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Android: Netrunner LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Door to Door

Feb 27 2021 10:46 PM by Track8
While 3 credits is a lot and the Trace1 is tiny, I think it's fair. I recently paired DtD with Net Quarantine in a New Angeles Sol deck. It was a tad slow, so it didn't have time to make enough impact. But several turns of DtD plus NQ, and the Runner's economy grinds to a halt. 4/5 stars in that context. 2/5 otherwise.
Film Critic

Feb 23 2021 05:02 PM by Track8

Talk about a card that should be banned, I think Film Critic might be the card I hate the most in the entire game.  It totally invalidates Corp cards including entire identities that play off Agendas being stolen.  Some will say, "Well, that's why you need to pack your Resource hate, and then you need to pack your heap hate to make sure it doesn't get recurred."  Sorry, but I'm not a fan of forcing all Corp decks to start packing the same 4 or 5 standard-issue cards to counter a single over-powered problem like Film Critic, and I'm not a fan of a single Runner card sending entire Corp IDs to the garbage.  "Then you shouldn't play those IDs, Agendas, Operations, etc."  Sorry, but I'd like to be able play interesting cards like Personal Evolution, Hunter Seeker, Ikawah Project, and Quantum Predictive Model and still have a fighting chance.


Any number of adjustments could've fixed Film Critic: have it remove itself from the game, increase the cost to 10, make it Neutral with 5 influence, or just have it "steal" the hosted agenda, so you still deprive the Corp of the Agenda and can take it when you're ready, but you still suffer the effects of stealing it.  And if none of those things were going to happen, have the good sense to take chump cards like Obokata Protocol and Hunter Seeker off the Restricted List, and don't make Personal Evolution the Jinteki ID of Revised Core.  Rant over.


Mar 26 2020 10:44 PM by Track8
Do cards like Private Contracts place power counters on NASX since they say "take" rather than "gain" credits?
Maxwell James

Aug 08 2019 02:55 PM by Track8

The art for Maxwell James and Charlatan are switched.

Theophilius Bagbiter

Jul 18 2019 12:38 AM by Track8
Love the Alice in Wonderland reference of the flavor text.

Jul 15 2019 12:34 AM by Track8
Is the trashing of Acacia avoidable? It doesn't say "trash Acacia to gain...," so it seems you could get the benefit multiple times with the right support.

Jun 14 2019 05:35 PM by Track8

Macrophage + Rutherford Grid = Good


Macrophage + ChiLo City Grid = Great

Net Quarantine

Jun 14 2019 05:33 PM by Track8

This card is wicked combined with Uroboros.  If Uroboros is the first trace of the turn, you're very likely to win the first subroutine.  If you the Runner pays to win, Net Quarantine helps you to at least win the second one. 

Tech Startup

Jun 12 2019 04:46 PM by Track8

If the card I install also has a "when your turn begins..." trigger (such as Adonis Campaign), I assume its trigger will occur in the current action window?  I read the rules about Simultaneous Effects, but the example given pertains to two cards that are already installed at the start of the turn.  


It would be a bummer if I have to wait until the start of my next turn to start benefiting from my new Adonis Campaign.

Remote Enforcement

Jun 08 2019 10:32 AM by RichardPlunkett

I agree it would not. Se this https://boardgamegee...tion-rez-archer for some relevant commentary, which details the difference between 'ignore rez cost' and 'ignore all rez costs', with 'rez cost' just being the credit cost.

Remote Enforcement

May 24 2019 06:46 PM by Track8

So, this wouldn't ignore the additional cost of Archer, right?  

Wake Up Call

May 15 2019 02:49 PM by Track8

I like Wake Up Call with Snare! and Forced Connection because their effects trigger before they're trashed, and the Runner will always trash them.  Plus, Wake Up Call doesn't say the trashed Corp card had to be installed, so the Runner would have to be careful even when running on R&D and HQ.

Weyland Consortium

May 07 2019 01:00 PM by Track8

Combine with Mr. Stone and The Cleaners, and you have the beginnings of a pretty cool hit squad.


May 05 2019 11:25 PM by Track8
This card seems insanely good to me, maybe too good. I keep thinking there's a catch. Auto-include in most Weyland decks.

May 04 2019 08:30 PM by Track8
New to this game, but wouldn't it be better to just advance an agenda 4 times? Ronin takes 6 clicks and 4 credits, and it gives you 3 net damage in return. That doesn't seem like a good trade to me. What am I missing?
Akitaro Watanabe

May 03 2019 03:25 PM by Track8

So, how does he do it?

GPI Net Tap

Jun 10 2018 03:54 PM by TimTim

I just realized that this card just got some boost from Aumakua and Zamba. Gonna give it a try on my next deck.


Apr 20 2018 04:41 PM by Actaeon

Never mind, my search parameters were off.


Apr 19 2018 06:01 PM by Actaeon

Assuming I understand the timing correctly, if one were to play Apocalypse while Consume was installed, Consume would gain a virus counter for each corp card trashed, then be turned face down but retain all virus counters. So if Assimilator was later installed, Consume could be flipped face up and then the virus counters could be exchanged for credits.

The only problem is, if someone can actually fire Apocalypse they're most likely in the late stages of the game and using 4 clicks and 5 credits to spend those virus counters is a bad use of the huge opening Apocalypse provides, even if Consume has 10+ counters.


Is Keyhole the only other runner card besides Apocalypse that actually trashes corp cards? This does seem like it could easily fit in a Key-Eater deck.

Endless EULA

Apr 19 2018 05:30 PM by Actaeon

Hello TL:DR...

Netrunner is a TM of R. Talsorian Games, Inc. Android is TM & ©2012 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Netrunner is licensed by Wizards of the Coast LLC. ©2012 Wizards.