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Recent Card Discussion

Oct 24 2016 07:19 PM by Track8

I'm convinced that this card works best with Shub characters who have "enters play" abilities.  (Currently, I'm trying her with Ancient Cthonian, Telepathic Cthonian, and Grasping Cthonian.)  That way, you're not just getting characters into play for free, but you're getting multiple Response abilities for free as well.  That can be a lot for an opponent to overcome when it happens all at once.


When combined with the Ancient Cthonian, you're looking at wave after wave of giant worms bursting onto the scene over multiple turns, just as I imagine Shub wants it.  Does it clog up your draw?  Sure, but you're playing Shub for the characters anyway, not the Supports and Events.  And with all the aforementioned "enters play" abilities, you already got a lot of triggered effects going off already.

Degenerate Gambler

Oct 21 2016 12:50 PM by Carthoris

Well, the cost for Smugglers covers more than their ability.

Degenerate Gambler

Oct 18 2016 11:57 AM by Track8
I like the Gambler better. There is no guesswork with the Smugglers, but it's too expensive. If Smugglers didn't cost 3, didn't require exhaustion, or didn't require paying 1, I might agree that it's better. But the Gambler is super-easy to play while still giving you the same potential benefit. And his unique synergy with Naomi is just icing on top.

Note that I'd only use the Gambler's ability if I know what the bottom card is (unless I have Naomi out).
Professor Rice

Oct 18 2016 08:13 AM by FruitCandy

Does it work on player draw exactly one card or even more?

Degenerate Gambler

Oct 14 2016 03:23 PM by Carthoris

Smugglers is certainly far better at what Degenerate Gambler tries to do.

Degenerate Gambler

Oct 14 2016 04:31 AM by Zinquox

I like the idea of using him with fated cards to get them back into your hand.

Escaped Convict

Oct 12 2016 09:27 PM by Track8

It's weird how this card refers to losing a skill check.  As mentioned in the reviews above, you can't lose a skill check.  You either succeed or you don't.


I assume the practical direction of "losing" a skill check is that you have less skill than your opponent at that story (or you tie but your opponent has more Fast than you).  If you tie on the skill check, I guess you haven't lost, so the ability wouldn't trigger.  Also, I see no reason why the Convict couldn't trigger on either player's turn.


I checked the errata, and that doesn't offer any help.  If anyone has any personal experience or advice on how to adjudicate this ability, I'd be interested to read it.

Degenerate Gambler

Oct 11 2016 03:41 PM by Track8

I'm trying this guy out with Naomi O'Bannion, Peter Clover, Isaac Miles, and City Map.  The latter three cards make the Gambler OK.  His ability is still expensive, but he's still nice in retrieving a lost card that I want back.


What I'm really excited about is using Naomi to trigger a Tactic, using the Gambler to intentionally "guess" wrong about the Tactic that Naomi just put on the bottom of my deck, and then using Naomi to trigger the same Tactic again.  This might occur over the span of my turn and my opponent's turn, but I still like how Naomi wins when the Gambler loses.

Specimen Bags

Oct 10 2016 05:44 PM by Track8
This is one of a couple cards where I run it despite its shortcomings. It just seems like a lot of fun to me, and maybe it can even work when combined with Concrete and Chains and Wandering Tinker. Could also pair well with Station Eismitte, Ice Shaft, and so on.
Por V 1:20

Oct 07 2016 09:31 PM by RichardPlunkett

It certainly does less if triggered on an opponent's turn, but in practice, it's also much rarer to trigger then. You pretty much only play this when you are confident you will be committing to stories and winning at least one [Investigation] on your own turn, since you can never rely on your opponent giving you a chance to commit.


Oct 07 2016 09:23 PM by RichardPlunkett

I am pretty sure you can.

You haven't been told to choose characters, so there is no targeting failure. You noted the lack of a "then" so the multiple effect rule doesn't kick in, which leaves us with the cthulhu default of "do as much of it as you can".


This kind of wording almost always attracts FAQ errata, but without errata I think you are free to dodge your wound in any way you can (personally I think lindquist might be a fun choice here).

Por V 1:20

Oct 06 2016 03:09 PM by Carthoris

I'd read it literally.


It means that it hasn't been a waste if you activate the exhaustion on an enemy character by winning the investigation struggle on your own turn.


Oct 06 2016 03:07 PM by Carthoris

I think it's all one effect, and the "and" suggests that both targets must be present. So, no other character, no Response.

Por V 1:20

Oct 06 2016 01:31 PM by Track8

At the end of this card's text, it reads "...during the NEXT refresh phase."  It doesn't say "...during its controller's next refresh phase."  Should I interpret this literally?  It sounds like if I exhaust my opponent's character during his turn, it won't be able to ready during MY refresh phase but it will be able to ready on my opponent's refresh phase.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Oct 06 2016 01:28 PM by Track8

This might be a dumb question, but what if I don't have another character?  Can I still wound my opponent's character?  It doesn't use "then,..." in the language of the ability, so it seems like wounding my opponent's character is not dependent on me being able to wound one of my own.  Can someone please confirm this?

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Oct 04 2016 03:07 PM by Track8

Mariner is a good idea, Jhaelen.  I hadn't thought of that one.


I'm using this conspiracy in a Cthulhu/Hastur deck.  I have a bunch of Serpents plus Yig in there, the theory being that I can wait until my opponent commits then I can customize my icons as I see fit at this conspiracy.  And since the cheap Serpents are all heavy on terror and light on combat, they can hurt my opponent during the terror struggles but then die easily during the combat struggles, exactly as this conspiracy wants it to be.  I don't know if it will work, but the theory seems sound.


I also have Scheme of Byakhees in the same deck.  Four terror struggles at this conspiracy, each of which can destroy a character, seems pretty mean.  And if my opponent doesn't oppose me, I'm content for my Scheme's ability to trigger 4 times.  It's a sweet setup for a well-timed Scotophobia.

Brother of the Black Lotus

Oct 04 2016 02:52 PM by Track8

I like him at conspiracies that don't have arcane struggles but have multiple terror struggles. Send him to Opening Night or Raising of the Great Old Ones with some beefy terror friends. No worries about over committing to those stories. The Brother turns those extra terror struggles into pseudo-arcane struggles anyway.

Argent Adept

Oct 04 2016 02:46 PM by Track8

The Adept's ability is just gravy.  Run him for his 0-cost, which is big league when combined with cards like H.O.S.T., Garden District, and so on.


Sep 30 2016 08:47 PM by Track8
I had to check the same rule back when I first had this idea. When I confirmed it in the rules, I was a happy camper! :)

Sep 30 2016 03:18 PM by Carthoris

I was skeptical about this idea, supposing that Khopesh is not destroyed when its bearer dies, but merely discarded.


Checking the core rules, though, I see: Cards that are attached to another card (most often support cards) are immediately destroyed (put into the discard pile) if the card they are attached to leaves play for any reason.

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