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Recent Card Discussion
Jan Ors

Yesterday, 03:48 PM by BakaMatt

Limits apply to abilities, thus it applies to Jan's reaction ability in entirety.



"All card abilities fall into one of the following types: constant effects, actions, traits, interrupts, reactions, and keywords."


FAQ (4.8)

“Limit once per X” refers to that specific ability on that particular card.

Jan Ors

Yesterday, 02:07 PM by WunderPanda

Does the Limit once per Turn applies to the entire reaction or only to the removing focus token part?

Jan Ors

Yesterday, 02:02 PM by WunderPanda

Where does the "limit once per turn" applies to? Only to the "remove 1 focus token", or the entire reaction?

Unfinished Business

Oct 02 2015 03:24 PM by BakaMatt

That is correct. Editing my previous comment.


Relevant ruling:



The key thing to look for when deciding if it is possible to alter how a pilot enters play from an effect is whether a specific qualifier to the entering exists in the effect text.


Stay on Target reads "You may put a Pilot card into play from your hand or discard pile as an enhancement", so you cannot choose to have the card enter play as a unit.


Infiltration reads "During an engagement, put a Character unit into play from your hand as a participating unit", so it has to enter as a unit and cannot be changed to enhancement.


Millennium Falcon (EoD) reads "Return this unit to your hand to put a Character or Droid unit into play from your hand." That doesn't have a qualifier to how it enters play, and thus a unit with the pilot keyword could enter play as an enhancement.


Unfinished Business reads "Put a unit from a friendly player’s discard pile into play under your control." Like the Falcon, it doesn't have a qualifier attached to the entering, so you are able to make the choice for a pilot unit to enter play as an enhancement.




Unfinished Business also checks for "that unit" when making the discard, meaning if the card you brought into play isn't a unit at the point of time the check is made (or if it was swapped with Heroes and Legends to no longer be the same card) you don't discard it.

Unfinished Business

Oct 02 2015 07:39 AM by TheNameWasTaken

They reversed the earlier ruling - you can't bring a pilot into play as an attachment using Unfinished Business, only as a unit. 


When it was possible, yes, it would not discard a pilot enhancement since Unfinished Business specifies unit.


This is actually not true. Unfinished Business doesn't say the unit it's bringing back must necessarily enter play as a unit (unlike, say, Infiltration), therefore you can choose to bring it back as an enhancement. Which means it'd stay in play after the phase ends, since it's not a unit.

Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder

Sep 25 2015 08:23 PM by Majestaat
The text refers to the "declare defenders" combat step, not to the units themselves, as I understand. So you can react even if your opponent didn't declare any defenders.
Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder

Sep 25 2015 07:37 PM by theChony

Can this still react if no defenders were declared?


I'm assuming no, but would like a second opinion.

Directed Fire

Sep 24 2015 08:17 PM by pantsyg

You're right there, but they might still work in a deck together if you stick an Echo Caverns in there too. It'd be jank, but fun.

Directed Fire

Sep 24 2015 06:18 AM by TheNameWasTaken

Oh, easy unopposed, yeah. I can see how that'd be fun. Aside from that one combo, though, the sets don't look like they have any synergy between them.

Directed Fire

Sep 23 2015 07:53 PM by pantsyg

Not having to send Home One into the fight to get the strike. Send some chud in, he goes unopposed (and gets a free edge win), then surprise with Home One. I just like the unpredictability the card brings. 

Directed Fire

Sep 23 2015 07:41 PM by TheNameWasTaken

It'd be one hell of a strike, but then Endor Home One by itself gives you a hell of a strike. I don't really see what this card brings to the table. Am I missing something?

Directed Fire

Sep 23 2015 05:42 PM by pantsyg

Thinking more on this card: how nuts would this be combined with Endor Home One?

Renegade Reinforcements

Sep 22 2015 05:22 PM by Ragnarok357
This would be so much nicer if it were a Hoth objective, and could interact with Prep for Evac. Pity.
Well Paid

Sep 21 2015 06:01 PM by Budgernaut

After you posted that picture, Han's neck looks a lot more proportional now.

Well Paid

Sep 21 2015 02:46 PM by TheNameWasTaken

The effect sure is great, but exactly what is going on with Han's neck in the picture? It looks weird.



Han Solo

Sep 21 2015 02:42 PM by TheNameWasTaken

Eh, I'm not seeing it. The Falcon already is fast enough to not care all that much about who's defending. I think Han does better with sleuths and blockade runners, to make sure they get through undefended. Especially if you also strike with him as a unit before using the objective to put him on a ship.

Ewok Companion

Sep 20 2015 02:40 AM by dbmeboy

The Ewok indeed has shielding.  It is a mistake on the website.

Ewok Companion

Sep 20 2015 02:22 AM by Frodo13

Maybe FFG updated the card and removed the text?


There is no card errata for this card on the latest FAQ, so it must be an omission here.

Boba Fett

Sep 18 2015 06:58 PM by ZenClix

Thanks!  I thought so, and that is how I played it, just thought it was worth asking.  Thanks again!

The Endor Gambit

Sep 18 2015 06:40 PM by TheNameWasTaken

No. Effects that react to "after you refresh" happen after you've removed 1 focus from each of your card, discarded all shields and replaced lost objectives, but before the refresh phase action window opens.

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