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Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Fearsome Mystic

Oct 22 2018 07:36 AM by estyles

I was going back and forth on which box, since honoring Kosori and increasing her glory is also good.  But I think I settled on Kyuden Isawa.  Which yeah, probably means Fearsome Mystic is inferior to the other 4's and 5's available.  It's just a little bit sad that she's not even that good if the conflict is usually Air.  My big problem with her is that you never get 2 Fate off of enemy characters.  You're lucky to get 1 sometimes.

Fearsome Mystic

Oct 22 2018 05:06 AM by Severijn

Well, This is a shugenja that you play pretty much only out of the original stronghold, Isawa Mori Seido. In those decks, she is very powerful. Getting her honored, boost her glory and attack in air makes for a 7/9 shugenja, that will void all defenders.


She is also modal, in the sense that if she becomes dishonored, you keep her out of air conflicts and have a respectable 1/3 body to work with.


She fits in any deck that is interested in controlling fate on characters, or as a response to character where many attachments are dumped upon. Her best friend is Favorable Ground so you can pull her in whichever conflict your mark is in. You want to play her with characters that raise the stakes of a challenge, like Asako Diplomat. Finally, she is one of 5 characters in phoenix that can escort the Haughty magistrate after you apply the glory bonus.


So in summary: She is potent, but not quite in a deck that only wants to go air, because high glory certainly has its drawbacks. If you plan to go air all the time, Kudaka's bonus might be better, especially if you are playing this out of Kyuden Isawa.

Fearsome Mystic

Oct 20 2018 11:06 PM by estyles

I can't decide if this card is any good.  I'm building a deck that's mostly based around Kaito Kosori and making every conflict Air (as much as possible).  Kudaka seems better than Fearsome Mystic in the 4 slot, and I'm having trouble finding room for this one, even when my whole deck is based around having 2 to 3 Air conflicts per turn...  Am I wrong, or is Fearsome Mystic just underpowered?

Tactician’s Apprentice

Oct 18 2018 01:55 PM by SlaaneshDevotee

Yeah, I'm not that convinced for myself. Composure will make him interesting?

Tactician’s Apprentice

Oct 18 2018 11:20 AM by estyles
I've been sour on this guy because if you're bidding 1, you will tend to only be lower than your opponent on turn 1. And having this guy out telegraphs that you're going to bid 1, right? But then I realized I've been thinking about it all wrong. This guy's prime value isn't in bidding 1, it's bidding 4 (or 3 if they've caught on), allowing you to bleed off a little honor from a 5 bidder while still drawing as much as them. And if your opponent bids 1 to shut him off, as Lion you can weather the honor loss pretty well. It's not the greatest ability in the world, but better than I thought it was and comes with a super cheap body.
Insolent Rival

Oct 18 2018 08:06 AM by estyles

I love the design of this card.  This might be the most consistently interesting duel in the game right now.  If you duel a character with equal or up to 2 higher Mil, then the ideal for you is to bid 1 higher than them.  So they want to at least tie your bid.  But if your opponent bids 5 and you bid 1 or 2, it might win you the game by dishonor.


In the case where you succeed and bid 1 higher than your opponent, it costs you a 2 honor swing to gain +2/+2 and dishonor their character (likely another 2 force swing).  AND you've turned on I Can Swim.

Make An Opening

Oct 18 2018 07:52 AM by estyles

Scorpion has a lot of dial tricks coming up (or already existing).  Could be good.

Akodo Kage

Oct 18 2018 07:50 AM by estyles
I guess the window is the same as Tactician's Apprentice, so they combo together well. But yeah, turning off composure (and things like Good Omen), and cancelling your honor gain is not so great. A better version would be "set that opponent's honor dial to any value lower than its current value." (Or maybe just any value between the current value and your dial value?) So you have to reduce it if you use his ability, but you can make it, say, 2-to-1 for giving up minimum card advantage while still having Composure.

As printed, I don't expect he'll see much play.
Stolen Breath

Oct 18 2018 07:45 AM by estyles

This hurt me the other night in a Crane v. Scorpion matchup, but overall, Scorpion is so good at political, it doesn't seem worth 2 fate.

Utaku Tetsuko

Oct 18 2018 07:12 AM by estyles
Like I said, she's a little under curve, but the ability more than makes up for it and her keywords are good. Also, talking about total stats misses the point a bit. A 3/3 is not that much better than a 3/1. And a 3/1 is IMO much better than a 2/2. And 1 Glory is better than 3 Glory for this character (and Unicorn in general, at least for now).
Utaku Tetsuko

Oct 18 2018 01:13 AM by SlaaneshDevotee
I still don't understand the cost to stats ratio for L5R. 4 total plus one glory suits for 3 cost?
Tireless Sōdan Senzo

Oct 18 2018 01:12 AM by SlaaneshDevotee
Yup, she's an absolute staple for me now. Would drop many other cards before I'd drop her.

Oct 17 2018 10:39 PM by Ultramarines

Let's give Scorpion an OP card cause why not.. it's not like they are a top tier clan or anything   /s


Oct 17 2018 09:44 PM by estyles

Seems best in Crab, Phoenix, and Scorpion, IMO.


Can be an absolute monster with just a little effort, but seems to be pretty well-balanced for a neutral - that is, good at times, but not good enough to be in every deck.


I'm still incredibly salty that he's a neutral and that Mantis STILL isn't a faction after 2 cycles.

Sadane Student

Oct 17 2018 09:36 PM by estyles

I want to be able to claim that I see some use for this that everyone is missing, but seriously...  why is this so terrible?  1/4/1 for 2 with no conditions would be a good card for Crane, but still would compete for deck space with some other really good 1- and 2-cost options.  1/2/1 that is 1/4/1 IF you first win a ring?  The conditional bonus on Political is just not something Crane needs when they've got plenty of ways of getting political skill from other characters unconditionally.


MAYBE if there's a Hisu Mori Toride-style stronghold that gives an extra political conflict sometime down the line...  But again, 1/4/1 for 2 even without conditions would be just good, not amazing, for Crane.

Utaku Tetsuko

Oct 17 2018 09:22 PM by estyles

Fine?  More like incredible.  Stats are just a little under curve for the cost, ability is amazing, and surprisingly she doesn't pay the Cavalry tax.

Tireless Sōdan Senzo

Oct 17 2018 09:15 PM by estyles

Just listened to an episode of The Last Province where they said this would never see play.   Wow!  I think this card is one of the top 5 Lion characters.  Not only is it great to defend and still attack (possibly just saving an honor, possibly making your opponent spend extra cards that they didn't want to), but being able to attack on political and either get an easy ring trigger or +1 character advantage (if they defend and win, you still have your Senzo unbowed) is amazing.  And 2 political means that it can't be entirely just a token defense.  If you have the political favor, they might have to actually put some effort into winning.


And that's even without considering Cloud the Mind - which I personally probably won't play in Lion until/unless they get another good in-clan Shugenja.

Shinjo Scout

Oct 17 2018 09:09 PM by estyles

@RainKing I was gonna respond, but then I wanted to check to make sure that I didn't miss something!   (and never got back to it....)

Shinjo Scout

Oct 17 2018 06:05 PM by GreenRaven

They didnt remove the fate for passing first, they removed the fate for having the first turn.

Shinjo Scout

Oct 17 2018 03:11 PM by RainKing
edit: I misunderstood a rule which invalidates my original question. Nothing to see here!