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Recent Card Discussion
Quetzal: Free Spirit

Today, 10:49 AM by JonasAlbrecht

G-Mods love their crazy hairstyles.


Today, 07:23 AM by KillerShrike

Very useful in a protective upgrade (Ash / Caprise / Will O Wisp / Troubleshooter / etc) deck to replay the upgrades and keep the runner out longer.

Tenma Line

Today, 07:06 AM by KillerShrike

This is actually a fun card. Moving ice around, particularly rezzed and unrezzed, can really mess with the runner's math and level of confidence or even lock a server out again for a turn or two while the runner finishes their rig.


Today, 06:57 AM by KillerShrike

I think this is the best of the central only breakers. I have a 1-of in an Express deck to backup a 1-of Gordian thus freeing up 3 influence. In the early game it is sometimes more cost efficient to install Passport and use it to get into centrals protected with Quandry, but other wise I'd rather have a second copy of Gordian if the influence were available.


Today, 06:52 AM by KillerShrike

I have a Chaos Theory recursion deck with LLDS processors and e3 breaker that uses this as its only breaker and nearly its only program (the deck packs a couple of parasites as well to kill off annoying multiple subroutine low strength ice).


It is a surprisingly fun deck.


Today, 06:46 AM by KillerShrike

I love / hate this card. I add it to Jin decks, then I take it out, then I add it back. I love everything about what it does, but it dies so very hard and fast to Parasite.


Today, 06:40 AM by KillerShrike

This card has proven to be a good performer for me in various decks. Mixed with cheap code gate and barrier ETRs is the main use, but as a marginal boon the cannot be bypassed abilitiy has come up a few times against inside job for me and I was glad to have this card in my deck. 


Today, 06:32 AM by KillerShrike

I'm using three of these in a Replicating Perfection glacier deck, and they have been pretty awesome.


The four to rez is not an impediment as I'm used to keeping at least $4 on hand to pop a Snare, and also holding back $4 can make the runner player jump to the conclusion that I am threatening a Snare while the Will O Wisp sits there looking like a Caprise or Ash.


Every time I land this, it buys me at least part of a turn and often more. It often trips the game from phase 1 to phase 2, or resets a phase 3 back to a phase 2 while the runner tries to tutor up their breaker again.


The only downside for me is the 1 trash cost making R&D porous. Otherwise, very solid card.

Ghost Runner

Today, 06:27 AM by KillerShrike

I'm using this in a Nasir deck in conjunction w/ Cloaks hosted on Leprechauns (and a Dagger). With Toolbox as console backed up by Ghost Runner and Cloak credits, I've been able to play through some otherwise sticky low / no cost ice rez's.


Also, the efficiency of Cloak has got me stoked to start using the other stealth breakers in future.


My only sadness with this card is that it trashes when the last credit is used; if it stuck around to be fed to Pawn Shop after emptied out it would be even better.

Cerebral Static

Today, 06:20 AM by KillerShrike

So...as I understand it, this card has no effect on the Professor (ability is only relevant when deck list is checked for legality, and is not relevant during the game), or Andromeda (ability only affects starting game state).


Kate, Reina, and Express probably don't care that much; they function less efficiently but meh nbd.


Chaos Theory is usually unaffected.


Exile would care if his ability worked more frequently.


Nasir would just default to playing "normal".


Iain may or may not care depending on the game state.


Gabe and Shilloutte probably care, but should be able to work around it.


Kit would care in the early game but with a full rig...meh.


Wizard definitely cares if he needs his trashing creds at the moment, but again, should be able to play around it as a Wizard deck has to have a back up plan.


Having probably the most powerful identity ability, Noise will usually care that his milling power is neutered, but again a good Noise deck wont fall apart over this.


So...yeah...despite the alarming idea of it, this card actually seems pretty weak overall. Considering how jarring / fourth wall breaking it is, it is head scratching that FFG printed it, much less burning such great art and flavor text on it.


The only thing I can figure is that with this card printed FFG can maybe get a little looser with runner identity abilities in the future as there is already this card in the pool as a foil for any ID with a funky ability if the ID proves to be too effective.


Today, 06:06 AM by KillerShrike

One thing to notice is that this is a "Program" that can break subroutines on ice, but it is not an "Icebreaker".


This can be both a good and a bad thing. You can't Special Order it, but you can host it on Djinn. You don't have to pump it to interact with ice. It can't be buried by Will O Wisp. Etc.


A really interesting card.


Today, 05:55 AM by KillerShrike

I'm using three in a Nasir deck to hang Cloaks (and a Dagger), battering ram, and an MO off of. Works really well.

Eden Shard

Today, 05:53 AM by KillerShrike

As far as I can tell, the main reason this card exists is to provide a direct way to shut down the Weyland PS/AD combo (and potentially other dump the deck recursion tricks). Other possible uses seem pretty fringe to me.


Today, 02:30 AM by mnBroncos

wow this is scary! combo decks dream card. I want to run every plus hand size card ever and run this just for the heck of it. 


Yesterday, 07:15 PM by Drakin769

Really wants to be paired with E3, but even without this is a highly effective breaker against the scariest ice out there.

Targeted Marketing

Yesterday, 07:08 PM by Drakin769

Also NBN specifically has cards that let you peak at your opponents hand, Snoop & Invasion of Privacy. Even in a casual setting this would be a fantastic follow up to either of those cards.

Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success

Yesterday, 06:08 PM by Darikgrey

Grail Ice requires influence...that finally explains the flavor quote on this ID. Nice to see SUPER LONG TERM planning like this from FFG. Well done...LOL!

Targeted Marketing

Sep 15 2014 10:26 PM by theamazingmrg

Not really.  It's a judgement call in Tournament play, where knowledge of the card pool is pretty much necessary.  If you think it unbalances casual play then just house rule that it's not used.  


Even in casual play, just name Sure Gamble or Easy Mark.  Most casual decks will use one of them.  Worst case it stops the runner using their easy resource gain.  Best case nets you 10 credits.  No huge knowledge of the cardpool required. 

Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer

Sep 15 2014 12:37 PM by CommissarFeesh

Never knew that "+x STR until the end of the run" only works while encountering ICE. I thought it works for as long as you're in a run -- i.e. declare you're running, pump all your permaSTR-breakers, go encounter some ICE before you lose money to unrezzed stuff.

That's a perfectly valid play. It's cards like Corroder etc which don't keep their +Str outside an encounter which you can't pump at any other time.
Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer

Sep 13 2014 02:52 AM by tacullu

Never knew that "+x STR until the end of the run" only works while encountering ICE. I thought it works for as long as you're in a run -- i.e. declare you're running, pump all your permaSTR-breakers, go encounter some ICE before you lose money to unrezzed stuff.

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