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[SW Deck] Smugglers with Guns

Smugglers and Spies

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Smugglers and Spies (Core Smugglers and Spies)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x Questionable Contacts (15-1)

Han Solo (15-2)
Twi'lek Smuggler (15-3)
Cloud City Casino (15-4)
Swindled (15-5)
Crossfire (15-6)

1x Undercover Dealings (60-1)

Shadow Operative (60-2)
Shadow Operative (60-3)
Hold-out Blaster (60-4)
Narrow Escape (60-5)
Tactical Retreat (60-6)

2x Wookiee Life Debt (69-1)

Chewbacca (69-2)
Wookiee Warrior (69-3)
Wookiee Warrior (69-4)
Let the Wookiee Win (69-5)
Heat of Battle (69-6)

2x Trust Me (71-1)

Lando Calrissian (71-2)
Saboteur (71-3)
Cloud City Casino (71-4)
Sabotage (71-5)
Target of Opportunity (71-6)

2x Asteroid Sanctuary (72-1)

Millennium Falcon (72-2)
Cloud City Operative (72-3)
Cloud City Guest Quarters (72-4)
Bamboozle (72-5)
Twist of Fate (72-6)

1x To Arms! (78-1)

Sullustan Weapon Tech (78-2)
Sullustan Weapon Tech (78-3)
Han's Heavy Blaster Pistol (78-4)
Chewbacca's Bowcaster (78-5)
Hidden Cache (78-6)

Falcon can bring in some heavy hitters (Han, Chewie, Lando). 2 Trust me objectives give a fairly good chance to get 5 resource to bring in Falcon first turn. Lots of tricks and traps make this deck lots of fun to play.

Click here to view the deck




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The weapon enhancements from "To Arms" and "Undercover Dealings" (with a chance to search for the one you want) can turn Chewbacca or Han into beasts. Adding that to protectors and lots of tricks makes for a fun game for light side and frustration for the dark side.




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nice deck i like it and i am going to give it a test on the next FFG night gaming night.
its clear that characters with the falcon synergy can be turned into beasts. but what about adding one more To arms?




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Looks interesting to play :)

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