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Arkham Horror: The Card Game

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Recent Card Discussion
Brother Xavier

Jul 17 2017 05:44 PM by Carthoris

I had Brother Xavier in my Zoey deck, and my daughter referred to him as my "exploding boyfriend."

The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 10 2017 02:12 PM by jdk5143
Greetings, The “reset actions” step of the upkeep phase and the mini-cards are mostly there as a convenience in order to give players a way of tracking who has taken a turn and who has not. Generally, investigators have 3 actions to take whenever they take a turn, and each investigator takes one turn during the investigation phase. If a card effect grants you a new turn, either explicitly or in this case by allowing you to repeat the investigation phase, the investigators should be granted a full turn’s worth of actions once again. Likewise, if the upkeep phase is skipped, this doesn’t prevent the players from being able to take their turn during the next round. Cheers, ------------------------------------------------ Matthew Newman
The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 09 2017 01:55 PM by jdk5143
I found on page 23 of the rules reference in the upkeep phase timing window that 4.2 is the time when actions are reset. This pretty obviously means to me that repeating the investigator phase after everyone took all of this actions doesn't reset their actions. Thus using pocket watch at the end of the investigator phase to replay that phase wouldn't allow investigators to play a new set of actions; they would just start the phase with zero available actions and move straight to investigator end phase.
Interstellar Traveler

Jul 08 2017 04:14 PM by stpleco

The artwork on this card is stunning!

The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 08 2017 03:18 AM by RichardPlunkett

I agree the rules are not wonderfully clear on this.

If you look at the learn to play guide, it says: "During this phase, each investigator takes a separate turn.", Turn are three actions, and the effect of the pocket watch seems pretty clearly going to give everyone another turn or three actions.

This is complciated by the main rules, which add "Each investigator takes one turn each round.", and then "If there is an investigator who has not yet taken a turn this round, return to 2.2". The use of 'round' rather than phase introduces interpretive conflict, supporting your theory that you don't get a new set of actions, and we know that the Rules trumps the intro guide.

But I would argue that this still has to be read in a context. The fact is that without card shenanigans they are equivalent, and it seems unlikely the wording was selected with care with respect to a card produced so much later.

Does a once-per-round line of rules text inside a once-per-round phase stand, when that phase gets repeated by a rule-breaking card? I can see an arguement for yes, but I can't imagine the FAQ coming down on that side of the discussion.

My group will be giving players an extra set of turns/actions should the occasion arise, until someone offical says we shouldn't.

The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 07 2017 07:52 PM by jdk5143
I didn't mean the harder definition of exhausting a card (tapping it), I meant it more as a shorthand for saying the investigator has spent all their actions and is now completely done doing things. The dilemma I see is whether the number of actions resets when you restart the investigator phase or it's the upkeep phase doing the "action reset." After looking at the rules reference for investigator and upkeep phases, they say the mini card indicates which investigator have/doesn't have any actions left, but it explicitly says the upkeep is when the mini card flips over indicating a reset in the number of investigator actions. There's no language in the investigator phase suggesting a reset in actions, just that this is the phase to spend actions. So, how does restarting the investigator phase reset actions when resetting the number of actions happens in the upkeep phase?
The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 07 2017 03:33 PM by slothgodfather

Yea, we finally played this one last night and after some discussion decided it was generally best to just skip the Mythos phase - so you still get an investigator phase and refresh phase.  There are situational times where it would be better to do the Investigator phase however, like Richard mentions - to kill a boss enemy or host of enemies before they get a chance to attack during the Monster Phase.

The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 07 2017 01:41 PM by RichardPlunkett

I don't think investigators are exhausted at the end of each turn.

The rules suggest flipping the mini-investigator card to its grey side to mark that you have already had your turn, but that has no game effect.

Not only don]t they exhaust, but I don't see how they would care if they were exhausted, none have exhaust effects on them so they would continue to work the same.

Repeating the investigator phase gets everyone a new set of actions, and for most characters that a pretty damn good thing to have.


I think the main play of this will be to delete a mythos phase, but if you have this with many enemies on the table, or during or just before a boss fight, a double investigator phase might be just what is needed to kill them before they can attack or things get worse.

