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Android: Netrunner LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Fall Guy

Oct 13 2017 10:07 PM by AdorablePython

Fall Guy is a great card in Armand 'Geist' Walker decks.


By having up to 3 Tech Traders on the board, you gain up to 5 credits and 1 card for this.


Oct 13 2017 03:07 PM by AdorablePython

Fantastic card in Armand 'Geist' Walker decks, I imagine. Surrounded by all the cloud breakers, it gains a massive amount of strength.


Aug 25 2017 07:44 PM by JonofPDX

Been getting back into the game and actually did surprisingly well with a Kit deck leveraging this, Test Run, Eureka, Lockpick and Dinosaurus. 


It's not tier-1 by any means. But it was fun to run and simple enough that it would be good as a teaching deck (will probably be playing almost exclusively with casual players anyway). 

Lean and Mean

Aug 24 2017 02:41 PM by AdorablePython

Let's say I have 4 programs installed when playing this, but get rid of a program during this run.

Would the strength increase work retroacitvely?

CFC Excavation Contract

Aug 20 2017 12:02 PM by AdorablePython

A must-have in Architects of Tomorrow. Unless the Runner doesn't run, you can easily gain 14 credits out of this.


Aug 14 2017 02:58 PM by Toper

So... same net draw as Diesel, but slower, extremely conditional, and does a meat damage first? Probably playable if you're trying to charge up your Clan Vengeance, especially since it's not unique, but otherwise seems like too many moving parts to make it good.

Diana’s Hunt

Aug 14 2017 02:46 PM by Toper
This seems designed to work with the bird breakers, both in theme and in effect -- you can install the right bird of prey for every ice, for free, and then take it back to hand after use. The influence cost is pretty heavy, though.
Otherwise I guess you could use it to get free clickless installs of trashable programs like Crescentus and False Echo, or self-swappers like the devas.  There's probably some interesting jank there.  Or use this plus Sacrificial Construct as a way to get big programs out cheaply, along the lines of Test Run + Scavenge. 

Aug 12 2017 08:16 PM by AdorablePython

Oh, another Cybernetics card!


Anti-synergy with Emptied Mind; but good with Severnius Stim Implants, Faust or The Noble Path.


Aug 12 2017 08:13 PM by AdorablePython

I can imagine it in a Silhouette deck with GPI Net Tap. Also pairs nicely with Aeneas Informant.


Aug 12 2017 08:10 PM by AdorablePython

I remember when it was still a Quandary. Then it became Enigma.


They grow up so fast :')

Priority Construction

Aug 12 2017 08:05 PM by AdorablePython

So this is a Mushin for advanceable ICE. A really good Weyland card? I'm impressed!


Make space ICE great again!

Sand Storm

Aug 12 2017 08:01 PM by AdorablePython

Whirlpool + Sand Storm -> Mushin'd Junebug. GG.


Edit: Oh, wait. Whirlpool will rotate soon. So... Sand Storm -> jack out? That's not so cool anymore.


Jul 17 2017 09:03 PM by AdorablePython

But Excalibur isn't an ETR.


That's correct, but Archives isn't a big target anyway except for Temüjin. Which is pretty much dealt with by Excalibur.


Jul 17 2017 08:31 PM by TheNameWasTaken

But Excalibur isn't an ETR.


Jul 16 2017 06:46 PM by AdorablePython

This is really bad design. Because now there are decks which have Excalibur on Archives, Loki on R&D and Mother Goddess on HQ. Don't have an AI in your deck or ways to destroy ICE? Well, that's too bad. Because now you can't enter any central server while they begin to asset-spam or fast-advance. Someone clearly didn't think this through at FFG.

Ben Musashi

Jul 04 2017 12:30 AM by AdorablePython

Definitely a decent and fair replacement for Caprice.

Seidr Laboratories

Jul 04 2017 12:26 AM by AdorablePython

Does this ability trigger when the runner runs a server upgraded with Ruhr Valley


No, as the additional click must be paid to start a run in the first place. It does not happen during a run, which is the important part.


The same is true for Enhanced Login Protocol and Heinlein Grid.

Seidr Laboratories

Jul 01 2017 12:00 PM by PsiLAN

Does this ability trigger when the runner runs a server upgraded with Ruhr Valley

As an additional cost to make a run on this server, the Runner must spend [Click].
Bug Out Bag

Jun 27 2017 01:48 PM by AdorablePython

The power counters are not spent.


Oh, right. That makes sense!

Obokata Protocol

Jun 24 2017 05:23 PM by AdorablePython

Wonderful. Truly, truly wonderful.


Unlike Fetal AI, this won't catch a Runner by surprise and flatline him in the process. However, is he able to pay the price of 4 net damage? If not, I will keep it and put it into my scoring area.




Did I mention how wonderful this card is?

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