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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
The Seventy Steps

Jun 04 2021 08:32 PM by jc1138

Love this card, great against those all too frequent flood the board with characters decks.

Trial Judge

Jun 04 2021 08:30 PM by jc1138

This guy can be so unfun to play against

Rite of the Silver Gate

Jun 04 2021 08:29 PM by jc1138

I hate this card

The Captain

May 31 2021 03:06 PM by jc1138

One of my favorite pictures from this game.

Parallel Universe

Apr 20 2021 02:28 AM by Track8

Sadly, I haven't played Call of Cthulhu in several years, but this is one of the cards I still remember well.  Such is its coolness!

Unspeakable Transformation

Jun 16 2019 03:30 AM by periodico

And I think if multiple characters, they would have written 'all other...' not 'any other...'.

Jean-Jacques Minot

Jun 05 2019 02:38 PM by KrytenKoro

Where is the flavor text from? Is this a separate printing?

Unspeakable Transformation

May 09 2019 11:10 AM by RichardPlunkett

I believe it means *one* other character. I think/hope they would have written 'characters' if they meant every other character.

Unspeakable Transformation

May 07 2019 06:57 PM by KrytenKoro

Possibly a stupid question, but is it any *one* character you control, or *every* character you control? And if so, is it the max per one card, or the sum of all of them?

Brain Transplant

May 07 2019 06:55 PM by KrytenKoro

My understanding is that the "if able" means that so long as the card is going insane *if it can*, then you are sufficiently fulfilling the requirement. If it can't go insane, it's still "going insane if able".

Twisted Acropolis

Apr 22 2019 08:37 AM by RichardPlunkett

heh, when I read your comment I (wrongly) thought you were referring to the illustrator being on drugs to produce this image - which I (again wrongly) thought was a little harsh given the flavor text.

Now I see you are referring to the data entry. They have placed the flavor text in the 'Illustrator' field, instead of Julian Kok. Poor Julian.

Bone Sculptor

Apr 22 2019 08:30 AM by RichardPlunkett

I suspect he was mis-entered as being in the core, then they noticed him missing and entered him again, then they noticed the core version and change it to the correct pack and now we have two listed in the pack.

Sir Jon Scott

Apr 18 2019 07:35 PM by KrytenKoro

Why's this listed as "Sir Jon Scott"?

Twisted Acropolis

Apr 16 2019 09:00 PM by KrytenKoro

the illustrator bit is messed up here.

Bone Sculptor

Apr 15 2019 09:20 PM by KrytenKoro

Is this supposed to appear twice?

Caleb Orison

Mar 02 2019 08:17 PM by snarkherder

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe his effect doesn't happen if no one goes to stories.


I think this is right.  From the FAQ, "Stories will resolve only if the active player has characters at that story."  So if the active player does not commit characters to any stories, the Forced Response is not triggered.

The Guardian of the Key

Mar 02 2019 06:20 AM by snarkherder

This works well with Prize Pistol, no?

Old Sea Dog

Feb 27 2019 04:33 AM by snarkherder

I like this with Crescent Blade. It's like a budget Khopesh that does not wound your own characters.

The Cats of Ulthar

Feb 27 2019 12:35 AM by snarkherder

Love this card, but I'm biased considering my profile picture. Still think its worth 3/5 because of the ambush and the clearification mentioned by Zephyr regarded "committed". Combined with 'false papers' it also becomes quite decent removal, since you then can make every character become a Zoog, including ancient ones.

And with Marcus Jamburg, you could potentially create a quasi-endless Cats of Ulthar Zoog destruction loop.  Way too bouncy for competitive play, but could be fun.

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Feb 12 2019 10:15 PM by KrytenKoro

The "Kingsport's Haunted Houses" ad indicates that this card is meant to be able to copy the effects of the other Locations in that pack, which reference themselves. I think it's clear that self-references aren't meant to be an obstacle.

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