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Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Mediator of Hostilities

Feb 17 2020 10:07 AM by Severijn

This reads like it should be easy to draw two cards with this in the first turn, and thereafter it will draw one if you're planning only one conflict a turn. This card looks pretty good to me! Getting an advantage while not having to commit characters is a good deal when you get a reasonable body alongside it. 

Venerable Fortunist

Feb 17 2020 10:02 AM by Severijn

This action is fairly strong, but it is also a bit "the rich get richer" since you can be assured your opponent will do anything to stop this from happening. Especially because you may be playing this with Keeper initiates for a greater pay-out, too.


Good stats, but odd traits. I'll love him in my Phoenix Monk builds. Maybe Dragon will play him too just because he's an alright monk!

Hige’s Sermon

Feb 17 2020 10:00 AM by Severijn

If there ever was a card to play with Sinister Soshi as your only dynasty buy, it would be this. Good thing the Hidden Moon Dojo isn't around anymore!

Expert Interpreter

Feb 17 2020 09:57 AM by Severijn

This is a little awkward like most phoenix cards because your opponent still gets to choose which ring they want to contest. On the bright side, this does stop all effects that put a character in play. There are also a couple of cards that need specific rings to function, or that you can negate entirely if you set it up. Some examples:

  • Yogo Kikuyo can't enter play and stop your spells.
  • Feral Ningyo has to stay in hand.
  • Keeper initiates can't enter play!
  • Appealing to the fortunes doesn't get its reaction.

If you're willing to use your restricted slot for Kuroi Mori, you can stop all the charge and cavalry reserve-esques cards there too. 


Beyond this utility, you are still getting okay stats for a 1 cost courtier, and the scholar part is thrown in as an extra. I like cards like this, because it modifies the value of a certain ring with its ability.

Duel to the Death

Dec 18 2019 05:54 PM by Thaliak

No. From the Rules Reference Guide:

"If the effect text of a card ability contains a sentence that includes the word 'to,' then the text that follows the word 'to' can only be resolved if the preceding text was successfully resolved in full."

Opponents can't dishonor a character who is already dishonored, so they have no way to refuse the duel.

Sage of Gisei Toshi

Dec 18 2019 05:47 PM by Thaliak

No. If something appears after "Then," it only occurs if the preceding part occurred. From the rules reference guide:

"If the effect text of a card ability includes the word “then,” the text preceding the word then must be successfully resolved in full (i.e. the game state must change to reflect the intent of the pre-then aspect of the effect in its entirety) before the remainder of the effect described after the word “then” can be resolved. ... If the pre-then aspect of an effect does not successfully resolve in full, the post-then aspect does not attempt to resolve."

Sage of Gisei Toshi can't move home if it's not in the conflict, so the "Then" doesn't happen.

Sage of Gisei Toshi

Nov 09 2019 02:46 PM by EdTheMad

If this character is home, can you use his action?

Duel to the Death

Nov 05 2019 07:58 PM by EdTheMad

If the target opponent is already dishonored, can they refuse the duel?

In Defense of Rokugan

Jul 21 2019 09:31 PM by Severijn

The current rules say the following: "When a value is “set” to a specific number, the set modifier overrides all non-set modifiers (including any new non-set modifiers that are added during the duration of the set value). If multiple set modifiers are in conflict, the most recently applied set modifier takes precedence."


The set to skill 0 overrides all other bonuses, no matter the order in which those were applied, and without regard to the bonus coming from honor tokens, actions or attachments.

In Defense of Rokugan

Jul 20 2019 02:20 PM by aqurk

When  you "set" a skill to 0, does that mean attachments on that character also won't count it's skill?

And what if I play Banzai on the character after IDoR is played. Will I get the skill-bonus, or will it be negated by IDoR?

Adorned Barcha

Jun 19 2019 11:48 AM by Severijn

So this card looks pretty powerful. Adorned Barcha comes with a hefty set-up cost of 2 fate, restricted, limited and needs unique characters, but the ability is pretty spectacular. The point-and-click nature of the bowing of an opposing character is powerful, and adding this on top of mobility makes it a house. This card is hard to stop asides from attachment removal. Your opponent has to decide whether you have it in hand otherwise, and needs to think just how much they should commit based on that estimation. On the defensive, this is a nice response to someone going all-in with a legion of one and way of the lion, and also very strong against covert which will often target your big named character either way. 


