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Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Swift Magistrate

Today, 10:08 AM by gamblingworld
I like it as a piece of the 0 fate charge/cavalry reserves/I am ready approach the pony club can get together.
Know the World

Yesterday, 05:15 PM by DVeider
I like this card a lot, but I must admit that its use isnt something great at the moment. Pay 1 fate to take 1 or 2 (most of the times 1 for 1) is below average. The effect helps you use some abilities or use the same ring twice in a round but you dont play alone the game............ I believe that only with way of the phoenix this card would have some use. On the other hand there is no space in the decks for adding both these cards (ktw & wotp).... 2 way of the phoenix only for denying a ring is preffered (be thematic after all)....
Aggressive Moto

Nov 16 2017 10:00 PM by phillosmaster

Yeah you can play around his downside, but it's a weird card.  If you look at him next to all the other 2 cost characters (including the other in clan options) he's pretty obviously behind the power curve.  I assume you are paying a premium for that Cavalry keyword.  So hopefully you are capitalizing on that if you put him in a deck.

Aggressive Moto

Nov 15 2017 11:29 PM by gamblingworld
-of course he can be pushed into defense by the clan stronghold or other effects.
Display of Power

Nov 14 2017 05:42 PM by Caldera

Fair points.  I agree that it will become more powerful once the new fight-for-the Imperial Favour cards come out.  But  depending on your opponent you have to run the Voice of Honour / Forged Edict gauntlet first in order to get there and claim the Favour so that Censure can be switched on....  


I can see that using it to claim and trigger Void is a potentially powerful move and can really shift the balance, but - Water shenanigans aside - your pay-off doesn't come until the next round, whereas your broken Province this round could prove costly (because leaving a Province undefended means it probably needs only the slightest of nudges to break).  And Water, well.... it would be a brave opponent who declares the Water ring when attacking Phoenix between now and Winter Court 2018....


Still, I can't deny that using it to claim the Fire Ring is almost always absolutely worth it (and then some), and for that reason there will always be at least one copy in my Phoenix deck for the foreseeable future...

Display of Power

Nov 14 2017 03:24 PM by GKZhukov
Void can be a game-ending swing, if it saves your champ and wipes theirs. Fire is also huge. Air can win dishonour games, and against Phoenix your honour buffer needs to be bigger for this reason. Against another clan you can fix it by taking the air ring - here you lose either way. Water is niche, but can still be a big swing, especially if you have a bunch of Keepers ready to surge out.

If you also run Know the World you can hypothetically trigger the same ring 4 times. Though I don't actually think you want to go all in on this in practice :P
Guidance of the Ancestors

Nov 14 2017 02:58 PM by Asklepios

Well, for one thing, the two ancestral cards give +2, not +1. And for another, they're attachments in Dragon, who get added value from attachments in multiple ways, and who can discount attachments.


If Ancestral Daisho and Kitsuki's Method were lion cards, they'd still be slightly better than Guidance of the Ancestors, but probably wouldn't find their way into decks.

Guidance of the Ancestors

Nov 14 2017 01:44 PM by Hakkor

As it has been mentioned, cannot understand how anyone that values Ancestral attachments would not value this card even higher ("sort of" immune to discard!!)

Display of Power

Nov 14 2017 01:36 PM by Hakkor

I have discovered after playing it in a number of games, that the most interesting rings to take over are void and fire, while water can be not worth it at all, or on the contrary a totally break (opponent does not ready a character, you ready your fatty for a second conflict).


It makes huge game swings, specially when champions are around. Wouldn't change my x2 copies in scorpion for any other card. And in Phoenix, with the Imperial cycle and the upcoming fight for the Imperial Favor, it will be brutal. Shame they are seekers, not keeper, because Display of Power can bring all your keepers back to the game.

Display of Power

Nov 14 2017 11:08 AM by Asklepios

It may be more worth it when you get an Imperial Favor based counterspell, of course...


Honestly though, I think that well-timed and well-played this is an amazing card. If you turn around a Void ring challenge, you've effectively prevented a fate loss from your character, taken a fate from an opposing character and stolen a Ring. So that's 2 fate from pool and a card from hand in order to create a boardstate change of +2 Rings and +2 fate in play. That is totally worth it.


Other rings, of course, will give other benefits, but you'll only play this card when the situational benefit is as big as that swing.

Guidance of the Ancestors

Nov 14 2017 09:38 AM by Tenerim

The card has it's uses in certain match-ups, it's usually worth it as a one of because if you draw it it stays online the rest of the game. It helps a lot against Crane since it turns off their box when you're attacking with your 2 Pol characters. It's a solid tech card in my experience. 

Display of Power

Nov 14 2017 09:02 AM by Caldera
I've personally found that the benefits of Display of Power rarely justify the cost (2 fate plus 1 honour for unopposed... Plus the almost guaranteed loss of a Province). I prefer leveraging advantage through Way of the Phoenix and Know The World, however the fact that people seem so over-awed by Display of Power means its probably worth keeping in my decks for its psychological benefits at least.
Guidance of the Ancestors

Nov 14 2017 05:31 AM by Grimbo

Hmm, my experience is that this is utter crap.

Display of Power

Nov 14 2017 04:42 AM by FightingWalloon

Nothing worse than seeing a Phoenix player sitting on 2+ fate when you are trying to figure out what attack to launch. Display of Power has a huge impact on the flow of the game.

Guidance of the Ancestors

Nov 14 2017 03:51 AM by Atrus
This card is very good and useful, you sacrifice fate for unlimited uses of this card. Its much better than ancestral, can be used to buff cheap units, to overcome Shizuka Toshi, Night Raid etc if I can I want a single copy of it whenever I play Lion or splash Lion.
Warrior Poet

Nov 14 2017 03:46 AM by Atrus
She is better that it seems. The debuff can be huge, often a -2 (great). The fact that she is cavalry, works bowed, and cant be assassinated are also pluses. Like most of the unicorn units she is a balanced 2/2 useful in every conflict.
Shinjo Tatsuo

Nov 14 2017 03:37 AM by Atrus
Awesome. One of my favourite unicorn characters. He is the boy for everything. Best target for attachments, the only unit in the game that can activate spyglass 2 times per round naturally ( the other one is the outrider but she will be assassinated). Great ability in late game. Versatile.
Shinjo Outrider

Nov 14 2017 03:34 AM by Atrus
Essential cheap unit. Helps in every possible conflict, forces overcommits, may trigger shameful display even bowed... very good.
Moto Youth

Nov 14 2017 03:33 AM by Atrus
Very good unit. Cheap aggro military boost. 2 of these with cavalry reserves are better than moto horde...
Moto Horde

Nov 14 2017 03:31 AM by Atrus
This card is must for unicorn right now. The opponent must answer him. 6 is huge, and inmune to poisons traps pacifisms... very good. Is not a very fun card because it doent have an ability you activate to do something crazy, is just a military war tank, does one thing and very well. With rout + stronghold is bananas.
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