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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Hamu XX 15:14

Yesterday, 09:49 AM by RichardPlunkett

I don't think there is any effective difference. Made insane is a result, where as drive insane seems slightly more of a method, so 'made' might  have the potential to apply more broadly in some games. But, right now, I can't think of any way of making a character insane except driving him insane, so they may as well be equal.

Lord of Y'ha-nthlei

Yesterday, 02:16 AM by Track8
Between this guy, Deep One Scout, St. Erasmus, and Lurking Deep One, I think exhausting and readying Deep Ones is meant to be at the core of the Deep One strategy. I don't know if anyone else thinks the same thing, but the exhaust and ready theme always comes back around for me.
Jiang Shi

Jan 14 2018 11:59 PM by Track8
Yeah, the Subtype doesn't help. I think the Loyal is a non-starter if you're not skewing green in your deck build.
Emerging Deep One

Jan 14 2018 11:58 PM by Track8
Cheap Deep Ones are hard to find, which makes this misfit all the more annoying. Talk about niche, this guy won't be emerging into any of my decks.
Jiang Shi

Jan 14 2018 06:13 PM by ibell

Aurora Borealis doesn't get round Loyal either.

From The Depths avoids paying for characters so would work but you'd have to get lucky.

Strange that BB is a Loyal Independent. Knight of the Eclipse is the only other such.

Jiang Shi

Jan 14 2018 03:19 PM by Track8
Aurora Borealis? That skews green again though because of the steadfast.
Jiang Shi

Jan 14 2018 12:51 PM by ibell

I am also working on a Cthulhu/Hastor  (Hastor[(T)=Success)]+Aziz Chtulkua) deck. King in Yellow clearly belongs in any such Hastur deck and Burden Bearer would appear to be the perfect late-game carrier but I can't see a way round the Loyal. It forces you to slew to Cthulhu and means you will be paying at least 4 for BB . Are there any cards that get round Loyal? ArchMage Attache doesn't.

Hamu XX 15:14

Jan 13 2018 10:49 AM by ibell

Is there a difference between "made insane" and "driven insane" ?

Por XV 14:19

Jan 12 2018 05:34 PM by Track8
Mariner doesn't trigger this Response since the sacrifice comes at end of phase. Anyone disagree because I'm hoping I'm wrong here.
Starry-Eyed Adherent

Jan 12 2018 05:29 PM by Track8
I think you do. I've wondered the same about Aziz Chataluka, but I think the answer is the same. Too bad it doesn't say you "may" do it.
Starry-Eyed Adherent

Jan 11 2018 11:26 PM by ibell

Do you have to sacrifice him if support is unappealing? Text reads "If it is a support card, sacrifice Starry-Eyed Adherent to put it into play under your control." rather than "sacrifice Starry-Eyed Adherent and put it into play" .

Lady Esprit

Jan 10 2018 06:12 PM by Track8

I have a strange fascination with the "lieutenants," as I call them, from the deluxe expansion boxes.  It's not an exact science, but I consider almost all the deluxe boxes to have them.  They're unique characters, they typically cost around 4, and their raw power-level is always slightly beneath the biggest characters.  Lady Esprit is a lieutenant in The Thousand Young box, and I'd say she's probably the best.  I've only faced her once, but she was a menace to deal with.  I don't find the Fast to be particularly useful with her except on defense because most 4-cost characters who would oppose her can beat her straight-up in a fight.  But Shub desperately needed a character like Lady Esprit, someone who could single-handedly put a game away.  No, you don't have a printed Investigation icon, but how often do you expect that in Shub anyway?  5/5.


Some of my other lieutenants, by the way, would be Wilbur Whateley 2.0, General Edward Erving, Henry Anthony Wilcox, Tru'Nembra, Whitton Greene, Lord Jeffrey Farrington, and Naomi O'Bannion. 

