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Star Wars: Destiny

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Recent Card Discussion
Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber

Oct 19 2017 12:43 PM by JMAS

Just as an FYI, the illustrator for this card is Brian Rood.

Medical Center

Oct 17 2017 08:33 AM by TheNameWasTaken

Claim abilities are optional - you can claim and choose to not resolve the ability at all. But, if you decide to resolve it (or are forced to resolve it, such as with an opponent playing Confidence on your Outpost special), you then have to do as much as you can. Since there is no "then" or "to" between the two effects, they're considered independent and you have to give control over even if you don't heal anyone.

Medical Center

Oct 15 2017 01:54 PM by Shockfoo

i'would like to know if i claim the battlefield without healing any character... do i still have to give control of it to my opponent?

First Order Stormtrooper

Sep 20 2017 04:14 AM by JMAS

The illustrator for this card is Brian Rood

Echo Base

Sep 20 2017 04:12 AM by JMAS

The artist is Mariusz Gandzel, not Darren Tan.

Gaffi Stick

Jul 06 2017 03:12 PM by xXDarthBladeXx

Send them a polite message. Not sure anybody here cares about the artists as it doesn't affect the game in any way. 


Jul 06 2017 03:10 PM by xXDarthBladeXx

In a 4 character deck with 2 endless ranks it has a potential of 5 damage per card if used early. That's 10 damage for free...even if you don't endless ranks its still 6 damage...nothing to skoff at. 

Tactical Aptitude

Jul 06 2017 03:08 PM by xXDarthBladeXx

The "may" is you can use the card effect or not....you don't get to bypass the one and use a "then" effect. 

Tactical Aptitude

Jul 06 2017 05:05 AM by Swirek
Concern here is ".... to reflect the intent..." the first part of the card is optional so I can choose to draw or not to draw (0 or 1) and both choices are valid. Since I made a choice "then" pard can proceed. Anyway do we have any FFG statement on such cases?
Tactical Aptitude

Jul 06 2017 12:11 AM by ikeebear

I'm pretty sure the answer is no. From the Rules Reference "In order to resolve an effect that is preceded by the word 'then', the previous effects on the card must have fully resolved (i.e. the game state changes to reflect the intent of the effect in its entirety)." A small wrinkle is the use of 'may' in the first part of Tactical Aptitude. However, I think the RR clearly indicates that the effect has to change the game state, which wouldn't happen if you choose not to draw a card.

Tactical Aptitude

Jul 05 2017 07:51 PM by Swirek

Can you choose not to draw a card and then place a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck?


Jul 04 2017 02:30 AM by ikeebear

Just once.


Jul 03 2017 06:47 PM by TheNameWasTaken

If the die you're resolving has a resource cost, do you pay it only once, or once per character?


Jul 03 2017 06:38 PM by TheNameWasTaken

This card looks pretty bad. Sure, it's only one resource and it is quite likely to do some damage, but you'd have to build in a very specific way to get more than 2 damage out of it, and you have no control over when that damage happens anyway. Am I missing something, or is this really a waste of a card slot?

Imperial Discipline

Jun 26 2017 04:39 AM by JMAS

Another card that FFG attributed to the wrong artist. This artwork is by Anthony Devine.

Gaffi Stick

Jun 24 2017 06:21 PM by JMAS

I know the card says the artist is Joel Hustak, but it isn't. FFG has made these incorrect artist attributions before. This image is by Tony Foti, as evidenced here: http://www.facebook....?type=3


Jun 13 2017 03:54 PM by pstalker

Important Card Clarifications:


1.  An opponent can give you one resource after each time you reroll Blackmail as well as roll it into your pool


2.  Can I roll in a Blackmail (D23) die and resolve it with Fast Hands (D150) before an opponent can give me a resource to remove it? -- Yes. The abilities are simultaneous so you can choose to resolve either one in order of your choice.

Collateral Damage

Jun 07 2017 06:58 AM by Sniddy

One thing to consider


If you have an enemy on 2 damage and one on full health for one action you could resolve say 3 melee dice  dealing 2 damage to one, 2 damage to another and the loose a resource 

It's not an amazing card but versatile and basically adds a kicker to some damage and gives you some options on how to resolve multiple dice as action efficiency 

Collateral Damage

Jun 06 2017 01:59 AM by ikeebear

I agree with Abyss. Compare this wording with that used on the Secret Facility - Scarif battlefield - 'Resolve up to 3 of your dice showing damage'.


Jun 06 2017 12:31 AM by ikeebear

Doubt is currently a very good control card against some common dice in the meta (especially dice with lots of modified sides or pay sides if you can catch them when they have no resources). Meanwhile, Unpredictable is very flexible. You can obviously use it to potentially improve one or your own rolls rather than trying to worsen an opponent's. So it's not as strong for control because they can reroll into something as good or even better and it never removes the die so it can be rerolled or manipulated at any rate. Which you use would therefore strongly depend on the deck you're playing and the role you hope the card will play in your overall strategy. 


Generally, I think I'd include Unpredictable in more decks, but Doubt would always be my choice in a more control-oriented villain deck.

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