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Android: Netrunner LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Today, 08:07 AM by kamahl23

I agree. This ID is insane totally. To win with this ID does not have any merit for me and it could be boring sooner or later.


All the time the same thing: Oversight AI or BER + a big ice (Curtain Wall frequently), earn a lot credits like this and wait until the runner makes a run succesfully so then the corp plays SEA Source + 2x Scorched Earth or if the runner stole any agenda play a few Punitive Counterstrike. The third option to win is by scoring agenda as usual but it is not frequently I guess with this ID.


After I said that, I wanna ask something: What's the point to play with this ID? It is funny to the runner losing all the times by the same way or for the corp winning as well?


If I were the creator of this game I would ban this card. The only one in this game that I like so much.


Feb 28 2015 08:01 PM by Meadbeard

Is it just me, or is this a better alternative to Pop-Up Window for the same influence?


Nope: the credit difference on Pop-up Window is 2n credits, where n is the number of runs against a single copy. A smart runner can break both subs pretty easily, so Shadow will give a difference of 2n-3. Only a dumb runner makes this more efficient for the corp than Pop-up (ignoring the first sub is 3n-3, so that's better for the corp). The rez cost is the key.


If the corp pumps Shadow, that'll change the formula, but then other factors need to be considered.


You might wonder why the cost of an icebreaker isn't included here: essentially for simplicity. A Mimic, for example, costs 3 to install, but then it can be used against any Sentry . . . w/o going into too much detail, you can see this for yourself if you think about rezzing 3 Shadows: it costs the Corp 9 credits to do so, but the same 3-credit installed Mimic works against each one. The install cost of the icebreaker is divided among the ICE it encounters, so the cost per use drops dramatically the more often it is used. The "real" formula is fractionally worse for the corp than 2n-3, and will actually be 2n-2.784539, etc., and is dependent on the actual board state.


Feb 28 2015 07:05 PM by MagisterWrigley

Is it just me, or is this a better alternative to Pop-Up Window for the same influence?


Feb 28 2015 06:59 PM by AdorablePython

Synergizes with Kate/CybSoft Macrodrive/Cyberfeeder, so it's a free install. Put it on Scheherazade to gain an additional credit and after it's empty you can saw it off using Aesop.

Chairman Hiro

Feb 28 2015 04:41 PM by Meadbeard

To steal an agenda, one must add it while it is being accessed (Rulebook, page 31). Chairman Hiro is added "as an agenda" after it has been trashed. The rulebook makes a distinction between "trash" and "steal" under its definition for "Accessing," (page 30: the runner can "trash or steal"). Since, in order to add it, Chairman Hiro must be trashed while being accessed, it is not stolen (the runner can do one or the other).


Jinteki PE triggers on the agenda being stolen (by the Runner) or scored (by the Corp), so cannot trigger once Chariman Hiro is trashed as a result of being accessed.


Self-destruct does a nice job keeping Chairman Hiro out of the Runner's reach, however (since it's not being accessed when the Corp trashes it), and does the net damage Jinteki PE likes, to boot.

Government Takeover

Feb 28 2015 12:14 AM by Him

A 9/6 agenda looks rather awkward and very difficult to score.

Yet it can be considered for workarounds:

  • A 6 point agenda in a deck makes it lean. In a 49 card Weyland deck, it is possible to play with only 6 agendas. Adding JacksonArchitectFast TrackAtlas and Archived Memories, it might be possible to avoid this card all game long.

  • Card can be hosted on a scored Glenn Station and then simply forgotten for the whole duration of the game. It would then be hard to score or steal points.

  • You can install and continuously advance it until it gets stolen. The turn after, play a Punitive Counterstrike.

  • A good companion to the Off the Grid / Crisium Grid combo. Prestige matters.

  • With a scored Utopia Fragment it is not that easy to steal indeed.

Now let's be less serious... this one's for you, Timmy:

Its ability "3 credits for a click" is bonkers but... I doubt it gets competitive. The definitive Timmy agenda, in my humble opinion.


Feb 27 2015 04:31 AM by Firedancer
Replicators do activate the first time you install it. Multiple replicators do stack.
Stim Dealer

Feb 27 2015 04:09 AM by Firedancer
It is on a three turn cycle.
Turn 0; play "Stim Dealer".
Turn 1; 0 counters, +1 Click, + 1 counter.
Turn 2; 1 counters, +1 Click, + 1 counter.
Turn 3; 2 counters, +1 Brain Damage, clear counters.
Turn 4; return to turn 1.

Feb 26 2015 10:46 PM by GazzaM

Do multiple Replicators stack ?

Markus 1.0

Feb 26 2015 08:16 PM by MagisterWrigley

This really isn't a bad piece of ICE for installing vertically with other ICE that the runner might click through (such as Eli). If you want to run 6x Eli, this is a good substitute.


Using a Corroder to get past this with an Eli is 7 credits - not bad.

The Twins

Feb 25 2015 10:08 PM by Neacau

It's fun that the flavor text is exactly the same as on Deja Vu. Could this be a Weyland's comeback at something Noise (I don't think it goes back to Arthur Leonard Schawlow) did to them some time ago uttering it, so they developed this sysop just to get back at him in an ironic way. At least I'd like to think so.

Chairman Hiro

Feb 25 2015 05:09 PM by Actaeon

But he isn't stolen, he is added, so the wording might mean that it doesn't work.

Chairman Hiro

Feb 25 2015 04:34 PM by kamahl23

In that case I see this card more playable in that identity. I had the doubt because steal and trash is not the same exactly.

Philotic Entanglement

Feb 25 2015 03:51 PM by AdorablePython

Having many low-point agendas in your deck will make this beast stronger, obviously. Chairman Hiro and Shi Kyu synergize as well.

Chairman Hiro

Feb 25 2015 03:47 PM by mthom241

Without doing any research, my first impression is that the runner does indeed take the net damage. Based on the card text "add him to the runner's score area as an agenda..." since at this time it is considered to be an agenda, the PE would fire. Due to PE being "any time an agenda is scored or stolen"


Feb 25 2015 06:47 AM by kamahl23

This is the best ICE of the game in my opinion.


Feb 25 2015 02:13 AM by MagisterWrigley

What if you have no Agenda scored, can you still play this?


You can install it, but you can't rez it.

Chairman Hiro

Feb 25 2015 12:38 AM by kamahl23

Playing with the first Jinteki ID (PE) and this card is trashed by the runner, my question is: does the runner suffer 1 net damage or not? I guess the runner does not, but I wanna be pretty sure about it.


Feb 24 2015 10:05 PM by MagisterWrigley

I prefer Rototurret before than Ichi because is more useful having ETR subroutine. Any ICE hates parasite, which not except Lotus Field?

Oh, I agree. The runner will always find a target for Parasite.

Feb 24 2015 07:23 PM by kamahl23
I prefer Rototurret before than Ichi because is more useful having ETR subroutine. Any ICE hates parasite, which not except Lotus Field?

Outside of HB Rototurret is better than Ichi for it takes 1 influence less. I usually do not like so much ICE without ETR subroutine in fact.

I used to play Ichi but I get tired to see how Ichi's subroutines were broken over and over by clics or credits. The third subroutine of Ichi is so bad for me at least.

Rototurret is cheaper and the surprise factor is amazing because it could force to the Runner to install an icebreaker for sentry ICE firstly, if he or she can not do that for a while the Corp gain time to develop his or her game as he or she wants. And two credits to pass the Rototurret is not bad after all when the surprise is gone.

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