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Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

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Recent Card Discussion

Jun 19 2017 09:04 PM by Skyknight

@leo987 It cannot. Backlash can only be used to cancel an effect that targets an Elite unit you control. This means that the effect must have the specific word target in the text. Since the Lychguard's ability doesn't target the Deathwing Guard, Backlash cannot be used to cancel its ability nor to destroy the Lychguard.


Moreover, the Lychguard's ability is a constant effect and as such it isn't triggered at any point, but merely becomes active when the Lychguard enters play. By contrast, triggered abilities, whether voluntary or forced, have a specified timing followed by a colon printed in bold on the card, e.g. Reaction:, Action:, Forced Reaction:​ etc. See also RRG p. 15.


Welcome to the game :)


Jun 19 2017 07:31 PM by Blackwhyn

To me it seems you cannot use Backlash.


Backlash reads "When your opponent triggers an ability that targets an Elite unit you control, cancel its effects. Then, if that ability was triggered from an army unit, destroy it."


According to the Rules and Reference Guide (pg. 15) the term "target" indicates that a game element (such as a card) must be chosen as the subject or recipient of an effect.


The Lychguards' ability simply states that "Your opponent must declare a ready unit named 'Lychguard Sentinel' as a defender, if able", so, in this case, it seems that the recipient of the effect is the opponent player himself, considering that the ability doesn't specifically target any of his cards.


At least that's my interpretation according to the RRG.


Jun 17 2017 08:25 AM by leo987

I have a question.
Battle: Space Marines vs Necrons.

SMs card on the planet X: Deathwing Guard (Elite)
Necrons cards on the planet X: Lychguard Sentinel and Immortal Vanguard

SM Attack Phase.
Deathwing Guard attack Immortal Vanguard, but Lychguard Sentinels text sound "Your opponent must declare a ready unit named “Lychguard Sentinel” as a defender, if able."
So Deathwing Guard must attack Lychguard Sentinels.
The Ability of Lychguard Sentinels is activated autoaticaly against Deathwing Guard.
Then SM Player plays Backlash (" When your opponent triggers an ability that targets an Elite unit you control, cancel its effects. Then, if that ability was triggered from an army unit, destroy it.").

Deathwing Guard can destroy Lychguard Sentinels using Backlash card or not?

Kabalite Blackguard

May 22 2017 06:35 PM by Caldera

How does it gain or deny 3?

If the Morn player wins the planet, they take 2R from their opponent using the Blackguard's ability plus a further 1R from triggering Osus' ability (so 3R in total). So the alternative choice for the opponent is to deny themselves of 3R purely so that the Morn player can't benefit. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces, as the saying goes - which sounds right up the Dark Eldar warlords' street....
Kabalite Blackguard

May 22 2017 03:24 PM by Dietzen
How does it gain or deny 3?
Kabalite Blackguard

May 22 2017 01:32 PM by Kaloo

All in all it's not a reliable effect, but it can be a powerful knockout blow.


That's the thing about this card that's not immediately apparent: It doesn't matter if the effect doesn't trigger because you've forced your opponent to play around it.


There was one instance I observed recently (not a game I was playing) where Shadowsun placed a Recon Drone to planet 1 (Osus IV) and Morn placed a Blackguard opposite it. Neither player had any intention of committing to 1 since the colour was irrelevant for the victory conditions of each player and going into the command phase the Shadowsun player had 1 resource. The play by the Morn player was strong, even though he had to pay 2 for the Blackguard, since the Shadowsun player was left with a choice: Claim the resources at Osus then give them to Morn after the battle's over, or don't claim the resources to deny Morn. Either way, Morn either gains 1 resource or 3 resources, and in both cases denies 3 resources from Shadowsun, which is the main objective.


Point is; it suffices to force your opponent to make less optimal decisions even if you aren't directly benefiting from it.

Kabalite Blackguard

May 21 2017 08:23 PM by Eu8L1ch

I think it's a very strong card in certain matchups. Against Elite decks it might be risky to pull off (you usually need have a control card in hand to ensure an early win against those) but it's very strong against decks that need to fight for command, thus are more likely to let planet 1 go. I've found it strong, with the only problem being that deckspace in DE is very very tight - you don't want to ditch command for this. All in all it's not a reliable effect, but it can be a powerful knockout blow.

Kabalite Blackguard

May 19 2017 02:27 PM by Kaloo

Given the ability can only trigger when a battle takes place, this guy is best played to either planet 1 as a bruiser or the planet you think your opponent will commit to alongside something else (but that's harder to set up). Any other deploy implies that you're committing to that planet, which telegrpahs your plays.


