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Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

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Recent Card Discussion
Bonesinger Choir

Mar 09 2017 06:29 AM by Skyknight


If you involve Bonesinger Choir in the cost reduction in any way you will always have to end up paying at least £1 for the unit because of its restriction, regardless of any other modifiers and reducers  :)

Bonesinger Choir

Mar 09 2017 03:56 AM by SrgntKurgan
If there was an elite unit that costs 4, could you use STC fragment and Bonesiger to reduce cost to zero? Bonesinger can only reduce it to maximum of 1. So if you use Bonesinger to reduce it by 2, then exhaust STC fragment, can it be done in that order? Or, they go off simultaneously and therefore you would still have to pay 1 resource after reductions?
Skrap Nabba

Mar 03 2017 05:06 AM by ktom

RRG, p. 12: "The (+X cards) and (+X resources) symbols modify the number of cards or resources that are granted by a planet when the controller of the symbol wins a command struggle there. The card with the symbol must be at the planet when its bonus resolves. Their effects are cumulative, and their modification of the planet bonus is not optional."



Skrap Nabba

Mar 03 2017 01:03 AM by eggmanaa

If my opponent wins the command struggle at a red planet where this unit is located, do they receive the +2 resource bonus that the Skrap Nabba gives?

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 24 2017 04:36 PM by Kaloo

I find the tank's best played in Shadowsun since you get a whole bunch of cost reducers for it

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 23 2017 03:41 PM by Stefan2581

The whole thing with Ragnar is to make it damn hard for the opponent to decide where to commit to.

So you put threats on every planet and lower the choices.

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 23 2017 01:12 PM by Ultramarine

Well, you can use Blood Claw Pack to put this unit into play for 0 cost and swing at opposing WL for 10 damages with the Warcamp in play.   :)



Of course Ragnar has to be there too.... grumble 

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 23 2017 04:01 AM by SrgntKurgan

So what was bugging me about this card was that Ragnar is a warlord hunter and if he had Ragnar's War Camp and this predator tank here, he would be able to swing for double damage, so 10 points attack on the Space Wolves Predator. Not being able to have your opponent's warlord go to the planet where this tank is seemed a bit weird.


But then I thought of the fact that if the warlord cannot commit to this specific planet, you can then lessen the options of your opponent to choose which planet to go to. Thus, Ragnar would have easier time to guess where your opponent's warlord might go.


Kind of cool, but definitely expensive. Anyone had any luck with hunting by using this card and sending Ragnar to other planets? 

Jain Zar

Feb 19 2017 07:37 AM by Zargabaath

I really like Jain Zar a lot, but how much use are you actually going to get out of her ability? I feel like she's kinda useless unless you're playing against a Space Marine deck. Has this been your experience with her guys and gals? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Righteous Initiate

Feb 12 2017 10:16 PM by Skyknight

'Round' is always an entire game round, i.e. all four phases, deploy, command, combat and headquaters.

If something only applies to a single combat round, the card will say 'combat round', cf. Frenzied Bloodthirster, Defensive Protocols etc.

The Unstoppable specialization always works once per game round [round].

Invasive Genestealers

Feb 12 2017 08:50 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
Yes, unless you used the Warlord ability to ambush it during the Combat phase. Then, it's health lasts til after all battles are done.
Righteous Initiate

Feb 12 2017 08:43 PM by SrgntKurgan

I have a question about this card's wording:
So it says that you get +2ATK first time this round.

But, you have game round, which goes through all phases until initiative token is passed, but also you have a combat round. In RRG, page 22, in battle resolution it says in 3.2.9 "End combat round. Ready all units in the battle. Players may retreat units. Repeat outer loop."


So, which round is the card referring to? If you go by battle round, can't you trigger Unstoppable multiple times during battles as long as a new battle round begins? 


In the insert, Unstoppable is described as "prevents first damage that would be dealt to it in a round". So it doesn't specify which round is it. Is it Game Round, or is it Combat Round? 



Invasive Genestealers

Feb 12 2017 08:15 PM by SrgntKurgan

A quick question:

It says on this card "Until the end of phase". 


So when deployment phase ends and we now go into the battle phase, this Invasive Genestealer's HP drops back down to 3 instead of 4, correct? 

Hostile Acquisition

Feb 12 2017 07:44 AM by Skyknight

No. Backlash can only cancel effects that targets an Elite unit, so if Hostile Acquisition had read "After your warlord damages a target Vehicle army unit by and attack, gain control etc." then it would have been eligible for Backlash if Gorzod tried to commandeer an Elite Vehicle unit.

