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Arkham Horror: The Card Game

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Recent Card Discussion
They’re Getting Out!

Yesterday, 09:16 PM by BaraBob

You played it right. If you don't want the ghouls to escape from into the parlor and return to attack, you have to stay engaged with them, or stay in the parlor.

They’re Getting Out!

Yesterday, 08:58 AM by Peloquin44

The last time we played this scenario we encountered a funny procedure.


We were fighting the Ghoul Priest in the Hallway. I managed to evade the Ghoul Priest so he was exhausted and unengaged.


At the end of the enemy phase we followed the agenda cards instruction: Forced – At the end of the enemy phase: Each unengaged Ghoul enemy moves 1 location towards the Parlor. So the Ghoul Priest moved into the Parlor.


But then when he was ready the next turn he moved back into the Hallway as he is a Hunter and engaged us again.


Feels like the Forced instruction should read: Each unengaged and ready Ghoul moves 1 location towards the Parlor. In that way the Priest wont move back and forth like that. 


Am I missing something from the rules, did we do it wrong? Has anyone else encountered this strange procedure? 

Smite the Wicked

Feb 22 2017 09:33 PM by Gaffa
You shuffle the encounter discard into the encounter deck whenever the encounter deck is empty (RR p 10, Encounter Deck).
Smite the Wicked

Feb 22 2017 09:03 PM by jdk5143
Cool that's what I thought. But, just to be sure, you still shuffle the encounter discard into the encounter deck even though all monsters are out of the encounter deck?
Smite the Wicked

Feb 22 2017 06:50 PM by Gaffa
You discard cards from the encounter deck and look for an enemy. Smite the Wicked doesn't care about enemies in play.

If there are none, then your task is done. Smite the Wicked goes to your discard, and Zoey gets out of having to hunt someone. Hurrah!

After you do that, then you immediately shuffle the encounter discard back into the encounter deck, of course.
Smite the Wicked

Feb 22 2017 04:59 PM by jdk5143
What happens to this card if there are no enemies left in the encounter deck; do you shuffle the discard deck to make a new encounter deck and keep discarding until there is one? What if all of the enemies available are already in play?

Please note that these are two similar, but different scenarios that can happen, and an answer is needed for both.
Arkham Woods

Feb 22 2017 04:52 PM by Gaffa
By the wording of the location, it overrides the "skill indicated by the investigation attempt." Which, for Rite of Seeking, is Willpower. And then the Cliffside changes it over to Agility regardless.
Arkham Woods

Feb 22 2017 12:30 PM by TheNameWasTaken

How does the skill replacement here interact with the skill replacement of Rite of Seeking? Does one of them always take precedence, or is it the lead investigator's choice?

Emergency Aid

Feb 20 2017 05:26 PM by Jekothalep

"Damage" refers only to physical wounds (Health).

If you could heal both it would also list "horror", just like on the "First Aid" card for example.

Emergency Aid

Feb 19 2017 05:57 PM by tone23

Can the heal be used on horror OR Physical??

The Necronomicon

Feb 19 2017 05:37 AM by BaraBob

This question has fortunately been clarified in the FAQ:

If a card effect says to heal damage or horror but does not indicate from where,
can I use it to heal assets or investigators other than myself?
No. “Heal X damage/horror” is shorthand for “Heal X damage/horror
from your investigator.” If a card simply reads “Heal X horror” or “Heal
X damage,” you can only use it to heal horror or damage from your
investigator. Cards that allow you to heal other investigators or assets will
specify that.
Blinding Light

Feb 13 2017 05:57 PM by Gaffa
You can't lose an action you don't have (RR, Action, p 4), so you won't lose anything. And then, of course, you apply the modifier of the icon you drew on your skill total to see if you pass the Evade test (plus apply any other effects of the icon).
Ephemeral Exhibits

Feb 13 2017 05:53 PM by 987654321
Imagine an autofail with this one.
Blinding Light

Feb 13 2017 04:46 AM by Tand00ri
What if this card is played on the third action of a turn and a non elder sign symbol token is drawn?
Sure Gamble

Feb 10 2017 09:49 PM by gamblingworld
Mandatory for any runner, great first click card... Oh wait... wrong game.. I'm as happy to pull this in my Skids deck as i am in any runner deck, because having it in hand means a NEAR autopass in a clinch situation. Powerful card and great rogue flavour.
The Necronomicon

Feb 08 2017 03:52 PM by xchan

Healing is defined by removing damage or horror that a card has suffered against its maximum sanity or health.

Can you quote the rule where it says the horror has to be suffered in order to be healed? The rules reference under Heal dont mention that.
Also, the Fearless card, as I mention, can heal any card, not just investigators, so you are wrong in your last sentence unless Im missing some other rule (which is the one Im looking for).
I should probably move the discution to the rules forum, though.
The Necronomicon

Feb 08 2017 09:01 AM by Gaffa
Healing is defined by removing damage or horror that a card has suffered against its maximum sanity or health. The Necronomicon does not have that; instead it has potential horror damage Daisy must suffer to get rid of it.

In addition, all healing in the game right now defaults to only removing damage/horror from investigator cards.

So, no, you can't "heal" the horror on the Necronomicon itself until Daisy has suffered it.
The Necronomicon

Feb 08 2017 08:03 AM by xchan

I think you missunderstood my question. It's not the horrow that my investigator will gain after wasting an action moving it from the Necronomicon. It's removing one of the horrors the Necronomicon has to avoid wasting the action to move it.

I don't see anything in the rules suggesting I wouldn't be able to do so, but it doesn't feel right, so I might be missing something.

The Necronomicon

Feb 08 2017 05:44 AM by Gaffa
You certainly can heal the horror gained from the Necronomicon with the usual effects that heal horror.
The Necronomicon

Feb 07 2017 08:00 PM by xchan

Can you remove the horror with cards like Fearless or other healing sources that doesn't specify a target? From the Rule Reference it looks like you could, as it says:

Heal: remove the indicated amount of damage or horror from a card.

But I'm nost likelly overlooking something....