That said, it works really well as a planet 1 bully since it has some solid stats for its cost (especially if played for 1) and forces your opponent to commit to the fight or take the hit. If they go for the former, it then acts as a psuedo meatshield for your other units because they want it gone, and if they go for the latter then they'll either spend their money inefficiently, opt to not take resource command wins, or outright lose the cash. Either way, it's pulling its weight.


Additionally, should it survive the fight at 1 it ends up in your train and can trigger again irrespective of where you commit, so it can effectively guarantee the second trigger.


Really like this card, but you don't really need more than 2 in a deck. It's also not really worth it outside of Morn since it's much more worthwhile for 1 cost

Bonesinger Choir

Mar 09 2017 06:29 AM by Skyknight


If you involve Bonesinger Choir in the cost reduction in any way you will always have to end up paying at least £1 for the unit because of its restriction, regardless of any other modifiers and reducers  :)

Bonesinger Choir

Mar 09 2017 03:56 AM by SrgntKurgan
If there was an elite unit that costs 4, could you use STC fragment and Bonesiger to reduce cost to zero? Bonesinger can only reduce it to maximum of 1. So if you use Bonesinger to reduce it by 2, then exhaust STC fragment, can it be done in that order? Or, they go off simultaneously and therefore you would still have to pay 1 resource after reductions?
Skrap Nabba

Mar 03 2017 05:06 AM by ktom

RRG, p. 12: "The (+X cards) and (+X resources) symbols modify the number of cards or resources that are granted by a planet when the controller of the symbol wins a command struggle there. The card with the symbol must be at the planet when its bonus resolves. Their effects are cumulative, and their modification of the planet bonus is not optional."



Skrap Nabba

Mar 03 2017 01:03 AM by eggmanaa

If my opponent wins the command struggle at a red planet where this unit is located, do they receive the +2 resource bonus that the Skrap Nabba gives?

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 24 2017 04:36 PM by Kaloo

I find the tank's best played in Shadowsun since you get a whole bunch of cost reducers for it

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 23 2017 03:41 PM by Stefan2581

The whole thing with Ragnar is to make it damn hard for the opponent to decide where to commit to.

So you put threats on every planet and lower the choices.

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 23 2017 01:12 PM by Ultramarine

Well, you can use Blood Claw Pack to put this unit into play for 0 cost and swing at opposing WL for 10 damages with the Warcamp in play.   :)



Of course Ragnar has to be there too.... grumble 

Space Wolves Predator

Feb 23 2017 04:01 AM by SrgntKurgan

So what was bugging me about this card was that Ragnar is a warlord hunter and if he had Ragnar's War Camp and this predator tank here, he would be able to swing for double damage, so 10 points attack on the Space Wolves Predator. Not being able to have your opponent's warlord go to the planet where this tank is seemed a bit weird.


But then I thought of the fact that if the warlord cannot commit to this specific planet, you can then lessen the options of your opponent to choose which planet to go to. Thus, Ragnar would have easier time to guess where your opponent's warlord might go.


Kind of cool, but definitely expensive. Anyone had any luck with hunting by using this card and sending Ragnar to other planets? 

Jain Zar

Feb 19 2017 07:37 AM by Zargabaath

I really like Jain Zar a lot, but how much use are you actually going to get out of her ability? I feel like she's kinda useless unless you're playing against a Space Marine deck. Has this been your experience with her guys and gals? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Righteous Initiate

Feb 12 2017 10:16 PM by Skyknight

'Round' is always an entire game round, i.e. all four phases, deploy, command, combat and headquaters.

If something only applies to a single combat round, the card will say 'combat round', cf. Frenzied Bloodthirster, Defensive Protocols etc.

The Unstoppable specialization always works once per game round [round].

Invasive Genestealers

Feb 12 2017 08:50 PM by SlaaneshDevotee
Yes, unless you used the Warlord ability to ambush it during the Combat phase. Then, it's health lasts til after all battles are done.
Righteous Initiate

Feb 12 2017 08:43 PM by SrgntKurgan

I have a question about this card's wording:
So it says that you get +2ATK first time this round.

But, you have game round, which goes through all phases until initiative token is passed, but also you have a combat round. In RRG, page 22, in battle resolution it says in 3.2.9 "End combat round. Ready all units in the battle. Players may retreat units. Repeat outer loop."


So, which round is the card referring to? If you go by battle round, can't you trigger Unstoppable multiple times during battles as long as a new battle round begins? 


In the insert, Unstoppable is described as "prevents first damage that would be dealt to it in a round". So it doesn't specify which round is it. Is it Game Round, or is it Combat Round?