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Recent Card Discussion

Today, 02:02 PM by Track8

I know Baron Samedi wasn't released until a few sets later, but this is just a crappy preview of him.  A 50% raise in cost is not worth two extra skulls and Toughness +2 instead of Resilient.  I'm a little surprised such an uninspired Ancient One would be made so late in the game's existence.  The fact that it's neutral just means that this character doesn't belong anywhere.


Based on the artwork and the subtitle of this card, I would have preferred an ability like "Disrupt: When an opponent's character is wounded at a story Zstylzhemgni is committed to, put a character of cost 3 or less from your hand into play committed to that story."  I like the concept that it's dangerous to block Zstylzhemgni.  I just would've liked the effect to be original, something that played off the swarm idea more.  The ability I'm suggesting would reward you for building your domains vertically by netting you more characters as if you had built horizontally.  That is, unless the opponent lets you go unopposed, is able to somehow tie/beat you at combat, or blocks you with an Invulnerable character.

Campus Security Guard

Yesterday, 03:38 PM by Track8

I've zero experience with this guy, but I really like him.  In a mono-MU deck, he's like a mini-Dutch Courage with legs.  Combined with a rush strategy, this guy could easily allow you to push through stories for the win.  Combine him with Board of Trustees for a little extra Toughness or Infirmary for repeated use.  I especially like the latter option because of the synergy with the Guard's discard ability.  You shouldn't underestimate the value of a free ability, especially when it's a surprise and when it could save a character from losing an attachment because of insanity.


Every campus needs a little protection, so your nerds can focus on their studies and not worry about getting beat up.

Calling Down the Ancients

Sep 15 2017 09:12 AM by NuFenix
Don't forget that an insane character has a skill of 0, so combine it with a Hastur focused insanity deck and you could use it to make their key characters go insane and then be destroyed.
Dark Sargassum

Sep 14 2017 12:37 AM by Track8

It seems to me like a lot of Shub's most expensive characters don't have stats/abilities that justify the cost.  It almost seems like they're expensive just for the sake of being expensive, so you justify resource ramping and cost reducers.  Meanwhile, the 3-cost and 4-cost characters in the other factions are far more efficient, meaning there's no need to build up for giant characters unless you're doing it just for the fun of it.

Flooded Vault

Sep 11 2017 07:41 PM by ibell

I thought so. Very powerful.

Flooded Vault

Sep 08 2017 09:24 PM by RichardPlunkett

Essentially yes, its Action can be triggered any time you can normally trigger actions, which means you can get a support into play when it suits you, not just during Operations.

Obsessive Elder Thing

Sep 08 2017 07:53 PM by ibell

Anarchist, Triggerman and Underscover Security only have two icons. I'm not convinced OET''s penalty is that severe. It is sometimes an assett.

Flooded Vault

Sep 08 2017 07:48 PM by ibell

Does Flooded Vault allow you to play Supports as Actions outside your Operations Phase?

Wandering Inmate

Sep 05 2017 11:28 AM by RichardPlunkett

I agree, most of the time it will get taken back into hand. Given the default restore is at the start of turn, taking it back instead means they can play it again, getting any of the numerous beneficial entry effects out there and having it ready, which a restored character is not. So they are paying a cost, but getting a benefit that offsets it a little.

If this was a repeatable response, ie didn't have an exhaust cost, then it would make a potentially useful counter to an opponent's restoring effects. But as it is the slight tax it imposes seems low impact. 

Wandering Inmate

Sep 04 2017 03:12 PM by Track8
I'm conflicted about Wandering Inmate. I like the "tax" effect. It's really cool, especially when combined with a card like Dikes of Ys. My problem is it's dependence on other cards to be good. I can see the opponent gladly taking his character back in hand under most circumstances. That allows him to just play his character again and enable him to commit to stories. I want to like Wandering Inmate more than I actually do.
Silver Twilight Enforcer

Aug 25 2017 01:44 PM by Track8

Just when you thought Master of Blades was unplayable, Silver Twilight Enforcer comes along.  The Enforcer's penalty is completely prohibitive IMO, and I don't think the design of this card fits with the apparent flavor.  I would've liked to have seen the Enforcer's penalty somehow turned into something useful.  Maybe combine the penalty with some kind of enters-play ability, so the self-bouncing, while a penalty, can kind of be a boon too.  For balancing purposes, maybe you drop the combat booster and drop toughness.  I don't think he needs Toughness anyway with all those combat icons and a combat booster. 

Calling Down the Ancients

Aug 23 2017 02:44 PM by RichardPlunkett

Yep, very solid with reliable recursion and sub-par without it.

Calling Down the Ancients

Aug 23 2017 12:30 AM by Track8
Too expensive unless you have a reliable way to lower skill or recur this Event. Ideally, you could even do both.
The Company

Aug 22 2017 01:52 PM by Track8

This card is weird because Agency characters (especially the Government kind) are typically rife with combat icons.  You're not going to lose many combat struggles during the course of most games, so the Toughness +1 will be wasted.  That is, unless you find a way to make it useful.  I like to use Catastrophic Explosion to wipe my opponent's chumps off the board.  Thanks to The Company, the chumps on my side can handle the wound, and now I've cleared a path to unopposed stories.  There are other approaches one could take as well (Dynamite and obviously Khopesh come to mind).  Whichever way you choose, a free mini-Dutch Courage isn't an asset to be minimized.

Obsessive Elder Thing

Aug 21 2017 12:06 AM by Track8
For 1 less cost, you get a non-unique Wilbur Whateley 1.0 with a penalty. Pretty nice, but OP compared to Anarchist, Triggerman, or Undercover Security? None of those guys have significant penalties, so I don't think the OET is broken.
A Cunning Ruse

Aug 17 2017 07:41 PM by ibell

Also, by not comitting to the Story you want, you deny the oppoent the ability to defend at that story, so potentially gaining (I) striuggle success.

A Cunning Ruse

Aug 17 2017 07:39 PM by ibell

You can commit a high skill vulnerable character to Cunning Ruse more safely than the Story you are going for.l.

Obsessive Elder Thing

Aug 17 2017 07:31 PM by ibell

Yes, OET's Forced Responce has as many Pros as Cons I think. This card strikes me as overpowered for the cost.

Faceless Abductor

Aug 17 2017 07:28 PM by ibell

However, if I take Control of my opponent's Faceless Abuductor, my Opponent can shuffle another Faceless Abductor into his deck to return my captured FA to his hand.

Dangerous Inmate

Aug 17 2017 06:43 PM by ibell

This question is answered at ffg forum/topic/27366-victoria-glasser/ .

Dangerous Inmate or Victoria Glasser can Choose characters with (T) or Willpower, but they do not go insane. So Victoria Glasser can Choose herself to (not) go insane, making it a rather weak Forced Response.

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