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Recent Card Discussion
Cascio Di Boerio

Today, 02:20 AM by Track8
I think Cascio would be great at conspiracies that depend upon succeeding at the skill check (such as Before the Fast). You'll almost always succeed and reap the conspiracy's benefits, and your opponent usually won't. Outside of that specific case however, I don't see Cascio competing with the wealth of awesome 3-drops that Syndicate has to offer.
The Anderson Building

Aug 23 2016 03:02 PM by Track8

I'm looking forward to trying this out.  I finally relented into making a Mr. David Pan deck (I say relented because everyone has a MDP deck), and I included The Anderson Building mostly because I needed more Agency in the deck.  But I also figure that, in the event I can't get/keep Pan or Parallel Universe on the board, The Anderson Building will give my low-icon, high-skill characters a story to win until I can right the ship.  And since I'm rocking a bunch of high skill guys, the Building should hopefully work in my favor more often than in my opponent's.


I thought about The Usual Suspects instead, mostly for thematic reasons, but the effect seems to be wanting on that one.  At least The Anderson Building could make a serious difference on the board.  And if I don't want to play it because there are some likely back-fire potential, I can just resource the Building to support my splash of Agency cards in the deck.

Literature Professor

Aug 22 2016 03:14 AM by RichardPlunkett

I think the answer is no. I concede you may be free to search the story deck, for a story of your choice, but what happens to it? You can't bring it into play, and if you leave it on top of the deck, it basically fails due to the next clause: (shuffle the story deck when you are done). If that said "shuffle the rest of the story deck", I could see an argument for the card being left on top, but as it is, I think the effect basically fizzles down to a usually meaningless shuffle of the story deck.


Also, the triggered condition, "after you win a story", as a disrupt means you need to either use it right then, or you lose the window of opportunity, so I think there is no way to postpone the activation until later on when it might do something useful.


Finally, it may be the effect itself can't even trigger. Since it requires you to "choose the next story card" and at that stage there really isn't a "next story card", it may be blocked by the lack of a valid target.

Literature Professor

Aug 21 2016 07:40 PM by Track8

I assume that, if I were to win a conspiracy, I could still trigger the LP's Disrupt ability to select the next story that would come into play.  The story I select just won't come into play until a non-conspiracy story is won, right?

Interstellar Migration

Aug 16 2016 06:52 PM by Track8

How I wish I could put this card in the same deck as Yithian Scout! :( :( :(


That said, if I were to build a deck that contained a lot of Yithian cards, and I wanted to feature Fthaggua in the build, which of these two cards would be the better to include?  Any advice?

Fall Guy

Aug 16 2016 01:22 PM by RichardPlunkett

Yep, you chose the struggle.  "When a struggle at a story would resolve..." is the trigger condition, if a struggle of some kind is about to happen, you can trigger this disrupt.

The card doesn't restrict which struggle it is, so it can be any icon struggle at any story, regardless of whether or not Fall Guy is committed.


So, if an icon struggle is about to resolve, and you don't like the outcome, you can sacrifice him to stop it, and as a bonus, he will negate the effect of losing any of other icon struggles at that story this phase.


You may notice me slip the word "icon" in there, the skill battle at the end, to determine "success" doesn't appear to be a struggle.

Fall Guy

Aug 16 2016 01:04 PM by Track8

You just sacrifice him when any struggle would resolve, and he negates the effects of all the struggles you would lose at that story.  So, you could sacrifice him when the Terror struggle would resolve, and then you can lose the Terror, Combat, Arcane, and Investigation struggles at that story without suffering any negative effects.

Fall Guy

Aug 16 2016 01:30 AM by Kutpurse
Do you choose which struggle you want to sacrifice him to?
Open for Inspection

Aug 14 2016 01:15 AM by Track8
I could be wrong, but I think this might be the only card in the game that has the arcane struggle icon.
The Archmage, Arcanis

Aug 12 2016 07:17 PM by Track8

Pretty good, although I don't get the Dylan Parks reference.  I think we're going unglued now, but how about this one?