Hostile Acquisition

Feb 12 2017 04:27 AM by Linkage

Can you play backlash to cancel this card?

Urien Rakarth

Feb 10 2017 06:28 AM by Ultramarine

Well, as many of us can attest, you have to be a masochist in order to like playing Urien.   :) 

Urien Rakarth

Feb 09 2017 07:23 AM by Dietzen
The thing that makes Urien suck, is the one thing that is supposed to make him unique. His +- cost to events/tortures.
The torture events available simply don't do enough to warrant their use. Power from Pain can be good, but you can't always guarantee he doesn't have enough weenies out to satisfy the sac. His sig event is boring and not helpful in combat. Searing Brand can be played around and requires your WL to be present.
Soul Seizure for sure can be a great card, but it's expensive as well, which brings me to another point that drags Urien down into the dumpster, the torture events are expensive. You will have a hard time bringing out hard hitting units, while also have the resource to pay for your torture events.

I've played a lot of Urien, in a lot of different decks/themes and I always come to the same conclusion that I simply can't muster of the funding for everything he has to pay for. And again the tortures, when you do pay for them, don't do enough. They just don't do enough. 2 cost Archon's Terror, you KNOW what it does, you KNOW it removes a unit (non-unique but still). Searing Brand you don't know if it hits for 3 unless your opponent has 1 or fewer cards in hand, while still requiring your WL to be present.
There are few combat impacting tortures available, for a reasonable cost.

I've often compared the torture events to pin-pricks, they're a nuisance for sure, but that's it. But what does that help when your opponent is throwing out a lot more impactful units and events?

I really like Urien, and for as long as we continue to play the game I probably can't stop trying to make him work. He's my own little torture :)
Urien Rakarth

Feb 09 2017 12:02 AM by SlaaneshDevotee

I would certainly agree that swarms are not good for Urien. Most of his tools are very effective at remove single cards or single enemies, and when your opponent has lots of cards/enemies, well... Thankfully, the current meta is a little more elite focused which I think works in his favour.

Can't argue with the point that he is not consistent though!

Urien Rakarth

Feb 08 2017 03:50 PM by Skyknight

I agree completely that there's little fun in losing incessantly, but if you lose 100 out of 100 games with Urien you either have exceedingly tough opponents up there, or, you may very well be doing something wrong; while the former is entirely possible, there is a possibility that you either build your Urien deck wrong (from an optimising perspective), or maybe you simply overlook that Urien should be played very differently from most other warlords. Hence he is both rather challenging and also unforgivingly frail, which leads him to have a quite unreliable win-rate, in my experience at least.


I see his greatest weakness as swarm enemies, Broderick, Zarathur, Zogwort and maybe Swarmlord too, but otherwise I don't think he is entirely bad off. And certainly not so bad that he merits a label of outright 'sucking' :P

You're very much entitled to your opinion of course :)

Urien Rakarth

Feb 08 2017 02:17 PM by Dietzen

That certainly depends on one's individual criteria for something 'sucking' I believe. :)

If you mean that Urien won't win you much in tournaments on a top level, then sure.

I'd say the fun and excitement of this game lies other places than just within the tournaments though; for me the fun lies in the matches where you experiment and face different warlords and builds, other ideas if you will, than what the typical tier 1 'usual suspects' that features in most tournaments bring to the table. For me, the majority of the fun (especially nowadays of course) in this game lies in the casual matches.

And in casual play Urien most definitely doesn't "suck" imho.

In some respects yes, but not entirely. To be honest, if my criteria for having fun is seing my deck in flames, I'm not sure that is relevant to the game? If you're having fun building your deck that's all good, but if it doesn't work well when playing the actual game, I think it's safe to say it doesn't work and if you lose 100 of 100 games, it surely sucks?

You might have fun playing different warlords and decks, but if you can't win, how can either the warlord or the deck not suck? 

I have fun playing Urien, but I still think he sucks hard as he lacks options which other warlords have available en masse.


I see your point for sure, but even in casual play where I find Urien severely lacking, I just don't think any more of him than he sucks.

I've not played the BCL nor the Apoka cards though, so I can't say that it helps.


Edit: it occurs to me that I say Urin sucks, a lot here. So just to clarify. I think he sucks :P

Edit2: Sorry for the amount of sucks mentioned.