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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Ritual Initiation

Yesterday, 11:25 PM by Track8
Can someone please confirm that the "pay 1" part of this effect is a triggered ability and could therefore trigger Cathouse with an overpayment? I believe Events are considered "in play" until their effects resolve, so I assume that's the case here. However, the "pay 1" portion is part of an out-of-play triggered effect, not an ability, so can it be an ability buried in a working effect?
Arkham Advertiser Archives

Nov 30 2016 10:47 PM by Track8

I really dig the art on this card.  I don't know what happened to lead to this scene, but I'd like to know.  Based on the black cat and the reams of paper sitting next to the mopping, I'm guessing it was something bad.  Maybe the dude is cleaning a little blood off the floor?

The Terrible Old Man

Nov 30 2016 06:16 PM by Track8

Better yet, if you combine him with Wheelman, you can benefit from the Old Man's ability at multiple stories in the same turn.  Even if your opponent can pay 2 to stop his ability once, I bet he won't be able to do so twice!  And since the Old Man's ability is passive, I believe you choose a struggle icon each time he goes to a story.  As soon as Wheelman and the Old Man leave their first story, the selected struggle icon is forgotten, and the Old Man is ready for you to select a struggle icon again when he arrives at the second story.  So, for instance, you could nullify a terror struggle at the first story, then nullify an arcane struggle at the second story all in the same story phase.  At least, I'm pretty sure that's how it works.  Mr. Richard Plunkett might have some insight on it too.


Wheelman seems best when combined with characters who have Disrupt or passive effects, and The Terrible Old Man is one of the best to fill that role.  Mr. David Pan is a great option too.

Speak to the Dead

Nov 29 2016 08:02 PM by tdnordine

I believe Speak to the Dead was restricted as a part of the "Great Yithian Restriction" of 2013.  Cycling cards to your discard was critical to the Yithian Mill deck, and discarding 4 cards with the ability to pull two that you don't want in the discard back to hand is strong in that deck.  This card, plus the ability to recur spells with Carl Stanford (ST) can fill your discard with Yithian Cards in preparation for a Migration or two.  I don't know if it really deserves restriction or not, but no one wants the return of the Yithian Mill...

Vortex of Time

Nov 29 2016 06:22 PM by Track8

This card is a lot of fun.  The many uses of the Response effect are limited only by your imagination.  It helps De Vermis Mysteriis, Tenebrous Nightgaunt, Guardians of the Gate (really nice combo for controlling opponent's card draw), and so on.  To me, where this card gets really interesting is in the phrase "After a player drains a domain,..."


When I started wondering if I was leveraging this card properly, I fixated on that phrase.  I can control my own domain draining, but how do I control my opponent's domain draining?  My conclusion was combining it with cards like Calling the Williwaw and The Black, so my opponent has to pay x and trigger my Vortex or else suffer the consequences on his board.  I wasn't able to find room for The Black, but I did find room for Calling the Williwaw since it, like Vortex, is a spell, and both can benefit from new Wilbur Whateley. 

Speak to the Dead

Nov 29 2016 06:10 PM by Track8

I know there's probably not going to be anymore updates to the Restricted List, but I'm surprised this card stayed Restricted all the way to the game's conclusion.  The Large Man and Rite of the Silver Key are two examples of non-Restricted cards that act in a similar way to Speak to the Dead.  All of them fill up the discard pile and then recur cards out of the discard pile.  True, Speak to the Dead doesn't limit which cards you can grab, but it also comes with a pretty hefty price tag of 3.  In my limited experience with this card, I struggle to play it because while I'm doing some deck/discard/hand shenanigans, my opponent is playing B. Ramsdale Brown (for example) and winning stories.  So, good card, but not worth Restriction IMO.

Before the Fast

Nov 18 2016 08:10 PM by Track8

I'm using Before the Fast in my mono-Syndicate skill manipulation deck.  It can obviously fund a lot of Street Tough and Lena Di Boerio antics.  Cascio Di Boerio is also money when combined with Before the Fast.  


