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Recent Card Discussion
Dreams Within Dreams

Today, 11:53 AM by dboeren

Yes, that's ultimately what makes it a "fun" card rather than a viable one.  If it could swap with a story from the story deck, or if you had another way to fetch the story you wanted from the story deck, it would be stronger.

Lucas Corn

Today, 08:43 AM by Corwin81

Cards letting the opponent choose the kind of threat or penalty they are facing are rarely viable in a competitive deck...

Horrid Dreams

Today, 04:57 AM by jeermaster

"the ability to play an unexpected effect from a mono deck is worthy of recognition."


Okay, let's go with this.

Dreams Within Dreams

Yesterday, 10:31 PM by Mulletcheese
The card pool has definitely evolved to a point where a lot of fun can be had with this card. Even taken in isolation the effect can be really powerful, but it's at the mercy of which stories are drawn so can't be relied on.
The Woman of His Dreams

Yesterday, 10:27 PM by Mulletcheese
Not a card I'm likely to use. Useless subtypes, skill less than cost, no use in a fight and no way of getting additional success tokens. MU have lots of cheaper characters who are much better.
Horrid Dreams

Yesterday, 08:04 PM by Mulletcheese
Crooked treasurer would be bad in any faction/deck. Crooked cop however fills an important hole in an otherwise strong mono agency build, the fact that he is in a faction that has bad draw makes him a better card. This card is not sub par, in a few ways it's better than single glimpse, and the ability to play an unexpected effect from a mono deck is worthy of recognition.
Sleep Therapist

Yesterday, 05:26 PM by Danigral

You can always make a character a dreamer using Ancient Zoog (ItDoN).

Horrid Dreams

Yesterday, 04:22 PM by jeermaster

Well, a faction's weaknesses don't greatly affect how we evaluate the individual power level of cards in said faction. For example, only because Silver Twilight is light on actual card draw doesn't make Crooked Treasurer playable. Sure, there are cases where an inefficient card might be the best choice for the lack of in-faction alternatives. However, most of the time there's just no need to run subpar cards, especially considering that combining and splashing more efficient cards from other factions is very affordable in CoC.

Horrid Dreams

Yesterday, 07:12 AM by Mulletcheese
Every faction has things they are strong at and things they are weak at, MU are weak at sacrificing and discarding cards from your opponents deck. This is the only sacrifice effect that MU have and one of a couple of discard from deck effects. It's quite reliable against a mono deck and there are reveal abilities that can improve the targeting, MU can also get cards back from the discard for multiple uses. This is anti prophecy tech and when the next box lands it becomes anti resilient tech, that's when this card will see lots of play.

Mar 30 2015 09:01 PM by Mulletcheese
Fear of shotguns has won me many a game for agency, I'd rate this 4 stars but only because prized pistol is hogging the 5 star spot. When using a basilica + nexus build you can make use of a shotgun on both attack and defence plus you get extra ammo.
Sleep Therapist

Mar 30 2015 08:47 PM by Mulletcheese
Agency Don't have enough dreamers to make the ability worthwhile but they do have an abundance of 1 cost characters. This won't make the cut in most decks but if you wanted to make a 1 cost agency deck he fits in nicely.
Behind Bars

Mar 30 2015 08:37 PM by Mulletcheese
Free to play events are a good way to catch your opponent unprepared. Timed right the can leave your opponent unable to defend a story and it even works on ancient ones.

Mar 30 2015 08:35 PM by mnBroncos

is this really only a two star card? It seems rather solid to me. 

Cryptic Writings

Mar 30 2015 08:24 PM by Mulletcheese
It can be useful but unless you know the deck you are up against you don't know if it's worth saving/playing/resourcing. I think I'd rather go for a more permanent form of control.
Curious Zoog

Mar 30 2015 08:15 PM by Mulletcheese
Possibly one of the worst cards ever made. I doubt even Tom capor could make this work in a deck, next time there's a decide my deck thread I'll nominate zoogs and see if he can prove me wrong.
Dreamlands Eclipse

Mar 30 2015 07:59 PM by Mulletcheese
A truly awful card. If it had the dreamlands subtype it would help enable your other cards, without it it can't even enable its own ability.
Guardian Pillar

Mar 30 2015 07:44 PM by Mulletcheese
The power of this card should be obvious, this gives every other restricted card a run for its money. Expect to see this a lot, especially if your meta is removal heavy.
Halflings of D'haz

Mar 30 2015 07:33 PM by Mulletcheese
Not a fan of this card, being unable to defend is a huge drawback drawback and it's ability to inflict extra wounds applies if you lose the struggle. Not having a terror icon is also a bad thing for this card. Agency have a few cards that work with this but have enough in faction ways of doing extra wounds so don't really need this. The only use I would have for this card is if I was also using flare guns, then you can force your opponent to defend with multiple characters.
Ward Phillips

Mar 30 2015 02:02 PM by VonWibble
Repeatable cancel is very powerful. He's suboptimal but not useless if the opponent has no character abilities worth cancelling, but that isn't going to happen too often. Dreamer is potentially of use too.
Wandering Gug

Mar 30 2015 01:56 PM by VonWibble
Decent enough on its own merits, treat the effect as gravy and its an easy pick in a Gug deck.

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