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Recent Card Discussion

Nov 14 2017 03:01 PM by Track8

Good for forcing unopposed successes I suppose, but the fact that it's telegraphed means you'll probably never actually get to assign the extra wounds.  The opponent will just stay away, or block with one guy who has Toughness or Invulnerability, rather than voluntarily walk into a Bloodbath.  I suppose some "lure" effects would support this card, but now we're talking a lot of set-up for a marginal pay-off.  Who is going to pay 3 for a bloodless Bloodbath?

Clover Club Bootlegger

Nov 10 2017 06:18 PM by Track8
Clover Club Bootlegger is obviously designed to pair with Johnny Valone, Blind Fighting, and similar "exhaust to..." effects. It also pairs well with shutdown decks using Unending Festivities and the like. A little sneaky value that the Bootlegger brings is versus Terror. Yes, the Bootlegger can go insane, but he doesn't require the usual two turns in order to get back in the action. He's ready to resume his bootlegging as soon as you restore him.

Every deck needs a few cards like CCB. He'll do the dirty work, so your stars can shine. CCB is a dependable 3/5 stars.
Cover Up

Nov 10 2017 03:34 PM by Track8

For when you absolutely HAVE to get that conspiracy that you built your deck around...


I'm currently running 3x this card in a deck built around The Blackwood Initiative.  For starters, Cover Up lets me bypass the exorbitant 2-cost of the Initiative, allowing me to spend more of my resources on better characters.  Better yet, the Initiative is only useful so long as the opponent needs to play resources.  If I go first and draw Cover Up in my opening draw, I can fetch and put Cover Up into play before my opponent has even gotten a chance to take a turn.  And I still haven't even drained my 2-resource domain yet.  If I'm lucky enough to also have a Thule Zealot in hand, my opponent is way behind before he even started.


Cover Up isn't for every deck, but in a deck like the one I described above, it's money.  

Lord Jeffrey Farrington

Nov 10 2017 03:23 PM by Track8

B. Ramsdale Brown, August Lindquist, and maybe Josef Meiger are superior to LJF.  That said, I think Farrington is the quintessential Silver Twilight character.  Cost, icons, skill, subtypes, and ability are all right on point.  I'll give him a 3/5 for efficiency and the tempo he generates as a one-time use, but when you can maximize his ability through repeated uses (via Initiate of Huang Hun, Knight of the Outer Void, etc.) he's a 5/5 for sure.

While He Sleeps

Nov 10 2017 03:04 PM by Track8

Especially since the Cthulhu faction is possibly the worst of the Mythos factions when it comes to Terror.  The added icons can really help in the right situation.

While He Sleeps

Nov 07 2017 08:02 PM by SpeechPathologist

Pretty situational and weird card, but the flavor it has is just amazing! Showing your cultists the thing which they worship for a brief moment just to boost their already fanatical beliefs :D

Nikola Tesla

Nov 06 2017 05:42 PM by Track8

I believe so, FruitCandy.  Naomi's ability specifically says "trigger a Tactic event card in any discard pile."  So, as long as the Tactic event you're triggering is in YOUR discard pile, you're triggering an effect from your discard pile.  Thus, you'd be forced to put a success token on Tesla.  Incidentally, Mind Swap is a beast when combined with Naomi.  Now that you've found the Naomi-Nikola combo, you have a solid basis for a Purple/Brown deck.  Well done.

Nikola Tesla

Nov 04 2017 03:57 PM by FruitCandy

Does Tesla can be triggered through the ability of Naomi O'Bannon?


Nov 04 2017 05:09 AM by Track8

Broadmoor might have been playable if its ability reduced the cost of the event to zero or wasn't restricted to just Cthulhu events.  As it is, Broadmoor actually makes your events LESS effective because you lose the surprise element that events normally provide.


Based on the reviews above, I'm wondering what would have happened if CoC would've survived one more cycle.  Might FFG gone with a "events matter" theme, similar to how Terror in Venice had a "conspiracies matter" theme?  That would've been cool.

Tom O’Bedlam

Nov 02 2017 08:05 PM by Track8

A build-around card for sure, Tom O'Bedlam is a high-floor/low-ceiling card in my opinion.  At worst, he gives you a nice icon/skill stack that is hard to find in yellow.  At best, he can remove key characters from your opponent's plans.


