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Recent Card Discussion
Bifrost Array

Today, 09:19 AM by KillerShrike

From a design stand point, I like this card. A lot of space here to make interesting decks. I think it would have been better as a grey 4/2, to shake up the meta a bit. But HB has some nice swingy agendas to target with this.


I don't currently have a deck this would slide into, but there is a deck for this card somewhere. It will be interesting to see what people do with it, if anything.

Zona Sul Shipping

Today, 09:15 AM by KillerShrike

Way too slow, and way too easy to get rid of. And a dead draw later in the game.


If it were a connection there would be secondary reasons to play it that might compensate for the card's lackluster utility. But alas, it is not.


No thank you.

Utopia Shard

Today, 09:13 AM by KillerShrike

I just don't like this card. Too much variance on a limit 1 per deck card, with an effect that is overall pretty weak unless spammed. Every now and then it might snipe the game wining agenda, but most of the time it's just an annoyance to the Corp.


It does have some ability to disrupt combo decks, but other than that...


Just not worth it, most of the time.

Superior Cyberwalls

Today, 09:09 AM by KillerShrike

Not loving this...yet. But I'm confident that Order & Chaos will offer more Weyland barriers and a chance to exploit this card more thoroughly.

Snatch and Grab

Today, 09:07 AM by KillerShrike

This is a card, make no mistake about it. So many decks base their economy on one or more connections that this card's hosing power is considerable, not to mention the various utility connections.


Of course, some decks lack connections or connections worth bothering with. Also, Fall Guy.


But, this is a useful piece of deck tech to consider including as an answer for certain match ups.

Shell Corporation

Today, 09:04 AM by KillerShrike

I'm trying this out in a couple of different Corp decks, both more on the "glacier" end of the spectrum. Long story short, this card is fantastic. And I don't care who you are, parking one on a Mushin No Shin'd Cerebral Overwriter is just good times.


This offers a legit no-influence economy booster, though at the cost of a slowed tempo due to the click intensiveness.


Today, 08:58 AM by KillerShrike

There's some potential here, but HB already has some pretty decent options when it comes to program trashing. It's ok, but I'm not compelled for some reason.


Today, 08:55 AM by KillerShrike

This is actually not horrible in some net damage oriented Jinteki decks that are ok with paying 3 to do 1 net damage. And good rez to strength will keep this effective as a tax even if the subroutine never hits. It's not super sexy, but as part of a defense in depth strategy aiming for flatline it can play a useful role.


Today, 08:51 AM by KillerShrike

In most Weyland decks, I'm probably ok with floating Grim's bad pub in return for a lower rez and higher base strength. Morphing to a code gate might delay the runner occasionally, but a strength 3 code gate is even less threatening than a strength 3 sentry.


It might get used occasionally, but overall I'm not loving this one.


Today, 08:48 AM by KillerShrike

"best of the grail ice" is about the best that can be said for this card. Whether the grail ice suite is competitive or not remains to be seen but if it is, Merlin will carry a lot of the burden to make it so.

License Acquisition

Today, 08:45 AM by KillerShrike

Oh, how I wish this was an HB agenda. Great card, fantastic ability, but in the faction of the AstroTrain unlikely to see much play.

Leela Patel

Today, 08:43 AM by KillerShrike

I took my Ian connections deck and tweaked it to suit Leela (+5 inf, and 3x Emergency Shutdown). I'm still looking for the sweet spots on card choices, but after a handful of test games against a friend I'm nominally very happy with Lela.


I'm using Logos as her console, and that's working out great; getting to bounce something of the Corp's and go fetch a card when the Corp scores is a pretty good deal.


The disruptiveness, tempo swings, and ability to jam up HQ are strong "intangible" benefits to her ability, and can really slow the Corp down.


I'm really looking forward to seeing what people are going to do with this scrappy identity; I think she's got some chops and could even be a "contender" for new hotness.

Executive Boot Camp

Today, 08:36 AM by KillerShrike

I'm having a hard time finding a really compelling use for this card. Even the super-obvious use in Blue Sun seems sub par.


Today, 08:32 AM by KillerShrike

I'm trying this out in a funky Quetzal deck currently. Short version, so far the console has been interesting but challenging to fully leverage.


I initially tried three Origami, but that version was just painful to jump start and was too slow and unpredictable. And of course there is a lack of synergy between Origami and Overmind, which the deck is trying to exploit.


After a few test games I switched to three Public Sympathy plus a lot of card draw and that's worked out much more reliably to find the pieces needed and also keep the grip at or near capacity. The breakers are David, Cuj.0, and Overmind backed up by E3. Pawnshop eats cards with no counters, and there's enough recursion with 3x copies of each, Retrieval Run, and Deja Vu to keep it going.


Normally the deck is only consuming 3 MU, unless a Parasite is in play and pushes it to 4 MU. Keeping the grip at between 7 and 11 cards allows a decent safety margin, and as the deck is using expendable progs anyway even if damage causes the MU limit to dip low enough to trash part of the rig it isn't catastrophic. Pawnshop also offers a safety valve (which I had to exercise in one game after decking myself with power draw).


So, thus far it definitely isn't super-competitive, but it is a viable anchor to build a fun and quirky casual deck around.

Cybsoft MacroDrive

Today, 08:20 AM by KillerShrike

Cards like this and strong high-influence out of faction programs make me hope that maybe the Professor will become competitive one day.


Exile might make some use out of this as well, or any Shaper doing a lot of recursion.


Otherwise, meh. Under normal circumstances you have to use the card to install three programs before it saves any $...in most decks it wont pay off.

Daily Business Show

Today, 08:13 AM by KillerShrike

This is a pretty strong effect, particularly in a combo deck looking for pieces. Also, the rez to trash ratio is in a good place. But, as the card pool grows deck slots become ever more precious. What to cut for this?


The thing that is not entirely clear to me is whether they stack. If I have two of them out do I look at two additional cards for three total and put one of them on the bottom? It seems like that would be a "no", which weakens multiple copies in the deck. However if it is a "yes", then that's quite a draw engine.

Cerberus “Cuj.0” H3

Today, 08:06 AM by KillerShrike

I'm casually trying this out with David and Overmind in a Quetzal deck that also runs Pawnshop, E3, and Ekomind with Public Sympathy x3. The deck is kind of lukewarm, but I've developed a strong liking for this card. I think it might be the most compelling of the dog breakers as it fills a nice niche in Anarch, saving influence normally spent on a good Criminal killer.

Leela Patel

Today, 03:45 AM by bourgman

And now, we have 2 characters from Futurama represented as runner IDs.  I can't wait for Fry and Bender.

Leela Patel

Today, 03:44 AM by bourgman

This hurts the "Install, Advance, Advance" decks pretty hard.  Off hand, I can't think of anything else this is really good for.  Chimeras perhaps?

Angel Arena

Today, 03:35 AM by bourgman

I like this card a lot.  It is click-efficient and puts me in control.  Also, when installed with The Supplier, you can set X equal to 2 and install it for free.  Great for decks that rely on combos but can't tutor for that needed card.  I can keep peeking at the top card until I find one I want, then draw it. 

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