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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
The Supernal Prism

Yesterday, 09:25 PM by Daevar

Might be nice in combination with some hand discard. Haven't dabbled into it, has Hastur some actually viable means to actually control your opponent's hand size?

The Supernal Prism

Yesterday, 03:46 PM by Jhaelen

It provides excellent card draw. Ideally you play it when your opponent's hand is currently empty - or when you know he has a card in hand you don't want him to play. It'S also a nice card to include if you're looking for a means to make it Day in order to get rid of your opponent's Night cards, e.g. Savio Corvi, but don't want a Day card to stay in play.

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Yesterday, 03:44 PM by Jhaelen

This one's really odd. I don't even remember it...

To me it seems like a Conspiracy you _want_ to lose to ramp your resources. You'd have to have some control over what your oppoent is going to commit, e.g. using Silver Twilight Temptress or one of the similar cards from the Summons cycle. The Mariner might also work.

The Supernal Prism

Yesterday, 01:39 PM by tdnordine

I have always seen this card as the weaker brother to The Plague Stone, but there are some things to like about it.  


First, it's action doesn't cost anything (except shuffling this into your deck).  Second, when timed right could net you 4 cards and cost your opponent some cards (ex. during his draw phase).  This could be especially powerful in controlling the runaway card draw in some of the MU decks that rely on Historian.

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Jul 28 2015 08:24 PM by Daevar

It seems crazy hard to set up this Conspiracy. You could surely put some low cost characters there on the attack, but then your opponent can most likely manipulate the struggle resolutions by going for icon parity and in the end you're committing five times to win a conspiracy with no further effect.


What does work, for instance, is Y'golonac and some cannon fodder on your side and some combat icons on the opponents side (and not to many Terror icons), but that's not entirely in your hands and still depending on a 4-cost minion, three trash drops and at least 2 combat on the other side of the table. Spelt out, it doesn't sound too hard to achieve, BUT if you can set up this play with Y'golonac, you can probably just play Nug instead and be done with the ramping.


I take it, Baron Samedi's Disrupt effect that resolves *instead* of the normal struggle effect doesn't trigger this Conspiracy, since it replaces the wounding of the normal struggle wounding, hm?

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Jul 28 2015 02:47 PM by Obtuse
Well there is no investigation struggle on this conspiracy, so a character with investigation icons will be mostly wasted here.

I'm also not sure I see a real use for this conspiracy.
Raising of the Great Old Ones

Jul 28 2015 02:38 PM by JonDigman
An additional way to get those huge Sleeper Below cost characters out. Send a wheenie with investigation and terror. Dare your opponent to stop you.
Dr. Carson's Treatment

Jul 28 2015 02:24 PM by Zinquox

This is basically the basis of a deck I have built. It's fun. I wish I had Dr. Carsons to put in the deck.

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Jul 28 2015 01:39 PM by Carthoris

Seems like it would be fun to play on the first turn, and then dare your opponent to win combat there. Don't throw me into the briar patch of a second-turn 5 domain!

Raising of the Great Old Ones

Jul 28 2015 01:19 PM by blinovitch

This seems like a double-edged blade: destroy characters with the terror struggle, but combat sends the destroyed character to a domain as a resource. I don't immediately see a use for this, unless maybe it's coming from the same intent as cards like Even Death May Die: keep cards that trigger in the discard out of the discard.

Long-Dead Prince

Jul 28 2015 08:07 AM by Jhaelen

Meh. Last time I've seen him get play was when the Summons cycle was the current one...


Jul 28 2015 08:05 AM by Jhaelen

I want to like it. I've been considering to put it into my new Tesla deck - because that guy sure needs every protection he can get!

Dr. Carson's Treatment

Jul 28 2015 08:04 AM by Jhaelen

I used to prefer Dr. Carson himself, since that's another body on the board (for the same cost), but I haven't tested it for a long time. Perhaps it works better in the current meta?

House Advantage

Jul 28 2015 07:59 AM by Jhaelen

I don't think I'd use it in a mono-Syndicate deck, but with the Shub Box out, it's yet another effect to make sure the "right" card stays on top of your deck. Is that worth paying 2 for it, though?

James Logan

Jul 28 2015 07:55 AM by Jhaelen

I enjoyed using him with Flare Gun and Lightning Gun.

Palpable Unhappiness

Jul 28 2015 07:53 AM by Jhaelen

Yup, it's a good card to stall your opponent - or worse...

French Quarter

Jul 28 2015 07:51 AM by Jhaelen

This is currently in my sideboard for my new Mi-Go deck. I think it has potential - perhaps even more in combination with the Pocket Telescope (the previous "Card of the Day").

Pocket Telescope

Jul 28 2015 07:49 AM by Jhaelen

Too bad it's an attachment. It might work well as a companion piece to the Archmage's Attaché, though, hmm...


Jul 28 2015 07:48 AM by Jhaelen

Yup, it works against Ancient Ones, that's it's saving grace. Since it'll probably be attached to a crucial character, your opponent will be happy to pay 1 (or just get rid of the attachment). However, since AOs haven't been a thing lately, it's not a card I ever considered.


P.S.: Is there maybe some recent synergy effect since it's a Curse?

A Cunning Ruse

Jul 28 2015 07:44 AM by Jhaelen

Meh. There's better ways to put success tokens at other stories (although admittedly, they're almost all from the Miskatonic faction).

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