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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Disgruntled Chef

Yesterday, 09:32 AM by RichardPlunkett

Poor Zoe, a massive powerful investigator in Arkham Horror LCG and a so-so no-name here.

Also, I always thought disgruntled would go better with characters entering play than leaving, but I guess that wouldn't match the Silver Twilight aesthetic.


Yesterday, 09:21 AM by RichardPlunkett

Is that your take on english or from a rules reference somewhere?

The point being that 'cannot' is a well defined game term, but 'may not' is rare, so a useful reference would be appreciated, but I wouldn't take an opinion on English to hold nearly as strong.

Garden District

Nov 12 2018 05:59 AM by snarkherder

I mostly agreed with the above analysis on this card until I was looking for the perfect card to fill the final two slots of my mono-ST deck.  Lo and behold, this card was that perfect fit.  I never thought I'd say it, but I'm excited to try out Garden District!  Here's my deck for anyone who is curious.




I really wish more people had done/would do this, especially for these "how could this possibly be useful" type cards.  Thanks for posting!


Nov 11 2018 04:20 PM by snarkherder

"Cannot" and "may not" mean the same thing:


A denial of permission is properly phrased formally by saying may not or with cannot or can’t.

  • You may not use my car tonight.
  • You cannot use my car tonight.
  • You can’t use my car tonight.

While Sarnath is exhausted you may not, cannot, can't ready the chosen character.

Hanyatl's 7:13

Nov 11 2018 07:12 AM by snarkherder

When the card says "After 3 or more characters are committed to a story" that means that 3+ guys were committed together. You don't get to add your side plus their side, and characters that add in later like Black Dog don't count towards it either. "are committed" is describing an action, not a population count.

It would definitely be a better card if it did work that way though. It's not a bad card, but your opponent won't commit 3+ for you and committing 3+ yourself can be cost-prohibitive although sometimes it's doable and Shub can build a deck that cranks out characters so there's a niche for it.


I think dummiesday's instincts were correct.  The card reads "After 3 or more characters are committed to a story..."  It does not read, "After committing 3 or more characters to a story" or "After a player commits 3 or more characters to a story."  Once that third character is committed, regardless of when, my reading is the prophecy is triggered.

Disgruntled Chef

Nov 11 2018 06:55 AM by snarkherder

She definitely belongs in a deck with Fine Dining.  For the flavor, of course.


Nov 11 2018 06:42 AM by snarkherder

If one of the cards I end up sacrificing is misc Nathaniel peasly can I use his ability to bring back him and all other characters I sacrificed?


Yes, but you need something like Snow Graves to prevent the characters in your opponent's discard from popping back out since Peaslee brings back all characters that entered any discard that phase.

Infected by Madness

Nov 11 2018 06:34 AM by snarkherder

How does Infected by Madness NOT have the Madness subtype? Would that have made it too easy for recursion?

Also, I love the artwork on this card. I imagine all the people in this art are actually inmates in an asylum, and the tables and fancy dress and drinks are all just in their crazed minds.

Seems like a lot of fun with Doctor Lomboso too.


Looks like the Joker giving a stand-up performance after killing everyone with his laughing gas.  Heck, it is an Arkham Files game after all.


I guess this card's 1-star is due to it being too situational.  I am thinking of running it in a Hastur/Yog mill deck with some Byakhees, but even then I am not sure it would make the cut.

Will of Azathoth

Nov 06 2018 01:03 AM by InfernoMustang
I’m going to put this combo in an angency syndicate deck that prioritizes spell recursion, card draw and attachment hunting. If I throw in 3 copies of obsessive inmate and relentless stalker I think I could pull this combo off consistently enough to win games. Any extra room in the deck can be a modified day deck.
Will of Azathoth

Nov 05 2018 11:31 AM by RichardPlunkett

That is debatable. "be committed" is overloaded in CoC, it means the act of committing and the state of currently being committed. So it is inherently ambiguous. Oh for a Grim Rule like Arkham Horror Lcg.


In a cursory search I can find nothing definitive. The FAQ says nothing explicit, but each mention of 'be committed' seems to take it in the sense of the commitment process, not the ongoing state. So, more likely than not, that passive effect bars people committing characters, rather than barring them being in the committed state.


That makes for a nice little combo, but hardly a broken combo vs some others in the game.


Nov 04 2018 09:12 PM by InfernoMustang
If one of the cards I end up sacrificing is misc Nathaniel peasly can I use his ability to bring back him and all other characters I sacrificed?
Will of Azathoth

Nov 04 2018 09:08 PM by InfernoMustang
Can I commit obsessive detective to a story, then next turn play will of azothoth on that story, leaving OD to win that story for me?
Losing the Tail

Oct 26 2018 10:59 PM by RichardPlunkett

Fast does effectively stack and the player with the most fast (ie commited characters) wins ties.

But it is still a useless card...

Feeding Time

Oct 25 2018 09:55 PM by snarkherder
Can’t really see any use for this. Maybe in a fun-filled masochistic zoog deck?
Losing the Tail

Oct 25 2018 09:41 PM by snarkherder
Is this conspiracy useless then? All characters committed to it gain fast. Does this essentially result in all characters losing fast since I assume the fast keyword does not stack?
Whitton Greene

Oct 22 2018 01:29 AM by Track8
Classic case of power creep, this card would've never seen the light of day in the Core Set. Whitton has a place in every MU deck, even those that don't rely on Tomes. Easy 5/5 stars, 3x in most gold decks, and probably one of the 10 best characters in the game.
High Wizard of the Order

Oct 11 2018 01:19 AM by Track8
Classic case of a card getting stronger with time. I never would've expected to use this bloke, but Yog's enhancement of the Sorceror subtype especially with 9th Ward and Seer of the Gate make this Wizard suddenly viable. 2/5 ordinarily but 4/5 in the right build.
Deep One Assault

Sep 29 2018 08:31 PM by jc1138

A very strong effect, especially in that it can target characters and supports (I often find I target particularly problematic supports).  Good early and late game, also.

Burrowing Beneath

Sep 29 2018 08:29 PM by jc1138

Really can't compete with the oh-so-efficient Thunder in the East, sadly.  There are some situations where this can really shine over Thunder, however, and it is not to be entirely dismissed.  Simple for instance, opponent plays Plague Stone and you destroy it with Burrowing Beneath before they can trigger it.  This is not something that Thunder can do unless the opponent just plays the Plague Stone and sits on it until your turn.  I'd give it a 3.5/5, since Thunder in the East is in the game, and if it weren't it would be more like a 4.75/5.

Anthropology Advisor

Sep 29 2018 08:25 PM by jc1138

Extremely strong MU character that fills many functions (one might almost say too many functions).  The combat icon is nice in MU, which isn't all that common in MU outside of explorers.  It may not be dethroning the Alternative Historian as the single "best" MU character, but it's near the top IMO.

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