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Recent Card Discussion
Talon Karrde

May 01 2015 12:31 PM by BobaFett

yes, you are removing a focus token from Karrade.  Bamboozle would do the same.

Talon Karrde

May 01 2015 12:03 PM by BakaMatt

Does "moving" a token (such as with Cloud City Operative) count as "removing" it?

Black Squadron Assault

May 01 2015 08:36 AM by CarsonFlintlock

And it works on any Black Squadron unit, not just fighters.

Family Connections

May 01 2015 05:32 AM by grundius

Sounds like a nice idea. Thrawn is a nice addition with his officer-based cards. I would go for 2x dark trooper project. Too bad the new Tarkin is Imperials only and the objective's text triggers of having all-Imperial objectives, so you cannot include it in a deck with Vader's Fist, but I more or less expect more troopers in the new expansion. It always felt a little weird to me that one of the best trooper-based objectives is Sith while troopers, to me, have this typical Imperial feel. As if they do not already have enough cool toys ;)

Black Squadron Assault

Apr 30 2015 11:17 AM by Majestaat

So, is this basically a tallon roll for black squadron?

Yes, though it costs a resource instead of a card.
Black Squadron Assault

Apr 30 2015 11:07 AM by Thrawn24

So, is this basically a tallon roll for black squadron?

The Emperor's Hand

Apr 29 2015 04:15 PM by dbmeboy
It's an ability that only has meaning in multiplayer (2v2 or challenge deck) games. The short version is that each player can set aside a card from their hand into the common reserve that can be used by either player as if it were in their hand. Full rules can be found on the rules insert included with Balance of the Force (and I think are posted on the FFG website too).
The Emperor's Hand

Apr 29 2015 04:07 PM by Thrawn24

Each card in a dark side common reserve contributes 1 Force icon to your side during the Force struggle.

what does this mean?

Family Connections

Apr 29 2015 12:32 PM by BobaFett
Yeah, that's a fairly powerful combo if you can get it to go off at the right time.

Tarkin's set will definitely pair well into troopers I think. One of the best things about his set is the 7 icons PLUS a twist.

A possible deck, without knowing any of the other new sets on the box, might be 2x tagge, 2x new tarkin, 2x thrawn, 2x motti, 1x sabotage in the snow and maybe 1x (or 2x) dark trooper project.

Apr 29 2015 09:54 AM by dbmeboy

Yep, if damage is blocked by a shield it is prevented before it would be dealt, so in that case Chewie would only be dealt 2 damage. The short version of the damage process is:


1. Damage is assigned by some effect

2. Protect may reassign damage

3. Shields may be discarded to prevent assigned damage

4. Remaining assigned damage is placed on the card it is assigned to (dealt)


Of course, various cards may have Interrupts or Reactions that modify different steps of this process, but that's the general order of operations.


(edited to fix formatting which my iPad screwed up royally)


Apr 29 2015 08:28 AM by jamiesolo

Cheers! Thank you! Great explanation.

So yeah basicly if a damage token is placed on something during a Protect procedure that's the one who is dealt damage (if damage is split then 2 unit have been dealt damage)! Protect is more like reassinging damage and not really moving. (As far as I see from former comments moving damage like Desolation of Hoth doesn't mean dealing as well)


Can I ask one more clarification just to be sure?

If Chewie has shield with full HP he can reassign 3 damage to himself according to his remaining damage capacity and he won't die because of the shield and hiting back only 4 damage, right? Because only 2 damage tokens is placed on him ergo he is dealt only 2 damage, not 3.


Thanks for the clarification! I haven't played Chewie for ages and yesterday found this pod and made a wookie deck. I just saw the new deluxe coming out has wookies in it with shielding and sacrifice. Can't wait to play this trait more and deeper! :D

181st TIE Interceptor

Apr 29 2015 08:27 AM by Wrath87
The pilot attached to the fighter contributes his/her icons regardless of if the fighter itself is or is not committed or if there is any focus on the pilot or fighter.
Family Connections

Apr 29 2015 08:24 AM by grundius

So...just an idea...


This objective x2 with Moment of Triumph from the spoiled The Tarkin Doctrine objective. Destroys your opponents weenies while you take your own troopers back to hand via Tagge. And then..just imagine Imperial Discipline on table as well for extra damage. 


Apr 29 2015 07:59 AM by dbmeboy

If you use protect to place the damage to somewhere other than on Chewie, he has not been dealt damage and cannot trigger his Reaction.


FAQ, pg 6:

Damage has been successfully ‘dealt’ if it has actually
made it onto a card (units and objectives being the
most common). In order for a card to have been
‘dealt damage,’ it must have one or more damage
tokens physically placed on it. If some effect prevents,
reassigns, or moves that damage to another card, the
original card has not been ‘dealt damage.’


Also see pg 8 for a breakdown of the steps of the damage dealing process.



Also, for clarity, the unit that takes damage using Protect is dealt that damage.  So if Chewie uses Protect to take damage during an engagement he may trigger his Reaction (even if he's not in the engagement himself).

181st TIE Interceptor

Apr 29 2015 07:58 AM by jamiesolo

I guess this ability's effect works like Yoda's hut so doesn't matter if anything is focused or exhausted it contributes force icons, right?

I mean if I got a TIE Interceptor ready commited to the force with Mauler on it then I have 3 force icons in the force struggle. 1 on the fighter and 2 on Mauler. If I got the interceptor exhausted I have 2 icons from Mauler because it still contributes its force icons despite the fact that the enhanced fighter is exhausted.

If I focused Mauler to remove a fighter from the engagement I still have 2 icons at the force struggle despite thet fact that Mauler is focued and the fighter is focused because only that force icons on the pilot matters, right?

Am I interpreting this card right?


Apr 29 2015 07:49 AM by jamiesolo

I see previously a question rised up with double protecting the damage. I agree that is no option because the damage is moved to Chewie and then moved to another character with protect. So Chewie is not dealt any damage.


What if Chewie is dealt damage with a "Let the wookie win" event during an engagement's action window. Then I move the damage dealt (1) from him to another wookie because Wookie life debt is out. Can Chewie trigger his ability? Technicaly it was him who the damage is dealt but the damage is moved to another unit and it was done during an engagement.

Or if the 1 damage is moved from the character (with protect) then the targeted unit is considered to have been dealt 0 damage? Does the character who protected the damage is considered to have been dealt the damage? As far as I see protect only reassing the damage dealt to another unit and moves it. If I move damage with protect no unit is considered to have been dealt damage?

Can anyone quite something related to this from a rulebook, FAQ or something?

Thank you!


Apr 28 2015 02:37 PM by dbmeboy
Same applies to Desperation.

Apr 28 2015 02:33 PM by BobaFett
Yes, my ally is the force does not target anything.

Apr 28 2015 02:21 PM by Tutankarrer

Does "My ally is the force" destroy the Executor if not committed to the force, but not damaged?

Qu Rahn

Apr 28 2015 10:05 AM by BobaFett
Well, I'm late to the party I see, but looks like thenamewastaken and dbmeboy straightened everything out.

As was said, even though the damage is removed with OBS, it was still dealt to the unit, unlike effects like the survivors, shien training and light saber deflection, which are interrupts and stop the damage from every being dealt to the unit.

Anyways, this allows chewie to strike back for 6, and rahn to do his full 3 health plus a further 2, after obs is used.

It will be interesting to see the rest of the vima DA boda set as it could really add a whole new style of Jedi deck to the mix.

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