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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

Jul 06 2018 10:34 PM by Track8
This artwork is a contender for scariest in the game. Scariest for Hastur for sure IMO. Who knows what is hidden under that ratty cloak.
Pulled from the Beyond

May 27 2018 10:03 PM by Track8
The Large Man's favorite Event as he makes it better in multiple ways. On its own, Pulled isn't great, but that changes with The Large Man.
Hermetic Scholar

May 27 2018 09:52 PM by Track8
I might be in the minority here, but I've always liked this dude. He sets up both discard piles for future recursion or to help with decking. His icons are rare in faction, and his skill is very solid. Plus, his ability isn't limited to just being played. He's a solid role player in the right deck. 3/5 stars

May 13 2018 12:09 AM by Track8
That tends to work in Cthulhu's favor, seeing as how the biggest characters in the game are green. I get to wipe the board and still keep my Cthulhu and my Cthylla. In a 2-on-2 match-up, I like my chances.

May 12 2018 01:30 PM by periodico

Not very good. This card make each player still having two characters in play.


May 09 2018 01:27 AM by Track8
The best Lost Civilization to pair with US Archaeological Society, Irem can come out early and often. Not an all-world combo or anything but fun if you can pull it off.
Pervasive Toxemia

Apr 27 2018 02:23 PM by periodico

Maybe you're right...It's a massive pity.

Pervasive Toxemia

Apr 26 2018 05:07 PM by Track8

Check out the comments for Nigel St. James.  I thought the same as you when it came to Nigel's interaction with Khopesh of the Abyss.  RichardPlunkett corrected me on that one, and the interaction between PT & Infirmary is pretty much the same.  Like I said, I wish it worked, but it doesn't.

Pervasive Toxemia

Apr 26 2018 01:28 PM by periodico

I always think Infirmary can pay PT's cost. Infirmary's replacement effect does not prevent the wound, but just the result of the destruction. The wound was successfully done (If not why destruction?).PT says : "...instead of destroying it." not instead of wound.

Pervasive Toxemia

Apr 25 2018 02:30 PM by Track8

I know Pervasive Toxemia has been discussed to death, but somehow it feels wrong that PT and Infirmary don't work together.  Thematically and mechanically, they seem like they'd be best buds.  Technically, PT can feed Infirmary, but then the Infirmary's ability would prevent you from paying PT's cost.  Bummer.

Thunder in the East

Apr 24 2018 10:20 PM by RichardPlunkett

Yep. The operations phase constraint is an inconvenience at times, but being 1-cost makes it so much more playable early game, and the card draw means you get card advantage every time you play this. Very nearly an auto-include for pure Shub decks, and a serious contender for many two-faction decks.

Thunder in the East

Apr 22 2018 07:03 PM by Track8
This card is the reason I'll never use Burrowing Beneath. I have a hard time using an inferior card when a better version exists. I don't care about the timing limitation here. That minor hindrance is well worth the low cost and the free card.

Apr 17 2018 01:07 AM by Track8
Wrath is a solid card that I sadly couldn't find a place for. It's probably best paired with your own sacrifice effects to ensure the discard effect triggers on time. Excellent blocker too. 2/5
A Fortunate Accident

Apr 07 2018 07:51 PM by Track8
It's interesting that this effect is present on three different cards, and none of them are good cards. No matter how they tried, FFG couldn't get this effect to work.
Ritual of Exclusion

Apr 05 2018 10:50 PM by Track8
I'm a bit surprised at the low rating here. Of all the ST Rituals, this is one of the most playable to me. Easy to build up tokens, a useful effect, and relatively inexpensive. I give it a 3/5 stars.
Pawn Broker

Apr 05 2018 02:12 PM by Track8

I love Pawn Broker in my Shub/Yog Dark Young deck.  He can discard Dark Young to hopefully draw more Dark Young, which are then discarded to hopefully draw more Dark Young.  Once Shub-Niggurath (The Cacophony) hits the table (via Under the Porch perhaps), all the Dark Young that the Pawn Broker discarded and drew are born.  Yeah, it's a lot of pieces that have to come together, but Pawn Broker is pretty good at bringing combo pieces together.  And Shub is traditionally one of the factions that needs lots of time, so nothing new there.


Pawn Broker and Shub-Niggurath 2.0 were made for each other.

Focused Art Student

Apr 05 2018 02:04 PM by Track8

One of the first lessons learned by newcomers to card games is the value of card draw.  In Magic the Gathering, cards that replace themselves are called "cantrips," and they're worth their weight in gold.  Aggressively costed cantrips are even better.


Focused Art Student is an aggressively costed cantrip that works for both rush and control strategies.  She also carries the Student subtype, which enables lots of synergy with the rest of the MU faction.  Combined with bouncing such as Night Class, Infirmary, etc., and you've laid the foundation for a very fun, very effective deck.  Focused Art Student definitely earns 5/5 stars for me.

Lucas Tetlow

Mar 30 2018 05:44 PM by Track8

I stumbled upon a great use for Lucas Tetlow in my MU/Yog deck.  I play Constricting Elder Thing to bounce an opponent's support card back to his hand, then I dare him to play it again while Tetlow is on the table.  If he decides to hold the support card in his hand, my Eltdown Shards is always happy to make him discard it.  Basically, all my opponent can do is resource the bounced support card unless he can play around Tetlow.  The combo would also work with Lodge Housekeeper in a MU/ST build. 

Academic Obfuscation

Mar 30 2018 03:33 PM by Track8

Need some advice.


I have a Shub/MU deck, and the deck loves itself some Pervasive Toxemia.  The faction split is roughly 75% Shub, 25% MU.  I'd like to include either Academic Obfuscation or The Grim Monolith to hopefully keep Pervasive Toxemia on the board for an extra turn.  I'm a little uncertain which one to pick.


Should I go with Obfuscation in order to help my MU resourcing curve?  Or, should I go with The Grim Monolith, which at a cost of 1 will be much more certain to see play?


I'm leaning toward the Monolith because this also happens to be a Mi-Go deck, so I really just need time, in general, to build up my forces.  Thanks in advance for the help!


Mar 29 2018 07:42 PM by Track8

Cool thing about Ipiutak is it isn't limited to opponents' effects.  Play a Strategic Planning on one of your own guys, then exhaust Ipiutak to copy the benefits onto a second character.  Ipiutak isn't just for payback anymore. :)

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