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Recent Card Discussion
Norm Grzbowski

Yesterday, 06:01 PM by GomJabbar

Well...low cost characters and maybe some cards that gives you more domains...

Very situationnal but could be really fun hahah

Norm Grzbowski

Yesterday, 03:36 PM by dboeren

It's a combination of a "for fun" card and sort of an alternate victory condition, which should be hard to pull off.  If you use him, you really need to build a very specific deck around it.

Fall Guy

Yesterday, 12:10 PM by GrahamM

I think he's a fantastic one drop. Kwakkie is to some extent right about the combat/terror thing, but Fall Guy can absorb both, which is awesome. More importantly he can shut down investigation (to make your opponent's attack less effective) and arcane (to weaken their defenses). Plus he generally makes math difficult for your opponent. And, rare for a one drop, he gets better as the game goes on!


In terms of the syndicate, he's one of their best one-costers. Lena is better, but unique. I can see why you would put Clover Club Bouncer in, depending on the deck, but if it doesn't focus on skill then Fall Guy becomes Your Guy. He's way more dynamic and interesting than Patsy.

Norm Grzbowski

Sep 15 2014 05:28 PM by GomJabbar

I don't really get this card.  Never been in a game where I had 11 characters in play, even less commited...

Isaac Miles

Sep 15 2014 07:27 AM by Kwakkie

Add degenerate gambler for even more fun.

Black Dog

Sep 15 2014 07:26 AM by Kwakkie

Sure you can, I've done this a lot.

Fall Guy

Sep 15 2014 07:25 AM by Kwakkie

Protect them at stories how, by canceling the combat or terror effect? You can throw any chump in front of that train by making him join the story, no need to sack a character for that. He's not that good imho.

Mentor to Vaughn

Aug 17 2014 11:31 PM by NuFenix

Weird to think this is from winning world championship 8 years ago!

Black Dog

Aug 17 2014 04:25 PM by NuFenix

I was thinking the exact same thing SieurP.

The Doorway

Aug 03 2014 08:40 PM by Zephyr

Doorway can allow character to "tank" C struggle and escape at the same time. Doorway fires after character was chosen but before he recives wound. Similarly for other kind of such effects.

source: http://community.fan...om-damon-stone/

Isaac Miles

Jul 25 2014 07:27 PM by Serazu

Most people will just say "Oh! Anti-Yithian technique!" when they first lay eyes on him, he's much more than that however. He and House Advantage make the best of friends. Do you want to redraw Patsy to halt opponent's progress at stories? Sure. Fall Guy perhaps to nullify lost struggles again? Done. Or Extortionist and Hard Case to re-exhaust annoying characters? Isaac's your man.

Fall Guy

Jul 25 2014 06:32 PM by Serazu

Cannot understand the low rating. This guy deserves at least three stars. In the right deck, he's money, as he can protect your most important characters when they expose themselves at stories. Naomi for instance mostly needs to commit in order to use her effect. This little mobster ensures that she survives the ordeal. Etc, etc. Not to mention the combo between him, Isaac Miles and House Advantage to repeatedly nullify losses at stories. But that's another... story.

Black Dog

Jul 25 2014 06:13 AM by SieurP

So, if you're the active player, and you commit, it goes to the opponents commit step, and he only commits one character, can you play Black Dog? It seems like with the wording you could, but I've only ever seen people play it as a defensive card.

City Map

Jul 24 2014 09:38 PM by Serazu

What's really important here is that the cards searched are not reshuffled, but being put out of the way, so the tactic events will come sooner.

Hatchet Man

Jul 24 2014 09:34 PM by Serazu

Not impressed with this one, especially when facing monster factions. If the terror struggle is picked, then the Hatchet Man will contribute nothing to combat. If the combat one is picked, then he will contribute nothing to the terror one. So, being alone and opposed at a story, even when facing a single character, is almost akin to suicide. With a Pit Boss out, things change, since the Man may pick the combat struggle and deal some serious damage. In this case however, his utility is much dependent on another character. A character in need of another one to function properly is mediocre in my book. I'll stick with mr. Pan and Parallel Universe, thank you very much.

Naomi O'Bannion

Jul 24 2014 09:29 PM by Serazu

Verified: The cost depicted in the upper left corner of the event card is not taken into account when using Naomi's action. The event's text however has to be fully resolved; thus one has to exhaust his biggest domain when triggering Immurement out of his discard pile.

Naomi O'Bannion

Jul 23 2014 10:01 PM by Serazu

I have the same question too, though, judging from what I read on the comments about  her in the "Denizens of the Underworld Review, Part 1" article here on this site, I'd say there's no need to "pay" anything. Concerning Immurement, I'd say that you still have to drain the domain, since it's part of the card's effect. I may got it wrong though. Any kind soul out there to enlighten us?

Laboring Gug

Jul 19 2014 04:02 PM by NuFenix

Combining this (and the other Gugs in general) with Khopesh seems very strong. Wound one of your characters and I get a card? Deal!

Blind Submission

Jul 16 2014 06:24 PM by aqurk

If I commit a character with skill 2 or lower to a story, and my opponenet takes control of it with blind submission in the story phase - is that character comitted to the story on his side, or is the character just in control on his side?



"if committed to story character changes side but remains committed"


ungh.. not the answer I wanted :)


Jul 15 2014 08:46 PM by NuFenix

FAQ 3.3


Nug’s ability should read “Forced Response: After you play Nug from your hand, attach 1 card from the top of your deck to each of your domains as a resource.”

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