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Recent Card Discussion
Shoshana Hatch

Today, 11:33 AM by Garnett11

Ok cool, thanks!

Shoshana Hatch

Today, 02:28 AM by Track8
One struggle, not one struggle type.
Shoshana Hatch

Yesterday, 09:31 PM by Garnett11

In the case of multiple struggles of the same type, would she cancel the resolve of only one such struggle or all (of the same type)?

It seems one can interpret the card both ways. 

Thanks in advance!

Mind Swap

May 28 2017 02:00 PM by Track8
Thanks, RP. I think I'll just defer to your opinion. You know more about rule stuff than I do.
Mind Swap

May 28 2017 04:10 AM by RichardPlunkett

This one is tough. I thought I had read something about it a while back, but can't find it and thus have no solid answers.

I do know that it comes up a lot. There is this rules discussion: http://www.cardgamed...d-gained-icons/ in which it seemed everyone agreed that a granted icon was also transferred, and I believe they all implicitly believed it wasn't being re-granted - though I don't think they speak to this.


A question arises as to whether:

1) a granting effect is continually checking to see if the icon it gave is still there and re-granting it? or

2) if grants only happen on some kind of status change? or

3) maybe they never actually happen and are only added at the last moment to effect calculations?


In most cases I have seen, most players I have met seem to prefer (2).

So if you have something granting you an icon, and then something removes that icon for a period, the removal works and you don't have the icon for that period.


This is certainly how my local groups play and seems to be how the people in that forum viewed things.


In summary I agree the Twilight Cannibal gets the Servitor T icon that the Moonbound had, but I don't think the Moonbound gets it again/anymore - at least until the Mind Swap wear's off.

The Claret Knight

May 25 2017 01:57 PM by Track8

I'm not familiar with Lovecraftian lore.  This card's subtitle is "Her Sworn Champion."  To whom is the "her" referring?  At first, I thought maybe it was Naomi O'Bannion because of the synergy with Tactics, but now I'm thinking maybe Victoria Glasser?  The Claret Knight looks like he could very well be standing in the same art gallery as Victoria Glasser.

Ophidian Blight

May 24 2017 04:46 PM by Track8

Between Corn and Blight, you're talking about combining two cards with built-in cancels.  That's a shaky start to a combo.


If you do pull off the combo, you'll need your opponent to commit 4 or 5 characters - NONE with Willpower or Terror icons - to reap the benefits of the Corn/Blight combo.  And they all need to be committed to the same story too.


Lastly, don't forget Corn has 3 Steadfast Shub icons.  Combined with the Blight, you're committing yourself to a deck that majors in Shub, minors in Cthulhu.  Totally legitimate build - just don't let the tail wag the dog.


The Hastur faction is the undisputed king of the Terror struggle, so I recommend you look there.  If your goal is to leverage Lucas Corn, maybe start with other Shub cards from the same release.  The Three Bells is nice for stealing whatever big character your opponent might have ditched to Corn's ability, and Into the Woods can go fetch Lucas Corn out of your deck and throw him down for free later in the game when the opponent might have an empty hand.  Personally, I'm using him in a mono-Shub Monster/Ghoul deck with Untimely Burial and Shadowed Wood - keep pulling him out of the deck with the Burial, the Wood keeps reviving him for free, rinse and repeat until my opponent's hand is gone - but there are a million different ways to use him.  Discovering your own way is part of the fun!

Old Sea Dog

May 24 2017 04:05 PM by Track8

Welcome, SpeechPathologist!


I'm probably the most amateur player on this site, but in my opinion, your combo would only be worth it if you could recur Path of Blood (Yog-Sothoth, Chant of Thoth, The Large Man, etc.).  If you can't recycle Path of Blood, then you're basically using 6 card slots in your deck for an effect that will likely occur only once or twice.  Also, once your opponent sees what you're doing, the Old Sea Dog is going to attract a lot of your opponent's removal effects.  Figure on needing more cards (like Ys, which is a good card in its own right) that can protect your Old Sea Dog.  The game is replete with ways of dealing with a 2-cost, 2-skill character who lacks any protection on his own.


Try your combo out and see if you find the juice is worth the squeeze.  Hunting Nightgaunt would probably fit great in such a deck, although that would commit you to including some Night cards.


I'd also recommend you check out the Silver Twilight faction.  Lord Jeffrey Farrington is arguably the best "bouncing" card in the game, and I find it's easier to get repetitive uses out of characters than out of events.  Happy play-testing! 

Ophidian Blight

May 24 2017 12:15 PM by SpeechPathologist

"Lucas Corn" is my favorite high "Terror" card and I was wondering if it would work well with this? I am picturing a turn buying combo, which drives most of your opponent's characters insane (assuming it does not get canceled). I would love someone's opinion, as I am very new to the game. :)

Old Sea Dog

May 24 2017 12:05 PM by SpeechPathologist

I love the "Path of Blood" spell and recently saw the synergy between it and "Old Sea Dog". Returning any minion to it's owner's hand for 1 mana and an exhaust seems pretty powerful to me. Is this "combo" worth putting into your deck? *I am a new CoC player, so I would love someone's input on this! :)

Mind Swap

May 22 2017 03:06 PM by Track8

I'm a little confused on how Mind Swap works with Moonbound Byakhee.  Let's say my opponent commits a Twilight Cannibal to a story.  I commit my Moonbound Byakee to oppose the Cannibal.  Then, I play Mind Swap, choosing these two characters as my targets.


