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Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Invocation of Ash

Yesterday, 08:35 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

Unrestricted buff in both conflicts for 1-cost.  Plus an effect that allows you to abuse it.  Coupled with Giver of Gifts (in multiples too) it can be so strong.


Currently in the game, end game conflicts come down to whoever has a fully decked out tower.  This allows you to have your tower "more" decked out, and still have two swords / fans and a Banzai, etc.  This card is really good, and gets even better with Shiotome Encampment in tower style decks.

Hiruma Kogoe

Yesterday, 08:33 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

I believe Hiruma's Courtesy doesn't have the explanation text either.


I'm trying to make this card great, I'm not sure how yet.  She's been okay but not highly impactful.

Shiotome Encampment

Yesterday, 08:32 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

The design on this card is just "lol".  Why is it so easy to trigger?  Why does it stick around? This is an overreaction to Unicorn's perceived power, and will now constrain the design space significantly for the future.

Isawa Uona

Yesterday, 08:30 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

With just Cloud the Mind in your deck, she's insane.  Any extra Air traited cards and she just gets better.  The existence of free bows like this forces other clans to build decks around not having non-uniques for impactful slots.


Her overall effect will be meta-dependent, but she's pretty great right now.

Ancient Master

Yesterday, 08:26 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

This card is insane.  1-cost 1/1 is almost always good.  This is the highest glory for a non-scorpion conflict character currently available, almost always snipes the favor to allow Sumiko to be completely broken.


When your opponent flips Shameful you can just toss this in and auto win the conflict.

Adopted Kin

Yesterday, 08:24 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

This card is really good now, and is only going to get better.  In attachment focus decks (or even decks just playing a few high impact attachments) this card reads "0-fate, draw X cards" where X is usually 2 or more.


Fun combos:  Embrace + Fires / Twist on your opponents characters, toss this on and embrace the next thing.

Marauding Oni

Yesterday, 08:23 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

4 in any stat is a great number to hit.  It can break most provinces on it's own, is neutral and helps shore up clans that don't have high efficiency 2-drops to play.  The downside isn't that significant and is likely to trigger once?


Has some cute combos, and we definitely need more cards like this.

Feral Ningyo

Yesterday, 08:17 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

This is an automatic 3 of until there are 10 other highly efficient and impactful Phoenix conflict characters.


The stats are pretty efficient for a 3-cost vanilla conflict character as well, allowing early passes to build fate advantage.  0-Glory makes it a good opener / Shameful poke, combos well with Azunami.  In political conflicts it's one of the very few zero cost Pol buffs as well.  The theme-memes are also pretty strong, fun card to play.


Then there's a whole slew of combo ways to cycle this and recur it several turns in a row.

Bustling Academy

Yesterday, 08:16 PM by MiserableToad

This probably has some very clever and tricky applications. But it doesn't strike me as interesting right away.

You can target your opponents provinces to remove iron mines or imperial palaces. It's pretty great. Could use it as a role unalligned sabotage.

Chikai Order Protector

Yesterday, 08:13 PM by OutOfFactionWarlord

This card is crazy good.  It's definitely something Phoenix needed, and wow did it ever hit the mark.  The stats are very efficient for the cost, higher than average military power for Phoenix which helps a bit with the weakness.  Favorable ground powers it up, clarity on the back swing and you can have this baby in 4 conflicts a turn.  The built in Mountain does not Fall effect really helps you build a tempo Phoenix deck as well.  I expect to see this card in decks for quite some time.

Void Fist

Yesterday, 07:04 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
C-c-c-c-combo! Yup I love it.
Togashi Mitsu

Yesterday, 07:03 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
Monk deck linchpin? I like the 'just put it on the bottom' mechanic, same as when I saw it everywhere in Conquest. Reckon that's a sign of Brad being in charge?
Tainted Hero

Yesterday, 07:00 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
I think this is a very cool mechanic! I dunno if the card will be worth it without more cheap characters with Leaves Play effects though.
Shosuro Sadako

Yesterday, 06:59 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
This seems like a ridiculously good value card. The only negative is losing an honour when it leaves play. But it is cheap and big stats usually. Sigh. Another nasty card I'll have to deal with across the table?
All and Nothing

Yesterday, 06:57 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
I'd use it in honour decks splashing Phoenix. So many ways to make any conflict end up resolving an air ring...
Appealing to the Fortunes

Yesterday, 06:56 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
Oooooooooooooo I like this one! Better in bigger character decks I'd say? New Lion Stronghold would probably like it? Expecting to break them faster than they can break it?
Bustling Academy

Yesterday, 06:54 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
This probably has some very clever and tricky applications. But it doesn't strike me as interesting right away.
Callow Delegate

Yesterday, 06:53 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
Simple and effective honour? But the timing means you need someone lasting to the next turn and needing honouring at the end of all the conflicts etc. May be a little trickier to co-ordination than it appears?
Discourage Pursuit

Yesterday, 06:51 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
Reverse banzai caltrops. Love it but also hate it. Shinobi deck coming along?

Yesterday, 06:49 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
More limited cards is good, that keyword only becomes useful if there are enough possible conflicts to make for tough decisions. I wonder if this card is wanted by unicorn now? It is move home which was very lacking, but is one cost just a little too much?