The Gold Pocket Watch

Jul 07 2017 10:26 AM by jdk5143
How is repeating a phase good? At the end of the investigator phase, all investigators are exhausted, so repeating this phase is pointless since they'd just start the phase exhausted. Repeating the mythos and enemy damage phases is just not in the investigators interest. So that leave the upkeep phase. Getting an extra resource and card just doesn't seem worth it for this card.
Deciphered Reality

Jul 06 2017 06:04 PM by slothgodfather


Deciphered Reality is not a replacement effect; its effect doesn’t use any form of ‘instead’ or ‘but,’ so its effect is in addition to the standard rewards for successfully investigating. (Otherwise it would say something like “instead of discovering a clue at your location…”) (Compare with Burglary). In other words, if you successfully use Deciphered Reality, you would discover 1 clue at your location, and 1 clue at each revealed location.
If you commit Deduction to this test, you would still discover 1 additional clue at your location; there is no reason why that wouldn’t also work here.
Hope that helps! Cheers,
Matthew Newman
Deciphered Reality

Jul 06 2017 04:19 PM by slothgodfather

I've sent in the question to the rules form to find out for sure. I'll post back with an update when I get an answer.

Deciphered Reality

Jul 06 2017 01:14 AM by PaxCecilia

I think this doesn't work for Deduction. The condition is "while investigating a location". You are investigating at a location, but you aren't investigating a location. You are using the Investigate action on Deciphered Reality that sets a Shroud value equal to the highest revealed Shroud value. It's not like Flashlight, which actually Investigates the location.

Deciphered Reality

Jul 05 2017 05:36 PM by VonWibble

Yeah, you'd get 2 from the location you are at and 1 from the rest. You are still investigating at 1 location even though you gain clues from others. 

Deciphered Reality

Jul 05 2017 03:26 PM by slothgodfather

well, since Deduction says "If this skill test is successful while investigating a location, discover 1 additional clue at that location.", I'd suspect that it would only apply to the specific location you are at, if at all. 

Deciphered Reality

Jul 05 2017 02:59 AM by jdk5143
How does this card and any level of Deduction interact?
Strange Solution

Jul 04 2017 11:54 AM by rednar

Not sure if I understand. Healing an investigator that needs healing is going to lose me the game, whereas letting him die will not, because I will save up on actions?

This card has no: "Forced response: After playing Strange Solution spend your next 4 actions healing people". It's just an option to use it four times (god the scenario has to go wrong to have to use it so many times), but often it will be enough to use it once or twice. In a scenario like Blood on the Altar you can ramp up the wounds very fast (Psychopomp's Song says hello) and being able to deal with it with one or two actions is huge. Same goes for cards like Broken Rails (Essex County Express) - keeping your wounds low makes it less of a threat.


In bigger teams, I've never had problems with lack of damage dealing cards, but I've seen some unlucky traumas dealed out because of lack of healing cards.

A Chance Encounter

Jun 29 2017 05:44 PM by VonWibble

The Red Gloved Man makes this really strong. 

Strange Solution

Jun 23 2017 07:27 PM by VonWibble

In a team of dedicated fighters (Zoey, Roland, Agnes with upgraded Shrivelling and Song of the Dead etc.) this is by far the best one. There is no shortage of good damage dealing cards, while there are very few good and consistent healing cards. This one for a mere 1 resource gives you the potential to heal 8 damage in total - that's huge. In a solo deck, Acidic Ichor will always be the winner, though. 

1 resource, 1 card, and 5 actions. That is probably going to lose you the game, wasting so many actions. 


I can understand wanting the evade one, (it can win you some scenarios single-handedly), and the combat one is better than virtually any other weapon.

Joey “The Rat” Vigil

Jun 19 2017 09:19 AM by RichardPlunkett

He seems pretty awful to me. I doubt he will get much play in the near future outside of Charisma or there being multiple rogue players present (so playing Leo is an issue). And even with Charisma, I suspect he will mostly be there to make up numbers rather than a card you specifically want to see.

Joey “The Rat” Vigil

Jun 12 2017 09:34 PM by VonWibble

Yeah, I somehow missed that the action could just be done to play your own stuff in sequence thus being a free action for turns. In a deck with enough items he replaces teh MIssissippi Manatee I suppose.