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Legend of the Five Rings LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Guest of Honor

Yesterday, 09:21 PM by gamblingworld

Sorry were you going to way of lion me? fate worse than death me? charge me? censure me?


Well you can't.


-and i'm just gonna pummel you into the ground with policy debate.


This lady is awesome in the current meta- being able to play events while your opponent cannot is absolutely op. -and most importantly she stops your opponents cancel events so stuff like noble sacrifice is guaranteed to hit.


Absolutely essential in Crane (although probably not on turn 1), and bring some favoured grounds so you can wheel her into 2 conflicts per turn if required.


Yeah she's not cheap, but when you can banzai and the other guy cant... you can make a few dudes go a long way.

A Fate Worse Than Death

Jan 14 2018 11:35 PM by Asklepios

Yeah, it's proven effective. You just gotta sidestep the cancels.

A Fate Worse Than Death

Jan 13 2018 02:44 PM by gamblingworld

We laughed at the cost when this came out. Oh how we laughed.


Then someone void conflicted me, doji challenged in my freaking niten master and slapped this on it. :S


This is a good card coming out of scorpion or crane who have sufficient cancels to make sure it finds its mark. make sure you take a calling in favours as well to steal their reprieve and voltrons are in trouble. This thing makes mincemeat out of dragons in particular.


Crab have some ability to resist the effect.


-even if a voltron doesn't show up this can be used to negate a big character in a key conflict (ie attack on the stronghold) and there wont be much they can do about it! 


As I say just make sure its going to find its mark and make sure when it hits that guy it does something significant becasue you could almost afford a kachiko for this.


4/5- its expensive but it does what it says on the tin. Freaking ruins someones day.

Forged Edict

Jan 13 2018 01:41 AM by Serazu
Not only the above, but the Edict is in fact the best cancel in the game, since it's the only one of the bunch, which is active from the moment the game starts, provided that a courtier is out. And if a Scorpion player starts the game without a courtier out, he's doing something wrong.
Forged Edict

Jan 12 2018 12:10 PM by Asklepios

Fair point, but actually all the game's event-cancels (Voice of Honor, Forged Edict and Censure) are considered to be top tier cards despite their limitations.  Its rare to see a Scorpion deck that doesn't carry three of these.


Broadly, Scorpion can dishonor their characters fairly painlessly, as they have a lot of cheap courtiers that have 0 or 1 glory. More importantly, when those characters leave play, the honor loss can be mitigated by the Stronghold.


Cancelling events at a timing of your choosing is basically a very strong play in any game, as it normally represents a tipping point that makes a stack of investments worthwhile or not.


If you've dropped multiple fate on a character, then given it an attachment or two to get to break threshold, used your Way of the Scorpion to weaken the defender, used your Sinister Soshi to stack the combat maths, then you've invested a lot into the break. A single event card by an opponent can often mean the difference between success and failure - a single Mirumoto's Fury, or a single Banzai, or For Shame bowing, and so on and so forth. What's more your opponent knows that tey can do that, and can hold back to make that play after you have overcommitted resources.


In that circumstance, a cancel is a wonderful thing, as it is something that the opponent couldn't know for sure whether you have or not, and thus messes up his relative certainty of coming out on top of the exchange. When one cancel can mean the difference between break + ring effect + imperial favor or nothing being the outcome of many cards and much fate, it suddenly becomes very worthwhile to take the hit of dishonoring your Bayushi Liar.


In fact, so critical to Scorpions is this card that any decent player going against Scorpions will avoid playing any high-swing event when a Scorpion has non-dishonored courtier. Forged Edict always needs to be considered when playing against Scorpion. If you're playing as Scorpion, then you want 3 copies of this card, barring weird low-courtier builds.


The best counterplay, of course, is to drop a Steward of Law, and THEN play that decisive event, and say "oh sorry, were you planning to cancel that?"

Artisan Academy

Jan 12 2018 12:02 PM by Kilava



Could I have some clarification on the how long the reveal part of the action lasts for?


On the newer card, Pillow Book, it states that the length of reveal is until the end of the conflict.


This card just says reveal, so I my mind it is one of two things:

1) The card remains revealed (faceup) on top of your deck until you draw or play it

2) The card is revealed only during the action and then goes back facedown, but you can still play it at any point of the conflict phase so long as it remains the same card (i.e. if you draw it, you cant play the next top card)


Is either of those correct? I've been playing it as point 1 but I am not so sure after reading pillow book.



Forged Edict

Jan 10 2018 09:45 PM by Dangling
I'm not sure how well I like this card. It could be useful against Assassination, but it still causes you to dishonor a character. Only if your character is 0 glory would it help.
Master of Gisei Toshi

Jan 09 2018 09:46 PM by phillosmaster

It very well could be a Black Scroll.  If the Phoenix have one or more Black Scrolls in this continuity they would be held in Gisei Toshi with the other dubious artifacts that's hidden away there.  I believe IIRC even the existence of Gisei Toshi itself was suppose to be a secret.


I'm not sure how the rules line up with her theme, but the art is definitely thought provoking from a lore perspective.  What else does she have hidden in there?

Master of Gisei Toshi

Jan 07 2018 01:48 PM by gamblingworld

Hey, is that a black scroll???



