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Recent Card Discussion
Favor of Eshu

Today, 02:57 AM by tdnordine

For it to get restricted it will need to either need to have a killer interaction with an existing restricted, or it will need to find a "partner" to get restricted with it, that together create an unstoppable combo.


This card, by itself, is not restriction worthy as simple support destruction is an effective counter.

Favor of Eshu

Yesterday, 09:20 PM by DrThodt
I think it'll get restricted for sure
Favor of Eshu

Yesterday, 07:40 PM by JDK002
True, also the fact that is unique and supports aren't exactly difficult to get rid of. I'm just thinking of the kind of shinannagans you could pull off with this card using stuff like Forms of Ether and The Festival.
Favor of Eshu

Yesterday, 07:18 PM by dboeren

You still need a resource match, so it's not necessarily easy to use it to gobble up your opponent's resources.  Further, a disproportionate number of resourced cards could be high cost which you may not be able to afford even if you have the appropriate resource match.

Favor of Eshu

Yesterday, 06:52 PM by JDK002
Or just me or does this card seem like a contender for the "which card in this set is going to get restricted" game?
Call the Custodes

Yesterday, 06:22 PM by JDK002
No but it would happen before the effect of the icon struggle would resolve. Letting you basically chump block a combat or terror. Our let you sneak in an investigation win later in the story.
The Mother's Hand

Yesterday, 04:57 PM by Carthoris

One of my opponents likes to pack this one x3 in his Shub decks, and it seems like half the time he gets to play two of them in a single operations phase, refreshing the 4-domain each time, and effectively getting 3 drains (whatever his third use of the domain might be) for 1!


I hate it when that happens.

The Mother's Hand

Yesterday, 03:47 PM by blinovitch

I picked this for Card of the Day because I started visualizing an opening turn of two Priestesses of Bubastis, the Mother's Hand and another 2-cost character, but that's a really specific set of cards to get right off the jump.


Yesterday, 03:46 PM by FunkeXMix

When you pay 2 to give Poleman additional icons. Does it give all Poleman copies in play those icons or just the one you initiated the action from?

The Mother's Hand

Yesterday, 03:32 PM by dboeren

Tom got great use out of this card a couple years back in his Gencon deck but that was back when ramping was a lot easier (the heyday of Nug, etc...).  After the errata/restrictions from that time it's harder to get a 4-domain quickly.  Still a decent card, but not as strong as it once was.

The Plague Stone

Jul 05 2015 11:51 PM by SaMatra

I had a similar experience and one I couldn't come back from so yes I guess it is a powerful card, but I does destroy his as well as it says 'all characters in play'. When did he trigger the action?


He triggered it in the action window in the Operations phase. Then with the board cleared he then brought out two characters with his other two available domains to commit them during the Story Phase and win the game.

Aliki Zoni Uperetria

Jul 05 2015 10:44 PM by dboeren

She cuts down on your opponent's shenanigans quite a bit, seems worthwhile to me.  At the casual level, maybe not, as there probably aren't as many shenanigans going on in the game, but at the competitive level it happens a lot.

Curse of the Putrid Husk

Jul 05 2015 10:41 PM by dboeren

Nice idea.


Jul 05 2015 02:47 PM by pscamp01

Quick question: Does the owner of Nyarlahotep get to choose which domain will be resourced? I think that's what the card says but I want to make sure.

Aliki Zoni Uperetria

Jul 05 2015 12:08 PM by NuFenix
Chosen for CotD 5th July 2015, as being able to force domains to be drained on your opponent simply by committing to a story means your opponent has to get rid of her (likely drain a domain to do so), use up all their domains so she does nothing, or accept one of their domains will get drained.
In addition, her skill and icon spread mean for mythos factions she can add investigation, which is never bad.
Curse of the Putrid Husk

Jul 05 2015 11:09 AM by NuFenix

I feel like making so much abuse with BRB and August Lindquist in my Yog-ST deck!

Curse of the Putrid Husk

Jul 05 2015 06:25 AM by GrahamM

Can be used to remove fated from one of your own characters, thus giving them unlimited use of their fated ability.

Decrepit Wizard

Jul 05 2015 06:24 AM by GrahamM

Okay so if you have this guy in a deck with Curse of the Putrid Husk and the Festival, you can put the Curse on him so that he loses the Fated keyword and can thus accumulate infinite success tokens. This gives you one free cancellation per turn indefinitely, assuming you discard the Festival.

Eliot Ness' Handcuffs

Jul 05 2015 05:54 AM by GrahamM

It occurs to me that Fated is a keyword. You could attach to this your own fated people (August, BRB, Bruno, whoever) and since they no longer had the fated keyword, they could accumulate an infinite number of success tokens without any negative effects. This would also work with Yog-Sothoth's Curse of the Putrid Husk.

Fleeting Guise

Jul 04 2015 03:30 PM by NuFenix


When I use Fleeting Guise (Terror in Venice F55) to “choose a character” is the chosen character considered to be a targeted character, even though it doesn’t use the word target?
Yes, all tenses of the word choose (choose, chooses, chose, or chosen) are indicators of targeting.

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