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Recent Card Discussion
The Cavern of Flame

Aug 27 2015 08:17 PM by jensarne

Great card, as long as your opponent doesn't run a lot of dreamlands support cards. Extra fun to combo it with polar mirage.

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Aug 27 2015 08:23 AM by Jhaelen

Zephyr summed it up quite nicely. Nice idea, bad execution.


Aug 27 2015 08:22 AM by Jhaelen

A card I like thematically but have never actually used, mostly because its cost 4. Cost 4 cards should really be game-changing or game-defining. Nessor is unfortunately neither. He could still be playable due to effects to get him into play for free, though.

Painful Reflection

Aug 27 2015 08:19 AM by Jhaelen

Yeah, the best use would be to use it right after your opponent has drawn cards to ideally discard them all. It will likely require a dedicated deck und a way to recur it, though.

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Aug 27 2015 04:13 AM by RichardPlunkett

Self references defeat this card at nearly every turn.


A large number of supports refer to themselves as part of their trigger costs, thus this card cannot meet those costs, and effectively can't copy those abilities.


Action: Sacrifice The Plague Stone and pay 2 to destroy all characters in play.

Action: Exhaust Book of Iod to reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. Put one of the cards into your hand and discard the other.

Response: After a character you control was chosen as the only target of a triggered effect, exhaust Ipiutak to copy that effect choosing another character as the target of that effect.


So you are very limited in what you can copy, eg:

Arkham Asylum: Action: Pay 1 to choose an insane character. Restore and ready that character.


A sample examination shows that of the 18 support cards that start with "A", only 2 have a copyable triggered effect. This renders this card virtually unplayable.


A simple errata allowing this card to use itself in place of any self-reference in any copied effect would at least make the card more broadly applicable, and almost playable though you would still be faced with the issue of the copied effect doing something the opponent wants to do, rather than something you want to do.


eg "Exhaust Ultima Thule to put an Explorer character into play from your hand" - Even if you could copy this effect, you are unlikely to have explorers in your hand.

Armored Car

Aug 27 2015 04:05 AM by RichardPlunkett

Database typo note: card's action text in db mentions "Armored card" where is needs to say "Armored Car".

The Dikes of Ys

Aug 26 2015 11:10 PM by BustaMazoo

Yow. I liked this primarily for the support destruction - but the addition of unconditional insanity is awesome.

The Dikes of Ys

Aug 26 2015 07:17 PM by tdnordine
Yes. Terror and Willpower don't prevent a character from entering play insane.
The Dikes of Ys

Aug 26 2015 06:15 PM by BustaMazoo

Here's a question - since out of play characters have niether Willpower nor Terror icons, does this mean they enter play insane regardless of Willpower or Terror?

Painful Reflection

Aug 26 2015 03:10 PM by Obtuse
I think too costly for what it does. There are cheaper hand discard options that do the job better. One nice thing about it is that you can use it on an opponent's turn, and it is a madness card so has some synergy with the new upcoming hastur box.
Painful Reflection

Aug 26 2015 02:46 PM by Carthoris

Could be really nice in a Lunatics deck, where you have more control over the number of insane characters.

Painful Reflection

Aug 26 2015 02:42 PM by tdnordine

A rather high cost event, and you need to do some work to set it up by driving things insane, but still useful for hand control.  Unlike Apeirophobia, it can still be used in your opponents draw phase which makes it very powerful if you can save the domain for it....

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Aug 26 2015 12:47 PM by Carthoris

I think it's written clearly enough, but it's just too much of a gamble in most cases, since it's dependent on marginal features in your opponent's deck. It would have been a handy defense against my Nemo Omen characterless mill recently, though.


Aug 26 2015 12:19 PM by Skelton

I love this card. It reminds me of the Assamites from VTES which were very cool

Hoarding Knowledge

Aug 25 2015 12:41 AM by grantix

Can this combo with Theosophist to grab a non ST card back?

Brother of the Black Lotus

Aug 24 2015 07:05 PM by NuFenix

I feel like he will combo really well with The Seventy Steps and Unending Festivities. Once he is ready he can go into a story, and if you can win both struggles (assuming it isn't a story with extra's of either), ready two of your characters to allow a snowballing effect and keep winning stories.

induce Terror

Aug 24 2015 08:08 AM by RichardPlunkett

Driving 1 character insane of itself is usually a waste. Driving 2 insane is ok, but not good. Driving three or more insane will usually be good value.


But that isn't where this gem shines. The secret to this card is in decks with at least a  moderate number of skull icons, and perhaps relatively few terror icons.


For terror, remember, using this invalidates a terror win at that story, since characters able to go insane will already be insane, so there is a mild anti-synergy with terror heavy decks.


For combats tho, having some of the guys at a stories go away is an excellent opportunity for an unexpected Combat struggle wins, and thus you get to kill one of their precious willpower guys.


So correct use of this card is most often in story defense, or sometimes careful trap offense or in response to opponent Tactic cards. But a key point is use is to make sure you not only drive some guy(s) insane, but also get to kill something and/or save something, so card advantage is in your favor not theirs.


Minor Note: this db entry has a capitalization error,  a small "i" thus "induce Terror", not the correct "Induce Terror".

Shrieking Byakhee

Aug 23 2015 01:52 PM by GrahamM

Stickling aside, I'm fairly sure you should be allowed to use Shrieking Byakhee to fetch a Scheme of Byakhees. FFG has a history of not being 100% with wordings that should obviously be the same, i.e. sorcerer vs sorceror back in the day and chthonian vs cthonian. A note in the FAQ would be great though.

Shrieking Byakhee

Aug 23 2015 12:00 PM by Daevar

I'm with VonWibble on this. The string of letters "Byakhee" is contained, but not the word "Byakhee" (singular). I'm pretty sure it's intended to be able to fetch the Scheme, but that would take some interpretation on our part. And while playing it as being able to fetch in friendlies, I wouldn't expect anybody to let it fetch something for you in tourneys without a FAQ.

Shrieking Byakhee

Aug 23 2015 10:00 AM by VonWibble
No it doesn't, it contains the word "byakhee" rather than "Byakhee" ;)

I think its one for an faq tbh. I personally am a stickler for the wording being absolutely correct (see my thread on Naomi O'Bannion and Bending the Rules being a Tactics rather than a Tactic) and really think the faqs should clear it up completely.

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