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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Long-Dead Prince

Today, 09:07 AM by Jhaelen

Meh. Last time I've seen him get play was when the Summons cycle was the current one...


Today, 09:05 AM by Jhaelen

I want to like it. I've been considering to put it into my new Tesla deck - because that guy sure needs every protection he can get!

Dr. Carson's Treatment

Today, 09:04 AM by Jhaelen

I used to prefer Dr. Carson himself, since that's another body on the board (for the same cost), but I haven't tested it for a long time. Perhaps it works better in the current meta?

House Advantage

Today, 08:59 AM by Jhaelen

I don't think I'd use it in a mono-Syndicate deck, but with the Shub Box out, it's yet another effect to make sure the "right" card stays on top of your deck. Is that worth paying 2 for it, though?

James Logan

Today, 08:55 AM by Jhaelen

I enjoyed using him with Flare Gun and Lightning Gun.

Palpable Unhappiness

Today, 08:53 AM by Jhaelen

Yup, it's a good card to stall your opponent - or worse...

French Quarter

Today, 08:51 AM by Jhaelen

This is currently in my sideboard for my new Mi-Go deck. I think it has potential - perhaps even more in combination with the Pocket Telescope (the previous "Card of the Day").

Pocket Telescope

Today, 08:49 AM by Jhaelen

Too bad it's an attachment. It might work well as a companion piece to the Archmage's Attaché, though, hmm...


Today, 08:48 AM by Jhaelen

Yup, it works against Ancient Ones, that's it's saving grace. Since it'll probably be attached to a crucial character, your opponent will be happy to pay 1 (or just get rid of the attachment). However, since AOs haven't been a thing lately, it's not a card I ever considered.


P.S.: Is there maybe some recent synergy effect since it's a Curse?

A Cunning Ruse

Today, 08:44 AM by Jhaelen

Meh. There's better ways to put success tokens at other stories (although admittedly, they're almost all from the Miskatonic faction).

The Doorway

Today, 08:43 AM by Jhaelen

Very useful and versatile card.

Ian Hardaway

Today, 08:41 AM by Jhaelen

This guy might go into my Hastur/Cthulhu deck once the Hastur deluxe set is out. These two factions have lots of cards that can add Terror struggles - which will then translate into additional success tokens...

The Mother's Hand

Today, 08:38 AM by Jhaelen

I liked her quite a bit until the Plague Stone was released... now, I don't consider her as useful as e.g. Hungry Dark Young.

Aliki Zoni Uperetria

Today, 08:36 AM by Jhaelen

I like her, but never really got to playtest her extensively. I once put her in a Silver Twilight/Miskatonic deck built around Itinerant Scholar, whom I like quite a bit.

Houngan Seydou

Today, 08:32 AM by Jhaelen

Hmm, interesting. I hadn't noticed it doesn't refer to printed skill. He's rather expensive, but I can see it might be worth it as a combo piece.

Dr. Carson's Treatment

Yesterday, 09:47 PM by Shibboleth

I recently saw this used well with Student Archaeologist and Mad Genius to capitalize on their restoration responses, after having been driven insane as the costs to various Hastur effects.

Dangerous Inmate and Deranged Diva allow you to drive either your or your oopponent's characters as needed. Pack in Arkham Asylum, Doctor Carson, Doctor Carson ' s Treatment, and other restore effects and you are well on your way to not needing to go to stories.

Got a deck built around the idea I enjoy greatly.
Dr. Carson's Treatment

Yesterday, 08:16 PM by tdnordine

Why would the new enters-play-insane characters not work well with the Treatment?


Treatment says "Restore and Ready".  The response would trigger after the Restore portion, prior to them being readied.  Allowing them to not only trigger their effect, but also to be ready to go right afterwards.


What am I missing?


Nevermind.  I wasn't reading the new cards as closely as I should have.

Dr. Carson's Treatment

Yesterday, 08:16 PM by Arocle

Have been on the receiving end of Dr. Carson's Treatment, Mad Genius and Catacombs Docent combo with 2 resource domain. That was fun! :D Those geezers sure could punch!

Lodge Applicant

Yesterday, 07:26 PM by Carthoris

it's weird to read "remove…from play". they really need to standardize cards wording.


Yeah, that's painfully sloppy and creates an ambiguous middle ground between the two distinct situations: "make the card leave play" and "remove the card from the game."

Dr. Carson's Treatment

Yesterday, 06:09 PM by Carthoris

Unfortunately, the Treatment won't be ideal with the new enters-play-insane characters like Walter Gilman and Maria Suleman (in the forthcoming Hastur box). Since the Treatment would ready them, it would obviate their response effects. It would allow them to see service as characters in the same turn they were played, though -- or as a surprise on the opponent's first turn thereafter.

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