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[LotR Deck] Ziggy Miner Dust (Solo Version)

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Total Cards (54)

Hero (3)
Beravor (Core) x1
Bilbo Baggins (THFG) x1
Eleanor (Core) x1

Ally (24)
Brok Ironfist (Core) x3
Beorn (Core) x3
Landroval (AJtR) x3
Northern Tracker (Core) x3
Zigil Miner (KD) x3
Gildor Inglorion (THoEM) x3
Gandalf (Core) x3
Radagast (AJtR) x3

Attachment (9)
Unexpected Courage (Core) x3
Protector of Lorien (Core) x3
Ancient Mathom (AJtR) x3

Event (21)
Dwarven Tomb (Core) x3
Fortune or Fate (Core) x3
Stand and Fight (Core) x3
The Galadhrim's Greeting (Core) x3
Will of the West (Core) x2
Beorn's Hospitality (Core) x3
Gandalf's Search (Core) x3
Rumour from the Earth (RtM) x1

Deck Strategy: Saw a post on FFG about a multiplayer support deck that "supposedly" broke the game and thought I would try to make a Solo Version of it.

I tested it out on Hunt for Gollum and it was pretty crazy... so thought I would post it, though it might need some tweaking.. still the deck is kinda "WTF"

Here is a link to the original thread on FFG as well as a copy/paste of Booored's instructions.


"Yeah... it dose what you are thinking.... The key cards are "Parting Gifts" / "Zigil Miner" / "Will of the West" / "Dwarven Tomb" / "Stand and Fight". The idea is for your draw engine to pull Ziggy into your had as fast as possible, if you get it in set up 6, then your laughing. The vast majority of cards in the deck are (5) cost, I put the costs in brackets after the card names in the list. You simple use Ziggy's ability and call 5 every time. You normally hit that. Soon you are rolling in resources, resources that you pile on a single hero. Then the goal is to use "Parting Gifts" to send mass resources to your mates side of the room, or simply pay for your out laddish cards. Use "Dwarven Tomb" to exhume will of the west so you always have one in hand. If you discard both of them, do not worry, you have 3 Tomb's to get one back. You can increase your odds by putting in 3. Your going to be discarding a lot of cards, so " Stand and Fight" will allow you to play from your yard.

And that is pretty much it.. very simple.. but SOOOOOooOOOOOooo broken. I transferred 38 resources to my mates in our first test game, and I also have all the big 5 cost boys on my table. I had a turn 1 game were my partner used 10 resources and emptied his hand onto the table. It is crazy.

There are some things the other deck needs to do, and one is to run songs. You need to place a tactic and leadership song on one of Ziggy's heroes. It also really helped for the 2nd player to run a draw engine to allow Ziggy to dig for its namesake card. Lastly, We ran the Dwarf God on the 2nd players team also played Protector on one of Ziggys Heroes so he could empty his had at every opportunity and cycle it back in with "Will of the West". If you get a "Will of the West" and 2 "Dwarven Tomb" in your hand.. your laughing.

Give it a go.. it is pretty fun, though kinda broken. Remember the key with this deck is to play form your YARD not your hand, as you want to be sending many of your resources to your partners deck, whom is running most of the "real" cards.

The deck needs some work, there is a balance between 4 and 5 cost cards that can be reached to make this deck more effective as most 5's are unique, still cards that used to seam useless like Beekeeper.. suddenly become awesome. Cast, +dmg to all / "Stand and Fight" + Beekeeper / Discard 1 dmg to all ... repeat"

Click here to view the deck




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I played and beat Conflict at the Carrock with this deck with relative ease. That has never happened before. Nicely done.




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with these deck it's all easy especially if you exchange Frodo for Eowyn it's just imba.