Mogwai.  The Fuzzy Progenitor (Neutral, unique) cost 4, skill 2 (T)(A)(A)(I). Zoog.  Creature.

Disrupt: When Mogwai is chosen as the target of an effect, attach any number of Zoog characters from your hand onto any number of domains you control.


I just really wanted to make a Gremlins reference there. :)

The Archmage, Arcanis

Aug 12 2016 06:11 PM by Carthoris

To get Zoogs viable, you need this guy:


Dylan Parks. Zoogomancer! (Silver Twilight, unique) cost 2, skill 2 character (A) (A). Dreamer. Sorcerer.

Response: After you succeed at a story where Dylan Parks is committed, search your deck for a Zoog, reveal it, and attach it to one of your domains.

Fall Guy

Aug 12 2016 05:47 PM by Kutpurse
I'm kinda confused about this card.
The Black Stone

Aug 12 2016 03:46 PM by Track8

Good points.  I'm just not sure I see a specific use for this card in ST.  It seems like it needs to be paired up with something like Khopesh, where you have a specific plan for how you'd use the Black Stone.  


Does ST typically struggle with opposing text boxes?  I know Hastur does (Willpower), Agency decks might (Toughness/Invulnerability), but I don't typically think of blanking as something that ST badly needs.  MU doesn't seem to need it either, even though the Black Stone clearly has synergy with Explorers.


I thought maybe I was just missing the connection.

Black Book of Azathoth

Aug 12 2016 03:42 PM by Track8

I guess you could attach it to Doctor Bancroft.  I don't know that you'd want to though.  The two don't really seem to complement each other.  And you're right (I think) about Evidence Locker.

The Black Stone

Aug 12 2016 03:13 PM by Carthoris

It sure works with Initiate of Huang Hun for operations phase shenanigans. But The Doorway makes it shine during the story phase when you may really want it.

Black Book of Azathoth

Aug 12 2016 03:07 PM by Carthoris

Er, if you attach it to a character, it is an attachment, subtypes notwithstanding ... I think.


But maybe this card would fail to qualify in a deck search for an "Attachment card" (using, e.g. Evidence Locker).


Could you attach it to Dr. Bancroft?

Black Book of Azathoth

Aug 12 2016 01:33 PM by Track8

I wonder why this card isn't an Attachment?

The Black Stone

Aug 11 2016 07:42 PM by Track8

I have this card in a Silver/Miskatonic deck I've designed, mostly because it seems like it's intended to go with Explorers (which the deck uses heavily).  My only hesitation is this effect might never pay off.  I have Ultima Thule and Master of the Myths in there, but they don't trigger TBS until the end of the phase.  I have Professor George Angell in there, but I can only have 1 of him out at a time because he's obviously unique.  Maybe this isn't a good fit.  Maybe TBS should be in a deck with Khopesh where you can blank characters with Toughness and blanking characters with Willpower allow the Cthulhu characters to utilize their Terror icons.


Does anyone have any recommendations?

Broken Space, Broken Time

Aug 10 2016 01:18 PM by GrahamM

Generally this card was used in ramp-up decks to fetch Nodens and basically reset the board once the AO player had a domain big enough to pump AOs consistently. It wasn't like a super combo, but it made it really difficult for rush decks to compete w AO spam, especially since resource acceleration hadn't been restricted and Peter Clover didn't exist.


Pre-errata Nug was another popular target.

Broken Space, Broken Time

Aug 09 2016 06:12 PM by Track8

I don't know of a specific combo that made this card Restricted.  It might have just been that this card was ubiquitous, so they made it Restricted because they didn't want every deck throwing in a copy of it.  In terms of being able to deal with the opponent's AO, how about Azathoth?  That should take care of it.  Could run it in a MU deck that relies on speed, and when your deck is on the verge of stalling, pop Azathoth down for the final 2 success tokens.  Or, for that matter, after you drop Azathoth on your turn, follow it up with some weenies with Investigation icons.

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