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Arkham Horror: The Card Game

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Recent Card Discussion

Oct 20 2020 09:30 AM by Jekothalep

If you only find a Unique ally card who is already in play, you simply can't put that ally into play and that part of the effect fizzles out.


If you can't put an ally in play, or if you don't find an ally to put into play, you simply discard flare instead of exiling it.

"Then" means that every part of the preceding effect needs to be successfully resolved in order to be able to resolve the "then"-effect.

Since you couldn't put an ally into play, the "then"-effect doesn't get resolved, and thus Flare doesn't get exiled.


Note that you always shuffle the searched deck no matter if you put an ally into play or not, since that effect is not preceded by a "then".


Oct 20 2020 08:15 AM by RichardPlunkett

What would happen if the only Ally you find in your search is a Unique card that is already in play?

I assume the 'put into play' fizzles, but what happens to the card?

Also, should I resolve the Exile on the Flare, or just discard it as normal?

Act 2 – They Must Be Destroyed!

Oct 07 2020 02:27 PM by Jekothalep

No, you can only advance when all the Broods have been defeated, i.e. none are in play, and there are none set aside any more.

If need be, make use of the "The Creature's Tracks" treachery card to spawn the set-aside Broods.

Act 2 – They Must Be Destroyed!

Oct 06 2020 11:28 AM by a101franky
Hi everybody, a "little" question: Can I advance if, for example, there are no Brood of Yog-Sothoth set aside but only 2 in play, or 2 set aside e no one in play?... Thx in advance for any replay

Sep 06 2020 08:32 AM by Jekothalep

Typo in the name of the card itself: Atlatch-Nacha, instead of Atlach-Nacha.


On the other hand, do we ever really know how these names are supposed to be spelled correctly in the first place anyway? ;)

The Stars Are Right

Feb 04 2020 06:53 PM by Jekothalep

It's an encounter card which gets shuffled into the top 10 cards of the encounter deck when an investigators plays a copy of the Mystic card "Stargazing".


Here are the rules for Bonded cards:

Cards with the bonded keyword are linked to another player card. They have no level and therefore are not available as deckbuilding options. Instead, the card to which they are bonded (which is listed in parentheses next to this keyword) brings the bonded card into the game.
If your deck contains a card that summons one or more bonded cards, those bonded cards are set aside at the start of each game.
If a weakness with the bonded keyword is added to an investigator’s deck, hand, threat area, or play area, it does not remain a part of that investigator’s deck for the rest of the campaign (unlike other weaknesses). It starts each game set aside with that investigator’s other bonded cards.
The Stars Are Right

Feb 02 2020 08:16 PM by amberan

I am a bit confused. Is this a player card or encounter card? It has front of a mystic player card, but back of a mythos encounter...

The End is Nigh!

Aug 08 2019 07:38 PM by Jekothalep

The text listed here is not the same as the one actually written on the card.

Curse of Yig

Apr 25 2019 09:35 AM by tsuma534

My bet is that it's forward compatibility and Return to the Forgotten Age may interact with it.

Curse of Yig

Apr 12 2019 12:38 PM by RichardPlunkett

I haven't seen a card that interacts with it.

Possibly just flavor. Possibly leftover from something that didn't make it thru development.


I know I saw a couple of people struggle to get this off them the first couple of times we saw it just for fear it mattered - one of the mixed advantages of unspoiled play.

Curse of Yig

Apr 10 2019 01:21 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Is the Serpent trait there just for fluff purposes, or does something actually check for that?

The Familiar

Mar 28 2019 08:47 PM by Jayelbird

There is an error in this card's text as displayed. It's missing the text: "Shuffle both set-aside copies of Ghostly Presence into the encounter deck."

Finn Edwards

Jan 29 2019 06:52 PM by GreatGopher

Yes, but there's at least one non-Rogue Illicit card spoiled for an upcoming set

Finn Edwards

Jan 29 2019 01:01 PM by Doovies

He only has 3 cards out of his reach in the Rogue Pool of cards and Suggestion would never make the cut anyway. He also has access to 5 out of class cards from TWO other factions. Not very limiting at all.

Finn Edwards

Jan 29 2019 04:18 AM by Nerdmeister

Regarding deck-building aren´t the only illicit cards rogue anyway, practically limiting Finn in a big way, till more cards enter the pool?


Oct 31 2018 06:49 AM by RichardPlunkett

The Prey can affect how you move and who you engage with if there are multiple available choices. Obviously this prey clause doesn't do the second, but it can still affect movement. Hunters prefer the closest investigator, but if there are investigators at two+ equidistant locations then it moves towards the one of those that is closest to Mouth of K’n-yan.


The Forced is likely only active when a Basilisk is in play. A Vengeance Hunter is a pretty nasty thing, and this effect limits the amount of time it's on the table a little.

Daisy Walker

Oct 29 2018 12:51 PM by SirWalterManny
Cheers. Yes, been playing that way (ie not counting in-hand, decal or discard) but after reading several discussions online wasn’t sure, and couldn’t see any clarification in FAQs or errata.
Daisy Walker

Oct 27 2018 11:42 PM by RichardPlunkett

I don't think they count.

That second rule you quote being the important one. When doing the counting for the elder sign effect it can only count Tomes in play.


Oct 27 2018 10:26 PM by Virgil2oct
1. What is the point of prey? If it’s at a location with multiple investigators, aren’t they equidistant from all other locations? 2. Does the forced ability only activate while the basilisk is at a location? Only when in the victory display? Or both?
“Jazz” Mulligan

Oct 26 2018 05:30 PM by Doma0997

I think so yes.

Unless you pull off a return from discard pile combo such as using the ability of William Yorick.

 Because he has an encounter card back, the encounter set still 'owns' him, so when he dies he's going to go to the encounter card discard pile. No return shenanigans.