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Android: Netrunner LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
AstroScript Pilot Program

Yesterday, 08:41 PM by AdorablePython

It's still a very good card, even after the nerf. Being able to fast-advance a Project Beale or Merger makes this Agenda essentially worth 4 points.


The only thing that's not possible anymore is the nearly-unstoppable AstroTRAIN.

Data Breach

Yesterday, 01:18 PM by AdorablePython

Could be worthwhile in Jesminder Sareen decks. By using Maya, you have another chance to grab an Agenda, without spending an additional click.

Dai V

Yesterday, 12:41 AM by AdorablePython

"Break all subroutines" is powerful!


Ashigaru, Brainstorm, Hive, Komainu, Next Silver with 8 ETR subs, Tsurugi, ...

Chief Slee

Yesterday, 12:32 AM by AdorablePython

Whirlpool on top would be the best. Yet the real problem is that she must be rezzed to accumulate those counters, so she becomes the main target instantly.


Sure. She has to be protected anyway. Don't you see these two heavily-armed guys in the background? :P

Chief Slee

Dec 03 2016 12:17 PM by Valdemart

TL;DR into Hive


2x 5 meat damage :D


Whirlpool on top would be the best. Yet the real problem is that she must be rezzed to accumulate those counters, so she becomes the main target instantly.

Chief Slee

Dec 03 2016 12:57 AM by AdorablePython

TL;DR into Hive


2x 5 meat damage :D


Dec 01 2016 07:31 AM by KillerShrike

I was watching a guy play what he calls "potatoes unleashed" on youtube the other day and abusing Shock a lot (in addition to other net damage sources) to really get a lot of impact off of this ID. It seems to be a viable strategy.

GPI Net Tap

Dec 01 2016 07:27 AM by KillerShrike

At $3 to install, trashing to jack out is not a good trade. Snitch is generally better.


If the trash were of the trashcan icon sort I might could see Guise using it, but it doesn't even have that going for it.

Hasty Relocation

Dec 01 2016 02:26 AM by AdorablePython

Interesting. Should work in a Cerebral Imaging deck, coupled with Accelerated Diagnostics and/or Accelerated Beta Test.

Observe and Destroy

Nov 30 2016 10:57 PM by AdorablePython

It is about time that the Corp gets some viable tools to destroy parts of the runner's rig. Sometimes I get the feeling that the runner has already won when his rig is fully deployed.


This baby (plus the Weyland one from Terminal Directive) can turn the tables.


Nov 30 2016 10:46 PM by AdorablePython

The best way to utilize this ID is using many small packages of net damage. Like House of Knives, Komainu, Tsurugi, DNA Tracker, Aiki, Hokusai Grid, etc.


This way, every point of net damage equals 2 destroyed cards. The runner will reach a point where he either has no cards left to draw (making any further damage permanent) or many of his most valuable cards are in the heap, destroyed by collateral damage. Having anti-recursion cards like Chronos Project, Blacklist or Ark Lockdown will make things even worse.

GPI Net Tap

Nov 30 2016 09:48 PM by AdorablePython

An alternative to Snitch. Costs no MU and can be used more than once per run to gain information.

Credit Crash

Nov 29 2016 09:27 PM by AdorablePython

A mini-Demolition Run for merely 1 influence. Could be a nice splash in Criminal and Shaper decks!

Ad Blitz

Nov 29 2016 09:22 PM by AdorablePython

The influence of 1 makes it particularly interesting in HB decks, where you can reinstall your Adonis and Eve Campaigns and rez them in a Breaker Bay Grid server.

PAD Factory

Nov 29 2016 05:34 PM by AdorablePython

I'd like to point out that there isn't the usual "on a card that can be advanced" clause. You could install-advance-advance something like a Snare, Shock or News Team to fake an Agenda.

Ark Lockdown

Nov 29 2016 01:48 AM by AdorablePython

I name 'Levy AR Labs Access'.  Cool card, probably going to be splashed in Jinteki more than HB.


Yup. It's definitely a must-have in Chronos Protocol and Potential Unleashed.

PAD Factory

Nov 28 2016 07:39 PM by KillerShrike

This card is decent in the right set up. It's similar to Shipment from SanSan in click efficiency and tempo gain. Using it to advance agendas is obviously not a great idea, but advancing other things (assets, ice) with it can be efficient.


I'm using it in a Titan space ice / trick of the light / project atlas deck. I stick one of these behind a single gear check ice, wait for the next turn, then rez click click click to advance a space ice or a fire / ice wall, etc. It's a good filler play, useful when I'm waiting on a scoring window.


Even if the runner runs and trashes before I rez it, it is a decent tax. If I get 1 solid turn of use out of it, it saves me $1 net which minus the click to install is a break even. If the runner then decides to trash it, again that's a favorable trade for me. If they don't trash it, I'll use it again and again and again as the game progresses. As soon as I use it a second time, it's pure profit. So basically the worst case scenario is break even.


There's also a nice mini-synergy in that the $9 space ice with 3 advances from PAD Factory are basically free to rez. The space ice are a bit weaksauce due to having only 1 sub, but if I'm not paying any real money to rez them they get a lot better. And after they are rezzed, the tokens fuel ToL so it's just good gravy all around. 

Paper Tripping

Nov 28 2016 04:59 PM by KillerShrike

Maybe. I think I would prefer Lawyer Up, generally. It costs 2 fewer $, is 1 influence vs 2, and in games where the corp is not tagging and the runner is not self-tagging it can still be played for +1 card (over just clicking to draw twice) which isn't economical but can help recover from damage taken in a run in a pinch. To clear 4 tags from HHN, Lawyer Up for 2 clicks $2 and click to clear tag twice for 2 clicks and $4 netting 2 cards in the balance still gets the job done. In faction combining with Crash Space for meat damage protection does decent things as well.


Alternatively, I'd also consider extra link to help prevent getting traced in the first place which offers a more active defense against a variety of trace based evils. 


But, yeah, if your main objective is to wipe a bunch of tags all in one go, this is the most direct / specialized option.


Nov 28 2016 04:39 PM by KillerShrike

Combine with Brain-Taping Warehouse, for even more savings.


Nov 28 2016 02:03 PM by AdorablePython

Eli 1.0 - free

Fairchild 2.0 - free

Fairchild 3.0 - 2 credits

Heimdall 1.0 - 4 credits

Heimdall 2.0 - 7 credits

Ichi 1.0 - 1 credit

Ichi 2.0 - 4 credits

Markus 1.0 - free

Ravana 1.0 - free

Sherlock 2.0 - 3 credits

Vikram 1.0 - 2 credits

Viktor 1.0 - free

Viktor 2.0 - 1 credit


Can the runner play around your ID? Yes. Is the discount significant when it triggers? Oh, yes!

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