I assume the following things are true:

1. The Twilight Cannibal now has TCA.  Even though the Cannibal isn't a Servitor under my control, it still gains the T icon that the Byakhee's ability gives to itself.

2. The Byakhee now has TTCC.  The Byakhee is still a Servitor, and its passive effect is still working, so it still gives itself the extra T icon (which could be relevant in the event of a Under the Yellow Sign, etc.)


Could someone please let me know if there are any holes in my logic here?  Thank you.

The Carpathian

May 20 2017 02:53 AM by Track8
Nicely done! :)

Who doesn't love a good Ghostbusters quote?
The Carpathian

May 19 2017 07:38 PM by washme

Egon: Vigo the Carpathian. Born 1505, died 1610.
Peter Venkman: 105 years old, he hung in there, didn't he?
Ray: He didn't die of old age, either. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered.
Peter Venkman: Ouch.
Winston: Guess he wasn't too popular at the end, huh?
Egon: No, not exactly a man of the people. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy.
Peter Venkman: Wasn't he also Vigo the Butch?
Ray: And dig this, there was a prophecy. Just before his head died, his last words were "Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'll be back."

The Carpathian

May 18 2017 02:30 PM by Track8

This wouldn't happen to be Vigo the Carpathian, would it?  "He is Vigo!  You are but the buzzing of flies to him!"  Anyone?


May 17 2017 04:27 PM by Track8

Maybe the funnest way to use this card is to attach it to an opponent's character.  Imagine your opponent's disappointment when you put his General Edward Irving in a Straightjacket?  All those impressive combat icons don't mean much when the General can't use his arms, and because he has Willpower, he can't easily get the stupid thing off!

Opening the Limbo Gate

May 17 2017 04:14 PM by Track8

Opening the Limbo Gate, Things in the Ground, and Broken Space, Broken Time seem like good ways to set up your Stalking Hounds.  The Hounds would help offset the inherent symmetry in those cards, so they're less likely to backfire on you.  That's two-way synergy for you, and that's the name of every card game.


May 17 2017 01:50 PM by Track8

I've never thought much of this card as it isn't anything special.  Like most cards, however, I think it can be pretty good in the right deck.  I was struggling with the lack of combat icons in my mono-Agency Hunter deck, which was really concerning considering Relentless Stalker is an integral part of that build and is dependent upon winning combat struggles.  Give the Stalker a Machete, and voila!  Willpower, Toughness +1, Fast, 4 combat icons, and a combat icon booster.  Problem solved.  


I already had Snowmobiles in the deck because of how well it pairs with Relentless Stalker and Peerless Tracker.  Add the Machete to the list, as anything that gives extra icons or icon flexibility pairs great with the Snowmobile.


May 16 2017 04:36 PM by Track8

I think this version of Nyarlathotep is really cool, but he's also tricky to leverage.  After a lot of study, I think I've figured out at least 3 strategies that work well with him.  Maybe these will help others who've had similar struggles with the Black Pharaoh.  Here they are in order of greatest effectiveness IMO:


1. Pair him with resource destruction/manipulation - pretty obvious, but this tactic will force your opponent to keep resourcing as he tries to undo the damage done to his domains (think Torch the Joint, The Peel Association, Thule Zealot)

2. Pair him with cost-raising - when the cost to play cards rises, players will have to allocate more resources to pay for them (Elspeth Baudin, Iod, etc. hit all players equally, but Nyarlathotep will only pick on your opponent's attempts to keep up with inflation); goes really well with cost reducers on your side like Priestess of Bubastis and Ghoulish Worshipper

3. Pair him with discarding - given the choice between losing cards in his hand to discard, or resourcing them, your opponent will usually prefer the latter option; with Nyarlathotep on the board, this choice becomes less clear, and puts your opponent in a no-win situation; requires a modicum of speed before your opponent plays out his opening hand (I'm using Eltdown Shards, so I can hand-pick *pun intended* the cards I want to discard; Whitton Greene improves my chances of getting the Shards early, and the Cylinders of Kadatheron act as a back-up to Greene)


I'm sure there are more ways to build around Nyarlathotep, the Black Pharaoh.  These are just 3 that I've noticed.


May 16 2017 04:14 PM by Track8

I assume the Doppelganger would benefit from Resilient if it copied a Baka (or similar Resilient non-unique character).  The Doppelganger would be a copy of the Baka until it leaves play.  Rules on Resilient read "when the Resilient character WOULD leave play."  The Resilient would seem to take effect before the Doppelganger has left play, and thus, before the Doppelganger has ceased to be a copy of the Baka.

Ammunitions Expert

May 14 2017 11:31 AM by Track8
Want a design challenge, RP? :)

Yes, you'd need more to the deck than this, but this could be a piece of the puzzle. It could definitely get you endless amounts of Dynamite, that's for sure. From there, I might try Gugs - they like being wounded (by Dynamite, for instance), and most of them are Monsters too. Of course, you'd need more Agency dudes to wield said boom stick.

Would be a casual deck, not a tournament deck. Agency + Yog = Wild.

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