That said, this is not without downsides. The cost of it is prohibitive, and some clans have easy answers against this in ready for battle and against the waves. It is also something that only does things in military conflicts, which is perhaps not the biggest issue for unicorn. 

Asako Maezawa

May 11 2019 07:32 AM by Severijn

This is a contender for the best courtier in the game. It is easily the best courtier that Phoenix has, and they're no slouch with the likes of Asako Diplomat, Naive Student, Radiant Orator and Meddling Mediator. With the Isawa Mori Seido stronghold, this is a 2/6 in most cases. It gets even better when there is a character with higher base political like a Fearsome Mystic or even Fushicho.

There are other contenders as well, of course, but this one has the compromise of a relative low cost for 6 and upwards of political strength. Its strength is that it wins conflicts like no other for that price. When you play this character, you want to focus on grabbing a fire ring with this and get it honored if the situation presents itself. A 4/8 or 6/10 is not something most decks can deal with without spending several cards and/or fate.
Thinking about support, Maezawa is great all by himself. You don't need anything to help him, though I would recommend running a couple of Magnificent Kimonos. It is easy to get these to work in your favor. If there is any other card that you want to put in there as support, it would be Clarity of Purpose, so that you can project his power twice.

Magnificent Kimono

Apr 02 2019 08:24 AM by Severijn

This is the card that can best leverage pride of all cards in the game. You add it to your character when you know the conflict will be won by you (i.e. not enough defenders, an attack to provoke defenders or they are going for Display of Power or so). There are several excellent bearers of this card in phoenix, and these are either hard to defend against (haughty magistrate, Fearsome Mystic, radiant orator) or that participate in multiple conflicts (Prodigy of the Waves, Chikai Order Protector). Characters in this latter category are prime targets for getting dishonored, specifically because they participate in multiple conflicts. You will find yourself adding the kimono to these when they get dishonored the first time, after which pride is just pure upside. 


Magnificent Kimono is a good card, but you have to play it with Isawa Mori Seido, and you want characters that really want that bonus. Its major downside is not that pride is bad, but more that its effect isn't felt in the conflict in which you play it. 


Also, if you play your cards right, your character is leaving play honored. This in turn means you have more honor to burn on drawing cards. This makes Magnificent Kimono barely cost a card.


Also, Against the Crane Stronghold, anything that adds one political will usually elevate your character to 3 pol. It's a small upside, but it is certainly an upside. Another trick is to play this together with Favorable grounds. It is common that you can honor your character a second time just by throwing them in as a participant. 

Honest Challenger

Mar 03 2019 10:24 AM by Skyknight

It's below her - they fight their duels on very small ponies...

Honest Challenger

Mar 01 2019 08:50 PM by Caldera
Cavalry - but not a horse in sight...
The Mirror’s Gaze

Feb 22 2019 02:56 PM by DVeider
Only one question I have. Does the "dishonor a friendly character.........' is a cost??? So it is ignored, right??
Implacable Magistrate

Dec 28 2018 09:39 AM by Severijn

This character is pretty alright against all clans except for crane, usually. Early on, it will be pretty difficult to muster honored defenders. Even so, as the attacker, it is still alright if your opponent commits their (now high-statted) honored characters to hold this off. You are still coming out ahead in that exchange, if only slightly. Her main drawback is that she is essentially a character that wants to be alone in the assault, and also the following: Implacable magistrate don't work well in pairs. They will set each other to not count towards the resolution of the conflict. Don't do that.


Dec 17 2018 02:41 AM by Roryn

Seems best in Crab, Phoenix, and Scorpion, IMO.


Can be an absolute monster with just a little effort, but seems to be pretty well-balanced for a neutral - that is, good at times, but not good enough to be in every deck.


I'm still incredibly salty that he's a neutral and that Mantis STILL isn't a faction after 2 cycles.


I'd say that he works well in Unicorn too with lots of Yurts and Gaijin Customs, not that I've tested.


I'm guessing that if they make Mantis a faction, they'll redo Yoritomo and maybe some other mantis cards, like how they're making Toturi into a neutral card post-championship.

Chasing the Sun

Dec 11 2018 06:01 AM by Ultramarines

More Unicorn players will play Seeker role with the synergy between the new Stronghold and this card together.  Losing Talisman still sucks though.

Chasing the Sun

Nov 25 2018 05:01 AM by Roryn

I think we may start to see some more power and synergy in this card with the upcoming unicorn clan pack. I suspect that a lot of cards will play into this theme of exploration, such as the teased Shinjo Trailblazer.