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Recent Card Discussion
Dreaming of the Past

Jan 14 2017 03:11 PM by Track8
I'd rather play a card that will help me win the game than one that will help me not lose. I used to like cards like Misdirection and Scandal, but now I realize they don't really solve the problem they're trying to address. You'll ne right back in the same boat the next turn, so this is just a deferred solution in the hopes that you can draw a real solution later. True, that's actually helpful in a Mythos deck, but Dreaming of the Past is MU, so you're probably not trying to stall.
Moon-Beast Captain

Jan 14 2017 03:01 PM by Track8

Moon-Beast Captain is awesome against any opponent who wants to blank your text boxes.  This character is 5-stars in my anti-Frozen Time deck.

Richard Upton Pickman

Jan 14 2017 02:44 PM by Track8

Of course, if you wanted to share your famous family recipe for spotted ****, you'll have a hard time of it.

Dhole Attack!

Jan 14 2017 01:30 AM by RichardPlunkett

As mulletcheese implies, this would be a much better card if it didn't use the word "then". Because it does, you only get the instant monster effect if you can destroy a location.

Basically, including this card requires either gambling that your opponent has a Location, or being willing to play and destroy your own Location. Neither of those is attractive and the result is the card is almost unplayable.

Dreamlands Scholar

Jan 13 2017 04:10 PM by Track8

The problem I found with this dude is that Obsessive Insomniac is an obvious companion to the Scholar, which makes for kind of redundant effects from two of your characters. They're not the same effect, but typically I'm using one effect in lieu of the other. And since the Insomniac is cheaper and his ability is free, his ability will usually be the winner. The Scholar has his uses, but those uses won't usually bring enough to the table.

Dream Parasite

Jan 13 2017 04:01 PM by Track8
This card might team up swell with a card like Indebted, but even then it doesn't make for an easily repeated combo. The sacrifice requirement is a bit intense. Maybe if it said "return to hand" instead, so you play Dream Parasite again for future uses...
Dhole Attack!

Jan 13 2017 03:54 PM by Track8
If your opponent sees you sitting there with an open 4-resource domain and a card in your hand, he's going to know something is up. That's especially true if he saw you resource this early in the game (as will often happen). For that reason, I suspect this card would be just as useful on offense, and that's not saying much.
Nebulous Ooze

Jan 13 2017 03:07 PM by GrahamM

I think it's pretty solid, but in a faction with a ton of solid cards. Nebulous Ooze forces an opponent to block with characters that can beat your biggest baddest non-committed dude, which can make combat math pretty difficult, particularly in Yog, which has a bunch of combat tricks already.

Dreamlore Documents

Jan 13 2017 01:54 PM by Track8
The worst part about this card is the fact your opponent gets to take the first action during the Operations phase. So, chances are, your opponent will get to play the character or support card he wants before you can trigger this.
The Setting Sun

Jan 13 2017 12:16 PM by Track8
Silver Twilight Temptresses work best under The Setting Sun.
Expendable Muscle

Jan 12 2017 01:32 AM by Track8
I've always liked this card, but I could never find a deck for it. Some other card always beat it out. I think it would be fun combined with Wandering Tinker.
The Thing from the Shore

Jan 11 2017 09:21 PM by Track8

Does anyone think this leviathan is looking for his stolen Khopesh? :)

Nebulous Ooze

Jan 11 2017 06:13 PM by Track8
That's a big "if," but I see your point. it gives you the flexibility to commit just enough to succeed at the story without having to overcommit. Definitely a narrow effect, but occasionally useful I suppose.
Nebulous Ooze

Jan 11 2017 03:10 PM by GrahamM

If they don't block Nebulous Ooze, you swap it for a character with non zero skill, maybe an investigation icon, and win 2 or 3 success tokens for 1.


It's basically useless on defense, since its ability is to let the the player using choose to swap after an opponent's characters have been assigned, which the defending player already does. But on offense it allows you to make the final commitment decisions with more information, a rare reversal. 


As a marginal benefit, it also keeps your character standing, so it can be used on defense during your opponent's turn (again, useless if you use the Ooze while defending).

Nebulous Ooze

Jan 11 2017 02:37 AM by Track8
I've often pondered Nebulous Ooze, straining to visualize how this card would be best utilized. Has anyone seen this card used to good effect? It seems like if this ability was on a big Ancient One, it would be awesome at letting you discourage blockers, but then allowing you to swap the AO out for a chump and now having the AO for defense. But on a card with these meager stats... let's just say no one is scared to block a Nebulous Ooze (if they even bother, that is).
Danny O'Bannion's Office

Jan 04 2017 05:25 PM by Track8

A sneaky friend to Living Ink, which actually destroys its host, not sacrifices.  Also makes a nice team with Clover Club High Roller and potentially Crooked Attorney.

John & Jessie Burke

Jan 04 2017 05:17 PM by Track8

Good call, RichardPlunkett.  Maybe if John Jessie flat-out destroyed that committed character, or if they wounded ANY character, they could be worth it.  It's pretty easy for your opponent to see this ability coming though, so it will rarely even trigger.  


The one redeeming quality of this card is it's a Government character with an arcane icon.  Unfortunately for this relentless couple, Military Attache at the same cost took even that away from them.

John & Jessie Burke

Jan 04 2017 09:42 AM by RichardPlunkett

This one is definitely a disappointment. Even his ability being a response hurts, since it doesn't happen in time to change the story resolution. It needed to be a disrupt to be useful. I think this card is unplayable unless you are getting the Government discount.

Magarta Kiss

Jan 04 2017 02:53 AM by Track8
Not bad when combined with the new Nyarlathotep.
John & Jessie Burke

Jan 04 2017 02:52 AM by Track8
When I pay 4 for a character, I expect some Willpower, Toughness, good skill, maybe Invulnerability even. This offers none of the above. Instead you get a conditional "win more" ability that encourages you to hang back with your shiny new 4-cost character. Thanks, but I think I'll save up for a Basilisk instead.

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