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Recent Card Discussion
Fleeting Guise

Today, 03:30 PM by NuFenix


When I use Fleeting Guise (Terror in Venice F55) to “choose a character” is the chosen character considered to be a targeted character, even though it doesn’t use the word target?
Yes, all tenses of the word choose (choose, chooses, chose, or chosen) are indicators of targeting.

Museum Curator

Today, 03:28 PM by NuFenix


If I trigger Museum Curator (The Yuggoth Contract, F70) what order do the cards go on the bottom of my deck?
The cards will go on the bottom of your deck in the same order they were in on top of your deck, the first card being placed on the bottom first, the second card being placed second, and so on.


Today, 03:26 PM by NuFenix


Does Malocchio (Terror in Venice, F33) get one of each icon from each character in every player’s discard pile?
No, Malocchio will get one instance of an icon if it is present in any players discard pile. In other words the most icons his own ability can give him would be one (Terror), one (Combat), one (Arcane), and one (Investigation) icon.


Not discounting what jasonconlon said above, simply making sure the FAQ entries are in the comments :)

Twila Katherine Price

Today, 03:24 PM by NuFenix


Does the ability of Twila Katherine Price (Dreamlands F3) work with Conspiracy cards? What about conspiracy cards that specifically have the requirement of winning them or having a character from a particular faction?
Twila Katherine Price does work on conspiracy cards since once played they are treated as story cards, but her ability does not alter the effect of the triggered story card or conspiracy in any way. If the effect requires you to meet a condition that you do not meet and therefor are unable to successfully resolve that effect her ability cannot be triggered.

The Three Bells

Today, 03:22 PM by NuFenix


Can I trigger The Three Bells (Revelations, F92) if I have no characters to sacrifice?
No, in order to trigger an ability without the “if able” clause, you must be able to successfully resolve the triggered effect, and it is a singular effect that makes each player sacrifice a character, so if each player does not have a character to sacrifice the effect cannot be triggered.

Jacob Finnegan

Today, 03:21 PM by NuFenix


If I am the inactive player and have Jacob Finnegan (Denizens of the Underworld F6) committed to a story, does he go to the bottom of my deck after the skill check resolves even though I cannot succeed at the story?
Yes, Jaccob Finnegan’s ability will check any time there is a skill check at a story he is committed to, and any result other than you succeeding will send him to the bottom of his owner’s deck.

Professor Nathaniel Peaslee

Today, 03:20 PM by NuFenix

FAQ 4.0:

If I trigger Professor Nathaniel Peaslee (Key and the Gate F6) to steal my opponent’s character and he already controls a Professor Nathaniel Peaslee of his own, do I get his character and keep my Professor Nathaniel Peaslee?
No. The effect that swaps control of his character and yours is a single effect. If either one of you is incapable of taking control of the other’s character, the effect fails.

Carl Stanford

Today, 03:19 PM by NuFenix

FAQ 4.0:

Does Carl Stanford, Sinister, not necessarily Evil (Seekers of Knowledge F51) prevent Dormant from happening?
Carl Stanford prevents the cost reduction that Dormant provides but he cannot stop the ability to play the card. If the opposing player cannot pay the full cost of the card it is discarded.


Today, 03:18 PM by NuFenix

FAQ 4.0

Does Andrew Chapman (The Key and the Gate F48) protect characters against the triggered effect of Khopesh of the Abyss (Ancient Relics F16) effect?
Andrew Chapman’s ability reads: “Disrupt: When an opponent’s effect would destroy or make you sacrifice a character you control, instead discard a card from your hand. Then, place a success token on Andrew Chapman.”
His ability would be able to disrupt the final wound that would send a character you control to the discard pile, but if hte character had toughness it would only disrupt the final wound.

Hand of Aforgomon

Today, 03:16 PM by NuFenix


How does the card Hand of Aforgomon (The Key and the Gate F14) interact with other cards that raise or lower the skill of characters?
The Hand of Aforgomon always causes other characters at the same story to have their skill considered 0. This applies even if other effects have raised or lowered those character’s skill.

Houngan Seydou

Today, 02:27 PM by NuFenix

dboeren - Whilst the Hand of Aforgomon is there, you remove all their characters for free, and then kick out the Hand, getting all of your skill back ;)

Houngan Seydou

Today, 02:07 PM by dboeren

If you use Hand of Aforgomon you definitely need to be able to adjust his skill up or else total skill is zero and you're only getting one token instead of three.  Interesting combo though, and there are other ways to lower skill to experiment with too.  I've never really looked at Houngan as a competitive card (partly due to cost) but if you can get around his high cost somehow...

Houngan Seydou

Today, 12:20 PM by Carthoris

I really like this guy. I've used him a little in the past, and I should give him more chances to play. Maybe in a voodoo-themed deck with cards from the 1000 Young.

Peter Clover

Today, 12:00 PM by sparkyUK71
no of course lol
Peter Clover

Today, 11:57 AM by NuFenix

You wouldn't even be allowed to trigger it.

Houngan Seydou

Today, 11:56 AM by NuFenix

Chosen for CotD 4th July 2015, as the idea of a repeatable means to remove a character from a story seems very strong. But when combined with skill reduction to make the opponent skill 0 (ideally Hand of Aforgomon), it is free to remove them from the story.

The limit of the character not having an attachment isn't too bad, due to how rarely they get played, especially beneficial ones.


The only thing that puts me off is his cost 4 and no Toughness or Invulnerability, allowing him to be wounded before he can do tricks in the story.

Peter Clover

Today, 11:42 AM by sparkyUK71

so I guess if there are no characters at a story then there is no point triggering his abiity

Peter Clover

Today, 11:36 AM by NuFenix

The timing chart in the rulebook on p13 details all the action windows, but in summary there is an action window after each declaration step, so you could remove their character when it is attacking or defending.


No, the limit of once per story, per turn does not carry over if unused.

The Plague Stone

Today, 10:05 AM by VonWibble

I lost a game to this card and my opponent wondered afterwards if it was too powerful.
Sequence was:
He triggered it, cleared the board, then brought out characters during his operations phase, committed them to two stories with close to 5 tokens.
Stories are unopposed, two stories completed with his first in the bag - game over for me.
Is it supposed to play out like that?

It is, yes. Its undoubtedly very powerful and should be strongly considered in any deck built. There are a few answers you can use to it though.

Firstly, he loses tempo in the previous turn by playing it for no short term gain.

Secondly, if you have any day cards in your hand and he gives you a full turn to play them, you can destroy it.

Thirdly, if he plays safer and deploys and uses it in the same turn, he has 1 domain left. That's 1 UO story assuming you don't have any events/supports you can use to boot the character out.

Finally, the Claret Knight is immune and available to any deck.

Personally I find it more effective to trigger it in the opponents story phase as it basically stops him for that turn. And then you get to deploy 3 characters.
Peter Clover

Today, 09:44 AM by sparkyUK71

when do you trigger the action after the opponent has committed to a story? or is defending one? and if your opponent doesn't commit to a story and you don't win it that turn does the action roll over to the next time?

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