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Android: Netrunner LCG

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Recent Card Discussion

Jan 14 2017 03:51 PM by AdorablePython

This is definitely one of the better run-all-centrals cards. Taking an additional turn is especially good if you have extra-clicks and drip economy.

Sensor Net Activation

Jan 13 2017 06:10 AM by JasuBakuhatsu

If Sensor Net Activation is forfeit or exchanged before the end of the turn, does the bioroid still derez?

Feedback Filter

Jan 12 2017 07:00 PM by AdorablePython

Do not follow the URL posted by Sergeyfuh. It's propably some sort of scamware/trojan/rootkit. Could a mod/admin please remove this?


Jan 12 2017 06:02 PM by Actaeon

Yes, these new stealth breakers really shine against homogeneously layered ICE, but that set up is entirely dependent on the corp to arrange. A savy corp player who notices the runner setting these up will keep a diverse spread of ICE on each server and negate the benefit of these breakers entirely. However, I think that as access to stealth credits gets easier these will become a lot more viable.


Jan 12 2017 03:23 PM by AdorablePython

Most of the time, Dagger is better. It costs 2 credits less to install and has 5 strength when using a single stealth credit. That said, Fawkes keeps its strength for the remainder of the run, has 1 base strength (Cobra/Komainu) and only needs 1 stealth credit (plus 4 real credits) to deal with stuff like Archer, Flare, Sherlock 2.0, Snoop and Thoth. Dagger is weak* against those ICE and sentry stacking.


*needs more stealth assistance

Feedback Filter

Jan 12 2017 12:38 AM by Sergeyfuh
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Jan 11 2017 08:04 PM by Actaeon

I can see that a Fawkes, Blackstone, Houdini rig could potentially walk through a deep-ICEd server for cheap, but the stealth credit requirement means you can only do that once or twice a turn - you trade off multiple accesses for easy entry into one tough scoring remote.

At least, that's my initial thoughts.

Net Quarantine

Jan 11 2017 07:44 PM by Actaeon

This plus Surveillance Sweep will really make the first trace each runner turn hurt, but they still get to choose which trace that will be...

The better Use is Hard Hitting News: The runner has to spend 8 credits before they start seeing any chance of escaping the trace.

Bryan Stinson

Jan 11 2017 07:29 PM by Actaeon

Best with Restructure and double operations like Blue Level Clearance. Makes costly transactions incredibly profitable, but its usefulness is dependent on the runner's credit state. Financial Collapse and Reversed Accounts can help.

Violet Level Clearance

Jan 11 2017 06:58 PM by Actaeon

Seems like this fits great into Industrial Genomics: overdrawing helps the ID and the low trash cost is mitigated.

Violet Level Clearance

Jan 10 2017 01:57 AM by AvantCard

Also good with: Disposable HQ, Lakshmi Smartfabrics, Architect, Advance Assembly Lines, Ashigaru, IQ, Grail Ice, Minelayer, The Twins, Bryan Stinson, ect, ect.


Jan 10 2017 01:46 AM by AvantCard

It's nice because it doesn't just work against the first piece of ice. It works against the first unbroken subroutine. Break Quandary with your decoder, and let this handle the Tollbooth behind it for cheap. Even more interesting against Bioroids. Click through Eli 1.0, and this will take care of the Turing behind it. Also, helpful vs. Archangel, Traps, Mythics ect.


Jan 10 2017 01:43 AM by AvantCard

To be fair, Mimic has always been a little too efficient for Anarchs. This is clearly not as good, but more along the lines of what an Anarch Killer should look like.

Recon Drone

Jan 10 2017 01:39 AM by AvantCard

Well, not so good against Shock! But it fills a niche that wasn't previously well covered in damage prevention.


Jan 10 2017 01:31 AM by AvantCard


Aaron Marrón

Jan 10 2017 01:26 AM by AvantCard

Perhaps the best Tag removal card ever printed. Yes, it's really that good. Breaking News eat your heart out. Still useful even if they aren't tagging you for the card draw. You can search for it with Hostage. Only 2 influence to splash. Not enough good can be said about this card.

Violet Level Clearance

Jan 10 2017 12:48 AM by AdorablePython

I think only Cerebral Imaging can play this efficiently. Or any deck containing Cybernetics Court/Research Station. Drawing 4 cards which you can't play this turn (Terminal) is pretty hardcore.


Jan 09 2017 09:01 PM by AdorablePython

But... the flavour text is a lie. Macrophages are no viruses! D:


Jan 09 2017 08:53 PM by AdorablePython

3x Veritas + 3x Shadow = maximum tax. A wonderful piece of ICE.

Bryan Stinson

Jan 09 2017 08:33 PM by AdorablePython

He's the real MVP in Building a Better World! Play that Restructure for a net 16 credits. You have to keep the Runner poor, though.

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