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Recent Card Discussion
Deciphered Reality

Yesterday, 04:07 PM by Track8

Deciphered Reality is brutally inefficient.  It doesn't even do anything until you start discarding cards to trigger its ability.  Even then, it's only once per turn, and it can only add struggles that already exist at the attached story.  It can't even remove struggles, which would have added some welcome versatility.  


Even running John Scott, Mayor Atkinson, Senator Nathaniel Rhodes, recursion, and so forth, this card just doesn't do enough to warrant a spot in my decks.  It's too slow and temporary to effectively seed a discard pile, and trading a card for one extra struggle is just a bad trade.


The fact that this card exists automatically saves Unbound! from being a 1/5 because Deciphered Reality creates a new standard for 1-star cards in my opinion.  Too bad because I like the art and the concept.

The Festival

Jul 25 2017 02:13 PM by Track8

I like the synergy between The Festival and Descendant of Eibon.  Most of the cards I fetch with The Festival rely on a Bayou Shaman, Favor of Eshu, or Shub-Niggurath to make them relevant.  The Descendant is the rare card that can pull itself up out of a domain without outside help.  And the Descendant's transient resource complements Shub's overall strategy very nicely, allowing you to spring for that 8-cost Shub-Niggurath one turn earlier than expected.  Once I noticed the connection, The Festival + Descendant of Eibon seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Sigil of Doom

Jul 24 2017 11:44 AM by Track8
Wandering Tinker is really good with Concrete and Chains, but he might be even better with Sigil of Doom. If you're able to force multiple Arcane struggles at a story, the Tinker can get you an extra kill immediately. The fact that the Sigil's ability is a Forced Response, and the Tinker's ability is a Disrupt, means you don't need to wait until story resolution to benefit.
Josef Meiger

Jul 23 2017 08:48 PM by Track8
Josef Meiger + Telepathic Cthonian... has anyone tried this combination? You might actually choose to get rid of your own Meiger yourself.
Marine Salvager

Jul 22 2017 01:54 PM by Track8

Length of Pipe is definitely a good choice because the Salvager can fetch it for free.  Artifact of the Lost Cities is really nice too, especially when paired with Concrete and Chains, Indebted, and other temporary support cards.  You can draw a lot of cards that way.  I kind of like Cathouse with the Salvager too (for repeated diving into the pile).

Marine Salvager

Jul 21 2017 10:44 PM by RichardPlunkett

I have never been much of a fan of the Bone Sculptor, but this card is powerful. Great with temporary attachments it realy ramps up the irritation from Concrete and Chains, Length of Pipe, etc

Marine Salvager

Jul 21 2017 03:04 PM by Track8
It's interesting that Marine Salvager doesn't have the same "minimum of 1" payment clause that Bone Sculptor has, nor the "remove from game" clause. There's just more potential for abuse with the Sculptor I suppose.
Called to the Sea

Jul 21 2017 03:01 PM by Track8
Since Palpable Unhappiness is excellent at zeroing skill at one story for 1 cost, you can't complain about being able zero skill at all stories for 2 cost.
Obsessive Sycophant

Jul 21 2017 10:44 AM by Track8
If only it didn't include the "character you control" clause, he'd go great with Stealthy Byakhee.

Jul 20 2017 02:42 PM by Track8
This Ghostbusters reference makes perfect sense given CoC also includes a card called The Carpathian. They must be big Ghostbusters fans over there at FF. I wonder how they felt about the newest version.
Dream Parasite

Jul 20 2017 02:38 PM by Track8
Wilbur Whateley is probably the best partner for Dream Parasite, especially if it gets you that elusive 4th success token.
The Large Man

Jul 19 2017 01:04 PM by Track8

The built-in synergy between The Large Man's two abilities is what I love about this card.  So many times you'll pack some milling and then feel a need to pack some recursion, or vice versa.  With TLM, it all comes together in one nice tidy card.  Sure, the lack of protection makes him an easy target, but you'll probably be able to retrieve at least one event card from your discard pile before he dies, meaning you'll do no worse than break even.  The Investigation icon just feels like a bonus to me.


The lack of protection keeps TLM from being a 5/5, but the synergistic abilities and the Investigation icon make him a rock-solid 4 for me.


Jul 17 2017 08:56 PM by Track8

The more I've looked at Tru'nembra, the more I realize how necessary he is to an Artist/Hastur deck.  Such a deck is bifurcated into two conflicting strategies - drive your own guys insane for Patron of the Arts and to lower the cost of Hastur himself.  Once Hastur is out, win as many Terror struggles as possible (especially if you're also running Drawing the Sign).  Tru'nembra is where these two strategies meet.  Consequently, I think he's critical to making an Artist/Hastur deck work, and I see why FF decided to print him.

Tenebrous Nightgaunt

Jul 17 2017 08:30 PM by RichardPlunkett

I love Day+Night, and having cards enter insane is one of the easiest ways to make it happen.

Also, I was recently encountered the word tenebrous elsewhere and looked it up, apparently it means: dark; shadowy or obscure.

Tenebrous Nightgaunt

Jul 17 2017 02:20 PM by Track8

If Tenebrous Nightgaunt enters play insane (Things in the Ground, for example) what happens to Day cards after he restores. Will it be both Day and Night at the same time?


EDIT: It would help if I read the rules.  Looks like it would be both Day and Night.  Seems like that could be a fun idea for a gimmick deck, making it both Day and Night at the same time.  There are some Syndicate cards from the Terror in Venice box that would love that.

Faceless Abductor

Jul 16 2017 10:12 PM by ibell

Yes ISWYM. If I take control of FA I can't excercise it's ability. Like Prof George Angell (Disrupt:: Return PGA to your hand to,,,,) couldn;t be triggered by a non-Owning controller.

Cunning Mascheraro

Jul 15 2017 02:00 PM by Track8
I find it strange that Cunning Mascheraro is a Hastur card, yet the Hastur faction has a total of zero Masks to its credit. Not only is the Mascheraro a bad card, he's also behind on his mask making. Zero skill indeed.
Shadowy Figure

Jul 14 2017 01:37 PM by SpeechPathologist

If this had the "Cultist" or "Deep One" type would you still rate him as 2 stars?

Alaskan Sledge Dog

Jul 13 2017 07:14 PM by periodico

That text says " ... for each card titled..." not " for each other card titled...". Dog naturally has one combat icon and 2 skill :D.

Alaskan Sledge Dog

Jul 13 2017 03:07 PM by Track8

Unfortunately, the FAQ has indeed nerfed the Alaskan Sledge Dog.  It's no longer tournament legal to play with 8 of them in your deck.  Apparently, the infamous Alaskan Sledge Dog deck was just too powerful. 


Really does a lot to the flavor of the card too.  Now, your dog sled team is limited to 3 dogs, which is probably about enough to pull an empty sled.

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