My only problem with Tom is I really want to build around him, and that's a case of the tail wagging the dog for an ability that isn't always powerful enough.  Include non-Madness events like Hali's Directive or At Night They Roam, and you're not helping enable Tom.  Include all Madness events, excluding the rest, and you're still only getting one targeted wound, and only so long as Tom is sane at the time.  Your opponent's most troublesome characters will often be able to withstand the first wound from Tom.


The build-around dependence of Tom's situational ability combined with his attractive stat line makes him a solid 3/5 stars for me.

Tommy Gun

Nov 02 2017 02:45 PM by Track8

I think Danigral hit the nail on the head here.  Tommy Gun is a pretty unexciting card, but it surprisingly fills a niche in the game.  That is, giving Shub easier access to combat boosters.  Shub is already good at winning combat struggles, but it doesn't have many ways to really leverage that strength.  While Tommy Gun isn't a good thematic fit, in game terms it pairs well with Shub's big uglies.  And the more I think about it, who wouldn't love the visual of a Twilight Cannibal hosing its prey with a Tommy Gun?

Beneath the Surface

Oct 31 2017 04:45 AM by Track8
I'd start with Overworked Graduate Student for the cost reducing benefit. Your jumper idea is a good one. Then there's always stealing icons. Lena do Boerio and Mind Eater can cause big swings at Investigation struggles.
Erich Zann

Oct 28 2017 05:45 PM by SpeechPathologist

I really like the "Musician" part of this guy. Jeff Harson is an "Artist" and a "Lunatic", while Erich Zann is a sane (kind of) man, who only plays what he hears from the abyss. It fits his short story as well.

Beneath the Surface

Oct 28 2017 05:25 PM by SpeechPathologist

Hey, everyone! Has anyone ever used this successfully? Are there any shenanigans with Dirk Sharpe, Descendant of Eibon or other jumpers? What kind of a deck would you guys try this in?

Lucas Tetlow

Oct 26 2017 06:24 PM by ibell

Lucas can defend  key MU Unique Locations and Lost Civilisations like Ultima Thule in Explorer decks from Frozen Time.

Lucas Tetlow

Oct 21 2017 03:50 PM by Track8

So, MU had a glaring weakness for non-Location supports, and Lucas Tetlow shores up that weakness?  Or, Tetlow pairs great with another specific MU card that I'm not seeing?  I get what he does.  I just thought there might be more reasoning behind why MU needed his ability.  As best I can tell, Tetlow's ability, while powerful, seems very generic.  Maybe his ability is designed to synergize with The Archmage, Arcanis, and that's it.

Lucas Tetlow

Oct 20 2017 11:15 PM by periodico

He can rob non-Location support, half of the support cards.

Lucas Tetlow

Oct 18 2017 02:05 PM by Track8

Can someone help me out with Lucas Tetlow?  I'm actually using him in a deck because I recognize 2-cost characters with 2 icons, 2 skill, and Invulnerability don't come along everyday.  And I recognize that his ability could prove useful as a deterrent.  But is Lucas a meta-answer to something specific that I'm not seeing?  It seems like a highly specific ability that I'm not sure how to best use.

Guardians of the Gate

Oct 16 2017 02:42 AM by Track8
If you have a way to consistently put cards back on top of your opponent's deck (Wilbur Whateley 2.0, Tenebrous Nightgaunt, etc.) then your opponent will never draw a new card again as long as he keeps playing that card.
Book of Iod

Oct 13 2017 12:19 PM by RichardPlunkett

The hardest part about the Book of Iod is keeping the character you attach it to alive. I have seen plenty of games where someone plays a Book of Iod and the other player immediately kills that charater via an event.

Even so, that is probably the only thing making his card a probable 4 instead of a certain 5 to me. If your deck lets you reliably place it on someone with (T) and either toughness or invulnerability, then it is one of the truly strong cards. If it sits in play for just one Action window I think it has covered its cost. If it sits in plays for several rounds then you are likely to win. Card advantage is massive in this game and this card almost always delivers it in spades (or perhaps that should be in Shubs).

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