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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Professor Sam Campbell

Mar 19 2018 10:14 PM by Track8
I could be wrong, but I assume the abilities on Sam Campbell and Vaage Randers only work for as long as they are at the story. If they leave the story prematurely, their abilities never take effect. Meanwhile, Chess Prodigy's ability occurs upon committing, so that seems to be a lasting effect that will happen regardless of the Prodigy's presence at the story. Please thumbs up if you agree with my assumption, or clarify if you disagree. Thank you.
Kitab Al-Azif

Mar 19 2018 05:29 PM by periodico

FAQ no.1


If Conspiracy Theorist (Summons of the Deep F117) which reads, "Players cannot win the game by winning story cards unless at least one of their won story cards is also a conspiracy card, or unless there are no story cards left in the story deck." is in play, and is destroyed by a card effect. What happens if both players have 3 story cards in their won piles?
The active player is considered to be the winner.
Kitab Al-Azif

Mar 19 2018 05:28 PM by periodico

the active player.

the active player.


The game state check start from the active player, and then the left player to him/her, follow clockwise sequence.

Kitab Al-Azif

Mar 19 2018 10:06 AM by Meredith

Okay, first question:

What if both players have 4 success tokens on the same story card?


Second question:

What if both players have 4 success tokens on two different story cards, and both need only one more story won to win the game?


Who wins the story/game?

There is no order descibed. Does the owner of the Kitab Al-Azif win, the current player, nobody, or do I only can win the story in the story phase?


Mar 16 2018 10:08 PM by ibell

Maybe physical damage is benath him and he leaves such matters to Deep One minions. He's Invulnerable so its not like anyone can wound him.

Ol' Lazy Eyes

Mar 12 2018 11:14 PM by Track8
For cards like Ol' Lazy Eyes and Jiang Shi, I've always wondered why they have Subtitles. Were they intended to be Unique at some point, and FFG just forgot to remove the Subtitle?
Ghoulish Predator

Mar 07 2018 05:06 PM by Track8
As Arnold would say, "Come on. Do it. Do it now! I'm here! Kill me! Kill me, I'm here!"

If the Predator were a CoC card, he'd be 4-cost, 4 combat icons, 3 skill, Willpower, Fast, Toughness +1. Box would say "Action: Pay 1 to commit Predator to any story" and "Response: After a character is destroyed, pay 1 to attach that character face down to Predator. Predator gets +1 skill for each card attached to it."
Restless Dead

Mar 07 2018 01:28 PM by periodico



Mar 06 2018 12:51 AM by Track8
I'm still amused that Dagon has no combat icons based on how terrifying his art is. Is he just a ghost or something, and not actually able to affect the physical environment around him?
Restless Dead

Mar 05 2018 10:24 PM by Track8
Book of Iod enables RD to trigger, assuming RD is the top card, right?
Black Dog

Mar 03 2018 06:51 PM by Track8
My ST/Shub deck uses both Black Dog and Master of the Myths. I decided to add Crystal of the Elder Things to get more use out of them. I noticed that the Crystal doesn't trigger from MotM, but Black Dog does. Small but important timing distinction.
Slime Mold

Feb 28 2018 02:16 PM by Track8

Anything that is tech against Khopesh is worth a look as possible support for Khopesh.  Plus, if you're using The Carpathian to help find Khopesh, Slime Mold is the third leg of a 3-card combo.  Combined with good icons for defending stories and buying time, I like it.

Midnight Rendezvous

Feb 26 2018 04:37 PM by Track8

It probably wouldn't be a competitive deck, but for some reason, I love the idea of a green/yellow deck combining Midnight Rendezvous with Whispers of Aoide, Under the Yellow Sign, The Yellow Sign, The Setting Sun, and Silver Twilight Temptress.  There seems to be so much thematic synergy there, and there is some mechanical synergy too.  It might not win a lot of games, but all those cards just seem to go together so well that I like the concept.  If only Whispers of Aoide weren't so pathetic...

Prism of Many Views

Feb 25 2018 04:06 AM by periodico

The critical weakness of Martin Herring...

Prism of Many Views

Feb 25 2018 03:08 AM by Track8
If that's the case, I guess you also can't use Peter Clover with Martin Herring.
Prism of Many Views

Feb 24 2018 02:41 PM by periodico

I'd think you cannot use Rite while Prism active.

Prism of Many Views

Feb 24 2018 02:06 PM by Track8
I'm confused by this thread. I would have thought the Rite still works; you just reveal the next card instead, no?

Feb 19 2018 02:26 PM by Track8

Extortionist, Syndicate Liaison, and Hard Case are all similar Syndicate characters from the Core Set.  If I had to rank them from best to worst, it would be in the same order as I listed them above, although I like all of them.  The Extortionist wins out for me because of his versatility as either a 2-cost rusher or a 3-cost controller.  And while the Liaison's arcane icons are rarer in-faction and his ability can even hit Ancient Ones, the Extortionist's icons are better suited to exploit the opening his ability creates.  And if there were still any doubt, the Extortionist's printed cost is lower than the Liaison's, making him a better partner for Peter Clover's ability.

The Archmage’s Attaché

Feb 18 2018 07:49 PM by Track8

I applaud Tom Capor on the design here. This might be the most versatile card in the game. It can improve any deck, and there's really no wrong way to use it.

I like it best to replace cards like Prism of Many View and Pocket Telescope.  Those cards were always good for previewing and replacing the top card of the deck, but I always hated losing a card to the bottom of the deck or discard pile to do so.  With Attache, I get to PLAY the card off the top of my deck, and that's an infinitely preferable option most of the time.  And if I peek the top card of my deck and decide I'm fine discarding it to a De Vermis Mysteriis or Rite of the Silver Key, that's always an option too.  


This is the ultimate companion for decks that want to control the top card of the deck.

Clover Club Ringer

Feb 18 2018 07:22 PM by Track8
This gal has an interesting interaction with David Pan and Parallel Universe. Ordinarily, whoever has the highest skill will win all of the struggles at a Pan or Parallel story. With the Ringer, it's possible to actually lose the first struggle or two, each side lose a character, then win the remaining struggles. Not really enough to make this card good, but it does create some unusual situations.

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