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[GoT Deck] Lannister_FoW_PBHtT

- - - - - Lannister

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Total Cards (61)

House (1)
House Lannister (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
The Power Behind the Throne (LotR) x1

Plot (8)
Twist of Fate (APS) x1
Dry Season (CbtC) x1
Fear of Winter (BtW) x1
Men of Pride (THoBaW) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Attack from the Sea (PotS) x1
Cersei's Scheme (TPoL) x1
Betrayal at the Wall (THTW) x1

Character (35)
Qhorin Halfhand (LoW) x1
Janos's Conspirator (THtW) x3
Jon Snow (Core) x1
Janos Slynt (THtW) x2
Craster (WotN) x1
Gilly (RoW) x1
Ygritte (THtW) x1
Cersei Lannister (LotR) x2
Enemy Informer (Core) x3
King Joffrey's Guard (TWot5K) x1
Lannisport Councilor (RotO) x2
Lannisport Weaponsmith (Core) x2
Margaery Tyrell (AToTT) x1
Penny (VD) x1
Ser Arys Oakheart (PotS) x1
Ser Gregor's Dog (FF) x3
The Hound (PotS) x1
Tommen Baratheon (SA) x2
Tywin Lannister (LotR) x2
Tycho Nestoris (SoW) x1
Ser Jaime Lannister (TK) x1
Ghost of High Heart (WLL) x1
The Mad Huntsman (ASoSilence) x1

Location (15)
Golden Tooth Mines (Core) x2
Lannisport Tourney Grounds (ODG) x1
The Iron Throne (LotR) x2
Shadowblack Lane (Core) x1
River Row (QoD) x1
Sunset Sea (KotS) x2
Flea Bottom (TGM) x1
The Goldroad (Core) x3
The Searoad (KotStorm) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1

Attachment (3)
Longclaw (ASitD) x1
Widow's Wail (LotR) x2

Event (8)
You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf! (Core) x3
Harry the Riverlands (FF) x3
Secret Orders (THtW) x1
Insidious Ways (Core) x1

fhornmikey took 1st (5-0) at Centerville OH Store Championship
Darknoj took 2nd in Gatineo (6-1) on March 23rd
Aaron took 4th in NY on March 29th
Bone took 2nd in NY on March 29th

Kneel their guys pre-plot then play FoW..profit.

Thanks Aaron for convincing me to run FoW instead of Cast, mike for getting me to put in King Joffery's Guaard and finally Bone for making me try Jon Snow.

Any questions about the deck feel free to ask. ;)

Click here to view the deck
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I played against this deck at the Centerville SC. We went to time and drew. Solid deck, but that was an absolute slugfest. He had me on my toes the whole time.



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Yeah, this deck was really brutal for my opponents on Saturday. I think some of them hated me a litle for playing it. Haha



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I know i was not the first person to think up the concept. I believe Jonathan Benton took something very similiar to a SC, thought i only heard about it after most of the deck was already built.



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I've been piddling around with something similar and went up to two Mad Huntsmen. Soooo great on setup and going first on your FoW turn.




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I am new to Game of thrones and trying to get some idea.. but the rules i see specificly say only 7 plot cards allowed. this one has 8 ? am i missing something?



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Look at the card:
Betrayal at the Wall (THTW)




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I wonder why you don't play the plot "Wildfire Assault" instead of valar since you have that much kneel? Could you explain please, I am curious since I didn't see that deck running yet.

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