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Wood Elves run riot

- - - - - Wood Elves Development Ambush Fury of the Forest Wildwood Grove Light of Morrslieb

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So, I made my first deck! Basically, just grabbed every Wood Elf card in deluxe expansions and Morrslieb cycle, and threw in a few neutral supports. It absolutely ran riot! The card list is below - I will need to whittle it down. But I have two questions:

1) One problem with this deck was I became short-handed very quickly. What can I do to fix this, and ensure I'm getting more options / more cards in my hand after my 3rd turn?

2) This combo seemed too good to be true - is it legal?
  • Light of Morrslieb (TTTC) - play an additional development from your hand during your turn
  • Wildwood Grove (HK #17) - Support (cost 2, power 1) - you may play cards in your discard pile as developments into this zone as if they were in your hand
  • Fury of the Forest (HK #18) - Tactic (cost 3, but... ambush 0!) - deal 1 damage to each attacking unit
With the two supports out, and a couple of Fury of the Forest at my disposal, I was able to cycle them back in on every turn and keep an otherwise undefended zone well covered.

Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Warhammer: Invasion Deck Builder

Total Cards: (87)

Legend: (3)
Ariel, Queen in the Woods (HK #10) x3

Unit: (45)
Drycha (SitS) x3
Eternal Guard (HK #12) x3
Forest Dragon (FD) x3
Highborn Champion (HK #15) x3
Nimble Spearman (OoR) x3
Shadow Sentinel (L) x3
Shrouded Waywatcher (HK #13) x3
Slumbering Titan (HK #14) x3
Spellsinger (TCM) x3
Spellweaver of Kel-Isha (HK #11) x3
Thornflesh Dryad (TCM) x3
Tree Kin (OoR) x3
Treeman Ancient (TTTC) x3
Wardancer (TEoH) x3
Wild Rider (L) x3

Support: (30)
Armoury (Core) x3
Asrai Longbow (TEoH) x3
Contested Stronghold (Core) x3
Forgotten Cairn (TTTC) x3
Light of Morrslieb (TTTC) x3
Protective Spites (L) x3
Sacred Glade (SitS) x3
The Oak of Ages (HK #16) x3
Treasure Vaults (AoU) x3
Wildwood Grove (HK #17) x3

Tactic: (9)
Fury of the Forest (HK #18) x3
Innovation (Core) x1
Innovation (AoU) x2
The Wild Hunt (FD) x3

Quest: (0)
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Concerning short-handedness, found these couple:
  • Reap What's Sown (TaC) if used with Innovation
  • Doomsayer of Morr (RoaM)
  • Arcane Power (TAD) (are these restricted to 1 per deck?)
  • Muster for War (DoB)
  • Strength of Emperors (GoDP)
All of these are in battle packs I don't have, so I would like to know from others' experience what does work / doesn't work so well before I consider chasing any down.

Just found Errant Wolf (TaC) which could help. Cheap (2 cost) order-only neutral unit with 2 power, and he's Quest only - which is exactly where I would want him.
Or Abandoned Mine (TST) could help me recover / swap-out developments, especially if any of the first three placed at game setup (due to Wood Elf capital board text) are critical ones for play.
Both are in in the Corruption Cycle, which I was planning on getting in order to make a Skaven deck.

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Yes, that is a legal combination of cards. Light of Morrsleib isn't played a lot because it is a 4 cost support and there are lots of cards that are accessible, affordable, support killers. The problem with running out of cards is a typical one for new players (I think you said you are a new player? If not then please excuse that comment), and it is just a matter of getting used to the draw mechanic. When I first started I would "save up" to buy cards I liked without realizing that I could pay for cards I had in my deck if only I drew them. It isn't uncommon for some players to go with the starting 3 resources in their kingdom zone for one or two turns if they don't get a very cheap economy card (like Contested Village). You have 87 cards in your deck, so your short handedness might be rooted in your lack of general efficiency in building an economy. Just eyeballing I can tell you that cards like Drycha, most of the Tree Kin trait units, and Treasure Vaults might be extraneous.

I will tell you that Forgotten Cairn can be a trap. You think it's cool that when a unit leaves play you get a development, but you could be forced to develop cards at a rapid rate if there is some mass removal. You have 87 cards in your deck, but I'm operating under the assumption you don't want your deck to be massive. Easy rules are things like "A good power to cost ratio is 1:1, if you want to get lower than that ratio then you should have a good reason and/or using a typically expensive race." All neutral decks without contested village are better with contested village. All decks with far greater than 50 cards are better when they get closer to 50. The Forest Dragon, for example, seems awesome but the Highborn Champion can hit harder faster for cheaper if your playstyle just changes a little.

Good luck! I like the Wood Elves post-Hidden Kingdoms and I think they can be a nice race for learning as they interact with the development mechanic nicely.




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I've had another crack at my "Dangerous Woods". Got it to 50 cards, and thought hard about the combos. Further adjustment is likely.
(p.s. Really wish that Hidden Kingdoms and Cataclysm would get updated on the database...)

Ariel, Queen in the Woods (HK #10) x2
Forgotten Cemetery (Core #115) x2
Light of Morrslieb (TTTC #60) x3
Plunderer (FaS #119) x2
Protective Spites (L #51) x2
Talismanic Tatoos (SotG #117) x3
The Oak of Ages (HK #16) x3
Wildwood Grove (HK #17) x3
Fury of the Forest (HK #18) x2
Innovation (AoU #57) x2
Reap What's Sown (TaC #59) x2
Surprise Assault (PotZ #39) x1
Drycha (SitS #78) x3
Errant Wolf (TaC #58) x2
Forest Dragon (FD #118) x2
Highborn Champion (HK #15) x3
Nimble Spearman (OoR #19) x2
Shrouded Waywatcher (HK #13) x2
Spellsinger (TCM #39) x3
Spellweaver of Kel-Isha (HK #11) x2
Wardancer (TEoH #98) x2
Wild Rider (L #50) x2

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