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Star Wars: Destiny

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Recent Card Discussion
The Force is Strong

Yesterday, 01:21 PM by Ironswimsuit

This card is awesome for generating rerolls.

The Force is Strong

Yesterday, 03:53 AM by RipperJim

Agreed!  I can't find a deck to use this card in so far.

Hunker Down

Jan 16 2017 09:04 AM by Asklepios

And this one less so than most.


Play Hunker Down - 1 action

Use Hunker Down - 1 action

Total: 2 actions.


Play Infamous - 1 action

Play Hunker Down - free action

Use Hunker Down - 1 action

Total: 2 actions.

Hunker Down

Jan 16 2017 08:18 AM by windforce

Works nicely with Infamous in play.

Well, most Yellow cards work nicely with Infamous in play :).

It Binds All Things

Jan 15 2017 12:03 PM by J1mbo

I have yet to pull any of these, are there any alternatives as it is found in many decks that I've seen

Hunker Down

Jan 12 2017 09:26 PM by Whitehorn

Works nicely with Infamous in play.


Jan 12 2017 06:46 PM by Asklepios

I guess its role is to press the advantage on a resource choke game. There's so much cheap (and even 0-cost) goodness in this game though, I don't think resource choke is a viable archetype.


Hmm. Turns out I was wrong here. Just thought I'd point that out before someone else does.


Turns out Jabba + My Kind Of Scum is pretty good at levering disrupt, and Confiscation helps him slow the game's pace, while his inherent discard strength means the stuff he confiscates stays confiscated. Forget Crime Lord, Jabba needs this card to make his Mill work.

The Force is Strong

Jan 12 2017 05:09 PM by Asklepios

So just for fun, decided to do some maths with this.


Q: In a 30 card deck, what are the odds of drawing a SPECIFIC matching pair of cards (e.g. 2x One With The Force)  off a 5 card hand?

A: 2.3%


Q: What about drawing at least one copy of The Force Is Strong, plus 2 copies of a SPECIFIC matching pair, assuming x2 of both cards in the deck?

A: 0.3%


Q: Okay, how about getting 1 copy of The Force Is Strong in an opening 5 card hand with a hard mulligan rule, assuming x2 copies?

A: Ah, now we're talking. Up to 53%


Q: And the odds of getting 2 copies of any discountable matching pair of blue cards worth discounting in a 5 card hand, assuming 12 eligible target pairs to aim for?

A: A whopping 24.5%


Q: Okay, so the odds of getting 1 copy of this discounter, plus ANY discountable pair, with a hard mulligan rule and 12 eligible target pairs?

A: Not so good. 8.2%


Q: Okay, how about this one. I have one copy of a blue card in my hand (e.g. One With The Force). I know the other copy is in my deck. If at the end of the turn I make sure to draw 4 new cards while holding onto One With The Force, what are the odds of pulling the other copy?

A: Depends on how many cards left in the deck.

10 cards = 40%

15 cards = 27%

20 cards = 20%


So what am I saying here?


1) If you're going to use this card, use it in a deck saturated with blue stuff. No point bothering using it with discounting one particular card in mind.

2) You can't rely on lucking into a pair without hunting for one.

3) If you "hold 1 discard 4", odds of finding a match are still against you, even as the game comes to an end.


This means that for this card to work, you also need enabler cards. Starship Graveyard. Scavenge. Don't Get Cocky. Jedi Council. Luke.


Overall, the card pool is not ready for this card yet. Watch this space.

Hunker Down

Jan 12 2017 01:16 PM by Asklepios

Even against a melee deck, you might be able to retain this as shielded damage isn't going to remove it. But yeah, the hidden cost here is tempo. 2 actions before you get 1 shield...


For me, it's role is in those 3 character builds that expect to never get to claim battlefield, as the best time to play this is after the opponent has passed. 

Hit and Run

Jan 12 2017 01:14 PM by Asklepios

Probably a strong contender for one of the best cards there is, quiet and unassuming though it is. I like that it costs no time or resources, and gains you 1 action's worth of speed, which is a hugely important thing. 

Defensive Position

Jan 12 2017 12:55 PM by pantsyg

This event rocks so hard if your deck is fast enough to consistently claim. It can totally neuter a huge opposing turn. 

Disturbance in the Force

Jan 12 2017 11:06 AM by Asklepios

I'm pretty dubious about this card.


Compare to Scramble:


"Spot a yellow character" is a mild limitation.

all of an opponent's dice vs all dice, I'd say all dice is only SLIGHTLY better, and then only because you can partially time this to exclude your own dice if you have strong dice.


However, those limitations don't justify 1R difference in cost. I'd rather have seen this card cost 0R, and have some different mechanical drawbacks. As it is, resource cost is a big downer on an event this random.

Diplomatic Immunity

Jan 12 2017 07:01 AM by Berestaszek

There is also double focus. Do not mess with it when you hit hard with card like all in ;)


Jan 12 2017 06:51 AM by Berestaszek

Also you can bounce off opponent dice if you use it in right time. Jango rolled +3 on jetpack and didn't use it yet? too bad. Pay 2 return that card to hand, take off its die and wish him good luck in next turn.

Diplomatic Immunity

Jan 11 2017 10:00 PM by DDoubleVVision

Yeah but it has Leia on it

Feel Your Anger

Jan 11 2017 07:05 PM by Asklepios

Maybe it's just me but outside of trooper builds my opponents rarely roll blanks unless they already have a crappy set up


The figures aren't hard to crunch. Just total up the fractions on all their dice, and that's how many blanks on average they'll roll. So, typical 3-4 dice start with 1/6 blanks, is an average of 1/2 to 2/3 blanks per turn.


For sure, a trooper build is going to add 1/3 blanks per turn per trooper, but worst case scenario is 3 dice on opponent's side for playability roughly half the time. Once the upgrades start stacking up, this card gets better and better.


Odds are that this card will see an opportunity for use during a game, though admittedly not always when you want it to. But the fact that it's any dice makes up for this, as does the rare opportunity to remove more than one dice. In balance, I'd rather have Electroshock than this, but I'd rather have this than Deflection.

Diplomatic Immunity

Jan 11 2017 06:57 PM by Asklepios

Psychologically, I think it's easy to see this as "the card that gives 4 shields" but Poe Dameron aside, I think that it's more about the averages. Average one and two-thirds shields per roll sounds less impressive for 4 resources.

Defensive Stance

Jan 11 2017 06:45 PM by Asklepios

I see a lot of people running this, but is 1 card, 1 resource and 1 action for 2 shields really that good? Not saying it's not useful, but I wonder if this is a card that will see less use with a growing card pool.


Basically, I'd much rather be paying 1 card+1 resource+1 action to remove a dice than to get 2 shields, as that's liable to prevent a lot more damage and to be a lot more versatile.

Defensive Position

Jan 11 2017 06:44 PM by Asklepios

Surprised to see low ratings on this. Conditions are a pain, admittedly, but at least it targets the right dice!


Jan 11 2017 06:41 PM by Asklepios

While I can't disagree with any of these comments, it's got to be said that there's only 1 in 6 on getting the special here, and two of the three resource faces are needing another resource icon to work. That limits this upgrades role to character combos that both have specials worth triggering AND a couple of resource faces around, like Padme + 2 Hired Guns, or Ackbar or Han decks.


I think without adequate resource icons, this card is just too inconsistent to be worth using.

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