the attachment go insane for losing the (T). Or -Struggle/struggle effect/response: For exemple could I win the (A) struggle, ready Harlan Earnstone (CotJE) and then exhaust him to play his ability as a response to winning the (A) struggle. Thanks for answering.
Professor Morgan

Nov 11 2014 02:16 PM by DrThodt

Read the story, I believe it's the Dunwich Horror

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