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Recent Card Discussion
That Bucket o’ Bolts

Apr 12 2020 12:29 AM by dbmeboy

Question: If you use this objective to turn a unit into an enhancement, does any damage on that unit automatically fall off?

Damage (and focus tokens) stay on the card when it changes from a unit to an enhancement.

That Bucket o’ Bolts

Apr 11 2020 09:11 PM by Miximus2

Question: If you use this objective to turn a unit into an enhancement, does any damage on that unit automatically fall off?


Mar 08 2020 08:57 AM by Miximus2

One thing you need to get acclimated with right away is that the cards do exactly as they say.  If this card was meaning Guri strikes first, the text would actually specify that "Guri strikes first in this engagement", it does not say that, it simply says YOU strike first, which means you get to strike with anyone you want first.

I just noticed this after so much time! Practically makes her a get out of jail free card, especially with her objective out, if paired with a tactics unit.
Custom Paint Job

Feb 01 2020 03:35 PM by TheNameWasTaken


Republic Supply Cache

Jan 22 2020 12:50 AM by Zarbarian
You think that was good... try playing with Echo Caverns (Renegade Squadron Mobilization, objective set 44). Shenanigans galore!!
Custom Paint Job

Jan 13 2020 12:14 AM by Miximus2
Is the affiliation card a card a player controls and can the paint job be attached to it? Since the affiliation card does have a resource that is controlled.
Republic Supply Cache

Dec 20 2019 08:33 AM by Miximus2

This card can get insanely strong edge-wise! Last night I had multiple games where I had 2 copies of this card in play and was drawing 8(!)extra cards per turn, because of the refresh with the engineers. I was winning every edge battle against sith, despite of him playing twists.

Darth Vader

Dec 09 2019 07:25 AM by Miximus2

Why is he not an Officer.


'Frozen in Carbonite' made a replacement card for Imperial Vader, giving him the officer title and a discard effect.

Darth Vader

Nov 13 2019 07:51 AM by darthbs

Why is he not an Officer.

We can only put down the design issues of this set to be an early days decision. It feels things were still being worked out back then and why some stuff worked and others didn't.

However I would suggest you check out the Fan Content where some of the Hoth sets were revised with minor changes and this set including Vader himself got a good playable boost.
Darth Vader

Oct 28 2019 05:42 PM by cwq23us

Why is he not an Officer.

Bail Organa

Aug 20 2019 03:00 PM by darthbs

I can fix this set :)

Bail Organa

Aug 20 2019 06:55 AM by MarioFanaticXV
This could have been a great card if 1) the rest of the set didn't weigh it down and 2) more Alderaan objectives had come out.
Echo Control Center

Aug 19 2019 07:32 PM by Rio
Echo Defender

Aug 16 2019 07:10 AM by darthbs

I think its still undecided if they are playable but, the new sets were definitely an improvement.


The main issue back in the Hoth cycle was that they attempted to merge vehicles and characters into the same sets which caused your deck to pull into two directions. A great case being wedges set which was a for a speeder deck but then had an enhancement more suited to characters.


So the speeders and walkers ended up being the decks that came out, while the character/trooper decks took a back seat as there wasn't anything to get them to work with, any decks that did come out were not up to dealing with the new cards.


Ideally what we need is a return to Hoth set/cycle. Something that looks to fix or replace out parts of the Hoth cycle so that you can have a stronger and more synergised decks, that are still on theme. If I come out of retirement maybe I'll design something.

Echo Defender

Aug 16 2019 05:09 AM by MarioFanaticXV
Hoth was the first cycle released, and wasn't really a viable archetype during most of the game's life. It got a little bit of support during the Echoes of the Force cycle (one Rebel, one Imperial), we didn't see anymore Hoth sets after that until the second to last pack, when the Rebels and Imperials each got one new Hoth set that finally made them playable again.
Echo Base Defense

Aug 16 2019 04:35 AM by MarioFanaticXV

It just prevents damage on hoth objectives. So if they did take Lak, they could still hit non-hoth objectives even if you controlled more hoth objectives than the DS player.

I don't think this is correct. If Lak were attack a Hoth objective, none would be dealt because his triggering condition "When you would deal damage for the unopposed bonus" would not be satisfied- so even non-Hoth objectives would be safe.

However, if they were attacking a non-Hoth objective, all objectives would take damage, even Hoth ones, as the damage to all three would then be caused by Lak's effect, not by the unopposed bonus.
Doctor Aphra

Apr 04 2019 01:34 PM by Rio
I threw it into Navy, used it with Dark Troopers, Hoth Vader and Rav. It was a fun deck, Dark Trooper Project makes Aphra elite if committed. Pinging objectives when the Droids leave play for her ability is sneaky getting 2 pings with Rav and the Viper droids us even better.
Doctor Aphra

Mar 03 2019 01:50 PM by darthbs

Is this pod bad? I’m trying to find synergies and it just seems like this one is weak in droid decks and in sith decks.


For me you don't play this set for Aphra, this is a support set and she becomes a bonus if you get her in the game, especially late game to use her effect before she gets locked down.


Only 2 cards in the the set are sith traited and she can be played with scum resources so really its only one.


Try making a scum deck and sneak this one in at the end. 


The objective if you have it out will more likely trigger, you have the influence resource out so that you can reclaim big cards late game.


But don't play her first turn shes not going to do you anything but cause frustration, but later on shes a pain to deal with.


Edit - Another option is to play her with 8t88, using the split faction card, you can chain react the affiliation reaction and 8t88 is a good 3 pip card to retrieve using her event. Then build from there.

Admiral Ackbar

Mar 03 2019 01:35 PM by darthbs

Did this pod see any play towards the end of the game?

Not really, there was a lack of synergy between this set and the majority of other vehicle sets that meant this didn't have a place to go.


Ackbar himself while the ability is cool, was too expensive to play most of the time, so you needed to trick him in. Then to get the best use you also needed to have edge for those tactics to go off.


Him being a leader gave potential to him going into a leader deck but then the rest of the set just didn't go with leaders.


If Ackbar had the pilot trait, (which I know he shouldn't) then the potential for this set would sky rocket as he can then be tricked in with stay on target, then this set would see a lot more play.


Thematically this set was fine, but a common thing with all the early sets in this game is that not all the cards synergised in sets. Hoth survival gear being a prime example of a card that should not be paired with speeders. (Shakes head)


Jan 17 2019 12:33 AM by RoyalAegis

So this guy could be an absolute beast, but if he dies he gives your opponent a huge boost, so is it worth it? Can this guy wreck face?

Nah this set is garbage and has been superceded by the Ancient Rivals Dengar. Much better set although in both cases Dengar is a unit that's only situationally good unlike his LS analog in Captain Rex who's ready to go when he hits the board.

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