Umr at-Tawil

Jan 10 2018 02:32 PM by Track8

I don't think it's a stretch to say Umr is better in a dedicated Sorcerer deck than Yog 3.0.  He's great for triggering Nephren-ka.  He gives you valuable intel to support Seer of the Gate's ability.  And he's sneaky good with Wilbur Whateley 2.0, as the timing of the abilities allows you to bounce a character to the top of your opponent's deck before Umr allows you to draw and discard from the opponent's hand.  Not to mention, you can use Umr to seed any discard pile, enabling all sorts of recursive tricks.  Plus, the art is wicked.  4/5


Jan 10 2018 01:03 PM by Track8

The forgotten Ancient One.  The effect is very mediocre, certainly not enough to justify the unimpressive icon stack, and it's not easily repeated since it says "play from your hand" rather than "enters play."  The effect's wording even precludes playing it from your discard pile via Corrupted Midwife.  Nug is a house, but his twin Yeb?  Not so much.  1/5

The Warrens

Jan 09 2018 11:46 AM by Track8
While Yig is very good, the Serpent HQ here is what I consider the true Serpent "boss." The Warrens synergizes with itself, and it can wreak a lot of havoc. Short of Scythlla's Well, it can't participate at stories like Yig can, but if you can provide a steady stream of Serpents, you should be just fine. The only downside - 3 is a ton to pay for a support. For that reason, I give it 3/5 stars even though I love the effect once it's on the table.
Jiang Shi

Dec 22 2017 01:06 PM by Track8

Thanks, RichardPlunkett.  Incidentally, Burden Bearer + King in Yellow Folio is nasty, if you can get around the BB's Loyal.  I'm committed to building a good Cthulhu/Hastur deck, so I can make use of Somnambulant Dreamer (one of my favorite cards).

Jiang Shi

Dec 21 2017 08:40 PM by RichardPlunkett

Burden Bearer:: Disrupt: After you win a Terror struggle at a story where Burden Bearer was committed alone, discard a success token from that story.


It's a tough question and unfortunately the Burden Bearer uses the past tense in its wording. If it said 'is committed alone' then having Jiang Shi come in would clearly disable its ability. But with 'was committed alone' there is an argument that the card is trying to have you remember the past - whether the orinial commit was solo - in deciding whether it applies.

But there is also a possibility that this is just misleading wording and that it effective means 'is', since the 'was' part could easily be refering to the state immediate before the struggle that this disrupt has trigger after.


You get a lot of confusion in Cthulhu from the fact that commited is both the past tense of commit 'was commited' and a state that cards may be in 'is commited'. Sometimes cards clearly mean one or the other but often the language on the cards is unclear, and either could fit.


Sadly I don't actually know the right answer. I think I would tend to the side of cancelling his ability - since I prefer only having to rember the state a few seconds ago than having to remember it a few minutes ago. Still, I would probably give ground to any vehement counter arguments.

Jiang Shi

Dec 21 2017 05:50 PM by Track8

If you use Jiang Shi's ability to join a story where you already have a lone Burden Bearer, the arrival of Jiang Shi would prevent you from triggering the Burden Bearer's ability, correct?  The way I read Burden Bearer's ability is that it doesn't matter that Burden Bearer committed to the story by himself; what matters is the Burden Bearer has to be alone when the Terror struggle was won.  It seems cut and dry, but the fact that Jiang Shi and Burden Bearer are from the same block makes me wonder if they're supposed to have synergy with each other.   

Keeper of Dreams

Dec 18 2017 08:54 PM by Track8

For those Warhammer players out there, this card reminds me of Keeper of Secrets, both in name as well as its physical color.  It looks very Slaaneshi to me.

The Necronomicon: Petrus de Dacia Translation

Nov 29 2017 06:44 AM by RichardPlunkett

The "shuffle into your deck" is part of the cost of the Disrupt, so you pay/resolve that cost before you get to do the effect. So, as you suspected, this means you won't get your +3 during the reolution of its effect.

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