Pathfinder’s Blade

Jan 03 2018 04:58 PM by gamblingworld

With the dragon splash I can destroy this attachment, your argument is invalid.

It does does indeed die to lightning bolt.

But then you won't be Letting go of my 3 reprieves :) or my 2/3 cloud the minds :)

-and you cant let go before it readies my niten master for free.

-and while my blade is relevant in every single matchup in any meta(until more passive effect provinces come out) let go has the potential to be a dead card if you hit an event focused deck.

So id rather take the card that at worst breaks even (if it gets let go its 0 fate 1 card for 0 fate 1 card) and can always provide more value than that than the card that potentially does nothing in a low/0 attachment meta.

In short id rather draw 3 blades in a row than 3 let gos because i can guarantee their utility in every upcoming conflict. There is a (slim) chance let go does not help me if i draw it at the wrong time or against the wrong deck.

And the splash lets me take reprieve! 


I argue the blade is marginally (tiny margin) better than Let Go.

Pathfinder’s Blade

Jan 03 2018 12:37 PM by FedericoFasullo

An absolute staple for Seeker and part of the reason dragon splash isn't the automatic 'correct choice' anymore.


With the dragon splash I can destroy this attachment, your argument is invalid.

Pathfinder’s Blade

Dec 30 2017 09:57 AM by gamblingworld
An absolute staple for Seeker and part of the reason dragon splash isn't the automatic 'correct choice' anymore.

You take this for the text effect mainly.

-and what an effect:

Shameful display- switched off.
Endless Plains- yep your best dude can solo that now safely.
Restoration of balance- more like a nice day at the garden centre.
Public forum- breaks on 1 hit because its power is a trigger. It saves you one whole conflict. That's huge value this little sword just provided.

note that it can't counter passive effects like pilgrimage/massing at twilight. It only cancels triggers, which most of the top tier nasty provinces have!

As a bonus it readies your Niten Master in an extremely threatening way!
Togashi Yokuni

Dec 28 2017 11:09 AM by Serazu
I think he's the best daimyo so far, though Kaede certainly gives him a run for his money for the throne of best unique character in the game.
Doji Hotaru

Dec 28 2017 10:00 AM by Asklepios

End of cycle thoughts:


Hotaru is better now than she was in core.


Firstly and most importantly, she's one of the best characters for Policy Debate.


Secondly, the meta seems to currently favour mid-high cost characters with more fate in them, and it's become very clear that she's stronger for being a Crane, because of the synergy between her stats and the Crane conflict deck.

This serves her well for moves like Outwit and Admit Defeat, with a double-Fire activation being very useful for setting up future Voice of Honor and Noble Sacrifice. Also, she's a great target for Curry Favor, either to win Imperial Favor or as first player to defend an opponent's political challenge (which folk often do second vs Crane).


My own thoughts is that she's a surprisingly synergistic character, and one that has been mildly under-rated. 

Agasha Sumiko

Dec 28 2017 09:48 AM by Asklepios

Agree, if she's sat on the dynasty array, it's always worth saving an Event cancel if possible to stop Sumiko being Charged in, even if it means suffering the indignity of a Mirumoto's Fury while you try not to reveal you have an unused cancel in hand... Worse thing is those Dragons who ally into Lion, and use For Greater Glory after the Charge...


Sumiko is really hard to stop generally, as low Glory makes her pretty safe against dishonouring, high symmetrical stats protect against a variety of effects, and being in a Dragon deck means she becomes an ideal voltron. Bowing is great, as you say, but not always easy to pull off, and only controls her for a turn.

There's always insta-kill effects of course, but when that becomes your desperately sought answer, you know your'e dealing with quality.


Like you say: Juggernaut.

Togashi Yokuni

Dec 28 2017 09:35 AM by Asklepios

Varies a lot according to the match-up this guy.


Against Lion, he is especially brutal. He can use Lion Pride Brawler's ability better than a Lion's Pride Brawler, and as Dragon aren't too shabby at the struggle for Imperial Favour, it's not at all uncommon to have Lion games where you can't play Ikoma Ujiaki because your opponent has favour and Yokuni.


In contrast, he's pretty poor against Phoenix, who tend to have a lot of high quality character powers which aren't driven off triggered abilities, and who tend to carry Against The Waves.


Best way to use him is to make sure that you've got the most synergistic abilities in your Dynasty deck: Niten Master everyone knows about, but Mirumoto Raitsugu is sometimes overlooked.


Dec 28 2017 08:46 AM by FedericoFasullo

I just read on another site that you could play Spyglass on an opponents character to possibly keep them from activating it since you would get the card draw benefit?


Yes indeed, the attachment is yours, not your opponent's, so YOU draw even if you don't control the character.

Togashi Yokuni

Dec 27 2017 09:40 PM by gamblingworld
Interesting that he's a wizzard (shugenja.) This means that against the waves can be used to bow him.
Agasha Sumiko

Dec 27 2017 09:36 PM by gamblingworld
She's the juggernaut. Once you've got the favour and she's in motion she can't be stopped. Well, except by bow effects. Watch out for that.

Dec 27 2017 08:23 PM by Atrus

Excellent card. Gives you card draw, a bit of Political strenght, and lets you bid low and pressure opponent's honor. Easy to activate twice a round in Unicorn. Gaijin OP.