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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

Today, 06:54 AM by Adriangeek
Any number? Am I misreading this, or is this rather potent?

Apr 24 2015 12:22 AM by jasonconlon

FAQ reads:
(2.10) Ready/Exhausted vs Committed/Uncommitted
Note that only exhausted cards can be readied, and only readied cards can be exhausted. Insane characters are neither ready nor exhausted when turned facedown, regardless of whether they are upright or 90 degrees sideways, and cannot be readied (or exhausted) until they are first restored.
Alhazred Lamp

Apr 23 2015 08:07 PM by NuFenix

Pricey, but being able to give any character one of each icon in a faction that is naturally broad apart from terror, allows it to add extra flexibility.


Stick it on someone like Lady Lu Chu (Curse of the Jade Emperor) to be an absolute beast!


Sadly as my card pool has increased, my use of this card has decreased. I really should look at using it again...

A Single Glimpse

Apr 23 2015 07:57 PM by VonWibble
Very powerful early game. I completely agree with the above, you need to keep numbers down to get the best use out of this.

Also not so great against Cult-de-Sac

Apr 23 2015 07:00 PM by crackotage

Since it just says "choose and ready a character." does that mean this could be used on insane characters as well as exhausted?

.45 Pistols

Apr 22 2015 07:34 PM by Mulletcheese
Not great but I can see a couple of uses for a zero cost weapon attachment. Getting fixer into play turn one or using evidence locker for free. If I was using displaced cthonian or Caleb being able to recur a zero cost support card would make their abilities one sided. Not great but combos do exist for this if you really want to use it.

Apr 22 2015 06:55 PM by NuFenix

A solid card as you can use it to remove characters your opponent has, most likely for story manipulation, or to return your own characters who have useful enters/leaves play abilities.


The restriction of only working on characters without terror keeps it fair, but if you ever did want to make it more likely to work, then The Rays of Dawn (Twilight Horror) can surprise your opponent by allowing you to target characters they assumed would be safe.

Adult Deep One

Apr 22 2015 06:48 PM by NuFenix

Compared to other Deep Ones for the same cost, you get more skill, more icons, or a more useful ability.


If you are holding back one or more domains each turn with 2 resources to protect him, then if your opponent doesn't trigger anything you are holding yourself back. If it protected ALL Deep Ones then he might be more passable. Sadly another case of a core card being quickly usurped.

A Single Glimpse

Apr 22 2015 06:37 PM by NuFenix

If you are using lots of other tricks to keep your opponent's side of the table light on characters, then being able to get rid of almost any character is immense. But the limitation that they choose the character, and you can only play it during your operation phase means once your card pool expands it won't make it into a deck.

.45 Pistols

Apr 22 2015 06:32 PM by NuFenix

I concur with Danigral.


Getting an extra point of combat on a character is useful if it means it will allow you to now win a combat struggle. But wouldn't you rather see a character with combat who will do more?

A Call for Help

Apr 20 2015 04:22 PM by Banalitybob

Also, Silver Twilight + Agency has some awesome build options, including recycling Bending the Rules with B. Ramsdale Brown to abuse a domain multiple times in a turn...

A Call for Help

Apr 20 2015 03:04 PM by dboeren

The cost is pretty bad.  Otherwise, exhausting a little guy to find your big important guy would be quite reasonable.  If your domains are built to the point that you can play this AND still pay for your big important guy then it starts looking better.  That may be possible now in a Government themed list...

A Call for Help

Apr 20 2015 12:45 PM by Danigral

I'd never want to top deck this instead of an actual character. Huge tempo loss.

A Call for Help

Apr 20 2015 07:35 AM by Mulletcheese
This just got a whole lot better, now that agency have better characters can give everyone arcane icons and has cost reduction to afford bigger characters. I can see a couple of these fitting into my agency decks.
Repo Man

Apr 19 2015 04:52 PM by Mulletcheese
I recently ran this at the local store championship, sadly he failed to live up to my expectations. I still have hope for the ability but icons < skill is never a good sign, especially when the ability is reliant on your opponent having specific cards in play.

Apr 19 2015 04:46 PM by Mulletcheese
BOOM!!! Here is one of the best agency attachments. It impacts the game just by being in play, making your opponent unlikely to overcommit. Used once it can be devastating but when combined with recursion this can win games. Agency can also force your opponent to commit all his characters to one story for a one-sided reset.
Marshall Greene

Apr 19 2015 04:39 PM by Mulletcheese
The ability to nullify terror at struggle is huge, great for his cost and with the subtypes to fit into any agency build. 2x in most decks.
Hand Restraints

Apr 19 2015 04:29 PM by Mulletcheese
This is a really really bad card. You need your opponent to have a character with both those icons in play to get the most out of this card but even then I'd rather run any other card.
Interrogation Center

Apr 19 2015 04:04 PM by Mulletcheese
This is a meta call, unless you are running old sea dog. If you are troubled by lots of neutral characters it may be worth running this for a bit to force a change in the meta but I wouldn't give this a permanent spot in a deck.
Government Exorcist

Apr 19 2015 03:55 PM by Mulletcheese
2 skill, combat + investigation and the government subtype is my benchmark for a decent 2 cost agency character. So he's playable even without the ability, especially in the holy themed deck I've been wanting to make since I first started playing. Sadly the ability is conditional on your opponents deck, it's useless in over half your matchups but could make a story unopposed when it works. Playing this alongside zanni will make the ability even useful.

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