What I think is a sneaky-good complement to this strategy is Reallocate, which is an obvious facilitator of "pay 1" abilities.  Where Reallocate really shines though is all the free resources it will distribute upon the domains you won with Before the Fast, which gives you domains but doesn't come with resources.  Throw in Cathouse for all the 2-resource domains you'll suddenly have, and you have a very formidable set-up that isn't really that hard to pull off.  It's obviously not your standard Syndicate rush deck.  It's more of a Syndicate control approach.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Nov 18 2016 01:57 PM by Track8
This card is from the same block as Eyes in a Jar. While I don't use either card, the two seem to linked both functionally and thematically.
A Sight for Sore Eyes

Nov 17 2016 10:20 PM by RichardPlunkett

Sure, though strictly speaking you don't have to name a card from your opponent's deck [since you may not know whats in it], but it is good to guess cards they at least might have in their deck/hand.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Nov 16 2016 05:46 PM by linurb

Am I understanding it correctly: I name any card from opponent deck, opponent reveals his hand, for any copy of named card my characters get +2 skill ?

Danny O'Bannion's Crony

Nov 10 2016 07:24 PM by tdnordine



Thanks for the correction.  I had mis-remembered the details of that FAQ entry, and tried to use common sense....I should know better.   :)


Yes, having infinite combat and Investigation is kinda cool, and makes the crony a good card.  I would expect any errata would have made him unique which would bring him in line with how I expected him to work.


Nov 03 2016 08:56 PM by RichardPlunkett

I agree with you, it should probably stay as a resource rather than being placed on the bottom of the deck.

As a minor detail, I don't believe the event ever enters play, I think Naomi triggers it from the discard pile, but the event itself moves it to a different out-of-play area, which from the FAQ (on Zones of Play) is enough to earn it new card status and thus "any effects connected to the card will no longer affect it."


Nov 03 2016 08:18 PM by Track8

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if Naomi O'Bannion were to trigger a Reallocate from the discard pile, I don't think it would go to the bottom of the deck as Naomi's ability dictates.  Resources are cards that are considered out of play, and when a card goes from out-of-play to in-play to out-of-play, that card loses any lingering or pending effects imposed upon it by other cards.  The "bottom of the deck" part of Naomi's ability assumes the Tactic event has fully resolved and is in the process of leaving play.  In this case, since Reallocate has already left play as part of its effect, the second part of Naomi's ability just fizzles.


I feel like I didn't lay that out very clearly, but that's my convoluted understanding of how these cards work together.  If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me.  Thanks.

The Barque Miskatonic

Nov 02 2016 06:30 PM by Track8

Seems like a reasonable interpretation.  Thanks, RP.

The Barque Miskatonic

Nov 02 2016 05:22 PM by RichardPlunkett

I am pretty sure the answer is no. I haven't found an explicit reference yet, but in the lotr lcg, an equivalent effect has been ruled to not allow exhausted characters to quest.


Also, from the rulebook page 9, on committing to stories: The active player decides which of his ready characters in play will commit to which of the three stories, and then commits all of those characters to the three story cards at one time.


We know that exhausting is normally a cost of committing and that this card removes that cost. But this rules text also seems to make being ready a requirement of committing, so exhausted ones can't commit, even if committing wouldn't require exhausting (which is essentially the same text and reason for the lotr ruling).

The Barque Miskatonic

Nov 02 2016 01:29 PM by Track8

Does The Barque Miskatonic (strange that it's an Agency card, not Miskatonic) allow exhausted characters to commit to stories?  

Danny O'Bannion's Crony

Nov 02 2016 05:04 AM by RichardPlunkett

From the FAQ: A card that is self-referential (that is, has card text that refers to itself by Title) refers only to itself, and not to any other copies of that card.


As such the text "character other than Danny O'Bannion's Crony" actually means "character other than <this card>", and does not speak to other cards with the same name.


So, if you had two of these in play, you could definitely exhaust one to ready/pump the other. Then exhaust it to ready/pump the first one, then back and forth to infinity.


I do quite like having infinite © and (I) icons.


PS in hindsight this card perhaps wants errata/rulings to get the result tnordine offered, but until then have at it!


Nov 01 2016 06:09 PM by tdnordine

St. Claire references character skill, but not the counting of character skill, so you couldn't use Interrogator to keep a characters icons from being used via. St. Claire.  St. Claire doesn't reference printed skill so other skill lowering effects could be used though.


For Mr. David Pan, his card does refer to counting skill, so Interrogator's effect used on a character would prevent their skill from being used in the calculations for icon checks at the same planet as Mr. David Pan.

Danny O'Bannion's Crony

Nov 01 2016 06:03 PM by tdnordine

No.  Other cronies are also "Danny O'Bannion's Crony" and therefore can't be readied.


Nov 01 2016 01:37 PM by Track8

What does it mean to "not count skill?"  Does that only affect the skill check, or can it also affect the icon struggles when combined with St. Claire and Mr. David Pan?  

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